Uh, Uh, Oh..You Look So Much Better When You

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People are always telling me to smile!  I read an article and it turns out they’re right!  They just irk me to no end.   You know those positive Patty types that are always like “smile for me, it’s not that bad, blah blah blah”.  That’s who I ‘m referring to.  I was strolling my Instagram last week and ran across a beautiful young lady with the caption “I learned to NEVER look like what I’m going through”.  I though that was so profound.  We never know what people are going through and a smile can make their day, especially at the gym!!!

It’s My Health Monday and unlike last week’s My Health Monday where we had blog talk to prevent migraines, this is a true healthy living topic.

Researchers have shown that real or fake; smiling helps ease stress and lower heart rates.  Ha ha, so even if you don’t really want to do it all the time, try to make a habit of smiling at people.  If you didn’t like my post on How to Deal with a hater, here is another option in handling those people.  It’s Stress Awareness Month and smiling will truly lower your levels of stress!

Bill collector calls>>>> 🙂

Ex/Current is annoying you>>> 🙂

Kids talking back>>> 🙂

Co-worker late to relieve you >>> 🙂

The scale is broken>>>> 🙂 …. 😉

Smiling is good for us as individuals and it makes other people feel uplifted.  Oh and as the song states…it’s really true that you look so much better when you SMILE!!!

Smiling for PFL


This video is guaranteed to make you smile!

VIDEO TIP #1 – If you want to skip to the lead in to everyone’s favorite part….go to 2:36

VIDEO TIP #2 – If you want to skip straight to everyone’s favorite part….go straight to 3:00



Have an awesome week!


Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,

Rx Fitness Lady Wants to Know…

  • How does it make you feel when a complete stranger smiles at you?
  • What are some movies, things, people, etc. that make you smile?
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65 thoughts on “Uh, Uh, Oh..You Look So Much Better When You

  1. I’m smiling just reading this! I am not a natural smiler, like if I see a stranger my first instinct isn’t to smile — it’s to blank stare lol! I’m working on it. I had a super stressful weekend with the Chirrens but I will not show that at work today. I am smiley though because when I got back from maternity leave everyone told me they missed my smiley face. That must mean that I gotta be comfortable with ya to get all smiley 😉 awesome positive Monday post, girl I needed it more than you know.
    Nellie recently posted…Peaches Brooklyn – Amazing Service, Even Better FoodMy Profile

    • Nellie, I needed my own post! Prescheduling post is a doozy! I found myself listening to the song 🙂 Do you think it’s because of where you live? I know people are always like, “now don’t go smiling and speaking to everyone up North like we do in GA, just stay to yourself”. I am not naturally smiley, but if people look me dead in my face (as an adult) I smile at them, I can’t help it. When I came to to New York some years ago, I was like stare straight ahead and don’t say anything, lol!

  2. AW! And you have such a fantastic smile, too!
    That was the perfect video to start off a Monday morning.
    I’ll try one…Monday morning after a weekend of the stomach bug… 🙂 Yep, it works!!

    My mom taught me years ago to smile and wave at people who honk at you on the road. It totally disarms them. Works. EVERY. TIME. 🙂 –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted…I Peed Alone In The Nation’s CapitolMy Profile

    • I need to pass that tip on to my sister. She has a bit of road rage. I am giggling just thinking about their reaction to a smile & wave! Thanks Lisa!

    • Thank you Melissa! People have often times eased my nerves and pain with a simple smile. So much truth in your comment!

  3. I was smiling watching the video! Smiling absolutely does make you feel better! I like it when strangers smile at me – brings my mood up. What makes me smile? When I see my kids do nice things for each other, seeing the cat snuggled up against the dog, a handwritten letter in the mailbox, an animal video I saw the other day of a raven rolling the down the hill in the snow and having a great time doing it….it’s the little things that usually make my day!
    Michelle recently posted…A Little Comment Luv?My Profile

    • I love the little things too Michelle and thank you so much for sharing. It made me smile to read about it. This post and comments are giving me life on a Monday!

  4. Uh,uh,oh! We look better when we smile. Smiling or laughing makes me feel so much better when I’m down (when that happens). I’m a proud geuniune smiley person most times. You’re right about the smile at the gym- makes your feel like your letting people down when you don’t show. Keeps you coming back for more.

    • You are so good about smiling and bringing light to the party! I am sure you make so many people happy as you always brighten my day! SPeaking of which….hurry and come home…I miss you!

  5. Ha! First off, it makes me crazy when strangers tell me to smile, so this totally cracked me up. That said. I totally agree, smiling makes a big difference. Not only does it help my mood but people are nicer.
    Kristiina recently posted…{DIY} Paper Bead NecklaceMy Profile

  6. Great topic!!! I don’t think many people realize how important a smile can be,especially when in unfamiliar or uncomfortable places. A smile can be comforting, uplifting, and inviting! I used to think it was weird for people I didn’t know to smile and say Hi, but after moving to a place to work in corporate environment, I quickly learned that southern hospitality doesnt always make it far past the south – so as a result, I had to learn to put my Debbie Downer traits away and learn to take control of my day and my environment by changing the atmosphere around me …with a smile!! It’s been one if the best things I’ve ever done! Thanks for this, Joi!! Keep up the awesome work!!

    • Hey Erika,

      I try to take control as well. I’m not in corporate America but I find your thoughts similar to my feelings about large church crowds. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I hope you’ll come back soon my friend!


    • I’m glad you appreciate it starting the week off Sherelle. I have listened to the video twice today! I listen to group fitness music in my car on most days, so now I don’t really have “radio songs”. Radio songs are the ones on the album that I always skip bc the radio beat them to death on the air waves. Thx for the compliment!

  7. Haha! I was so smiling as I was reading your post! :-D! I LOVE it when complete strangers smile at, it may be because I smile at them first, but hey, nevertheless, it feels good, lol! Actually Joi, pretty much anything can make me smile…I’m a sucker, lol! BTW…not that you don’t look beautiful before, but your smile just puts the icing on the cake!! Have a fantabulous week darlin’…and remember to SMILE! 😀
    MichellicMMichellhelMichelll recently posted…I remember when…My Profile

    • Yes ma’am! I will do my best! I am smiling right now thanks to your comment! My Mother calls me darling ALL the time 🙂

  8. This is a wonderful post. Definitely mad me smile. Love that song and the video. Donnie McClurkin’s smile at about 2:56/57 looked like the joker…actually made me LOL. I’m not a positive patty, but definitely natural smiler.
    Hope recently posted…Gotta Start Somewhere.My Profile

  9. Awww you have such a beautiful smile. I don’t smile at all mainly because I have a big space in between my teeth so showing mines are out of the question. I don’t smile much now that you mentioned it people would always call me mean face because I rarely smile I can even tell a joke with a straight face. My children are probably the only ones that will make me smile for no reason.
    Kita recently posted…What you talking bout KitaMy Profile

    • KITA! I’m team gap baby too! I got braces as an adult 8 years ago. I was a smiling fool beforehand too but I have to admit, I was a little self conscious. I admire people who keep it. In Africa it’s a sign of beauty. My Nigerian classmates were so upset with me when I came waltzing into class with braces on those years ago. I would love to see that dry humor in person one day. I’ll be looking forward to it. Thx for the compliment.

  10. Smiles are wonderful! Try them. You just might like them. Smiles are contagious. I smile all the time. I hope to brighten someone’s day with my smiles .

  11. Your hair is every thing in that picture!!!!!!! Sometimes I dont want to smile at the gym becauae people think I want to talk and that can be very annoying. Especially when im struggling to run sprints on an incline lol. In other situations a smile is smile is nice. Like at the grocery store or gas station it can be nice.
    Toya recently posted…Wedding To Do ListMy Profile

    • Thanks Toya! THere is an art to smiling with authority at the gym, lol. You have to smile and turn your head instantly..make it clear it was just a hello. I so know what you are talking about!

    • I bet you did Veronica. I am still working on it. I smile at people, but what I can’t figure out is why people want me to just sit around smiling for no reason.

  12. You do look very pretty in that photo! And that video is just great. I am smiling right now and it’s real. I actually met my husband online. Not in the traditional way because this was before online dating really took off but he was my client at my old job and we only knew each other through phone and email. I used to send him my exotic, mysterious glamour shots and one day he said, “I LOVE these but can you please send me a smiling picture.” So I sent him a ton and he said, “See..now I’m really getting a more complete picture of you. I love them all but I needed to see this too.”
    Tamara recently posted…Old School Blogging.My Profile

    • Thank you so much for sharing that Tamara! Now you have made me smile. What a sweet story to add to what I’ve already read on your blog today!

  13. I can attest to that whole smiling thing. I smiled throughout my labor as a way to relax my muscles during contractions. Did I stop the pain? Nope. Was I truly happy? Absolutely not. Did it relax my muscles and help ease my mind? Yep! Smiling and laughing…I’m down for it! You should be too! Beautiful smile & a nice grill…lol!
    Andrea recently posted…20 Skills Every Woman Should Master – The RemixMy Profile

    • WOW, Andrea..now that is really putting that fake smile to use. I will remember this tip for the future. I REALLY appreciate you sharing that. Thanks for the compliment!

  14. Joi – so hysterical when I am reading this, as when I lived and worked in Hamilton, Bermuda — I would have to run around town alot to get lunch, meet people for lunch, shop etc…walking around those streets would inevitably draw these same comments in “smile, you look so serious” – “why do you look so pensive” even from strangers! I would get so upset, as how does someone walk or run around from place to place, with a huge, camera ready smile on their face? I always had and still have, many thoughts going through my brain at any given moment…so I think it would like slightly (my fave words coming up) cray cray walking around “smiling” like I am miss happy lady with nothing going on!!

    I smile alot…I smile when I am sitting at dinner or lunch with hubby or friends, I smile when I on the phone and someone gives me a joke…smile at the tv – you know normal smiling….but I am now thinking maybe it is time to turn that frown the other way around, and keep smiling!

    Have a happy day!! :-))) (that is a big, smile!)

    Love your pic, lovely shot.
    Jeanine recently posted…{Fab Inspiration} It’s All about the Vignette!My Profile

  15. At least you have a beautiful smile. I guess that’s not really the point. The fact that smiling actually makes us feel better is right. Haven’t we all heard, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Apparently smiling is just as good. I’m smiling right now as I write this and feel better already!!! Thanks for sharing that song. I’d never heard it before.
    Lucero De La Tierra recently posted…It’s All About Satiety! Wild Penguin Ice Cream Protein Treats Review & Giveaway, 4/9 – 4/23My Profile

  16. I love this song. It is so true! Smiling can turn your day and anyone’s day around. It seems like the simplest thing to do, yet it could be the one that is easiest to forget / hardest to carry out. But we do look so much better when we smile.
    KalleyC recently posted…Having A Younger SiblingMy Profile

    • So true Kalley! A smile and genuine How are you or have a good night at work has boosted me on many a nights.

  17. You are beautiful and I try to be as positive as I can. I am bigger than my problem or situation so I will smile to get through it. Kirk’s song is exactly what we need to do to get through difficult times. Great post Joi.
    Whitney recently posted…Pinterest WednesdayMy Profile

  18. “Scale is broken…Smile..” LMAO! Too funny! It’s funny that you posted this because JUST THIS MORNING, a co-worker said that I needed to smile and to stop looking so mean…I side eyed her because I don’t really try to look mean! I can honestly say that I don’t like no one smiling all the time. I don’t trust folks that smile TOO much! LOL!

    • Britton, I get told that all the time and it is really annoying!

      I don’t trust those mickey fickeys either! It almost always comes to light what they are overcompensating for.

  19. So true!!!! I’m always smiling at people and get annoyed when they look at me like “whatever”.

    I takes far more energy to be looking like grumpy Gloria than it does to just smile.

    This is my little boy’s favorite song by the way! 🙂
    cBibs & BauCbles recently posted…Inside the House of FabMy Profile

    • Hi Cynthia,

      It can really be the push someone needs! I know frequently, I’m inspired by a smile. Thanks for stopping in!


  20. What a great quote and reminder! One of the best ways I ever turned around a difficult toddler moment was to just give the three year old a silly smile and start giggling at her. It made her smile and then she was SO much easier to work with. You have a great smile…and it definitely made me smile in return!
    Leslie recently posted…{Weigh In Wednesday} Week 14My Profile

    • Well THANKS Leslie! I’m glad my little old picture is able to relieve some stress (so the research says), lol. I love the laughter of toddlers, now that makes me smile indefinitely!

  21. HAHAHAHA! This post made me smile and LOL, especially the “Bill Collector Calls :-)” And I LOOOOOOOOOVE Kirk Franklin. “LOVE” is one of my favorite songs (Kirk Franklin feat. God’s Property).

    A smile goes a long way.

    I enjoy smiling at others. I seem to do it more now that I am a Mother. Whenever my 17-month-old is with me, she’s always making others smile, which makes me smile and everyone is just so happy. It definitely takes the stress away. 😉
    Christina P. recently posted…Tired of the same ol’ FONTS?! Check this out.My Profile

    • Who can be a grinch around a sweet baby??? They make me smile most genuinely! I love me some K. Franklin! I have been a fan of the man that makes millions being a hype man (NO SINGING) in the church for years, lol!

  22. i was always reprimanded (in a passive-aggressive way) in the workplace for not smiling enough. what does ENOUGH consist of?! no maam…i’m not the one to plaster a fake one on and keep it handy at all times. that makes a true smile less genuine in my opinion. your smile is radiant…can’t help but be happy when you see it! as always, thanks for sharing your wisdom and insight.
    miss donna recently posted…keep the change | $20 budget – marchMy Profile

    • I’m with you! At least now we know from this little study that if we do pull that fake one out every now and then, it’s physically beneficial for us & that is good news!

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