What to Put in Your Gym Bag

Hi there PFL!  This weekend my line sisters and I are celebrating our 12 years in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. with a girls retreat at a beach house!  I am on schedule to work the ladies out 1 morning, that ‘s super exciting for me.  I don’t think any of them have worked out with me before.  I’ll try to capture a video!  A few pictures for now…



Rx Fitness Lady Pictures



On to the matter at hand for Act Fit Friday!  Are you prepared when you go to the gym? We have tapped on gym hygiene a bit here. It takes preperation to stay healthy and safe in such a busy public atmosphere.  I started making this list one night at work and was shocked at how ridiculous it is.


In no particular order of importance…


Weight gloves

Les Mills BODYPUMP & BODYCOMBAT brochures

Rx fitness lady bracelets, business cards, and magnets



iPad (most days)


Towel (s)

Clorox Wipes (for headsets and other stuff)

Hand sanitizer



Extra pair of Underwear

Sports bra (s)

T-shirt for after class

Baggie for wet after class clothes

Extra Socks


Cd if I randomly have to teach a class

Mp3 player and headphones if I want to jump on a machine

Pamprin/Tylenol/Motrin/Benadryl/Lactaid tabs

Insurance card


Cell phone

Boxing gloves

Boxing hand wraps


Activity planner to log; what release I taught, number of people in class, & write down new member names


Special K bars


Hair ties

Save your do gym wrap

Hairpins and clips

Small Earrings (I like to look a bit girly while working out 😉 )


Brush and comb

Microphone holder and wind songs (the thing instructor wears around waste and wind songs are the little foam piece that goes over the microphone so you won’t hear us breathing hard in the microphone system

Exercise mat

Luke warm bottle of water in case I forget the tumbler

Makeup remover wipes

First aid kit

Rx Fitness Lady Gym Bag

This is why my shoulder hurts after the walk from the gym to the car & if anyone stops to talk to me, the bag hits the floor!

Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles, 

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

    • What’s on this list that you absolutely can’t live without? What’s in your gym bag that wasn’t on this list?
    • Bloggers: How do you market your blog to non-bloggers and do you blog on vacation?




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Greetings, I'm Joi, a Pharmacist with a passion for fitness & a community leader. I teach BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, Tabata Boot Camp, & serve as a mentor to young girls. My goal is to inspire people to live healthy, active, & prosperous lifestyles through practical blog posts deliveries. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. You can view more post and subscribe to stay tuned to latest updates at Rx Fitness Lady.

29 thoughts on “What to Put in Your Gym Bag

  1. The one thing on this list is ponytail holders I literally have 30 of them in my bag. I was ALWAYS getting caught out there looking a mess with two braids in spin class LOL dang I can’t believe you have SO much stuff! I also keep like $3-5 and tons of change in case I ever forget my water bottle. Happens more often than I would like!

    You have GOT to get business cards. One time I was at one of my girlfriends bday dinner with like no one I knew, she mentioned i had a blog and ALL of a sudden EVERYONE wanted to know all about it, how I got started etc. So I keep 5 or 6 business cards in my arsenal (wallet).

    I bet fiverr will whip you up some real quick. 🙂 You need them for bloggy boot camp too!! (mandatory)

    Otherwise just drop it casually in conversation…”yeah I totally blogged about that the other day” 🙂 Enjoy your ladies trip, you all look so fab. I am completely jelly.

    I do NOT blog on vacation, I do however schedule posts 😉
    Nellie recently posted…Friday Fitness Check-In: Snacking Issues Part DeuxMy Profile

    • I have them and magnets (all done on vistaprint, I order like EVERYTHING there). You probably missed that part because of my humungous bracelet picture, lol. I actually have a discount program on the back of my cards that make me a little change, always hustling 😉 . The bracelets are just extra fun for my actual fitness boos.

      Lol at the 2 braids!

    • YES! Girl’s weekends are soooo therapeutic! You all are insiders and I appreciate you supporting this blog. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  2. oooh – that beach house looks amazing!

    The gym bag has not been used for about six months (can you believe I am telling you this??) – but soon, soon I will be back on track. Really feeling terribly unfit these days, (thank God I have not gained an ounce)- but really I am itching for zumba classes and weight training, and spin classes again. I am mentally ready now!

    Usually I would have a yoga mat and bag, with sunblock (as I would play alot of tennis at the gym courts) – and power walk/ two small hand towels, a large and small sized hand sanitizer, water, ribena (yes I know that it is unhealthy, but sometimes I feel light headed when working out and need a sugar rush!!) – and my iTouch with the best music that I have to keep updated (I get bored of music if I play same playlists over and over.) I do not shower at the gym, as I head right back to my house right after class to shower.

    As for marketing to non-bloggers -that is an effort I am really going to try to focus on as really besides putting posts out to Google +/Twitter/Facebook and Pinterest – that is about it for me for marketing my blog in general. I know most of who follow me on Twitter and Facebook are NOT bloggers as I had the Twitter account from when I was a hotelier – the Facebook is new and I am slowly building it, but again most of the Likes are from friends and people who live here in Jamaica who do not even know about blogs really.

    Have a great weekend!!
    Jeanine recently posted…My Come On, Get Happy List!My Profile

    • Good luck getting by into the fitness routine. Spin classes are so for real!

      I’m trying to make better efforts at marketing to non blog readers as well. IF you come up with any creative ways to reach them, please share and I’ll do the same!

  3. Girl, all you need is a book, an umbrella, and a lounge chair in that bag and you’re ready for a vacation!!! Have a great time with the girls this weekend and tell everyone I said hi!! We are hanging out in Macon tomorrow and Sunday! Sooooo excited to celebrate 15 years in Delta!!!

    • LOL, believe it or not..you just called out another item. I have an umbrella in there too, lol! Congrats on 15 years and during the Centennial…I know you all will have a grand fellowship. We are having a blast! Love that you continue to support…such a sweet soror!

  4. First congrats to you and your sorors on the vaca!!!! You go girl!!!! Now wooooowww you have a lot of stuff in your bag. I don’t have nearly all that stuff but I’m not an instructor either. Pony tail holders and hair clips and the actual gym clothes and a towel and I’m good. Lol!!!! I need to get some cards for my blog as well I love your bracelets. You have a lot of readers. You should do a post on growing your blog or send me a link if you already have. Enjoy your trip!!!!!!
    Toya recently posted…What its Wellness Wednesday!!!!My Profile

    • Thanks Toya! We are enjoying this beach house and the getaway! I know my bag is off the chain girl!

      I haven’t done a post on that subject and I am still figuring out this growth thing. You have inspired me to post my thoughts though. The last time I did (on commenting), it was well received and seemingly helpful. Thanks for you comment Toya.

  5. Seeing as though I don’t go to the gym this questions is way off the radar for me. I must have something to keep my hair together thought I am not natural so the wrap is a must have for me. I do not blog on vacation but I do check my tweets, fb, and read other blogs. I hope the ladies are ready for a workout…..
    Kita recently posted…The hubs is talkingMy Profile

    • Thinking about your comment..that is for sure a good reason to get it in at home and not have to lug all this stuff.

  6. I am going to have a gym bag one day very soon. You have inspired me to look into joining a fitness center. I will not need some of those items in your bag- like tampons ( Lol) You are ready for everything when you go to the gym. This list will be very helpful for beginning gym members and everyone !

  7. You definitely have the everything covered in your gym bag. I thought I was the only one that keeps small earrings in my bag, so I can still feel girlie (yesss, I’m not alone). My gym bag is generally heavy as well because I honestly believe everything in my bag is required. You just never know when a headache is going to spring up, cramps, a quick change, etc. Oh, and I love those bracelets. Those are cool. I just recently started putting business cards in every bag I own, because when I’m not at an event or something related to the blog I sometimes forget to bring my business card holder.
    Monica J recently posted…Monday Mom: Moms Can Get Their Workout On!My Profile

    • 😉 We have to stay cute boo! Especially teaching a COMBAT mixed martial arts class1 I have to make sure they remember it’s ALL lady up on that stage, lol!

  8. My gym bag consists of:
    gatorade and/or water
    weight lifting gloves
    ipod and head phones
    cell phone
    not alot because immediately after I walk home

    P.S. what does a sister have to do to get a wristband?

  9. The list of things you put in your gym bag is cool. You know, one additional thing I always put in mine is my jumping rope. My gym has jumping ropes of course but not the kind I prefer.

  10. That is some list but its perfect. I still can’t do without my cell phone. However, I do not take it to the gym floor with me. It is too much of a distraction so I have a separate mp3 player. I like to give to give a quick text to my husband before I zone out for a couple hours. When I had Blackberry…The away message for the messenger was perfect. Insurance card is also a great idea.
    Teems recently posted…Operation SnapBack: What’s In My Gym BagMy Profile

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