My 90-Day Challenge Goal Is…BOOM!!!

Home-based Holiday Hustles on Hump day

I’m happy to bring you this series for the holidays! Everyone is always looking for extra cash flow!!! Wednesdays during the holiday season will be dedicated to highlighting women in home-based businesses so you can get your Holiday hustle on 😉

Yours truly will kick it off!

Have you heard of the 90 Day Challenge with Visalus?

My 90-Day Challenge Goal Is... - Rx Fitness Lady

If you follow me on my personal Facebook page or noticed my new button included in each post & in the side bar, you may already know that I’m a new promoter for the Body By Vi 90 day weight loss challenge!

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Student Spotlight #2 – An Appropriate Farewell

T.G.I.F. PFL! Sorry for the morbidness of Wednesday. At least now, we should all know what we want for our blogs in the unfortunate event that we expire while we are still blogging.

This version of Act-Fit Friday will be the new Student Spotlight feature that you all seem to enjoy!

Catherine Crossway

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F2BD #5 – Doppelganger Wedding

Top of the week to you PFL! We are getting started with the fifth installment of Fit 2 B Dressed: because we don’t work out just for our health, but to look good 😉 !

Would you believe I got married this past weekend?

F2BD #5 - Doppelganger Wedding

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What Your Man is Telling Me That You Need to Hear

More controversy on this here Hump Day!

Let me preference this post by saying “Please don’t text, email, Facebook, contact me period asking if your man has said anything to me!  I’m like a dude, respect the code man 🙂 !

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the number 1 question I get from guys since entering the fitness industry as a professional is…

What Your Man is Telling Me That You Need to Hear - Rx Fitness Lady

Lol, yeah so, couldn’t get any fellas in trouble!

I used a picture that clearly is irrelevant! S/O to my lifetime pastor & even bigger S/O to his 80+ y/o wife who is still fit, fabulous, & rocking the 6 inch stilettos every Sunday, when she’s able to come!


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A Review of Les Mills BODYPUMP 87: “I Got A Crush On You”

Do you remember your first crush? I bet you do! Does this song remind you of him? Go ahead!  Let it play while you join me for a few!


“I Got A Crush On You” was a hot track in this new BODYPUMP!  I saw so many goofy smiles when I mentioned old crushes in class!

Ok, quit daydreaming!

Today’s post is a review of the awesome program BODYPUMP that helps people all over the world to strengthen and tone the major muscle groups!


A Review of Les Mills BODYPUMP 87 “I Got A Crush On You”  - Rx Fitness Lady

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Q & A: Health & Fitness – You Are Not a Victim to Your Hair

I’ve gotten some questions all over the place (Facebook mostly) that I thought I’d share with ALL of PFL! You never know when others are thinking along the same lines.

Q & A Health & Fitness - You Are Not a Victim to Your Hair - Rx Fitness Lady

I hope my blogger friends that are reading this have decided to participate in the 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party with me! You can R.S.V.P. here!  I am really excited about the participation and forthcoming posts.

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Problem Solved: ATTAIN & MAINTAIN

Welcome to my first blog event: the 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party!  Today’s topic for bloggers participating was “Solve a Problem for Your Readers”.


In response to the survey I posted at the first of the month and the resounding consensus on the lack of weight loss posts on PFL, I have created a PFL Campaign!  Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic weight loss pill or secret 🙁 ! However, with some sound principles, a deep commitment, and a support system, we can make it happen!

Attain & Maintain: Healthy Weight Loss Principles for Life

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A Review of Les Mills BODYPUMP 85

Greetings PFL!  As you know, I teach Les Mills BODYPUMP; the original barbell weight class that strengthens and tones the body.  It’s an hour long class that works all the major muscle groups!  I teach it twice a week and usually take it one other time from another instructor.

Every 3 months, the international company sends it’s instructors brand new choreography for every program that we teach. It is like CHRISTMAS year round.   BODYPUMP 85 is the second release for 2013 and oh it definitely didn’t disappoint, so let’s jump right into it.

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5 Good Reasons to Join a Gym

I am a member of a gym and I love it! However, I am pro-choice when it comes to your health care and fitness goals. I am familiar with both avenues of gym membership and rocking it out on your own. I thoroughly enjoyed all seasons of my life with regard to fitness.  Here I will give what I have found to be most beneficial to me and other members currently rolling with #teamGym.

PFL Reasons to Join a Gym

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YSBAI #3: Gym Hygiene

We have two YSBAI’s  (You should Blog About It) in a row!  I was sent a Facebook message a couple of weeks ago by a former classmate that I should blog about Gym Hygiene.  This one was from a man yall! I’m happy to bring this to you on Act-Fit Friday!  People who have sent request in the past, I’m getting around to them.  Please stay tuned in in the mean time.

Gym Hygiene button

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