A FVSU Homecoming Recap & Education Intelligence Test

Last weekend I returned to my alma mater as usual to celebrate HOMECOMING! The campus of Fort Valley State University owns some of my fondest memories.  I built the foundation for my pharmacy career, played collegiate basketball, pledged Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and much more while being there for four years.

This past homecoming was a little special as my line sisters and I were celebrating 15 years in sisterhood.  The homecoming committee pulled out all the stops so that we could  create new memories while celebrating the past.  I made a little video to share some of those moments with you.

One of my most memorable moments on campus when I was a student at FVSU came from a Delta workshop where a Delta D.E.A.R. (Deltas age 62 and above) was facilitating.

She said she was going to tell us the difference in leaving FVSU and being  a person that went to college verses being educated. 

I think EVERYONE  can do better if you know better, so on PFL today, we’re going to make sure you can pass the test!

Who knew education was based on your intellect AND social graces 🙂 ?

“This post was brought to you by Pink Chief Boutique.”

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The Importance of a Professional Mentor and the Four Letter Word Networking

Can you tell when someone is befriending you?  I can, and it’s a great feeling.  Establishing  mentor relationships are the same way.  Matter of fact, the mentor/mentee roles often times cross the lines over into friendship.  This is a necessary relationship for everyone in any profession.  You might not have to reach out to a mentor, they may take it upon themselves to be your mentor.  You have to keep your ears and eyes open and listen out for any opportunity.  You never know what type of mentor will be able to help you progress through your career.

Often times, we can find mentors through the internet.  Your mentor doesn’t even have to know you exist, but you need to have a team of them.

It’s American Pharmacists Month, so I am talking about my pharmacy mentors.  However, I have additional mentors in the areas of Group fitness instructor, blogging, and real estate investing.   I have to mention that mentors are not just important professionally.  I, like most of you, probably have mentors for church, family, and life in general.  I can’t get enough of talking about mentors.  Nobody starts out any adventure knowing it all.  Where would we all be without a little help along the way!

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The Real World Sorority Girls: 14 Years a Delta

If your circle consists of people that are members of the NPHC, your March and April social media timelines were probably full of pictures wishing themselves and sorority/fraternity sisters/brothers a happy anniversary! I am no different!  Today is our Deltaversary and it’s been an amazing 14 years!

14 Years a Delta

On my 102nd Founders Day, 5 women were expelled from our sorority for their participation in the VH1 show Sorority girls.

I saw several posts on social media referencing the expulsion of the 5 women of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. as unreasonable.

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Throwback Thursday Ten Years: Senior-itis STOMP’s the YARD

Ten years ago exactly, I was a complete SNOOZE!!! I had just started pharmacy school & I was not here for any of the nonsense.  I had my nose in the books because I hadn’t a clue what I had gotten into.

SOOOO, we are doing 10 years ago (2003) “Final Semester”- Springtime , DST Spring 01 Style – A bit of Senior-itis!  Now that was a mouth full!

Stomp the Yard - Senior-itis - Rx Fitness Lady


Welcome to Day 4 of the 2nd 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party!
Today’s Prompt – Throwback Thursday  “Ten Years” A Day in the Life

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YES!!!!  For my last post during Black History Month, I wanted to share a day in the Valley through photos.  Rx Fitness Lady has a prosperity portion in the theme and the foundation for much of that prosperity for me was begun at THE Fort Valley State University.  Historically Black Colleges & Universities are still vital and necessary organizations and I wanted to show my love and respect for the institution that prepared me for pharmacy school & provided so many opportunities along the way. A lot of people will try to persuade you to get your higher level education from anything but a HBCU. I’m here to tell you that it was the best decision that I ever made & I highly recommend any interested parties to go & share in what I know will be great memories and a great education.

Reunion Banner

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