Throwback Thursday Ten Years: Senior-itis STOMP’s the YARD

Ten years ago exactly, I was a complete SNOOZE!!! I had just started pharmacy school & I was not here for any of the nonsense.  I had my nose in the books because I hadn’t a clue what I had gotten into.

SOOOO, we are doing 10 years ago (2003) “Final Semester”- Springtime , DST Spring 01 Style – A bit of Senior-itis!  Now that was a mouth full!

Stomp the Yard - Senior-itis - Rx Fitness Lady


Welcome to Day 4 of the 2nd 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party!
Today’s Prompt – Throwback Thursday  “Ten Years” A Day in the Life

Oh and you get a 3 for 1 special because I am also fulfilling the missed prompts for my girl Kim’s September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge!

Monday Dramatization. What part of your life closely resembles a storyline in a reality TV show or soap opera?
Stomp the Yard is a movie and my selection for my throwback post & her dramatization!  Man I want to play in the girl version of this movie SOOOO BAD!!!
Wednesday Picturesque.  Describe today, a typical day, or a recent day in your life with pictures.
Let’s do this Kim!
A little foundation…
Rx Fitness Lady Probate Show
In 2001, I became a member of this lovely sisterhood & had what we thought was the probate show of the century, lol!

Senior-itisThrowback Thursday Ten Years - Rx Fitness Lady

It was complete with pill offs and all…This wasn’t my pill off but check the guns #USeeIt 😉

Fast forward to my senior year spring semester, after becoming 4 time SIAC basketball champions,

Senior-itis - Basketball

already early accepted into pharmacy school, taking on a new line into the sorority, I developed a bit of Senior-itis! I did enough not to drop my Latin honor status!

With no worries left, I enjoyed my time left on campus in the sisterhood!

My schedule was pretty much; class, eat, class, basketball, something with the sorors, etc. repeat!

Here is a walk through some of the step shows!

Homecoming – Superwoman theme

Delta Superwoman - Rx Fitness Lady

My First Homecoming Stepshow - Rx Fitness Lady

Parent’s Day  – We had crimson Fedora’s to go with, no theme, just fresh 😉 !

Parent's Day Step Show - Rx Fitness Lady

Spring Step Show – Kiddie Theme 

Spring Stepshow

Preparing for our Neos Probate Show

Big Sisters

Boys & Girls Club Community Show 

Community Step Shows- Rx Fitness Lady

Final Step Show on the YardFlight 1913 & Yes I have a problem keeping my eyes open for pictures.

Flight 1913 - Rx Fitness Lady

No worries now folks, even with my kick back chill mode in the spring,  I still graduated summa cum laude!

Rx Fitness Lady's College Graduation

I know about “Thank You Laude” too! We had a saying in pharmacy school…. C = Pharm.D. 😉 Lol, don’t be afraid to get your meds filled by me! I made good grades there too 🙂 !

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know….

  • If step classes were offered for your child similar to dance class, would you enroll your child in that for an extra curricular activity?
  • This post was not easy…Facebook & all that jazz was not up an popping 10 years ago! What was the first social network you joined? Are you still on there?
  • You may have noticed something different about my smile, I had braces as an adult! In the gap community, there is controversy, especially among the different cultures…Keep it or Close it PFL?
  • What movie/ TV show/ soap opera would you like to play in or cameo for that matches your real life?

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25 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Ten Years: Senior-itis STOMP’s the YARD

  1. You are just more awesome then I first imagined!!! I was on the dance team in HS and it was SOOOO much fun!! Looking at all those pictures of you brought back a lot of memories for me. Is there anything you can’t do? You are an amazing, strong and SMART woman…I can hear you roar:-)
    Allie recently posted…10 Years Ago I Called Off My WeddingMy Profile

  2. You look like you knew when to work and when to play. Look at you, summa cum laude! I would totally get meds from you. Stomp The Yard; I watched that movie last month when it was on TBS. Love it!
    I remember a few times being at the club and some sorority sisters and frat brothers would begin stomping. It was always so fun to watch.
    veronica recently posted…You had me at “You’re so funny”My Profile

  3. I don’t wanna say anything controversial here for anyone reading the comments, but your sorority is the most active one I have seen (outside of college) as far as networking, keeping in touch and doing stuff for the community. I think that is excellent. Love the photos.

    FB was my first social network. I got on in 2009 I think and then got off while my husband was deployed. I didn’t want to anyone to know he wasn’t here. Things have certainly changed with what I share now.

    I didn’t even notice the change in your teeth. They’re pretty teeth either way. I think if the gap interferes with your speech then that is a reason to get it fixed. I’ve ever only known one person though that the gap made them real lispy and they didn’t get it fixed. I’m a little lispy with no gap. Anyway, what’s a pill off? Google was no help.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…Throwback Thursday (10 years)My Profile

  4. You never cease to amaze me girl…showing off your “Prowess” and all, lol! Thinking back to college, oh my I’m old. The movie that was out back then was Spike Lee’s “School Daze”( my room mates and I had cameo appearances), lol! Can you say “Doing the Butt”…bahaha! As far as stepping…I already hear too many stories about my husband’s college years, lol! My first social media was FB. My daughter told me about it in 2007, three years before I finally got on(according to her, it was the RAVE on her college campus), lol! Hey, I’m definitely not gonna knock your “adult” braces…for I too am getting some…yes, at the ripe age of 45, lol! Have a good one Joi and thanks for linking up my friend! 🙂
    Michell recently posted…Doing YOU WELL Wednesday #33My Profile

  5. Joi you know I love these pictures! OOOOOO-OOP!!!
    I never saw Stomp the Yard 2, although I did enjoy watching Columbus Short in the first one. 🙂 I don’t know about step classes for baby girl. She keeps up too much noise around the house as it is. She got up at 2am the other night trying to jump rope, so I know if she actually saw it, she would be clapping and stomping through the house at all hours.
    Facebook was the first social network that I joined, but it took me about 6 months to actually start using it. I really didn’t get it at first.
    Here’s another thing we have in common – I was a member of the gap community too! LOL I didn’t get braces until I was about 29. And don’t you know, when I got them off, some folks were actually mad that I had closed up my gap?!?! smh…
    Kennie recently posted…How Do I Get Myself Into These Situations?My Profile

  6. Wow Joi! Your pics definitely reminds me of my college days. This might surprise you, but I was a huge stepper in the sorority that I was a member of. (Of course it wasn’t a NPHC sorority…they was all kicked off the yard…except But I really enjoyed performing in step shows and traveling to get together with our sisters/brothers from other local universities.

    FB was my first and I joined in 2009. I didn’t have time to start scanning pics that’s why I reused a previously scanned pic which prompted my idea for the post.

    I know people with gaps and those who closed it. I say, what every makes you feel better. The person I know who closed hers said it made her whistle while she spoke…close it ;). One person I know with a really huge gap said she hardly know it’s there and it doesn’t bother her…leave it 😉

    Enjoyed this post.
    Hope recently posted…A Day in the Life: My One (Wo)Man ShowMy Profile

  7. I love all your pucs! So cute. Even with your eyes closed.

    My only criteria for my kids is that they stay committed to it for the year. If they eanted to do step then fine by me.

    My Space and no!

    That matches my real life…can’t think of anything. But I would so love to be Elle. Heart.
    Carla recently posted…A Different LifeMy Profile

  8. To my darling first born Joi, Memories are so sweet! You brought back a lot of wonderful proud memories posting those pictures. I was proud of then and I am still very proud of you now for all the amazing things you do everyday. I love stepping. It is like line dancing to me. I believe you should allow your child to participate in extracurricular activities that interest him/her. This will enhance their staying focused. The first social network I joined was Facebook and I am still on it. I would love to write for the soap opera ” The young and the Restless ” because I can predict the storyline a long time in advance. Bold and the Beautiful is my favorite soap. I think it is because of the title.

  9. I was a snooze ten years ago too. Just work, study, work, study. My first social network was myspace. I think. Does AOL Instant Messenger count because that was first? Facebook kinda exploded one day and I wasn’t early to that party, but I wasn’t late either.
    Tamara recently posted…Test Shots.My Profile

  10. Love all the pictures and throwback info!!
    You are truly an amazing woman!
    I close my eyes in lots of pictures, too and I had braces as an adult!
    I would trust you to be my pharmacist – I know how very smart you are!
    Kim recently posted…No Excuses Allowed!My Profile

  11. You look like you had a great time in school! Your sorority looks amazing (I know I’ve said this before). I laughed so hard at your last line about not to worry about getting your meds filled by you:) I knew you rocked Pharmacy school too.
    leah recently posted…10 Years agoMy Profile

  12. I should never complain about being busy again! It doesn’t surprise me at all that you were doing so much AND managed to graduate summa cum laude. I was hesitant to join Facebook and other social media networks, but joined FB in Spring of 2010. It was the start of a snowball…the blog was born that Summer, then I joined Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. I think I’ve called uncle on G+ though…
    Leslie recently posted…{Throwback Thursday} 10 Years AgoMy Profile

  13. Ahhhh crazy! I don’t even think I have pictures from 10 years ago. If I do, I have NO IDEA where they are. 10 years ago, I was in boarding school. The only TV show I ever remember watching was THE SWAN (do you remember that plastic surgery show). I’d watch it in the commons room with a couple others. I was NOT happy. My health was deteriorating and all I wanted to do was go home. So I only really remember tid bits of that school and I was actually kicked out. HA! GOOD TIMES! A COMPLETE 180 of who I am today!!!!!
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…Coconut Oil is Robert Downey Jr.’s DoppelgangerMy Profile

  14. Thank you for the 3 for 1 special, my friend! Love all your DST pictures. I bet you enjoyed pulling those out so you could reminisce.

    I don’t think I remember you saying you got braces as an adult too. I didn’t notice the gap until you asked that closing question and I went back to look at the pics. I am so glad I took that leap of faith and got braces a year and a half ago. I didn’t have a gap, but I had crowding and spacing issues. I love my new smile. I went to get a new driver’s license picture last week and I was smiling my face off!

    I would love a recurring role on Young and the Restless! Thanks for continuing to rep my challenge. I have your back too, sister.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Is My Triple Crown Blocking Your View?My Profile

  15. I remember being in ICU (I See You). Tthat was waaaay back; does anyone remember that? It probably was late 90s early 2000s. That was before we even knew the words “social media”. But with regards to current social media, I got on FB probably in 2008 or so… reluctantly. Now I can’t imagine how I’d be in touch with all the people I’ve caught up with.
    Alison recently posted…10 Helpful Hints for OrganizingMy Profile

  16. If you have a gap and you love it! Keep it! But if you have one and it makes you feel insecure…. Close it! People should do what makes them feel best! I closed my gap as soon as all those baby teeth fell out.

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