Shake Up the Summer and Move Something

June is here which means it’s my birthday month! I took the week off after having to work on my birthday last year! June is a popular month for vacations, family reunions, camps, etc. You already know this Millennial believes everyone should take their vacation days.  Today we are talking staying active in the summer months even with all the activities!

Shake Up the Summer & Move Something

Times have changed so much from when I was child.  We used to love to play outside and generally craved physical activities.  Now there is so much technology to warp our minds that our desires often leave us super sedentary.  Planning some activities to move your body will prevent gaining lazy weight over the summer!

Here are some ways to shake up the summer!

I started the season off playing my first kickball game in the Middle GA Kicking Back in the Community Adult Kickball League.

Shake Up the Summer and Move Something - Rx Fitness Lady

We had a rude awakening as our team of strangers that showed up to play together were up against the defending champions from last year.  They spanked us good but I enjoyed being in the presence of adults  breaking a sweat to a different tune!

Shake Up the Summer and Move Something - Kickball

That wasn’t my first kick ball experience this year.  Earlier in May, we had our first family reunion on my Mother’s side.  It turned out most excellent! We climaxed the fellowship with a  very competitive game of kick ball.

Family Reunion Kickball Game

I’m sure all cities are similar but for new runners in the Macon Middle GA area, there are several running opportunities to choose from this summer.  Check out the list of Macon Tracks Running Club runs and get your feet moving on the pavement.

Swimming can be really good exercise.  Swimming lessons are traditionally a rite of passage for kids at some point.  Naturally it makes for a very family fun event for the summer.  My sister took advantage of our local Lake Tobesofkee  and planned a family affair that included kiddos playing in the water!

Lake Tobesofkee - RxFitness Lady

Talk about making your 30th birthday active, in addition we played a really fun volley ball game.

Volleyball - Rx Fitness Lady

For my own birthday this month, I’m seriously considering a pole dancing portion of my birthday party.


Don’t forget to get up and move your body during the line dancing portion of all the summer weddings!

Wedding Line Dancing

My God daughter just completed her dance recital.

Dance Classes

Dance camps & classes, sports camps, AAU sports leagues, etc are all great ways to keep the kids moving!

Aside from your regular personal trainer, cardio machines, free weight workouts, and home DVDS, you know you can always shake up the summer and join me if you’re free on a  Tuesday or Friday morning! I’d love to fight with you 🙂 !

Les Mills Group Classes - Rx Fitness Lady

Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • How are you shaking up the summer?
  • How are you shaking up the kid’s summer?
  • Do you have any suggestions for my birthday slumber party?

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7 thoughts on “Shake Up the Summer and Move Something

  1. I always look forward to you posting. These were some really good ideas on how to stay active.. my 10 year old has soccer practice 3 days a week this summer. I will use that time to walk/jog the trail while pushing my little man in his stroller… Definitely do a pole dancing portion it’s very fun. Me and my Line sisters did it together one year it was amazing.
    Toya recently posted…Confessions of THIS stay at home MomMy Profile

  2. Yeah, I was like you, Joi. I couldn’t wait til summer to spend all the time I could outside playing! I’m glad to see that all y’all in your community are gettin it done outside this year.

    The last time I was in Macon, I remember running around a large beautiful wooded park, and there were plenty of locals running then too!
    Dr. J recently posted…The Woman Formerly Known as Bruce JennerMy Profile

  3. I am all about moving in the summer. Because it’s hot early in the day, I get my workouts done early in the morning. I also do most of my workouts during the week so I can enjoy my weekends. My daughter is in swimming class and on the weekends we’re always walking somewhere (the beauty of NYC, all we do is walk LOL)
    Cassandre recently posted…Life As a Pescatarian – UpdateMy Profile

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