Girls Get Down & Dirty TOO

It’s Act-Fit Friday, WHOOP! I am super thrilled to turn the blog over to my sister today as she shares with you a recent conquest! I’m sure Allie, Hope, Kim, Michelle, & the Mister will appreciate! Hope the rest of you enjoy baby girl!

Girls Get Down & Dirty TOO

There are cuts and bruises all over, I can’t bend my knees, there’s mud in my ears and I am feeling better than I ever have, rewarded for accomplishing my goal. It’s the end to a new beginning of a healthier life.
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What Your Man is Telling Me That You Need to Hear

More controversy on this here Hump Day!

Let me preference this post by saying “Please don’t text, email, Facebook, contact me period asking if your man has said anything to me!  I’m like a dude, respect the code man 🙂 !

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the number 1 question I get from guys since entering the fitness industry as a professional is…

What Your Man is Telling Me That You Need to Hear - Rx Fitness Lady

Lol, yeah so, couldn’t get any fellas in trouble!

I used a picture that clearly is irrelevant! S/O to my lifetime pastor & even bigger S/O to his 80+ y/o wife who is still fit, fabulous, & rocking the 6 inch stilettos every Sunday, when she’s able to come!


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Birthday Bucket List Link Up – 33 Before 33

You all seemed to be very grateful for the prompts in 30 Ideas for Blog Posts When Your Mind Draws a Blank & the Accountability partner in Know Your Personnel: The Right Mix of Blog Friends & Real Friends was pretty popular as well.  This all got me to thinking that maybe I should turn this post into a link up!

Great prompt that can help hold us all accountable!  It’s something about writing something down and sharing that increases your success rate drastically!


Birthday Bucket List - Rx Fitness Lady

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Why I Joined the Les Mills Instructor Tribe

First things first! What do you think of the blogs new look?  I was able to maximize the use of some of my Fitness Photos 🙂  Well it’s not totally new, but a few issues have hopefully been resolved.

Last week for Act-Fit Friday, I shared a Review of Les Mills BODYPUMP 86. I saw this prompt on the BODYPUMP facebook fanpage and I decided to post about it.

Why I Joined The Les Mills Instructor Tribe - Rx Fitness Lady

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Tick Tock Goes the Clock…When Should I Workout?

Hello, everyone! I’m glad to have the opportunity to “chat” with you while Joi is off vacationing (lucky little duck! Did you see how she spent the first half of her vacation?). Have fun Joi! Today I wanted to talk to you about the best time of day to workout. Not only does this interest me from a research standpoint but I often get asked this question. There are 1,440 minutes in a day and you need at minimum 30 of them to commit to exercise. But when should those minutes be?

Tick Tock Goes the Clock…When Should I Workout

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Useful Gems for Graduates Entering the Real World Like a Pro

Are you currently happy with your job, career, or enrollment in a particular academic program? 

For those of us who choose to work, a vital part of our mental health resides in being fulfilled in our careers.  I am blessed to be in the long desired career of my choice & actively engaged in my passion on the side.



Rx Fitness Lady Pharmacy School Graduation


Today’s My Health Monday topic is a simple list of things I used to help me after graduating from undergrad and professional school.  My Instagram timeline from last weekend interrupted my regular scheduled blog post because I was so overjoyed at all the bright new young adults we have entering the workforce or professional school.  This is a Tribute to them!  Continue reading

A Girl’s Weekend & A Crouching Tiger Story

Welcome to My Health Monday!  I am feeling really rejuvenated after this past weekend. Today is the day that my sorority sisters and I were initiated into Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. 12 years ago.  We chose to do a girl’s getaway to celebrate and it was so refreshing mentally for all of us.  Over two months ago I posted about what to do for a Girl’s Night In.  That post has been a top article every since then and that’s before I discovered Pinterest as a resource for the blog a few weeks ago. I thought you all might enjoy a little recap of our long weekend of love, tears, exercise, fellowship, and feasting.

Rx Fitness Lady Happy House

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20 Influential Women in a Tweet

Today is International Women’s Day! Thus the interruption of Act-Fit Fridays! We talked Group Fitness Wednesday.  If you missed it, go check it out here.  Today is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present, and future.  You can read more about it here.  Different cultures have migrated to the celebration of love & respect in general toward women while others maintain the intended focus of economic, political, & social achievement.

I chose to share some of my inspiration with you today on Rx Fitness Lady.

Em K, *This list is not all-inclusive* It’s in my ABC order..after my Mother @ #1 of Course 😉

In 140 characters or less….tweet

20 Women that Have Influenced Me

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Vision Board Themed New Year’s Day Party



The traditional watch night services for some and parties for others are here to stay for celebrating the New Year.  This year, you can start your own daytime New Year’s Party tradition with the girls.  Send an e-mail asking them to join your Vision Board Themed New Year’s Day Party.  It is the perfect way to gain accountability for those new resolutions that usually fly out the window by January 15th.

I made my first vision board in the summer of 2009 and I can’t remember for the life of me what sparked my interest in them.  I missed it on Oprah, although that is apparently where the popularity in vision boards sprang.  What I do remember is that I was hooked after spending the time to creatively display my goals visually and showcase it in the private space of my home as constant motivation and a daily reminder. Continue reading