Atlanta Mania: “My” Fitness Pal

Are you looking for ways to expand your fitness education?

Are you thinking about teaching fitness classes or personal training?

Are you looking to stock up on exercise equipment and get good deals on some workout gear and products?

Atlanta Mania  or one of it’s sister conventions in a city near you might be right for you! It’s a one stop shop and truly My Fitness Pal 😉

It’s Act-Fit Friday and today we are talking Conventions and Fitness…2 of my favorite things!

This weekend comes with opportunities for Continuing Education Credits, Certifications, and connections/friendships that can last you a fitness lifetime.

Last year, I did my Tabata Bootcamp Instructor Training there during the pre-convention.

Atlanta Mania - Rx Fitness Lady They offer cool things before hand (Pre-convention) like;

  • Barre Above Certification
  • Zumba Basic Level 1 Certification
  • SCW Group Exercise Fundamentals Certification
  • YougaFit Youga Lean Certification
  • SCW  Weight Management Specialty Certification
  • Flirty Girl Fitness: The Flirtification


Which one of the bolded do you think I should do?

Barre Above – introduces a basic Barre format without the use of the actual ballet bar.

Flirty Girl Fitness Booty Beat program is easy to learn cardio dance that reminds you of MTV and VH1.

I don’t like dancing that much, but in order to stay competitive as an instructor, Flirty girl might be a nice & timely move right now.  It would also help me get more comfortable for something I have in the works 😉


There will be AMAZING sponsors on hand so lots of opportunities there.  My favorite Les Mills will be in the place as usual 🙂 !


After the pre-convention, there are loads of courses you can take over the next few days.  Remember Monday’s post 30 Idea for Blog Posts When Your Mind Has Drawn A Blank


Well, these sessions are like a Fitness bloggers dream!  You will learn so much that you can apply to your individual workouts,  your students, or fitness career.   All of it resulting in content for your blog!


Courses that are of particular interest to me;

  • Are you leading people or managing systems
  • Creating a customer focused member retention program that works
  • R.I.P.P.E.D. – The One Stop Body Shock
  • The Business of Being a Group Fitness Instructor
  • Les Mills Grit – Cardio (YOU KNOW I WANT TO TRY THIS )
  • Shakeology – Supplmental Income Through Revolutionary Nutrition


The EXPO will be jam packed with clothing, DVDs, music, equipment, and more! I love vendors!


This is one of the reasons, I didn’t join Nellie and Kim for Fitbloggin in Portland last month, because I knew this was right around the corner next weekend and literally right around the corner in Atlanta 🙂 !


I won’t make as many blogger connections by attending, but at least I would get some more fitness knowledge and I am always up for learning!


But wait, I’m so last minute, I haven’t even decided for sure if I’m going.  This is the same thing I did with Fitbloggin, back and forth!  I’d much rather go to Charlotte next Satuday to see Beyonce since I missed her in Atlanta due to the Centennial…*sighs*

All in DC, I saw Instagrams about Bey in Atl.

Mrs Carter Show - Rx Fitness Lady

Then Britton went and pulled the final straw this week and did an entire post about her outfit preparation for the Mrs Carter Show next weekend!!!


Does anyone have a ticket for sale???

Anywho, I could do both so if you know someone with a ticket, holla at me.  Most defenetly, I’ll probably attend pre-convention and get a certification.

There’s still another fitness meetup I want to attend next month! More on that later.


There are so many more certifications and courses that I didn’t mention, you can check them out here.  I am not an affiliate, I just thought I’d share this with you.  Maybe you can check it out when it comes to your area.


Enjoy your weekend!


Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Which certification do you think I should go for?
  • What was your best workout so far this week?
  • Care to share your Shakelology experience with me?


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33 thoughts on “Atlanta Mania: “My” Fitness Pal

    • I’m not having any luck with the concert but I’ve decided to have a little gathering and force them to watch an old one 🙂 !

  1. I usually save my dance moves for the dance floor after a couple of margaritas.haha But I think you are right when you say that going with the Flirty Girl Dance session might be a timely move. I think ladies want to feel sexy and dancing does that for them. Or at least that is my observation from what people say about Zumba.
    I am going to have to share this link with a friend of mine. She is giving very serious thought about moving into the fitness industry. She lives in Austin which is a wonderful market for a healthy life style.
    Whether you go to the convention or to Beyonce’s concert I’ll be happy. I’m sure you will give a detailed post about your adventures. I can’t wait.

    • Yes, women love to dance and I feel that I should have something to offer. People are always you teach Zumba…NOOOO!!!!!

      This would be good for your friend. Dallas is Aug 23 – 25 if she’s interested.

    • I have to do an event at a camp so it looks like I’m not going to either but the good news is I can do Flirtification as an at home study so all is not lost!

    • Have fun! This will be my first time in years not seeing her. I am going to make my peeps watch an old concert (Upgrade U days) and throw a cookout to make me feel better 🙂

  2. Wow! There is so much going on there! I am in the process of looking into different certifications…so that probably would have really benefited me. Maybe next year!

    As for Bey…I’m with Nellie. lol I’m going to see the Queen in NJ on 7/31. I’ll make sure I think of you while I’m there!
    Kimberly {Manifest Yourself} recently posted…Workout of the WeekMy Profile

    • Good deal Kimberly! I know you all will enjoy her! I have NEVER been disappointed in all the many shows I’ve attended over the years.

      I’m still kicking myself for not getting Charlotte tickets!

  3. Umm no Joi…, lol!! 😀 I can so see you doing the Flirtification, don’t ask me why…bahaha! :-0 My best workout…I did 500+ on my weighted hoola hoop girl!. Whoopwhoop! A group of us from the church are suppose to start the Skakelology…so excited! Now I can join in on the convo and won’t feel like a fish out of water when you gals are talking all this fitness stuff…lol! Have a wonderful weekend my friend! 😉
    Michell recently posted…“Michell’s Weekly Pearl”My Profile

  4. Hmm workout this week I had to go up and down my stairs 5 times in one hr because I could not find the chord thingy to save something from one computer to the next and my dumb but could have just sent it to myself in an email *sigh* no ticket for sale but hope you get one.
    Kita recently posted…Friday RundownMy Profile

    • I wish you did too Tamara! I wouldn’t mind getting certified in RIPPED but they are just a class this time not certification!

  5. I’m late. I was out of town. I think the Flirtification should be fun, especially if you’re not a dancer. Like you mentioned, it might be worth it to stay competitive. Did you get a ticket to see Beyonce?
    My best (and worst) workout last week was my 7 mile run. I really need to do more cross training. Lol.
    Hope recently posted…Old School Blogging: Take Five!My Profile

    • I need to stick with my cross training too. I have been slacking lately and it showed up in my class today. I was about to pass out, lol! NO, I didn’t get a ticket. I will be watching a DVD of an old one this weekend 🙂

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