Wordless Wednesday: I Got Mine, You Better Get Yours


I’m playing catch up with Kim’s September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge!

Sunday, September 22, 2013’s prompt: Resurgence.  Provide links to some of your posts that did not receive as much traffic or as many comments as you hoped.


I was motivated last month to get my 2013-14  flu shot after the overly anxious overnight shift crew nagged me to give them their shots!



Before Flu Shot - Rx Fitness Lady

During Flu Shot - Rx Fitness Lady


After Flu Shot - Rx Fitness Lady



Flu Shot Target  - Rx Fitness Lady


Flu Shot from Rx FItness Lady

Yes,  these pictures were from my cell phone, I already confessed Monday, that I do that sometimes  😉 !

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • What are your thoughts on how early flu season is this year?
  • What’s stopping you from getting the flu shot?

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Rx Fitness Lady

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45 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: I Got Mine, You Better Get Yours

  1. Deuce just got his flu shot on Monday. He had the flu last year and I wanted to ward that off this year. When the nurse came in, she broke the news to him as to what she was about to do. I had not warned him. He looked at me and said, “Momma, what’s a poo shot?” smh

    I took it 3 years ago when my employer “persuaded” all of her staff to get one that she paid for. Almost her whole staff had gotten the flu the year before and she didn’t want that to happen again. That was my first flu shot and I haven’t had one since. No reason. I just don’t do it. Love the pics of your “willing” participants.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Top 2 Ways I Make Money With My BlogMy Profile

  2. Love this Wordless Wednesday post. Cell phone pics are working it out 🙂 Love the progressive pics also. I know he was teasing, but it makes for an awesome ‘during’ pic.

    I’ve never had a flu shot. The fact that the flu is a treatable virus gives me some solace…although I don’t to get it. During this time of year, I try to implement an immune building protocol for the entire family. I pray it’s enough. I’ll save my share for the younger, older and immune compromised.

    You look like you’re having fun at work. Love the hair 🙂
    Hope recently posted…Using the wrong tools or the right tools the wrong way…My Profile

    • It was a lot of fun sticking it to this guy, lol! I am shocked that you don’t get it. You should post that immune building protocol ma’am!

  3. I never get one and neither do my kids! They’re in school now so I’m sure that will change b/c it’s a law in my state but I’m still not getting one!!! However, if YOU were the one facilitating it, I may have to reconsider:-)
    Allie recently posted…Catching Up to 2008My Profile

  4. They just had to hold me down the other day no ma’am. Never got the shot and neither have my kids. I know two people who got the shot and still got the flu but I am too afraid of needles now if there was a pill or something maybe.
    Kita recently posted…Taking a mini week breakMy Profile

  5. The only reason I haven’t had my flu shot yet is because the HR department didn’t schedule Walgreens to come to work until 10/9. I wish they would call earlier and schedule them for September. I know this is just me and my body but in addition to not getting the flu since I’ve started getting the flu shot I no longer get bronchitis. Possibly coincidental but for years I was in the hospital at least once a year with severe bronchitis.

    You are so beautiful! Love your selfies!
    Carla recently posted…BBQ FriesMy Profile

  6. Ugh…everyone in this house still needs to get their flu shots. Our insurance company offers them for “free” (aka – we already paid for it in our premiums), but the times are ridiculously inconvenient. Thanks for the reminder…and you look great giving out those flu shots!
    Leslie recently posted…{Weigh in Wednesday} Week 39My Profile

  7. I have never gotten a flu shot. Ever! I doubt that I get one this year. I will pay dearly for my choice (not with the flu). My lovely employer has decided to brand those of us who choose not to get the flu shoot. For the duration of flu season yours truly will be forced to wear a mask. I’ll decorate it and make sure it matches my outfit and looks good with my lab coat. We can’t all be winners…
    Andrea recently posted…Don’t Let that Man OutdoMy Profile

  8. I have never gotten the flu shot. I’m not scared if it or anything I just never get it. I started eating a lot cleaner during the flu season so that helps a lot. Side note-you take some really nice pics.

  9. I got my flu already. I get one every year. I skipped getting it one year about 3 years ago and ended up in the hospital with complication with the flu! I strongly encourage getting the flu shot annually!!!

  10. i’m due for mine. I get one every year, and it’s time that I got one this year for sure. The kids are scheduled for the flu as well. I’m just waiting for them to get over a cold before they get it. Turns out we get one every year. Last year was hard for me though, I came down with something (still got the shot though)
    KalleyC recently posted…Wonderful Wednesday: The Human SongMy Profile

  11. None of us got flu shots until my daughter had the swine flu a few years ago and it wiped her out. Now we all get it – last year I took the kids to CVS and bribed them with candy. Not my finest parenting moment, but it worked.
    Dana recently posted…Fall into a good bookMy Profile

  12. My husband gets one every year in Sept. This year he accidentally got one in June as well. We were assured he would not get the flu. He did. Horrible flu that lasted five days with fever, chills, no appetite and muscle ache last week. Once the fever was gone it took another two days to recover. I was very thankful I didn’t get the flu even though I’ve never had a flu shot.
    Jeannie Marie & Company recently posted…The Flowers of Busch GardensMy Profile

  13. I never get the flu shot and I’ve never had the flu. I follow old school teachings about hand washing and keeping my hands out of my face.

  14. Had my shot at Kroger 10 days ago. My employer is offering them in early October but they just announced it. I’m not afraid of needles (they’re interesting) but I cannot give myself a shot for migraines. My wonderful husband and co workers kindly poke me with a needle when I’m desperate.

  15. I’m actually surprised how many people commented that they don’t get flu shots. I thought it was more common. I get one every year and so does my husband. I know it doesn’t protect against all strains of the flu, but I figure it is worth some small aches or pains to cut down on my chances. I hate the flu. Seriously hate it. But you just reminded me, I still need to get mine!
    Stevie recently posted…Ever So SubtlyMy Profile

  16. Hey Joi! How’s it going girl!? I’ve been AWOL from the bloggersphere for almost a week now…missed everyone! The flu shot…I’ve never gotten one and I don’t think I ever will Joi! I.hate.shots! BUT, as some of your other readers have mentioned…if you were giving them, then I would strongly reconsider, lol! Have a good one darlin’! 🙂
    Michell recently posted…Doing YOU WELL Wednesday #34My Profile

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