Welcome to anyone visiting for the first time today!  I hope you enjoy Rx Fitness Lady.  Big Thank you to my friends and family that viewed my blog the last two days, while I worked out any kinks.  On to the regular scheduled program…

Boot camps are trending!

i love tabata

They provide a lot of bang for the buck. They are a great source for the individual trying to lose weight.  With the Tabata specific boot camp, one of the keys to being successful is your nutritional support. For Act-Fit Friday, I’m sneaking a peak at the “NO CALORIE COUNTING” way of life of the Tabata boot camp attendee. Only 30 minutes per session and no calorie counting, this Tabata Boot camp is going to be very convenient and effective.

Take 3 Eating Plan; it only takes Three Seconds to ask 3 Questions

Ahh yes, you know this method of repetition works! Just say it!


If no calorie counting, then what?  Is that the question going through your mind?  The foundation of the Tabata Boot camp eating is to be first and foremost thoughtful about food.   Let’s test your memory skills.  Try to learn these three questions.   Say them to yourself three times in a row, just like the sitter in the book turned into a movie “the Help”!

1.    Am I Hungry?

 2.    Is it Smart?

 3.    How much Do I Need?

Now that you have them memorized, you will immediately start to change the way you think about food.   Am I Hungry, or do I just want this because of the situation.  Is it Smart, or maybe I can make it smart?  You know right from wrong; same applies with choosing your food.  How much do I need?  You will begin to give yourself permission to have some of those “not so smart’ foods in balance with how it fits into the big picture.  It’s all about healthier eating choices.  There will be many tips and motivation for changing the way you think when it comes to the Take 3 Eating method. This is not just for Tabata boot camp; it’s a way of life!

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 Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • What were the 3 questions again, don’t cheat…see if you can type them without scrolling back up
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19 thoughts on “Tabata Boot Camp, NO CALORIE COUNTING

    • Girl, you have boredom time with all your hustle an bustle! I feel you though, I LOVE food! My struggle is eating to much. My triple mantra is more like; How much do I need, How much do I need, How much do I need?!!!

  1. Well let me first begin by saying congrats and thanks for inviting me to like your page–it was well worth it.

    In regard to your latest blog entry— Am I hungry? Is it smart? How much do I need (I remembered ha). I think this is interesting because it makes controlling your eating habits more of a mental task.

    Keep up the great work Joi.

    Danny D. Glover

    • Danny D. Glover, 1 of Macon GA’s finest! So glad you took time to visit me here. Yes, you are right, we really need to THINK before we eat! Thank you for the encouraging comment and for visiting. I hope you will visit often.

  2. Am I Hungry? Is it smart? How much do I need? Now all i have to master is Am I hungry, because I’m ALWAYS eating….not good!!

    • Nice, you all are doing great recalling the questions. I think am I hungry is the toughest for the majority, I keep repeating this…How much do I need is the gotcha for me. Thanks for visiting from Chi-town;) Love you cuzzo!

    • I understand that. I’m the opposite, when I get too stressed, I forget to eat sometimes. 2013 will be better, I’m sure..with you reading my new blog and all:) Good luck with that! If you didn’t get to read the Vision Board post, check it out please. It might be time for a theme based stress reliever vision board.

  3. Loving your blog and Merry Christmas and a happy New year to you. I think my problem is I don’t eat enough I normally just eat breakfast and dinner and that’s it. I need to do more smaller meals and get rid of the sweat tea and soda.
    Kita recently posted…Being aloneMy Profile

  4. Love reading your posts/blog!! Really does get ya thinking!! I can’t wait for the next to see how I can continue to be inspired!! Those 3 questions are HARD to answer truthfully when I’m going for the ice cream!! Your true care about people’s health and well being is apparent! Can’t wait for more!!

    • Thank you Stacy! Ice cream is so tempting, my every other Sunday night treat! Thank you for visiting and commenting. I’m glad you like it.

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