You Should Blog About It Debut: What to do With a Hater

Do you have a hater?  Well of course you do! We all have them.  Some of us are guilty of being haters.  Since I teach a mixed martial arts inspired class, often times I’ll ask people to imagine their haters in front of them when I need them to turn up the intensity and automatically you see mean faces and harder kicks and punches.  All walks of life deal with haters from day to day.  No need to lose any sleep over it.

For any number of reasons in life, you are bound to pick up a hater.  I pick up some just because of my demeanor. You may get that as well, or maybe; you lost a lot of weight, started a business, joined the church, married a “top bachelor”, landed an amazing job, bought a nice car, beat the odds, had children before your close friend/family member, skin complexion, etc.

Definition voted best on Urban dictionary

“A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.

Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesnt really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the hater wants to knock someone else down a notch.”

PFL has a theme of living Healthy, Active, & Prosperous.  Today we are talking about the resulting “hater” that might come along with advancing in this PFL journey.

Long introduction for the post, I know.  The reason is because the solution is very short and sweet!  I was watching a blog post video by Derek Halpern in December on the subject and I was totally like, yeah that’s what I do.  The only thing is that in my mind I just say…



Really, it’s as simple as that!  It comes so natural to me.

“Look me in my face, I ain’t got….”

no worries

Really, I don’t want you to get bent out of shape over these people.  They mean you absolutely no good in life. There are too many people rooting for you that genuinely love and support your endeavors.

I have so many people that are still alive, breathing, and functioning in good health here Cemetery in my mind, it’s not funny.  I don’t mean them any harm.  I am cordial to everyone but you will not rattle my feathers, make me uncomfortable, or anything like that with your haterisms – new word 😉 .  I love everyone, just in my mind, I’m like Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank (oh how I love that show)…”Bye Bye, you’re dead to me”! Some of those lessons, in dealing with people like that, I just learned in 2012.  Now, you really should be good to go, but just for kicks…

Fun Hater Songs if you need a Little Motivation

BODY COMBAT class had fun with release 53 and these lyrics from Swagger Jagger by Cher Loyd.  Favorite lyrics….

Hi hater, kiss kiss

I’ll see you later

Hi hater,

It was very, very, very nice to meet you

I was getting dressed to go to a meeting when T.I. came on 106 & Park in December to promote his new album.  He performed his song HELLO featuring CeeLo Green that I immediately fell in love with.  Favorite lyrics would be the hook…

Just keep going, and don’t look back

And look forward from where you’re at

There’s some jealousy in your rear view
 Wave hello, hello, hello…

Push that pedal to the max

Count that money that’s in your lap

There’s some jealousy in your rear view Hello, hello, hello…


Wave hello, hello, hello…



People are making music, videos, & blog posts about this everyday! We are all in agreement to pay them not even a single never mind!  Keep up the good work in all that is Healthy, Active, and Prosperous.  Rx Fitness Lady is on your team and rooting for you!

This post was inspired by multiple conversations lately.  Now that most people are aware that I’m taking this blog thing seriously, they are offering me topics to talk about.  If you find yourself saying “she should blog about this” general topic or a question that needs more detail than here,  then email me your thoughts/question from my contact page.

Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Living,

B.K.A. when dealing with haters as …

P.S.  Don’t put the SWEET little old church ladies that are always telling you how much weight you’ve gained in the mental cemetery with the rest of the haters, they are just feeling entitled to say anything at that point in their life 😉 .

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know….

  • How do you deal with haters?  What’s another good hater song?
  • Sidebar – If you’re a Shark Tank fan, Did you think Powder Padded Room girl from last week was too well polished to come up in the Shark Tank without knowing any of her numbers *SIGHS*?
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56 thoughts on “You Should Blog About It Debut: What to do With a Hater

  1. I swear this blog could not have come at a better time. I am too learning to not give a “F” and chuck all my haters the middle and index fingers aka duces. I’m still a work in progress because it SOMETIMES really does bother me when people don’t like me or hate on me for reasons unknown to me. I saw his statement somewhere and chose to live by “If someone has a problem or issue with you, it’s their problem and NOT yours”, and this has worked for me.

    • Very good statement Cuz! I know it’s difficult when you know that you aren’t doing anything to warrant ill words or treatment, but worrying about it gives them the power. Dismiss them and keep it moving!

  2. I’m not young, but I’ve been certainly naive about the haters. I’ve always given people the benefit of the doubt and tried to look at things from a positive perspective. Surely she didn’t mean what she said; or maybe he’s just having a bad day… Boy, have I been mistaken at times. I’m learning to dismiss and bury (not the person, just their negativity). Great post. Never too old to learn.
    Hope recently posted…Natural Hair: Professional Blow Out.My Profile

    • Thanks Hope! You are so right, it’s their negativity that is being buried! I applaud you for trying to see the positive though. Glad you found it insightful!

  3. Oh so much to say, such a little comment box…..

    Yes, the girl from Shark Tank was hated on, she never had a chance! They got her all flustered and she couldn’t rebound, my heart broke for her as I watched. However, she need to know her numbers cold, its one of the requirements of the show.

    That is SUCH a pretty pic of you!!!

    Ah, the haters. I find your last sentiments very interesting, I think you were in brooklyn last sunday because one of the sisters on my usher team came up to me at the end–pointed at my belly–and said Number 3?!? I’m like…come on son…you know I don’t look pregnant, like sure last September, but not now…I mean the haters are everywhere, school, work, job, gym, but like you said Eff em. Life is way to short to pay them ANY mind. I just love this post so much.
    Nellie recently posted…Weekly Wednesday Workout: Plank VariationsMy Profile

    • Type as long as you like my friend! I agree about the little lady. I’ve been watching the show since it aired originally and surely she had to know, that’s like THE FIRST question they ask everyone! The haters are everywhere but it seems those little church ladies really know how to rub you the wrong way. That was flat out RUDE! URGGGGHHH!!! This is what I mean by Buried!!!

  4. What a post! I went through something like this when I left the hotel I was working at as a General Manager to take some time off, and found that someone I thought was a close friend (left behind at said hotel), was posting very mean-spirited things about me on Facebook, and on Blackberry BBM (which I am on) – it was always so strategic….if I wrote something about “being happy and 2013 is going to be a fab year” – said lady would immediately take to Facebook and say something like “some people who keep saying they are happy are just lying” sort of thing? It went on for months, she was even taking to social media about my new Blog and not in a kind way….and then BINGO, I realised I was dealing with a hater. So I took her off of Facebook, (blocked) and bbm, and Skype and everything. What a lesson, very hurtful but it does happen from time to time.

    Thanks for the advice!!

    Jeanine recently posted…My Come on, Get Happy List!My Profile

    • Wow Jeanine, that is the worst, but unfortunately you are not alone in the social networking hating of sort. It amazes me how much energy people put into “hating” on others to the point where you make your own personal social page a dedication to them. That is just pure craziness. I’m sorry you experienced that but nevertheless you became the wiser. She is but another tombstone now 🙂 Thanks for sharing that great story!

  5. You look faaaaaaabulous!!

    Hmm..haters. I’m an emotional person and REALLY working on being a stronger person mentally. I can’t lie – people’s words can really hurt me. I really want to be able to brush them off and pay them no mind. I can’t stand negativity, especially when it’s girl – on – girl! There’s NO need for that!
    TorontoRunner recently posted…Working out to look goooood?My Profile

    • It’s always gender on gender that is the most annoying. I can’t say that I’ve been hated on by a man (not that I know about it). I hope this post helps put these ppl in place for you sweetie! Thanks for the compliment!

  6. I love shark tank that show makes me want to get up and do something. Haters will be everywhere I never sweat them because people who don’t bring any meaning to my life don’t get a blink from me never have and never will.
    Kita recently posted…Pinterest link upMy Profile

  7. Hi! Following you back!! 🙂 You are absolutely gorgeous btw (only minimal jealousy, no hating 😉 ). I know the feeling about haters (can we say in-laws?) so this deff struck a cord.

    But seriously… Can you even be mad at the cute little old church ladies? I’m more shocked by the fact they’re so cute and have the guts to say it than I’m insulted.
    Emily @ Fit Mama In The City recently posted…Cupid’s Chase 5K PlaylistMy Profile

    • It’s my favorite too! The song is hot anyway but he super sold me on it when he “rode on em” freestyle at the end that day. I love me some little man, lol!

    • NONCHALANT is my line name from undergrad girl. I feel you! I’m right there with you, pray for them after you bury them, ha ha!

  8. Haha Joi! I like the last line about the little old church ladies…so true, so true! My heart goes out to haters…for their lives must be so miserable that they have to preoccupy their time with yours…so sasd! Have a wonderful week Joi!
    Michell recently posted…"Doing YOU WELL Wednesday" #5My Profile

    • Thanks Michell! I imagine you have quite a few of those sweet little ladies in your congregation :)! You have a blessed week too!

  9. First off, I LOVE this post and I LOVE the comments. I feel like when I get my first nasty comment on the ol’ blog that is when I will know I have made it. Is that a weird way to look at it? I just feel like you’ve got to be pretty rad to have strangers taking time out of their day to hate on you.

    And I am totally going to start praying for my in-real-life haters. That feels like the best idea ever.
    Kristiina recently posted…The Miracle Of Not Taking It PersonallyMy Profile

    • Lol, Kristiina! I don’t think that’s weird at all. I agree with you, speaking of….I need to go ahead and get that nasty comment:) Thanks for browsing through the comments! I do enjoy hearing feedback and you’re right they had much to say on this post!

  10. Glad to connect with you…thanks for visiting my blog earlier! There’s always going to be those people out there who aren’t happy with what they have, and want what you or someone else has. But the bottom line is happiness comes from within and we’ve all got blessings in our life…they just happen to be different blessings. I say just don’t give those people another thought…no one needs that kind of bad energy dragging them down!
    Michelle recently posted…Youth Sports: Teaching Good SportsmanshipMy Profile

    • Thx Michelle! Powerful comment, for I say this all the time. We all have something to be grateful and proud of and we need to operate with confidence in those blessings and not worry about what everyone else has. Thanks for coming over!

  11. I never understood haters, but now that I think about it…what’s to understand? The main goal of haters is to get you off track, so like you said, “pay them no never mind!” Just throw em’ some shade. A good hater song: Jill Scott Hate on Me. I’m not familiar with Shark Tank, but definitely going to check it out!
    Sherelle recently posted…Black Women in Leading Roles: Part 3My Profile

  12. my mama had a saying for us girls when we were growing up, “if somebody ain’t talking about you – you must be doing something wrong.” one of the best lessons i’ve learned is to focus on where my support IS coming from. it truly can be easier said than done, but once those who don’t have your back see that they’re not stopping your show, they have no choice but to keep it moving. don’t stop doing you, lady!
    miss donna recently posted…personal style | take one, pass it onMy Profile

  13. Thankfully, most people are pretty nice at my site; but I have gotten one or two snarky comments. I may fume for a few minutes…or a few hours if it’s bad enough. But typically I move on pretty quickly. Who has time to worry about what random strangers may think? (Plus, delete and moderate are AWESOME tools).
    Leslie recently posted…{Weigh in Wednesday} Week 7My Profile

    • I haven’t had to moderate just yet…hummm Leslie, is that what is happening to my comments on your site, lol. I actually figured out that I can’t visit you from my iPad, for some reason it eats the comments. I learned that on another blog. You are right not to worry, I wouldn’t give more than a minute though, lol!

  14. I once heard a preacher say that we must learn to let “our haters be our elevators”; The more they hate, the higher we go, the more prosperous we become! These people – haters – are nothing more than demons on assignment. John 10:10 describes them best – they have come to steal, kill and destroy.
    Trinity recently posted…Doing You Well WednesdayMy Profile

    • Hi Trinity! Awesome comment via the Minister. I am stealing that for that is all that they do is help us rise above! Thanks for visiting.

  15. Wave Hello! Ha! That’s what I’m doing. Haters motivate me to keep going. I love when haters smile in my face, right in my face, and they know the ill they have in their heart toward me. I can’t help it, and I see from this post, you can’t either…we’re just Fabulous!

  16. Love it! My family did not understand why it was so easy for me to say goodbye to people who were not on the same page. No one has time to waste on haters.

    You made me smile with that last part. You’re right–the old ladies will say what they want. They lived long enough to do so. Hoping to be like them one day.:-)
    KalleyC recently posted…February Fitness & BeginningsMy Profile

    • LOL, me too Kalley! It is a blessing to get to that point! I can imagine the haterism is real your way, I applaud you for not giving your energy to it.

    • Well hello there! I don’t think anyone has claimed to be a fan of this here little blog just yet, lol! Great to have you Kesha & Thanks for visiting. As for your comment, I think I have an imaginary teenage boy in my car at ALL times, lol. When is loud music ever going to get old? When I got my current car back in Nov, I was all specific with the salesman about the system. We were riding around testing the system. It was funny, because he is a Deacon and I was like, you don’t have to leave it up..but buddy was trying to get that sale.

  17. Hey girl, I’m late to this particular post of yours, but once again you are so on point. I learned at a very early age about people hating via girls ganging up and bullying me (sooo glad those times are behind me). I always tell people let it fuel your drive to continue to excel b/c you are doing something right if they are hating.
    Veronica @My Finessed Life recently posted…Arm Candy: The Layered Wrist LookMy Profile

    • Very well said Veronica. I am right there with you! You are welcome to delve all up and through this little here blog my friend 😉

  18. Hi Joi, your post about haters is so true. People will always find something to criticize or hate about you especially if you are doing better than they are. I am too busy these days to even notice that I have them. You are doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work!

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