How to Watch Your Les Mills Training DVD/Download

You can laugh at me if you like for this post, but I know for sure there is another person out there that was just like me, so here we go….

The fact of the matter is, quite a few of the question’s that come from my blog’s email are about Les Mills group fitness.  Many of those Les Mills questions are from people preparing for Les Mills Initial Training, so here’s the first step!

How to Watch Your Les Mills Training DVDDownload - Rx Fitness Lady


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Exercise Pregnancy Dos and Don’ts of Les Mills Group Fitness Program

Every quarter, Les Mills Group Fitness shares with instructors some educational tips to help us  better execute our programs! I  was super elated to see this subject matter because one of my fitness SHEroes is currently pregnant and maintained her vigorous instructor schedule for quite a while.

I thought participants would greatly appreciate this information. I’ve seen mommies to be phase in out of programs before and after their pregnancies! I just love to see women continue their fitness efforts while pregnant!

So heres the 411 straight from the international group fitness gurus!

Exercise Pregnancy Dos and Don'ts of Les Mills Group Fitness Program


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I Love BODYPUMP, but It’s Just Not Enough

In case you haven’t noticed, the theme this month is LOVE! Not necessarily spot on with relationships, just some things I love and some entertaining posts dealing with love.

So, you already know I LOOOVVVEEE Les Mills BODYPUMP program. I have written about it a number of times! Today’s post is addressing an issue I’ve noticed along with my head trainer.

I Love BODYPUMP, but It's Just Not Enough  - Rx Fitness Lady

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Let’s Ride with Amber – Les Mills RPM Reviews

Today for Act-Fit Friday, I have somewhat of an introduction!  Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I posted 35 ways to Celebrate your Blogoversary?  I am fulfilling one of those today!

We are almost there to the 1 year celebration!!!

RPM by Amber

A few weeks ago, Amber (who is clearly not a stranger to the PFL community),  passed her Les Mills RPM training! YAY Amber!!! I am so proud of her! If you are not familiar with Les Mills Programs, RPM is the equivalent of a spin or cycling class.

RPM Training

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Why I Joined the Les Mills Instructor Tribe

First things first! What do you think of the blogs new look?  I was able to maximize the use of some of my Fitness Photos 🙂  Well it’s not totally new, but a few issues have hopefully been resolved.

Last week for Act-Fit Friday, I shared a Review of Les Mills BODYPUMP 86. I saw this prompt on the BODYPUMP facebook fanpage and I decided to post about it.

Why I Joined The Les Mills Instructor Tribe - Rx Fitness Lady

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Atypical Tips for Les Mills Initial Program Trainings

Have you ever thought about teaching a Les Mills program: BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, BODYATTACK, SHA’BAM, RPM, BODYFLOW, BODYSTEP, lol?  The list just keeps going of available classes to choose from!  We have a couple of Les Mills trainings coming up around my way for people interested in teaching 2 of the programs: BODYPUMP and BODYJAM.
I thought this would be a good time for me to give a tip or two based on my training experiences with 2 of the programs BODYPUMP & BODYCOMBAT.  This post is for those headed to training next weekend, for your benefit if you ever thought about teaching, or for those of you interested in knowing what the process is like!
If you are unclear what Les Mills programs are like, then watch this quick little awesome video that showcases most of the programs.  There is something for all of you!


“LES MILLS™ group fitness and team training programs change the lives of millions of people in 14,000 clubs across 80 countries.  Their mission is to create a fitter planet, one workout at a time.”

So you Want to Teach Les Mills BODYATTACK

Last week Act-Fit Friday was for those of you who like to go solo in the gym.  This week, I’m back with my baby: Group Fitness!!!  I know you hear group fitness, group fitness, group fitness from me all the time.  I thought it would be nice to hear it from someone else.


BODY ATTACK my FAVORITE Les Mills cardio class next to Combat of course 🙂 from a long time participant and now new instructor!



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