5 Good Reasons to Join a Gym

I am a member of a gym and I love it! However, I am pro-choice when it comes to your health care and fitness goals. I am familiar with both avenues of gym membership and rocking it out on your own. I thoroughly enjoyed all seasons of my life with regard to fitness.  Here I will give what I have found to be most beneficial to me and other members currently rolling with #teamGym.

PFL Reasons to Join a Gym

1. Gym memberships come with a FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.  Most often we will not want our money to go to waste, so the idea of money being drafted every month whether you go or not will likely MOTIVATE you to swipe that key card at least weekly.

2. PEER SUPPORT is all around you. You could be and introvert or socialite, either way the people in the gym around you serve as inspiration whether you carry on conversations with them or just watch in awe as they complete some circuit or set that you aspire to do one day.

3. They have FITNESS PROFESSIONALS ON STAFF that can assist you with accomplishing your goals safely & effectively.

4. More than likely they offer some sort of GROUP FITNESS CLASSES with AWESOME INSTRUCTORS. We have discussed in depth an orientation to group fitness.  The bottom line, you get specific motivation and tailored workouts without the associated high cost of a personal trainer.

5. You get a workout WITHOUT DISTRACTIONS of the home: phone ringing, children, husband, and unannounced visitors, etc.



Camaraderie is a major driving force for me at the gym.  I work overnight in a pharmacy where I am solo dolo!  I’m the pharmacist, technician, cashier, answer phones, & let people in the bathroom from time to time, lol.  I do that 7 nights in a row.  I can appreciate seeing people on my work week outside of the home.  Even if it’s just for a few minutes before and after class.  I look forward to it.

Diversity I am a group fitness instructor so certain parts of my week are routine.  However, on the 2 days of the week that I don’t teach, I have options to take an array of other classes or use the machines on the floor.   I only have DVDS at home (no equipment) and they are diverse but not as fun without the camaraderie.

Convenience I just happen to be a member of a small chain of gyms.  I didn’t even know that this could be so beneficial until I joined this gym.  I work in a city 30 minutes from my home.  There are gyms in both locations and between the two addresses I lay my head at night. (That’s for another post…just know I’m not shacking up 😉 So I spread my time between 3 locations that are all one gym.  How amazingly convenient is that!


These were just a few of the specifics that make my membership worth having.  Now your turn!

Your feedback would be greatly  valued on this post.  Please take time to answer the questions below over the weekend.  Thanks so much!

Rx Fitness Lady Wants to Know…

  • What do you think are drawbacks of joining a gym?
  • What else do you like about your gym membership?
  • Without going too much into detailed amenities, how much do you think is reasonable to pay for general monthly gym dues?
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Rx Fitness Lady

Greetings, I'm Joi, a Pharmacist with a passion for fitness & a community leader. I teach BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, Tabata Boot Camp, & serve as a mentor to young girls. My goal is to inspire people to live healthy, active, & prosperous lifestyles through practical blog posts deliveries. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. You can view more post and subscribe to stay tuned to latest updates at Rx Fitness Lady.

46 thoughts on “5 Good Reasons to Join a Gym

  1. I gotta say that I really admire you for working over night everyday and still getting up to teach classes at the gym. I work over night too and it’s hard working out but I do it. But keep on doin what you do. Holla.

  2. I pay an insane amount for my gym membership, I won’t even mention it here but its on the very high end of NYC fitness memberships. However, to me its worth EVERY single penny. I love the classes, I love the fact that I have 4 gyms within walking distance of my job (which is why I go to 3 different ones during the week lol) and I love love love how SERIOUS everyone is about their fitness. When I work out at home its fun, but I don’t feel that same satisfaction. This post is so great!
    Nellie recently posted…Weekly Wednesday Workout: Renegade RowsMy Profile

  3. I’ve done it on my own and with a gym. I definitely prefer the gym for all the reasons you’ve mentioned. Currently, I’m rolling with the YMCA. Not only do the have great child care while I work out, I take advantage of the swim lessons and gymnastic classes for my kids. Plus as a professional, I often teach ‘lunch and learn’ educational classes to their members. A total package.
    Hope recently posted…Pack your own bags.My Profile

  4. I joined LA Fitness a few years ago before I had the second child. Although I didn’t really need the gym I was just going to join with a friend cause she was stalking someone at the gym. After we paid we went home and my hubs was like why would you pay for a gym when you can walk around the subdivision for free or utilize that wii I just paid for he made me go back and get his money back and then I spent it on clothes…ahhhh yes I might sign up again seems to be the only way I can get some stuff for me around here.
    Kita recently posted…Friday QuickiesMy Profile

  5. I have been a member several times and I love the use of hydraulic smooth moving equipment. If my schedule was different I probably would join, but with a family and work it is tough. I encourage ppl not to let the fact that they are not a member deter them from getting their working out on. I believe if I was a member that I would workout more than I do at home. B/c once I get there I would spend a couple hours at least and my home workout depends on sometimes distraction and other factors. I have seen some great membership prices at great gyms. In my are it has been made very affordable. I really think 20.00 a month is my limit I would not want to spend more than that. You do get to meet some great ppl.
    Margaret recently posted…Benefits of Proper PostureMy Profile

    • $20/month is a great rate but you might not get all the perks & equipment that you are looking for with that rate. It’s tough to do at home, I’d imagine. I think waking up before the rest of the crew would be best in a family situation, just my thoughts. Thanks for participating in the discussion Margaret.


    • Yes, I love the fact that the ladies who take my class and are stay at home Mothers get to bring their kids with them. Our price isn’t bad either. I think you are right about $50 being the sweet spot.

  6. I enjoy being in the gym as well. I’m grateful for my military benefits and it’s free 🙂 I like doing my own thing, but it’s really helpful to see fitness from the eyes of others….learning a new exercise, weight lifting techniques, etc. I know I have been in the gym, and someone has come to help me with form on certain lifts…..even having a spotter for those who are into weight training.

    Inspiration is really big. I know I am not the only one who’s been on the treadmill and the person next to you is running like his/her life depends on it…you can’t quit then.

    • LOL, yep! There is all sorts of motivation to witness in the gym! Teaching classes provides me with a free membership as well. I value that so much! I think more organizations/companies should offer gym memberships in exchange for lower health insurances rates. Thanks as always Ciara for supporting.

    • Oh Whtney, I thought you were taking Zumba at a facility. I’m sure St. Louis has some great ones to offer. As long as you get it in, that’s what counts!

  7. I am working out at home right now – although I have belonged to a gym in the past and enjoyed it for all of the reasons you mention here. I just started back with getting myself moving, so I may reevaluate down the line if I need more challenge and a change in routine. 🙂
    Kim@Co-Pilot Mom recently posted…SITS-uation Normal?My Profile

    • At home works! There is diversity to be offered at home as well if you choose the right DVDs and programs. Thanks Kim!

    • Yes Catherine, Zumba has taken the world by storm. There’s no better description than the one directly from their website Zumba Fitness® is the only Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot international music, created by Grammy Award-winning producers, and contagious steps to form a “fitness-party” that is downright addictive.

      I have tried it, but I don’t teach it or take it regularly. It is not my speed, but I most appreciate the way it has driven new people to fitness by the droves! It is extremely euphoric if you like dancing and burns calories. You can attend a class at a gym, community centers, churches, play it on the wii, order DVDS…they’ve made Zumba extremely accessible. You should give it a try.

  8. Great reasons! I am not a gym member but will be joining my mums gym temporarily while visiting her, good to be convinced. I’ll be paying about $ 50 for the month, I think this is ok.

  9. I have been going to a fairly cheap gym up this way. However, I have been seriously contemplating changing my membership to a gym that offers classes. I want to work out in a fun way and the machines get boring after a while. Really want to do a spin class 🙂

    • I didn’t know they had anything cheap there Quin! I guess with them not offering classes, it’s probably pretty basic. I agree, the machines only would completely bore me to snoozeville 🙂 . Spin is awesome. Let me know how you like it if you try that.


  10. I love working out at the gym! I do find that I push myself harder when I think others might be watching me. And I have to say (as a fitness professional) it’s important for everyone to make sure they are doing exercises with proper form (form is the most important part!). Someone who has appropriate training is the only one that can help you with that. Looking in your mirror at home does not work for that! 🙂
    Carli recently posted…Real Into Reads No. 9My Profile

    • EXCELLENT point Carli. That’s the scary thing about machines at home for people who haven’t been trained to use them. Even when they know how, fatigue takes over and we get sloppy. It’s nice to have that trainer or instructor there to remind you what you should be doing. I love when you offer your expertise.


  11. The last time a joined a gym I got burned badly and had to go through hell and high water to end my membership. That experience is burned into my mind. I’m not sure if I can get over it. Plus (believe it or not), I can be shy and crowds of people freak me out. I’m definitely down for some sort of outdoor boot camp. Who’s with me?
    Andrea recently posted…BeQuoted: Quotes of the WeekMy Profile

  12. The last time I joined a gym I got burned badly and had to go through hell and high water to end my membership. That experience is burned into my mind. I’m not sure if I can get over it. Plus (believe it or not), I can be shy and crowds of people freak me out. I’m definitely down for some sort of outdoor boot camp. Who’s with me?
    Andrea recently posted…BeQuoted: Quotes of the WeekMy Profile

    • I understand completely Andrea. I’ve heard horror stories about memberships and personal training contracts. I should have mentioned it’s extremely important to go over the contract in detail before signing up. I think you have inspired a post!!! Thanks Andrea ;)! I will join you in boot camp when the pollen goes away!

  13. My gym membership is actually pretty decent and it’s a small chain around Jersey, so I can hop around to different gyms for different things. Like the Zumba classes at one gym are off the chain so i will travel the 15 mins across town to that gym twice a week. My gym membership and financial responsibility has been worth it for the last 3 years. I’ve gone up and down in weight and of course with my health, but I can always rely on the support at my gym to get me back on track. I love it! And tonight is Zumba! Woohoo!
    Monica J recently posted…Fashion Friday: Kids Fashion Week NYC by Petite ParadeMy Profile

    • A good class will have you going all over the place girl, I totally understand! Thanks for sharing Monica!


  14. Number 1 is so true!!!!!!! My gym membership (which includes my daughter’s, who is 16-months, membership) fee is $54 a month!!! Yep, a MONTH. It’s expensive but it offers childcare and for a SAHM like me, I love taking advantage of those 2 hours (a day) of free childcare, LOL. Not to mention they have a pool and free classes (I LOVE ZUMBA!). Like I wrote to you earlier, though; I need to get my butt back in there. Being away from the gym for a couple of weeks is NO BUENO!
    Christina P. recently posted…My BLOG will be featured on the Rachael Ray show!My Profile

    • Zumba is super popular. I know the Mother’s that take my class value the childcare or else they wouldn’t be able to come. Thanks for answering the question. I am soaking all of this information up for future projects. I appreciate it!


  15. I used to be a member of The Wellness Center and I absolutely LOVED it. I was definitely more motivated and thoroughly enjoyed the classes and on-hand help. I find it a bit more challenging now with 2 toddlers and a 6-year-old to have the time to actually go to a facility. They have in house childcare but I’m super funny about just anybody watching my babies (especially the two that can’t talk that well yet). As a result, I have just been making at home dvds work for me. I would, however, much rather go to the gym surrounded by a diversity of peers and little distractions.

    • Ashley,

      Your situation is a very common one and I appreciate you sharing it. I’d love to feature you as an Attain & Maintain interview. Check it out and let me k ow what you think please ma’am!

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