Proven Productivity Strategies for Bloggers on Facebook

Happy Hump Day! Let’s start it with some Facebook talk as of today, June 12, 2013 because you know it’s always changing.   When I started blogging, Facebook was already charging for your content to reach your fans so I will not be complaining about the good ole days here.  Some chatter in one of my Facebook groups inspired this post.  It may be trivial to some but let’s go for it anyway 🙂 !


DISCLAIMER – I use my fan page and personal page together for best productivity.  I think you should too but if you don’t, some of these will be obsolete.

Proven Productivity Strategies for Bloggers on Facebook




Use a “pretty” picture for your profile picture…PERIOD!  Your button has got to go!!! Marketing strategist will tell you until you are blew in the face, a face = connection!

Rx Fitness Lady


Make your Facebook cover consistent with your blog header as a branding tool.

  • Exceptions – If you are selling a product, e-course, book, promoting a special etc. then promote that in the cover.

Rx Fitness Lady Facebook

Make one of your occupations on your personal FB page Blogger at “Your Fan Page (Facebook will allow you to link it)”




Don’t just share your blog posts.  PICTURES get liked WAY more.  You can put a status in a picture using PicMonkey or someecards.

Rx Fitness Lady Family Photo

Get personal every once and a while if you don’t have a personal blog.  Share a picture of your real life.  I shared this on the fanpage and it got over 100 likes!

Facebook Message from PFL

Another way to get a message across.

To increase the viewing of your pictures, tag yourself to the picture.

GREAT TIP TRUST ME  – Don’t tag yourself immediately!  Let the graphic perform own it’s own for one peak time (say 6am – 10am).  Then at 6PM or 9PM, tag yourself to the photo for an entirely different audience from your personal page.

Along those same lines, when people comment on your posts on your personal page. Choose a primetime to reply to it.  Every time you reply it shows up in your friends and reader’s timeline.

Follow pages in your niche and share relevant information/pictures that your audience can relate to.

Videos – Make sure you are taking advantage of all sorts of medium.  They don’t have to be your own, just make them relevant and share.  You know I always blog about Les Mills Group FItness BODYPUMP & BODYCOMBAT Classes, so I share technique classes for perfecting form in specific group fitness classes.

QUESTIONS – Ask them on your Fanpage!  Make sure they are related to your blog.  I ask questions like;

What’s your first workout this week?  What’s healthy for dinner? Etc.

Fill in the blank question work well too.  My workout today was ______________ (Fill in the blank)




Pick one time of day at least to reply to commenters on your Facebook page and call them by their name.  People just like to be addressed, especially with handle. (Ms. Jane Doe)  It makes a difference!




Bloggers Get More Likes on Facebook

Rx Fitness Lady Fan page <<< GO ON, Do as she said 😉 !

Try inviting members of groups that you belong to like your page.  All of those members are not your friends.  For example, my undergrad sorority chapter has a large group and I’m not FB friends with all of them but several of them liked my fan page.  Continue to drop pertinent blog post links off in those groups as well.


Every now and then share your fanpage on your personal FB page and ask for a certain number of likes. You’d be surprised at how many of your closest friends aren’t following you.  It’s not because they don’t want to.  FB is purely coincidental.  They truly may have not been on FB when you shared before &/or missed your invitation in their notifications.


If you are looking for likes from bloggers, join a Facebook link party.  I will just pause and say that the Facebook Frenzy is all the way live!  I started it about 4 weeks ago and I get about an additional 10 + likes each week (those are just people finding me with me always being like #170 something 🙂 ).


Following – Follow other bloggers from your personal page so that it counts as a like.  If you want to engage them and promote your own blog, follow from your blog fan page as well and use that as your communication source.



Mommi Fried offered some great tips on boosting FB engagement with this post.

I had actually tried boosting for my giveaway and it worked but I didn’t get any extra entries that I could attribute to the boost.  Play with it if you will.  You can start as low as $5.  If you buy an ad, be careful because I’ve read in forums that FB gives you likes from third world countries (people who have absolutely no interest in your content).


Liking – When you log into Facebook, chances are you don’t care about the stuff your friends are sharing.  View your timeline from the pages feed and LIKE OTHER BLOGGERS CONTENT!  When you like something, it creeps into their reader’s timelines.


When you do have time to scroll through regular Facebook, like your friends statuses and pictures that are relevant to your blog.  For example, for the 2 minutes that I scroll down my personal timeline 😉 , I like EVERY status, picture, or link related to checking in a gym to workout, working out, weight loss journeys, etc.  They can’t help but reciprocate.  SN: You have probably noticed this a lot on Instagram.


Link dropping on Facebook – If you have a blog post that will satisfy all of the million complaints on Facebook, drop a link to it as your comment or message them privately depending on your relationship with them.  They ALWAYS take the bait.   Say something like “Hey, I hope this helps!”


Highlight your Facebook fans that like and comment regularly!


Try to incorporate some posts that include people other than you from time to time.  They will want to share it. People like and get excited to see themselves featured anywhere.

Likes on FB

See the likes, that was because the ladies included in the post shared it like crazy!


Post old posts because try as you might to get subscribers, some people are only following you on FB and I get comments on the blog all the time, that they missed something after seeing an old post on FB.


EGO BRUSING – Don’t get caught up in the # of likes on your personal & fanpage.  They see you!!!  When they think of your niche, they will come to you as the authority.  I have tons of FB messages & emails from people who have never commented or liked a thing to prove it.



Scheduling is a must because we can’t live at the computer all day but people are online all day, so you need to be present and accounted for!


Hootsuite  – Can be very useful for scheduling STATUSES on Facebook. The prime times are mornings and after work.  I personally get good responses from late night 9 – 11PM as well.

I have been using ALL Facebook Scheduler lately.   (If you don’t know what that is, go to FB, type a status, then click the clock in the bottom left corner.  It’s very self-explanatory from there.)


Anything coming from a third party will get buried (Networked blogs, Bloglovin, Hootsuite) – Yes I still use mine to automatically post (sometimes it’s seen by zero)!  I always share it again.  The main issue, is that Facebook doesn’t want to take people away from Facebook, so anytime you post a link to your blog, it’s not going to be seen as much…BUT YOU STILL NEED TO POST IT and schedule it from the FB scheduler for better productivity.


Link in Comments – Apparently, if you post the link to your post in the comments, Facebook will give your status more exposure (ya know because I just said they don’t want Facebookers leaving FB).  I have found it completely annoying to have to click.  I think because Social networking moves so fast, it’s just inconvenient. Anywho, play with it if you like, just know Rx Fitness Lady isn’t clicking on it & I’m a blogger, what do you think the rest of the world is thinking?


WHEN – I schedule statutes and old post for the entire week or if I’m off work, I’ll take 10 min when I wake up to schedule for the day.



Just like I started this post is how I will end it. Facebook is always changing. Join groups, watch other bloggers, and attend conferences to stay up to date on what’s new


Is your head hurting?  Sorry, I know that was long but some peeps like my girl Toya, don’t have pages so this all might be useful!  Take baby steps and incorporate what you will.

It may not be worth it to you, but it’s the number 1 traffic source for Rx Fitness Lady, so I will continue to pay it some tention (Southern Girl dialect coming out) 🙂 !  Pin It and reference it often 😉 !

Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,

Follow on Bloglovin

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Next on my list of mastering is Google +, what’s on yours?
  • What additional personal tips can you share from navigating Facebook (especially those of you with 1K likes 🙂 ? If you have a Facebook tutorial on your own blog, please drop a link in the comments. 
  • Do you share your blog fan page on your personal facebook page (why or why not)?
  • Do you click on comments when you see bloggers say link in comments?


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74 thoughts on “Proven Productivity Strategies for Bloggers on Facebook

  1. I recently started doing most of these things…including using my personal FB page and making my header consistent. I also added my fanpage link to my personal ‘about’ page. I’m getting there. If I’m interested in the main status, I click on the link right away. If it’s so-so, I come back when I have time and sometimes it’s days later or not at all. Great tips as usual Joi!
    Hope recently posted…Does how we dress really affect how we act?My Profile

    • We are all trying to figure this social stuff out Hope. That’s why it’s important to share with each other ;)!

  2. I keep my personal page and my blog page very separate. Many people that I know IRL have no idea that I have a blog. I am still a bit self conscious about sharing my posts & blog. I always like pages from my blog page too so that I can keep my personal page filled with my friends & family too. It’s good to know that those numbers don’t count! I may have to start making groups to separate everyone.

    These are great tips! I was seriously considering shutting down my FB page for the blog…I just can’t seem to get into it.
    Kimberly {Manifest Yourself} recently posted…MY Inspiration//Be niceMy Profile

    • It’s tough to get into seeing as how FB makes it extremely hard for us to get information over to fans that we’ve ALREADY worked so desperately hard to obtain. That is the reason I started using my personal page from the beginning as well. I however, don’t have any problems with my friends and family seeing anything on my blog, in fact…I want them to get their tails over here 🙂 !

    • It’s super tough, but I can’t be mad at them. It’s a business and if it were mine, I’d be trying to make my money as well!

  3. I hate fb. There. I said it. If I could live ONLY on twitter pinterest and instagram, I WOULD. Unfortunately brands want high numbers everywhere—as soon as I hit 1000 likes I am going to stop hustling for facebook, because I simply can’t.

    You have got some awesome tips here, I need to reshare my page to my friends, I only did it once last year in my big coming out party lol oops.
    Nellie recently posted…Weekly Wednesday Workout: Shimmy & Wine Oblique MoveMy Profile

    • Lol, you are so funny! I understand your sentiments but we gotta do what we gotta do. FB is so hard to maneuver around their tricks. I wish I had thought of FB, IG, or something up in this piece!!! I’m glad you found something useful here today, you are all over the social networks…I mean really! Sometimes I log in to stuff and I’m literally like well Dang…how does she do all of this!!! I struggle to keep up!

  4. These are some really great ideas. I do try to like things from my fellow bloggers. I’ve not sit down to create my own fan page so as of yet. Maybe I can work on that within the next couple of weekends.
    Mentioning older posts is great way to get people to go Archive Digging! Good tips Joi! Thanks girlie.

    • Hey girl, make sure you holla at us when you set up that page or even if you start using your personal page. I want to support wherever I can!

  5. Here’s the deal, I can’t do it all, so unfortunately Facebook has gotten the brunt of it. I don’t even look at Facebook anymore because it can be such a time drain as I get sucked into looking at all my friends and their posts. And oh boy, Google+, yes, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that as I don’t get it. Not one bit. But thank you for educating us, Joi, you are such a rockstar resource.
    catherine gacad recently posted…Sponsored Post: Flips AudioMy Profile

    • Well what do you use Catherine! I haven’t even thought about the fact that I don’t follow you on FB. Now that I’m thinking, I don’t think I follow anywhere but twitter and I don’t see you tweeting much. I understand not being able to do it all. I wish we could just blog and that’s all!

  6. Oh, I love this! My sister has about 3,000 fans on her fanpage and I love her tips and yours are even more thorough. I love what you said about photos as profile pics – it’s so true, people. I can help you! I’m a professional! And I do that thing about replying at certain times because I know it will boost up my post on the feeds. Intriguing about close friends not being fans – I see it and it makes me scratch my head, but I hope you’re right and they just don’t know. Maybe I’ll have to subtly tell them..
    Tamara recently posted…The Next Time I See You.My Profile

    • I know, it’s hurtful at times but you never really know, I am just hoping that they really weren’t on FB when the original request was sent. I need your sister ‘s tips!

    • Yes Kalley! There is so much that we could be doing. The only way to keep your head above water without an assistant is to go one day at time!

  7. Great tips! I would add that for the avi PUC make sure it’s the same one you use on all other profiles including your personal page. I need to do more with the scheduler and not just Hoot Suite. But Interest and Twitter drive most of my traffic so I tend to spend more time there.
    Carli recently posted…Fit Food Swap: Clean & Lean Tuna SaladMy Profile

  8. Great tips I keep mines separate because I do share pictures of my family and myself on my personal fb page….shocked you didn’t I yes there are pictures of me somewhere on the internet lol. If people read my magazine they would see a picture of me in the front near the editors note for people who must know how I look. I am not a fan of fb at all no one engages on there like they do on twitter. I even get more fans from pinterest than facebook. I do engage and try to do at least 20 mins a day where I go through my fb like pages and either like or comment on their posts so engagement is key. I like all pages through my fan page because I engage more on the fan page than I do on my real page.
    Kita recently posted…Wordless Wed pinterest styleMy Profile

    • I saw that picture of you on the editorial page in the magazine and I was floored. I kept looking at it like, wait is this a trick 🙂

    • Tell me about it girl. I put my twitter on automatic against advisory but I don’t have time for all of this stuff. I try to get more active on twitter but there’s only so much we can do on our own.

  9. I had a separate page for my blog, but just this week set up a new page from my personal account. There’s just so much more I can do from the page vs a separate account. This post couldn’t have come along at a better time. Thanks!
    LydiaF recently posted…Quick Mango Cucumber SalsaMy Profile

    • Thanks Stacey! I appreciate you reading it and know I’m in good company if you came over from the Dose Girls! I hope you’ll come back!


  10. Hey Joi! Great tips…you’ve definitely done your homework! I got more traffic on FB BEFORE I started blogging…go figure! Lol! Okay Joi, I’m going to incorporate some of these ideas and see where they lead me! I’ll let you know! 😀 Thanks for sharing and thanks for linking up. Have a lovely evening!
    Michell recently posted…Doing YOU WELL Wednesday #21My Profile

  11. As usual GREAT POST. I was so caught up in the content I was like wow another Toya without a facebook page. Clicked the link and it was me!!!! Lol Thanks so much for the love. I have bookmarked this page and when I get to FB in the next couple weeks I will def have this post pulled up.

  12. Great info!!! Not only for bloggers but for those who would like to have an active business page as well!!;) creating awareness is huge for any business but especially a new buisness!!;) I want my brand to find its way into the minds of many..and FB is one great way to do it!! Many of the things you mentioned I didn’t know existed to manage a FB page:/ but after this great info, I’m educated and ready to take off…COMING SOON! Lol

    • I will be on the look out for the page and so glad you read this. You will be far ahead of your competition, trust me!

    • Thank you for the pin and yes your page is popping! You should do a similar post to this and share some secrets 🙂

  13. These are wonderful helpful tips, Joi! Thank you for sharing. I had to stop reading the post a few times and go implement the changes on my fb page. I do click on the comments if someone says the link is in the comments. I don’t share my blog a lot on my personal fb page because I don’t think my personal friends care (the ones that don’t already subscribe to my blog or blog fb page). However, I have personal friends who say, “When did you get a blog? I didn’t know!”

    I guess there’s nothing wrong with oversharing because people have to be reminded or they missed the time you did share. I had really slacked off fb personally and professionally the last month, but I’m gearing up again. I joined a fb buddy group with other bloggers that are doing the Blogelina e-course this month. That has been very interactive. I’ll be implementing some more of your tips this weekend. Thanks, girl!
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Foto Friday: FavoritesMy Profile

    • Hey Kim, I’m glad you found it helpful. I understand not wanting to over share, but my blog is directly related to my brand & that’s all I use my personal page for anyway, so I don’t care.

    • Hi Krystal! I know too and I’m still not clicking, it’s just annoying. I’m glad your still support. Thx for visiting.


    • I did notice, thanks! Facebook has driven tons of traffic to my blog in terms of non bloggers. I hope you see the benefits from it. All the best with it & Enjoy your vacation 😉

    • Great comment Donna! I have just recently figured out what my audience responds to and since I did, I love my FB page way more!

  14. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why people put the link in the comments section. FB is slick. LOL I cant wait to put these tips to use! 😉 I still struggle with integrating my personal and fan pages but I will get there with being more open. Thanks for sharing.

    • What is your #1 traffic source if you don’t mind my asking? I am not particular about FB either, but I must say I’ve grown to love it as I’ve figured out what works for me and it has always stayed at the top of my traffic referrals. Thanks for stopping by.


  15. Hi Joi, this is so helpful. I have a lot of work to do on my
    FB page and have been doing a lot of research to figure out a few strategies I can implement. This is extremely helpful. a million thanks.

    • Yes ma’am! I am about to head over and make sure that I like your page. I’m glad you found it helpful Cassandre!

    • Yeah, I get twitter shares from bloggers but not usually shares from readers on FB. They come over though so I am thankful for that. I always get a ton of likes when I include other people in the posts. It’s like they are immune to me but when I person post “look at me on Rx Fitness Lady”, then it gets tons of likes, lol!

  16. Hi! Don’t ask me how I found your blog, but it was through pinterest (I get lost on there, click from one site to the next not remembering how I started). Im glad I did find your site!!I have been contemplating getting a separate page on fb for my blog, but didn’t know if it was worth it or not. I know fb is really slow moving (in regards to blog traffic). I use instagram and pinterest (somewhat) and fb to promote my blog. I have a twitter acct, but don’t use it that often, just to promote a new post. I have been thinking about looking into google+.
    Lindsey @ OneMotherofaDay recently posted…Monday Food Prep Week of 9/1-9/6/13 + Whole30 Round 2My Profile

    • I still haven’t tackled google + since the publishing of this post. It keeps going to the bottom of the to do list with all that we must get accomplished in this blog world. I’m glad you found me 🙂

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