Q & A: Health & Fitness – You Are Not a Victim to Your Hair

I’ve gotten some questions all over the place (Facebook mostly) that I thought I’d share with ALL of PFL! You never know when others are thinking along the same lines.

Q & A Health & Fitness - You Are Not a Victim to Your Hair - Rx Fitness Lady

I hope my blogger friends that are reading this have decided to participate in the 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party with me! You can R.S.V.P. here!  I am really excited about the participation and forthcoming posts.

Now let’s chat on these questions! 

Should I try Les Mills Classes?

Um…NO BRAINER!!!  You know I had to put this one first!

Can you believe I got this question?  Somebody is not following the blog very close!  There are several reasons I believe in Les Mill’s classes! They are diverse, safe, and effective.

Why I Joined The Les Mills Instructor Tribe - Rx Fitness Lady


If you want more info, read some old posts where others and I share experiences.

So you wan to teach Les Mills BODY ATTACK

I Have a Mean streak with Weight Loss>>>  BODY COMBAT

10 Reasons Why You Should Try Les Mills BODYPUMP


Do you recommend recovery drinks after workouts? What kind or recipe?

I try to remain as honest as possible. My recovery drink is H20! I am not opposed to recovery drinks, but I don’t drink them so I don’t recommend them and therefore I don’t have any recommendations.


Working out is murder on my hair…suggestions? (Several questions similar to this)

What I’d like to highlight with this question is “DON’T BE A VICTIM TO YOUR HAIR”!!! This question is of MAJOR concern in the African American community. I would go as far as to say 75% of the black women who don’t work out would give their hair as the primary reason.

We have to find ways around this barrier.  I know it hurts, trust me…I am there with you.  The key is to find a routine that works for you and does the least damage to your preferred hairstyle.

I use the Save Your Do Gymwrap along with some other methods.

Save Your Do Gymwrap - Rx Fitness Lady

I started this blog with a Black Women’s Guide to Hair Care for Working Out.  Be sure to READ THAT POST AND THE COMMENTS as others women chimed in and thoroughly added to the discussion.


Can you recommend exercises for people with joint problems?  (Asked in response to my post “10 Reasons Why You Should Try Les Mills BODYPUMP”)

10 Reasons Why You Should Try Les Mills BODYPUMP

There are several modifications to most exercises.  With Les Mills BODYPUMP in particular, we give options and encourage people to let us (instructors) know of any special requirements before a class.

For this class in particular, after receiving your doctor’s approval, you can start off with very light weights to none at all and progress into the complete workout over a 6 week time period.


Can you tell me your opinion on isagenix.com (you can insert any company here that has anything to do with the healthcare industry)?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! If you are going to use “Pharmacist approved” in your MLM Company, I’m going to need you to pay me a fee to do this 😉 !


Can Hair, skin, & nail vitamins be taken with Multivitamin or are they similar?

They have similar ingredients but if you want to take Hair, Skin, & Nail vitamins, I’d stop the MVI and just take these.  They have most of what’s in a MVI plus special ingredients/quantities that help nourish your hair, skin, and nails!

Alpha lipoic acid, Biotin, Green Tea extract, Lycopene, Vit C, Vit D, and Vit E


Just a little reminder to always take heed to my disclaimer page!


Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…


  • If you drink recovery drinks after workouts and care to share, please enlighten the PFL community. Feel free to drop a link to a post here in the comments!
  • What is your biggest barrier to working out regularly?
  • Anything fun planned for the long weekend?


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Greetings, I'm Joi, a Pharmacist with a passion for fitness & a community leader. I teach BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, Tabata Boot Camp, & serve as a mentor to young girls. My goal is to inspire people to live healthy, active, & prosperous lifestyles through practical blog posts deliveries. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. You can view more post and subscribe to stay tuned to latest updates at Rx Fitness Lady.

57 thoughts on “Q & A: Health & Fitness – You Are Not a Victim to Your Hair

  1. I’ve got soccer planned for the weekend. I’ll be sitting on the sidelines taking pictures while my kids play. 🙂

    My biggest barrier to workouts I would say is time. It’s a catch 22. I need more time, but if I don’t work out, I don’t think I am as productive. I work out most days though.
    Michelle recently posted…Ladies Only Blog Share: No Kids Allowed EditionMy Profile

    • Time seems to be a common issue, I must do a post on that even though I started off with one. It’s worth a revisit!

    • Yeah, your class is dead smack in the middle of the most hopping beauty shop day. The hair is a struggle, but we gotta do what we gotta do!

  2. This is a great post Joi! Very informative! I love Les Mills classes- Pump and Attack are two of my favs. I’m actually certified to teach Jam but there are no clubs in my area that carry it! 🙁 How did you get those photos of you to look so official? They are very cool. I’m not big into supplements or recovery drinks. I eat and drink real food! 🙂
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Happy and Healthy Labor DayMy Profile

    • Thank you Brittnay! My cousin took them and he is official 🙂 Attack is my other fav as well. I am pondering getting rpm certified with new opportunities arising in our area. We just got Jam at of our clubs but it’s not doing well. I haven’t had the chance to check it out yet. So awesome to be in the company of another fellow Les Mills Warrior!

      One Tribe!

  3. I like for my hair to look good but I also like feeling good and being healthy. I’ve come to grips with the whole hair thing. I am chemical free and go to the stylist maybe once a month. In between, I wash at home myself. When I am working out, I wrap my hair and let it dry naturally, next morning comb it out, that’s it. Took me a while to accept this routine but it works for me. Usually when the kids have activities I may have to miss my workout. Oh and Atlanta traffic hinders me getting to the gym sometimes!
    Gonna relax this weekend, been a wild last few weeks since the kids are back in school. Have a great weekend!
    Tiffany recently posted…0 to 17…self discovery while parenting my sonMy Profile

  4. Love that you are willing to share your knowledge (some of it!) with us!!
    I’m a water only drinker (when working out & during the day – not counting my evening beverage).
    The hair thing is funny because my hair is a total mess when I work out (I know – different hair!) – last weekend in TX, my 8 year old niece was looking at my pictures & videos on my laptop – she watched one video and said, “What’s wrong with your hair? It’s cray-cray!” Umm…I was doing a burpee to a tuck jump on the beach – my hair was the least of my concerns!!!
    Kim recently posted…Friday Funnies Are Back!!My Profile

  5. All great info! I don’t drink recovery drinks. Water has everything I need. Besides, I didn’t do a workout just to have some calories back because of a drink. My biggest barrier right now is time. I am organizing my priorities so that I can get back to my workout. But my lck of time right now doesn’t stop me from eating well and doing what I can. I just sneak in my workouts here and there instead of doing one big chunk.
    KalleyC recently posted…Life Is DiscplineMy Profile

  6. I generally don’t drink recovery drinks after a work out UNLESS I did a long run (8miles or more) in the FL heat…or I ran a race which usually requires more exertion than normal. When I do, I look at the ingredients first. A good hydration drink should have little to no sugar and have active electrolyte ingredients like:
    Sodium (carbonates)
    Potassium (bicarbonate)
    Magnesium (sulfate)
    Calcium (carbonate)
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin B2
    These are important to replenish electrolytes lost in sweating and exercise. They will help get rid of cramps, help muscles function better, and burn energy efficiently. Nuun is a great product. Also another good product is the Melaleuca On The Go Sustain that I won right here 🙂 . It had most of the ingredients listed. (sorry for writing a blog post in your comment section)

    Running my first off road race this weekend. Prior to going natural, I reserved going to the salon after a work out. I work my fresh style for 2 days, then it was back in a pony tail. A head band kept my edges neat and that was it for my workouts. It never really bothered me that much (it helps that I’m plain Jane )
    Hope recently posted…The tooth fairy vs the 6 year oldMy Profile

    • Lol at the plain Jane comment, too funny! You can write an official or unofficial post on this blog anytime you feel like it my dear!

      I saw the update on FB, I hope you are alright. I only saw that you twisted afterwards, I haven’t been back on there. I will have to shoot you an email!

  7. Uggghhh, I bet you get requests all the time to endorse products being a Pharmacist! I had Beachbody approach me about “sharing” a few of their products on my blog(as I’m sure they ask many bloggers). I said that I wouldn’t mind doing so and then proceeded to ask what type of compensation I would be receiving. Well, you would have thought I was asking for their firstborn child! I was like, “HELLO, you scratch my back THEN I’ll scratch your’s.” Nothing in this life is free, Honey.ha
    My hair is done-skie after a workout. I sweat profusely and I wear a baseball cap each time I workout. There is no hope for my do.

    • They all want something for nothing. I have gotten several emails wanting stuff on here too but most times when I ask for compensation…crickets, lol! NEXT!!!

  8. I’m a water baby, so I’ve really never tried those drinks. Water does it for me!

    Biggest barrier to working out: time (working long hours) and subsequent tiredness. I do push through the tiredness most of the time. Last night I just couldn’t. I was mashed up!

    This weekend I’m having a games night at my home. I’m in a Caribbean Meetup group and have been meaning to host a games night for months now. Well, this weekend is it. We will be playing Pit, which is a noise and uber fun game to play.

    Have a great weekend, Joi!
    Alison recently posted…The Insomnia WarMy Profile

    • Thanks Alison! I hope game night was tons of fun. I used to do those when I lived in Savannah! I miss them. I might have to start it back up here. I hope you got a chance to get some rest too this weekend dear! I had to work all weekend, but I will not complain, I’m blessed to love my job.

  9. Hey Joi! You never cease to amaze me with your “Fitness Prowess”! 😀 I’m with you, I only drink water! All those sports drinks are just sugared water if you ask me, but hey…who asked me, right, lol! My BIGGEST barrier to exercising..MYSELF! Seriously Joi! I guess if I were overweight, I’d be motivated, but since I still have a high metabolism(at the ripe age of 45)…thank You Jesus…I just don’t do it consistently. I know Joi…I.must.do.better! To my credit though, I do eat healthy and drink water ALL the time. 🙂 As far as the LONG holiday weekend….REST, REST, REST! We were going to have family come over, but decided that we may just go to the movies tonight and meet the kiddos at Cracker Barrel in the morning for breakfast. You know, to celebrate the hubby! 😉 And of course, Sunday is church and rest and then rest some more on Monday, lol! You know Joi…you should be a therapist. Whenever you ask questions, I just feel the need to go on this long discourse, bahaha! 😀 Nahhh…you’re just great at engaging your readers! Have a good one darlin’ and ENJOY your long weekend with your family! xoxo
    Michell recently posted…Michell’s Weekly PearlMy Profile

    • Oops, I forgot to mention. In reference to your “title”, I’ve been natural now for about six years, so you know, lol! Anyway, my hairstylist hipped me to this new thing (well new to me) called Basic One-Step Treatment. Just Google search it to find out more info. I.LOVE.IT, btw!
      Michell recently posted…Michell’s Weekly PearlMy Profile

      • I will check it out Michell! Thanks for sharing that! I thought the ladies at the church had started up an exercise program a few months ago….hummmm wonder what happened there my friend 🙂

  10. I have awful, unmanageable hair and even though I’m not African American I have A LOT of hair issues. My solution? I keep it as short as possible.
    I’m with you on the recovery drinks – water please! Sometimes I do G2 if I’ve been running for over an hour in the heat. Nothing tastes better to replenish salt and sugar!
    Beach this weekend and 20K race on Monday! Can’t wait!!
    Allie recently posted…10 THOUGHTS ON THEME PARKSMy Profile

  11. Here’s the answers to your questions in a nutshell.

    I am washing my hair tonight, so I won’t be working out in the morning (even if I had time). We are getting on the road and I’ll be going to my 25th high school reunion this weekend. I want my hair to be fresh. I even try not to use the bathroom on the road so I won’t get “gas station” or “Bojangles” hair.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…Not that there’s anything wrong with that…My Profile

  12. I have joint problems…..*side eye*
    I don’t mind the hair I wrap that up good so no problems there. I have not been keeping up with my walking as I should be we are trying to get some of this work out but this is not an excuse……but it is. Have a great weekend.

    • Lucky you! Even with a sew in, my hair gets me down from time to time. It’s such a struggle but I am determined and hopefully others will join in.

  13. My biggest barrier is meaning to exercise all day, but not doing it…then my time window is passed. It’s not that I don’t have the time, I just miss the window in my schedule. I really need to schedule exercise into each day like I schedule everything. The same time won’t work for me every day because my life isn’t like that. But, I could easily make time every day, if I just penciled it in and then did it right then. I’m glad you asked that question because I never really thought it out like that. Duh, scheduling it is exactly what I need to be doing. I feel like I owe you money for this therapy session I just had. –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted…Pinterest Nightmare #468: 100% Male Chest Hair Fur CoatMy Profile

  14. I’m trying to figure out if I’m the person who asked about Les Mills. I hope not!

    I used to drink chocolate milk after workouts but have discovered that dairy and I don’t mix. If I workout in the morning I have a protein smoothie but that’s just my breakfast of choice, not because I am doing a recovery thing. Basically, whatever my next meal is my recovery.

    My biggest barrier is just life. I choose sleep over fitness which I know is weird for some people in this business but after suffering from insomnia for years (why, yes I am writing this comment at 2:00 am), I think that is what my body needs over a workout. If I oversleep and don’t get a workout in, I don’t sweat it or if I can I workout at night.

    Four day weekend means a lot of blogging prep, catch up, etc. Yeah!
    Carla recently posted…Why You Should Ditch Your Laptop for a TabletMy Profile

    • No ma’am you weren’t the one who asked. Yes Carli sleep is very important. As a night shift worker, I value the little bit of sleep I get so I can identify with your sentiments!

  15. I have been trying to maintain a regular workout schedule for the last three months. I must say I have been doing well and I am slowly progressing in the right direction with my health. However, my hair is another story. It is taking a beating which has resulted in breaking off in certain areas. I most certainly don’t want to stop my workout plan. So, I must come up with some type of plan to help keep my hair. Any suggestions? My beautician suggested washing two to three times weekly and vitamins.

    • I imagine one day I will have to go to early morning but my schedule allows me to work out at 9:30 with the SAHM, I love it! I am not an early morning person!

  16. My biggest two barriers are time and hair (now that my hip is healing). I seem to always have something to do, and at 6am my bed has a deah hold on me. I like to work out in the evening anyway. HAIR!!!!! So I have been rocking the sew in because when Im working out I go hard (or my own version of it) and I get tired of looking a fool. But I ask myself whats more important my hair or my weight goals?!?!?!?! Great post as always
    Toya recently posted…It is what it is!!!!!My Profile

    • We have that in common Toya! I love it. It has worked for me for almost 2 years. It’s the best I have right now so I’m rolling with it.

  17. On the real, my biggest barrier to working out regularly is laziness. Pure and simple. I am more likely to do lifestyle drinks, healthier eating, and walking around my subdivision. For the holiday weekend, I am busy working on my blog and getting it ready for the September challenge that I’m hosting. Believe it or not I’m enjoying the work. I’m really pushing myself to do more. No more excuses!
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Recap of NaBloPoMo August 2013 PostsMy Profile

    • I sure do appreciate the prompts! You know I’m all scheduled for tomorrow. I’m looking forward to participating.

      We have finally found an area of difference 🙂 I must pull you over to team fitness!

  18. Joi, you are like one huge resource for everything workout related! I love it!

    I normally drink a protein shake after working out but that’s about my limit really, I am not into all this “recovery drinks” BS and I think it’s mostly just sales tactics.

    What is your biggest barrier to working out regularly? – Actually doing it! But at the moment I’m taking a much deserved rest 🙂

    Anything fun planned for the long weekend? – Some fun time with my manfriend 😉

    (formerly fattofitgeek.com)
    Kate recently posted…How to make friends in a new cityMy Profile

  19. I liked the new changes! I guess with your blog history, you’re an ever evolving blogging ninja! Hope you enjoyed that man time 🙂

  20. I actually have no barriers when it comes to working out, however, I have a feeling a lot of people’s barriers is in fact their OWN MINDS!!! I know in the morning when I wake up, the last thing I want to do is work out, but I just do it before I can THINK SO MUCH. ha ha. It works though because after the work out, I feel like I could climb Everest!
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…Desperate for Eva Longoria’s GuacamoleMy Profile

  21. Hi Joi, Great post! Was enticed by your post title to check it out. I’ve been there in my relaxer days stressing about the effects of my workouts on my hair but I couldn’t forsake my workouts, so I spent a lot of the time at my hairdressers and made some great friends 🙂 The day I decided no more of this and went natural was the best thing for me.

    I don’t do recovery drinks, or protein shakes etc don’t feel I need them but I appreciate that some athletes might, for the amount of time they spend traning. I remember some years ago, when I would have a sports drink after teaching each of my spin classes to replenish my energy,probably didn’t need it a banana would have sufficed.

    It’s not a long weekend where I am, so it’s business as usual but I hope you enjoy your long weekend.

    Fitnessbuster supporting you in improving your fitness and nutrition.
    Gillian recently posted…Meatless Monday 1 – Mackerel Veggie Sir FryMy Profile

    • I am still relaxed and it’s a must to keep the hair decent and continue to workout. My hair is WAY too thick to go natural. It would not be a pretty site.

    • Donna, I think we all have issues like that. For instance, people are no nonsense in school, at work, church, and organizations but then let a man run all over them *side-eyes*, oops, but ya feel me! It happens!

  22. I’m with you there on the recovery drinks. Just give me lots of cold water! I just always felt that if I worked so hard to burn those calories, it wasn’t worth it to consume half (or more) of those calories immediately afterward.
    Leslie recently posted…Our Summer in PicturesMy Profile

  23. I love water. My biggest problem is my hair not looking good after I workout. However , I think regular exercise is a top priority!!!

    • I’m glad people are solidifying my comments on the hair. I hope people are inspired by the many people who continue to exercise in spite of!Thanks for this comment!

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