Why I Joined the Les Mills Instructor Tribe

First things first! What do you think of the blogs new look?  I was able to maximize the use of some of my Fitness Photos 🙂  Well it’s not totally new, but a few issues have hopefully been resolved.

Last week for Act-Fit Friday, I shared a Review of Les Mills BODYPUMP 86. I saw this prompt on the BODYPUMP facebook fanpage and I decided to post about it.

Why I Joined The Les Mills Instructor Tribe - Rx Fitness Lady

When I graduated from school and moved back home, I did a variety of things to stay physically active.  I always enjoyed my different workouts, but none of them would give me the excitement to go workout like I had in undergrad when I would take the freestyle step classes.  I decided to join a gym and rekindle my group fitness love affair.


I think from the moment I joined, I got the instructor fever.   Around that same time at church, my women’s ministry was cultivating new projects.  We decided we wanted to do some sort of fitness classes & I was going to teach them.

Progressive Women Ministry - Rx Fitness Lady

A Few Ministry Ladies at My Party a Few Years Ago


We worked up a plan and got it approved. I was off to get AFFA Primary Group Fitness Class certified.  I was all fired up with my certification but found it difficult to come up with stuff on the spot off the top of my head.  I made a “lesson plan” that I thought was a good workout, but I didn’t have the time to put into it to make sure I was hitting peaks accurately.


After that 1 choreographed headache (don’t get me wrong, I like putting together workouts), I couldn’t fathom stressing over what I was going to teach every week and keeping up with all my other responsibilities.


I am slightly ashamed to share this, but I kinda just didn’t mention it anymore and people didn’t really care because we had not advertised the classes yet.


SN – I think I had a little fear which Toya talked about earlier this week as well.


In the meantime, I was loving my flow with my new gym membership that offered Les Mills classes.  In talking to the group fitness manager, I discovered that the classes were pre-choreographed!

Why I Joined the Les Mills Instructor Tribe - Rx Fitness Lady


I couldn’t believe it.  I didn’t know there was anything other than freestyle group fitness and DVDs.  I was sold on Les Mills as a company instantly from that alone.


I inquired about teaching a class and got the manager’s contact information & continued to get familiar with some of the classes.

Less than a week after I upgraded my membership to the discounted annual membership for me AND my sister…

Throwback - Rx Fitness Lady

(Throwback picture of us at that time)

I pulled up to the gym on a Tuesday morning to find an empty parking lot, a sign on the door that said “Gym Closed”, & handful of other pissed off members & that was it.



Just like that, money gone, morning routine ruined, & a SERIOUS GRUDGE on my shoulder toward gyms as businesses!


I was done done!!!


After 2 years of: inline skating, roller blading, Taebo, the Firm, Sweating in the Spirit, etc. I got the itch again and joined a newer gym in the area that offered Les Mills classes.  It was quite the refresher.

So after turning 30, I figured it was time to tackle one of my goals full force.  I knew being in the fitness industry was for me, but choosing the right approach was where I was running into blanks.  I felt like it was expected of me to just coach basketball because 75% of my former teammates do so. I however, just didn’t have that desire.


I inquired about teaching and it was perfect timing as they were opening a new gym and needed new instructors.  It was a perfect fit for me.   I jumped in headfirst and it has been a whirlwind from there.  I love teaching Les Mills Programs because they have great music, moves, and I know they are safe & how many calories they should potentially burn.


The MAIN REASON however, for me will always be that the classes are pre-choreographed and I don’t have to deal with the headache of what I’m going to present everyday!

I currently teach Les Mills BODYPUMP and BODYCOMBAT.

To any Les Mill’s instructor or student reading this…ONE TRIBE!


Thank you all so much for reading this!  I am celebrating the Centennial this weekend.  I will check in with you all Monday 🙂 Have a great weekend!

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Why did you choose to work for the company that employs you or what makes you a unique business owner/employer?
  • How do you overcome your fears?
  • Has a gym or business that you ever paid a membership for ever closed up shop on you without notice? How did it make you feel?
  • Any fitness instructor friends out there reading this, why do your teach what you teach?

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28 thoughts on “Why I Joined the Les Mills Instructor Tribe

  1. First, Happy Centennial! I have a few girlfriends who are also celebrating in DC this weekend!
    I took my first Body Pump class. My upper body and my core are weak.. Great class though. I’ll definitely keep going.
    I took my daughter to day care one day and they said “today is our last day open” I was soooo disappointed because it took weeks of searching and researching to finally find a place I was comfortable with. Thankfully I was only out a weeks tuition.
    I think my business is very unique and special because in 4 short years of living in Central FL, the community has labeled us “the doctors with the reputation for getting people out of pain fast.” Huge compliment and we embraced and totally own it.
    Hope recently posted…How can you tell when a person is drowning?My Profile

    • Thanks Hope! It was a blast!!!

      Super stoked you took pump. I hope this one won’t interfere with your running. That is quite the reputation friend! Congratulations on your work speaking for you!!!

  2. I never had an experience where the gym closed, but I do have experience of joining a gym that was very close to my job (walking distance) only to find out that a month later that my job moved to the other side of the city. Such a disappointment! My job wasn’t even 9-5 it was like an all day thing. By the time we got out from work, (not that work was finished) I was too tired and disgusted to work out.

    I enjoy my home workouts, but there are days when it can be trying. Dealing with a baby, and a preschooler and just trying to get everything in order for a workout.
    KalleyC recently posted…Home School ReadinessMy Profile

    • Oh, that would have aggravated me to no end! Home workouts are some of the best. I will surely find my way back one day when I have children.

    • I like choreography too, but I don’t have time for that. If I had time, I’d totally do more, but freestyle completely scares me!!!

  3. I loved hearing the story of how it came to be – whether through choreography headaches or not (and trust me, I get that. My mother-in-law is a dance teacher). The “gym closed” thing seems really shady. No money back ever?! I am starting my own business, as you know, so I’m not really sure what makes me a unique business owner. Deep inside I can see what it is but it’s hard to put into words. I think it’s the way I connect with my clients. It’s the type of service in which you have to make them feel really good about themselves, and you have to make them feel calm. In fact, you probably do understand that in your teaching!
    Tamara recently posted…Happiness Is My SITS Day!My Profile

    • YES, no money back ever…UGH!

      I understand and aim for my qualities to shine through in each class as I’m sure you’ll do with each client.

  4. So frustrating about the gym that closed!!
    I think if I decide to keep teaching any fitness classes I would love the Les Mills program. Since I already do the home-based workouts of both Body Pump and Combat and love them, I would really like the pre-choreographed classes. You’re right – it is a LOT OF WORK planning classes!!
    Kim recently posted…300My Profile

  5. Of course you are celebrating The Centennial this weekend. I didn’t expect anything less. 🙂 I overcome fears through prayer, faith and Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret. Realizing that it’s all in your mind is the hardest part, but that’s all it is. Positive thoughts manifest positive things. En-Joi your weekend! LOL
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Foto Friday: Family Feud (I Mean Fun)My Profile

  6. I still need to find a Les Mills class close to me but every time I read it it seems more and more like it is for me. I love coming up with individual workout plans for people but a group fitness class is a whole other ball game and it’s very time consuming to put together, memorize, and then do 45-60 minutes of a choreographed fitness routine. Ugh! I love teaching, the joy it brings, and the results but the up-front piece can be a lot of work.

    Love the pic in the header! Perfect!
    Carli recently posted…Amazingly Bloggerish Things We Do With Our SmartphonesMy Profile

    • Thanks Carli. It did make me feel finally comfortable with the look. I’ve felt it was missing something, but didn’t know what.

  7. Great post!! I guess all fitness instructors may have a few various reasons of why they took the plunge but ONE reason has to be the SAME- we Love to break a sweat:). That has to be true , right?!?!
    For me, teaching became my avenue of self expression, validation, and personal accomplishment after having my children. I would always exercise, so it’s not a method of making me stay in the game but furthering my abilities. It has been life changing for me and a true love.

    • Of course, I love to sweat Kelly Blair! I just don’t feel like coming up with choreo on a regular. I am so happy that teaching has done all of this for you darling!

  8. Girl, you are so fit! At my old gym they had Les Mills classes and I did a few to mix things up. I used to love step classes but kind of tapered off – not really sure what happened there! I’m glad you found a gym/program that works for you I think pre-choreographed classes are the way to go too!
    em K recently posted…Giveaway: Win $100 From Manatobah!My Profile

    • The exact thing happened with me and BODYSTEP! I do think about it sometimes but I have no clue why I don’t go anymore.

  9. Now see I cannot believe they closed on you!!! WTH!!!!! Im glad you were able to bounce back from that though. The restaurant my boo was working in recently closed, no pay no warning no nothing. SO I understand your frustration… I love the Body pump class especially the music. I also like that the music changes. Im just having difficulty fitting it into my new work schedule. the classes are ALWAYS full so you need to be there 15 min early and I just cannot right now. I have been proactive and requested an additional class though LOL…. Thanks for the shout out!!!

    • Sure thing, that was a very good post. Wow, 15 minutes early, that’s a headache! I don’t think I knew you took the class..YAY! I hope you are able to settle into a routine with the new job soon. Work is always getting in the way of all the fun, lol.

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