I Have Some Blogging Confessions…

Top of the week to you PFL! If you missed any posts from the party last week, they are all on the home page.

You're Invited To A Blog Party Again


First confession – I’m super glad to have the  2nd 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party completed!

So why, do you ask am I taking on one of the topics?

Well, I think the timing is good! PLUS, I liked the “Confessions” topic, I just didn’t want to overload you with the Rx Fitness Lady Commercial & a regular post last week!

So, here we go…




I wrote an entire post on the time commitment associated with blogging for the last party! Nothing has changed!


I was scared to death when I hosted the first Mini Blog Challenge Party!  I was shocked, humbled, & encouraged by your participation. Many Thanks, for the one just completed as well.


I am usually a pre-scheduler in these blog streets, but last week for the party, even though everything was outlined, I blogged everyday! WHEW!!!


I spent so much time trying to perfect all the pages of my blog before I launched only to realize (and slightly get disappointed to learn) that bloggers only care about your current content.

*edited because this last confession was confusing readers* – I had lots of pages that showed the music I listened too, books I was reading, my goals, etc….I’m over that now because people are only interested in reading my latest post!


I’m glad you liked my unconventional commercial. I’m still uncomfortable speaking in front of the camcorder!


I don’t like when blog friends TOTALLY disregard an event, especially if they host or request things frequently.


I usually read your comments at least twice before responding.  I always check in from my phone on the go.


On comments, I know I posted why I respond to comments just a few weeks ago, but some of the replies made me think about wasting time responding to comments that don’t necessarily need a response. I will be changing the way I respond to comments going forward.


I don’t like blogging on weekends AT ALL! *I can hear you now* “Yoooo! Why did your party include the weekend???”  It was a challenge 😉 !


Yes, I confess…sometimes I can be a bit of a blogging hypocrite (see previous 2 confessions) *shrugs* 🙂 !


Lugging my big camera around to take good pictures is somewhat annoying and the reason you often times get pictures from my cell phone.







I really want to host a blogger meet up for the purpose of fellowshipping!


I still can’t figure out half the stuff you all are doing on your blogs, lol! There is just so much to learn here!


The pressure to have a presence on social networks as a blogger is overwhelming and tiresome!


Just because I blog about health and fitness doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good meal nor does it mean, I have to go to the gym EVERYDAY!







Editing pictures, proof-reading posts, tagging posts, categorizing them appropriately, SEOing, choosing titles of posts, scheduling them on social networks<<<<<ALL some little nuisances we have to deal with as bloggers!


Yes, this may have seemed a bit negative, but with every passion and love, there are cons!  Plus, readers need to know the work that comes with this lovely blogging adventure 🙂 !


Thank you for listening!


Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • What is your top confession as a blogger, employee, entrepreneur, parent, wife, workout bunny, etc.? 
  • Which one of my confessions resonates with you?

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32 thoughts on “I Have Some Blogging Confessions…

  1. I have to admit that I have been overwhelmed since the start of school. I thought I would have more time, but I am finding my time eaten away by things everyone needs done around here, plus the sports schedules and my new “gig” as team photographer for several teams. I fell so far behind that I had to edit like 8 games this weekend. I think my daughter played in 3 or 4 games last week…it’s a blur.
    Michelle recently posted…Truth Can Be Stranger than FictionMy Profile

  2. After a seven day blog challenge, it’s the perfect time to VENT!!! Let it all out!! I think all blogger have similar issues – having a presence on social media IS exhausting! I also didn’t care for blogging on the weekends but the numbers in my analytics liked it A LOT!! Thanks again for doing this.
    Also LOVE the shirts for your nephew’s party!! You ladies do it BIG all the time:-)
    Allie recently posted…Running with GazellesMy Profile

  3. It’s very true about the current content. That’s why I cut back on blogging. My week is proof of it. Though it was a great exercise, I think at the moment I have 30 some comments on my first post and something like three on my last one. If you post too much everybody isn’t going to read everything. Posting twice a week, I have time to comment back, read others and network. Seems to be working. After I post my recap, I’m taking the week off. I need to go pay attention to the bloggers I neglected last week 😉
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…Blog Challenge – Shout OutsMy Profile

  4. I can relate to all of your confessions!! I think if I was blogging full-time and didn’t have to work another job these things might be less stressful. For me, it’s balancing everything that is a bit tough. I am trying to let go a little because I can’t do everything all the time and I want to focus on the things I enjoy the most. But the biggest reward in blogging is getting encouragement from your readers to keep on keeping on, so I say to you “Great job and keep it up!!”
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Seven Day Detox Plan: Days 5 & 6My Profile

  5. Okay, I’m trying something new for your comment box. As of the middle of last week I’ve not been able to comment on your posts, Hope’s, or Allie’s. 🙁
    I’d try and try and try to no avail. So, I’m no longer adding my website and I inserted a different an email. Hopefully, that will eleviate the problem. It wasn’t a work computer issue because even when I tried from home it was having issues. ANYWHO!
    Thank you so much for hosting the party. I really enjoyed getting to know your other readers. I also enjoyed the topics. They were things I hadn’t thought of yet to do as posts for my blog. And I do have to apologize about not posting on the weekend. I usually write my posts the night of or the morning of. When I get home on Friday night all my attention is towards baby and that takes me through all the way to Monday morning.
    You are so good about keeping your blog in check. I can’t even imagine how you get it all done. I know that you have a lot on your plate with family, work, church, volunteering. My hat is off to you, ma’am!

  6. I’m with you on the food – just because I’m into fitness doesn’t mean I don’t love some indulgences!!! I just keep on working out.
    And, please host a blogging meet-up for the sole purpose of fellowshipping!!! If you want to come to Kansas, we can have it at our venue!!!
    Kim recently posted…WooHoo!! It’s My SITS Day!!!My Profile

  7. I think I am in need of a confessions post too! I loved the blog party, I was ramped and excited to get through it, and Monday night, both my kids feel ill. Also, I feel the same way about my Nikon camera as well, I love it, but Lord knows I have only so many hands and too many responsibilities. I needs me a camera I can shoot with one hand–my phone.
    KalleyC recently posted…Starting Fall with a Kick!My Profile

  8. Confession: I have never commented on Joi’s blog before. I am making it a point to start getting to know my fellow SITS Community Leads better. I was following along with Dana at Kiss My List for the challenge, and it was so much fun to read the ideas for the challenge. You are so creative!

    My blogger confession: I always feel like I can’t keep up and I don’t have time to do all the right bloggy things. Also I sometimes have to fight the fears of being uncool or unpopular.
    Stevie recently posted…TimeMy Profile

  9. Joi, I read and reread but I don’t understand the past about bloggers only caring about your current content.

    I don’t reply to people who don’t say anything relevant about the post. If they just say great post, I’m not sure it warrants a lot of attention. I could write that on 100s of blogs every day and never read a thing.

    I confess that I’d like to make some money blogging. It would be nice to o be rewarded for the effort. I also have some plans in place regarding this.
    Carla recently posted…F.I.T. Interview: Jenna Builds Her Body with WeightsMy Profile

  10. I am so glad you posted this. I struggle with the time management aspect. I didn’t realize everything that goes into blogging & social media – because, let’s face it, they go hand in hand. From my perspective you are doing an amazing job, I love your posts and you seem to be “on your game!” so hearing that you have any concerns/issues is reassuring to me. I’m going to try your next challenge just for the, well, challenge of it.
    Stephanie recently posted…First Day of School, My ThoughtsMy Profile

  11. Hey Joi!! CONGRATS on yet another successful blog challenge girl!! So proud of you…you pulled it off! I’m exhausted just thinking about all the work you put into it…again props, kudos AND a high-five to ya!! I LOVE blogging, but sometimes it can become a load! As your blog grows, you really do have to make adjustments in order to stay connected to your readers AND keep your sanity!! 🙂 I definitely get the whole not responding to some comments. I mean really, when I’m pouring my heart out, don’t leave me a generic comment with a link to your next blog hop…I’ll keep right on hopping(right past you)! Anywho, I WOULD LOVE to have a blogger meet-up! Just tell me where…hint, hint(I like Charlotte), lol! Seriously, let me know! Have a good one Joi and do get some rest my friend!! 🙂
    Michell recently posted…Michell’s Weekly PearlMy Profile

  12. Hi Joi! Thank you so much for hosting this challenge! It was alot of fun, and the interactions were great! I quickly learned that blogging on a daily basis, and keeping up with all the different social media outlets, takes effort and work. You can “wing” it, but it’ll show. Time management is key, or you’ll spend the majority of your time just trying to catch up. Thank you for this experience.
    Kennie recently posted…We’re Baaaack!My Profile

  13. Confession: I linked up my name for your mini challenge, and didn’t write the posts! I am so sorry! I didn’t even realize it until the end. I thought I was signing up to participate by reading your posts and commenting and sharing. I was so clueless. I hope I’m not one of your pet peeves. You know I always have your back, and I love everything you write. I didn’t know how to go back and delete my name. What a buffoon!

    You did a fantastic job. I loved reading everyone’s post all week.
    Tamara recently posted…Wonderland.My Profile

  14. I can relate to most of your confessions…although I imagine I’m not putting in half the time as you. I’ve read several blogs lately and didn’t comment. The picture editing, proof read yada yada yada…is pretty time consuming.

    I can totally relate to the not replying to certain comments. Usually the great post comment with nothing else, I just say TY. I felt a little discouraged after finding out that lots of people aren’t getting an email response from me. I know the majority don’t check back so sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my time.

    As much as you work out, you should be able to enjoy the meal you want. Love CF. that looks sooo yum.

    I think It’ll be fun attending a blogger meet up. I know you could pull of a great event.
    Enjoy your week Joi.
    Hope recently posted…Blog love: posts you should readMy Profile

  15. Congrats on finishing another successful challenge, Joi! The weekends definitely catch up to me more often than not – so I totally get you there. In all honesty, I find your blog one of the most accessible regarding health and fitness. You’re so realistic…and not preachy at all. I love that you admit to having indulgences…but you show how to fit them into an overall healthier lifestyle. Keep up what you’re doing!!!
    Leslie recently posted…Creative Tulle/Tutu CostumesMy Profile

  16. joi, i’m so glad you brought these all up because girl, i am feeling everything you’re saying. i just might burst with all the things that need to get done…all for this little blog! it’s like another mouth to feed!!!

  17. Love the confessions, Joi. A blogger meetup would be fun! I kept thinking all week long that it would be great for all of us who took part to get together, perhaps just for an evening, a day, or even a weekend. Something to think about…

    My confession is that I know I could never be a daily blogger, or a five-times-a-week blogger. You’d have to call the blogging paramedics for me! And you’re right, the social media follow-up is a major pain in the hiney! I love the interaction but some days I just want to blog, read folks comments, respond, and then read their blogs. The other stuff… I really have to be more disciplined about it, especially Twitter. I’m more likely to interact on FB.

    Joi, a million thanks again, and that meal in the picture looks scrumptious. Well deserved!
    Alison Hector recently posted…The ones that got away…My Profile

  18. Congrats on another awesome event!!! My confession is I have not been using my time wisely and feel super overwhelmed so my blogging life has not been up to par… I def need to re read your time management post. You are doing big thibgs lady so go ahead and have that blog meet up I’m sure you will be surprised at who shows up.
    Toya recently posted…You Do Not Know My Struggle!!!!!!My Profile

  19. My camera phone sucks so I have to lug around the big boy but I still have my point in shoot for different things. Great job last week. I hate blogging on the weekend but I get the most traffic from weekends I think its because that’s when everyone finally gets a chance to read all my posts from the entire week.
    Kita recently posted…Taking a mini week breakMy Profile

  20. Those are a lot of confessions! I would much rather comment on another blogger’s current post rather than respond to the comment they left (unless of course they asked a question of me). When I’m budgeting the little amount of blogging time I have, I think visiting other blogs and commenting is far more valued by my blogging friends… but then again… I could be wrong.

    Happy Birthday to Kingston. What a doll!
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…The Lost Art Of Skipping RocksMy Profile

  21. Can I just stand behind you, hide my face, and wave your arms back and forth as you say all of this again? I have been feeling some of this stress lately too.

    My confession is I’m going to change my commenting procedure some as well. Not sure how yet, but I have to alter it in some way. I was laughing when you said, “in these blogging streets”. My second confession would be that I started my blog to promote my book, but I haven’t finished the book because I spend so much time on the blog. LOL.

    I was surprised to hear that you didn’t pre-schedule last week because I know that’s your thing. I need to do more of that. I’m better but still not where I think I should be. It would free up so much more of my time if I did. My blog challenge forced me to pre-schedule because I wanted the link-up tool to be in place early for the East Coast folks. Then I just started posting it if it was already after midnight when I finished writing it.

    You’re not a hypocrite. Priorities change and people change. The occurrence of change is the only constant in the world, my friend.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Top 2 Ways I Make Money With My BlogMy Profile

  22. I hate lugging around my camera too, even though it’s small and the size of my phone! LOL! I, too, am so over needing to have a social presence too, but I talked about that in my confession post. I do sometimes browse around pages, but not alot. Only when I’m visiting a blog for the first time. Other than the current content, the page I frequent on a blog the most is the “about” page.
    Britton recently posted…MAJOR 30 by 30 Update + ANNOUNCEMENTMy Profile

  23. Hey, they say confessions are good for the soul. It is always good to deviate from the norm and have some different kind of fun. Always take time to enjoy life in as many ways possible.

  24. I admire your discipline with this blogging challenge and how you keep a strong presence on social media. Keeping up with a blog is really difficult sometimes. This Fall, I’ve definitely had to put it on the back burner with homeschooling, etc. But I still enjoy reading my fave blogs (yours is one) so I don’t miss much.

    Meredith recently posted…You Won’t BEE-lieve it! **Plus A Reveal**My Profile

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