Rock Your Les Mills Assessment Video with 10 Simple Tips

About a month ago when some lovely local members were gearing up for Les Mills Initial Program Training, I posted Atypical Tips for Les Mills Initial Program Training.  The next step is to Rock Your Les Mills Assessment Video!  I had the opportunity to be a class participant in a BODYPUMP video this week.  That was a lot of fun for me because if you remember A Review of Les Mills BODYPUMP 85, then you know I’m a huge fan of this release.

Mrs. Kelly, a loyal PFL reader that happens to be one of the lovely ladies  that was taping this week, let me snap a few pictures of her for today’s post!

Rock Your Les Mills Assessment Video

10 Tips for Rocking Your Les Mills Assessment Video

Dress in the essence of the program!  Wear the program colors and wear them well.  That just means to wear something that compliments you!  For BODYPUMP, the program color is red.



Set your stuff up on the stage in an orderly fashion.  Try to keep the stage looking orderly for the entire workout.  This is mostly for a BODYPUMP assessment.  There won’t be too much equipment for other programs.


Try to use a microphone and test the mic over music. Record yourself for about 10-15 seconds and play it back to make sure it sounds well on the video.  Also when you do the test, make sure you are in FULL view from head to toe on ALL moves.

Rock Your Assessment Video with Microphone


Test the microphone before getting started in all angles (standing, kneeling, and lying down) to make sure it will stay secure on your head.



Make sure the thermostat is set at a comfortable temperature before you get started.  I cant tell you how many times during a class, we’ve been sweating like we stole something & somebody had to run out and get the key to change the temperature.

Plant invite hype men (women) to class!  You know those people in the class that keep it TURNED UP the entire time.  Their energy will keep you motivated and it sounds good in the video. BODYPUMP CLASS
Invite other instructors.  This can help you in a number of ways. Primarily, if you are struggling with a technique,  you can mirror their technique for a specific move/track.  If you forget something (like the stretches in between BODYPUMP tracks), they can cue you.

Assessment Video Mirror Image


Ask the crazy blogger chick in the class to take it easy on snapping pictures! 😉 !

If you aren’t comfortable in front of the regular classes yet, invite friends to do a mock class at an irregular time slot.  This is perfectly acceptable for your assessment.  This is also the way to get around the time deadline if there aren’t anymore classes scheduled and you still aren’t happy with any of your previously recorded videos.


SMILE and HAVE FUN!  Now Go Rock Your Les Mills Assessment Video!


That’s all I have for Act-Fit Friday!  I do have news though.

If you read my post on Liebster awards or Bloggy Bootcamp Review:Knowing Your End Game in Blogging, then you know that publishing an e-book (or two 😉 ) is one of my goals.  Can I get a virtual pound from my blog boos on being invited to contribute to an e-book that will be published in October of this year!!!  When I finally publish my own works, I will have some published credentials under my belt as a result of publishing this blog and making connections.  SWOON! Isn’t blogging just tons of fun in addition to all the hard work we put into it!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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Rx Fitness Lady wants to know….

  • Do you get nervous in front of the camera?
  • Do you have any wins you want to share with me from this week?
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16 thoughts on “Rock Your Les Mills Assessment Video with 10 Simple Tips

  1. Great tips Joi! Pretty good pics too! I’m giving my virtual poud right now (I had to scroll back up for correct terminology 😉 Congrats on being a contributor for an e book. Good for your credentials. I hope you also get a up front look on some of the things involved in writing and publishing. Way to go. Btw, my WIN this week is that I just received my Sustain Hydration Drink mix for YOU! It’s great because I’m doing a 5K in the am and I will be drinking some:)
    Hope recently posted…DIY Teacher’s gift: Super-sized pencilMy Profile

    • Ha ha, I can count on you to notice detail around these parks!!! Thx so much for mentioning the pictures. I’m just getting stated playing with my camera. I’ve been to a few seminars on self publishing and stuff like that…I recently learned a good tip at BBC, that once you publish you need another book bc if people are satisfied, they look to buy more. That fits prefect for what I’ve got planned. Thx for sharing your prize on FB & being a rock star reader at PFL:) Enjoy the run!

  2. I always love to see what you have going on over here and you never disappoint – awesome tips on making the assessment video!!! I can’t wait till you have an eBook out – after reading your blog, I’m sure I can learn lots from you!!
    Kim recently posted…Beltin’ It OutMy Profile

    • Wow Kim, thanks so much for the vote of confidence and especially in such a short blog friendship. I really appreciate it.

    • That sounds awesome Yvonne. I wrote a while back on Making fitness buddies to help increase productivity of your workout. It works! Good luck and I hope you’ll share results on your blog to keep us all posted.


    • I envy free stylers! , That’s what took me so long to actually use my certifications. I was terrified of regularly choreographing bc there’s no way I’m getting up and just moving. Do you shoot your sessions? I’m planning to film my boot camp.

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