A Review of Les Mills BODYCOMBAT 56 : The Matrix


A Review of Les Mills BODYCOMBAT 56: The Matrix - Rx Fitness Lady

For this version of Act-Fit Friday, I’m letting you in on all the fun that occurred with the latest Les Mills program release BODYCOMBAT 56.

***Before we get started, please stop by Kita’s blog and check out my guest post.  Kita’s conversations on Fridays are one of the things I look forward to each week.  Go see what happened with me and the Po Po!!!***

We just so happened to launch this release during the time that the 4th Holiday was approaching, so I opted to get in the spirit for 1 class and take a break from the standard official color of green.


I am a firm believer in first impressions and keeping yourself together at all times. However, I am learning with the Les Mills BODYCOMBAT program, it really does take me doing a workout before I can get an actual feel for my affection for it.


Christmas - Rx Fitness Lady


When Christmas came recently (Christmas is every 3 months when we get new releases in the mail), I popped my BODYCOMBAT DVD in my SONY and after watching, I was slightly disappointed.  I couldn’t figure out the AHHH moments.  I live for the AHHH moments (crowd pleasers).


Once, I actually did the release, I found the top one for sure and that’s why I named this post…


THE MATRIX – The song for track 6 was Still Getting It.  You can view the rest of the music track list here.



I really enjoyed the feel of the song and really worked the lyrics into teaching quite nicely!


The matrix is a brand new move to BODYCOMBAT but it’s not unfamiliar.  You simply have a strong knee and then a balancing act.



It’s a challenge, different, and it feels good! The fun part for me (members got a huge kick out of it) was doing that Matrix move from the movie.  I tried to show you with pictures because I’m over trying to get a good tape for each release.


I am providing you with the official sizzler though if you’re interested.  It doesn’t contain the Matrix but it has very good clips of track 3 and 8 that had POWERFUL combos.



Other loves for this release include:


Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the warm up! Both the upper and lower body warm ups had good songs and nice moves that weren’t too complicated.


My 2nd favorite track was track 8! The upper cut with hook combination is quite fierce and if you remember, I have a MEAN STREAK 😉 !


The only minor disappointment was the Muay Thai track.  I wasn’t really disappointed but the redundancy of it all for 6 rounds was kind of boring for me.


We have actually finished with the launch, like 3 weeks ago! I kept pushing this post back. Did you see all the campers that commented on the post from last Friday.  It MADE MY WEEKEND!

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Did you see the movie the Matrix?  How was my move?
  • Have you taken BODYCOMBAT 56?  Do you like the Matrix?  What was your favorite track?
  • Did you visit my guest post over at Say what u wanna?

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26 thoughts on “A Review of Les Mills BODYCOMBAT 56 : The Matrix

  1. I actually saw your guest post just a few minutes ago. I’m still upset. THAT WAS NOT RIGHT, Joi! I’m sure of it.

    LOVE your Matrix move. LOVE it! I don’t know that song, but it features Skrillex so I have an idea of what it must sound like. Perfect for the Matrix move!! –Lisa

  2. You NAILED the Matrix move!! So funny…and difficult – good for you. Thanks for the review – I used to teach a lot of the Les Mills classes years ago but have gotten away from teaching and taking them. This was a nice refresher of why I loved them in the first place.
    Allie recently posted…IF YOU WANT TO RUN FASTER…My Profile

    • Allie, why did you stop? If you don’t mind my asking. I can’t imagine quitting right now unless I moved or something. Just curious.

  3. That pic of you holding up the “A Review Of Les Mills” sign is truly the reason I came to read your blog today. I was like, “UH OH, my boo is learning how to pose for pics. heeeeyyy” haha
    I know we’d spoke about not knowing how to pose like all the cool kids. But looks like you got the hang of it.
    I wish your launch much success!

  4. I’m soooo excited about our launch tomorrow! I will be doing Step at 8:15 and then move to RPM at 9:15. Our instructors are saying that both workouts are going to be a killer! Last night when I was at the gym I saw the Combat instructors practicing! From what I saw…it looked challenging!

    • It is awesome. If I get to teach at conference, this is what I want to teach. I hope we will be in attendance at the same time at some point and maybe you can take it from me.

  5. I loved reading your guest post – sounds like someone with way too much time on their hands pulled you over and wasted a lot of your valuable time!!

    I’m not a Matrix fan but the rest of my family loves it!!

    You are inspiring me to make a new goal and take at least a few steps to achieving it by the end of the year – I want to teach Combat!!
    Kim recently posted…Real Life vs Vacation LifeMy Profile

  6. Haha. With each Matrix movie that came out, my love decreased. Finally seeing the oracle was a bit of a let down. But your Matrix move is awesome! I’m looking forward to trying the new release. I notice when I do it less frequent, it doesn’t affect my runs.
    That Christmas tree gave me chills of anticipation. Love Christmas.
    I read your guest post. The nerve of that police.

    Btw, sorry for being a Johnny come lately with my comments. I read all your posts twice this week. First on my phone, but I don’t like commenting from my phone, so I reread it when I get a chance to comment 🙂
    Hope recently posted…Good times with a great friend (A getaway)My Profile

    • I totally understand! I give out so many page views to yall from reading on my phone or even just reading on the go and coming back to comment later, no worries! It’s all good boo! You are the best!!!

      I’m thrilled you didn’t totally have to give up on Combat. On another note, I’m gauging from all of you that have Les Mills programs, that we are way ahead of other clubs with learning and launching new releases, I like that, makes me feel we are proficient 🙂 Enjoy the launch!

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