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I have a special tribute today for Act-Fit Friday! First, I want to thank you for hanging with me this week while I creatively weaved the theme of Rx Fitness Lady in with all these special events. I appreciate your sweet comments in honor of our Centennial and the great city of Macon, GA from earlier this week.  I’m making this week complete because my collegiate Coach Lonnie Bartley became the coach with the most wins for Lady’s basketball from an HBCU this past Saturday when the Fort Valley State women’s team defeated Stillman 85 – 71.  That was win #624!!! Woo Hoo!



You can read more about his career stats here or view the rest of the season schedule here.   I have a lot of respect for all my coaches and he is no different.  He has worked tirelessly for FVSU for 29 seasons!  Today in honor of Coach’s historical moment, I’m sharing a lesson in prosperity I’ve learned from playing under Coach Bartley for 4 years.   Clearly, there is much more that can be stated about the lessons I learned on the court and from him, but when I started typing, I realized that was turning into an entire other post.  So, later for that!

The Best Piece of Advice I Remember

Some kind of way, this was weaved into one of our “lectures” during practice.   Of course I always listened to every single one of Coach’s talks. However, my ears have always been very keen to any talk about money.  Even though I only had little side hustles in college, I tuned in for this.

For the purpose of his story, to keep it clean you know… I will use the name Jimmie.  If you ever had 2 pennies to rub together, then you know Jimmie.  Jimmie is that friend, sister, first cousin twice removed that thinks you are the ATM!

This is what he told us…

“I’m gonna tell you something that will help you out for the rest of your life.  I’m going to tell you how to get rid of a “Jimmie” that’s always trying to borrow money from you!  Let me tell you why.  Jimmie will twenty dollar you to death.  Every time you turn around every other week…”Let me hold $20…You got $10 you can spare till the end of the week?…Skip a month or 2…I really could use about $30 till the end of the month”…etc. etc.  Before you know it, 10 years will of gone by, you not gone realize it but Jimmie will have hit you up for about $10,000! Imma tell you the best way to get rid of Jimmie.  THE VERY FIRST TIME he ask you for some money, give him something ridiculous like $100, $500, something you know he ain’t gone ever be willing nor able to pay you back.  Then tell them to pay you back when they get the money.  You won’t NEVER EVER EVER have to worry about them coming back your way again talking about some money.”

I thought it was ridiculous when he said it, but you live and you learn.  I am posting as a testimony, that was good stuff! I sure do appreciate that Coach!  My Jimmies got swerved a long time ago, lol.  I wonder does anyone else remember that story.

We all love you L. Beasley! 

P.S. I guess since he made history, I better get in shape to run up and down the court for this next month!

FVSU Reuion


Live Healthy & Active. Be Prosperous.

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • If you were ever a Lady Wildcat or played a sport, what memories do you have from your Coach’s “talks”?
  • What are you training for that is different from your usual fitness routine?
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12 thoughts on “Schoolin’ Life from Coach

  1. Here’s my moment:
    LB: y’all need to show some team-man-ship

    Players: all look around the room and burst in laughter

    LB: like fellowship, championship, team-man-ship

    Players: blank stare

    LB: Well hell just say coach it ain’t a word..

  2. I really like your tribute to your coach. I enjoyed watching him coach you for four years. Hats off to him. Mother RoberTa Jones

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