Problem Solved: ATTAIN & MAINTAIN

Welcome to my first blog event: the 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party!  Today’s topic for bloggers participating was “Solve a Problem for Your Readers”.


In response to the survey I posted at the first of the month and the resounding consensus on the lack of weight loss posts on PFL, I have created a PFL Campaign!  Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic weight loss pill or secret 🙁 ! However, with some sound principles, a deep commitment, and a support system, we can make it happen!

Attain & Maintain: Healthy Weight Loss Principles for Life


  1. I can, I will, I must  make a choice to change for me and ONLY me
  2. I can, I will, I must mentally prepare to utilize these lifestyle changes to attain a healthy weight loss
  3. I can, I will, I must decrease and eliminate distractions & stressful situations when possible in the home, work, and inner circle & channel my thoughts to be positive & surround myself with a positive support system
  4. I can, I will, I must make regular visits to my physician to prevent unnecessary health declines associated with weight gain like Hypertension and Diabetes
  5.  I can, I will, I must be disciplined in budgeting for and scheduling a form of regular physical cardio activity at least 3 times a week
  6. I can, I will, I must incorporate a form of weight bearing exercise into my exercise regimen at least 2 times  a week
  7. I can, I will, I must plan realistic healthy meals that are good for my health, regularly include fruits and vegetables, & eat 4 – 5 small meals through out the day
  8. I can, I will, I must enjoy some of the foods that bring me pleasure in order to be successful but limit the intake to 2 – 3 times per week
  9. I can, I will, I must gradually take baby steps toward all these lifestyle  & behavior modifications & advocate against negative self talk and/or negative weight comments  directed at myself and others
  10. I can, I will, I must while attaining and once maintaing encourage my peers by sharing my success story & struggles while helping others overcome and achieve the same.

Are you on a journey to attain and maintain a healthy weight loss?  Do you capture one of these principles exceptionally well?  Are you struggling with one and want Rx Fitness Lady to audit your lifestyle? If you said yes to any of these questions and would like to be featured here, email me at Rxfitnesslady(at)gmail(dot)com.  I’d love to share your story!

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Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Can you handle this reality?  If you agree to ATTAIN & MAINTAIN, roll call in the comments!!!


***BLOGGERS PARTICIPATING IN THIS MINI BLOG CHALLENGE PARTY – Leave your links in the link up  below, choose a pretty picture for your thumbnail, and please remember to HOP AROUND THIS WEEK (at least 1 new connection a day) to show some love to other bloggers & make new friends!***

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Rx Fitness Lady

Greetings, I'm Joi, a Pharmacist with a passion for fitness & a community leader. I teach BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, Tabata Boot Camp, & serve as a mentor to young girls. My goal is to inspire people to live healthy, active, & prosperous lifestyles through practical blog posts deliveries. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. You can view more post and subscribe to stay tuned to latest updates at Rx Fitness Lady.

64 thoughts on “Problem Solved: ATTAIN & MAINTAIN

  1. I happen to be online just as you posted this blog. Love it. I am definitely trying to lose a few pounds. I’ve been able to maintain my current weight through exercise, but as a running I know I can get a bit faster if I have less weight to carry around. Most of your tips are pretty much already a part of my daily lifestyle. Great list. Let’s go! #MBC 🙂
    Hope recently posted…Normal vs CommonMy Profile

    • Cheers to Attaining and Maintaing. I love seeing which principles speak to readers most. Thanks again for linking up!

  2. Oooo…you’re gonna get me Joi! I didn’t prepare my post, but I had to come by and show my girl some lovin’ and support! 😉 My weekend was sooo busy(didn’t get back in town until about 1am). Btw…I wasn’t at the BBC, because I was in Atlanta this weekend(forgot I had a speaking engagement yesterday). 🙁 Anyway, I’m going to peruse some of my old post to see if I can pull out one that gives advice so I can link up, lol! Have an awesome week Joi!
    Michell recently posted…Michell’s Weekly Pearl…My Profile

    • Busy Busy, I understand. We missed you, but duty calls! I appreciate you participating in whatever days you can. You’re the best Michell!

      • Okay Joi! I pulled out an oldie for you girl! My VERY FIRST blog post…dealing with attitude. So, I guess you can say I’m solving a problem, by showing others how to nip the attitude in the bud! 😉 See, I said you were special! 😀
        Michell recently posted…Michell’s Weekly Pearl…My Profile

  3. I think I do #10 well. Even in the midst of the bulimia I always wanted to help others who were struggling. If I had any to share from journey that might aid other’s on their own then I didn’t mind sharing what knowledge I had. Now, on my journey to be health and weight loss I feel like I am an encourager. It is crazy really. When I think back to the gifts of the spirit I never really saw myself as an encourager. My husband is usually the one who looks at the bright side. I am more prophetic and I tend to see things as black or white. But I had been praying that the Lord would open my heart to have more of an encourager’s spirit. Well, looky there I guess it’s happening! Thank you posting this today and helping me see the way the Lord has blessed me today!
    veronica recently posted…Postive Thinking Positively Works!My Profile

    • Girl, you are an awesome encourager. You have mastered some other items on the list in my opinion just from reading your blog. Your blog is so uplifting and humorous at the same time. Keep up the inspirational message!

    • Thanks Debra! YES, use those calories for the things you absolutely love! I appreciate you visiting.


  4. Excited about #MBC! I am an active supporter of your blog, so I must tell you that 1) the wedding is OVER! 2) My post will be late & likely riddled with errors as I’m typing the entire post on my tiny phone. That’s how much I adore & respect RxFitnessLady! #mbc
    Andrea recently posted…BeQuoted: Quotes of the WeekMy Profile

    • I’ve read it and I was SUPER impressed! Thank you so much for being such a supportive blog friend. It’s a blessing to cross paths with people like you! I linked you up as well, you’re all good to go for the week!

  5. You are speaking to my spirit with this post. I was asked to do a guest post and you know what Im gonna share some of the sucess I have been having. I share the struggles on my blog. I really enjoyed reading the steps and seeing which ones I need to work more on. I especially like the taking baby steps one. I have to remind myself that I cant lose all the weight in one workout! It is a journey!!!
    Toya recently posted…Goal Setting Time- A Link up ChallengeMy Profile

    • Yes ma’am Toya, a journey that requires discipline and determination. You have both! I’m glad the post spoke to you my friend. Thanks again for linking up!

    • Yes, that’s the goal Michelle! Once we attain, stay focus and maintain. You looked great this wkd, BTW! Thank you so much for participating!

  6. Awesome. I’m not trying to lose weight so much as maintain it. That takes work too! A healthy lifestyle is very important to me. Like you (and everyone), there are preventable health issues in my family that I work to avoid. We don’t have hypertension or diabetes but we do have some cancer and heart disease in some relatives. I am growing aware of what I can do to try to prevent it.
    Tamara recently posted…Sun Halos and Loose Moose.My Profile

  7. I love this – I’m trying to maintain always (especially as I get older!!).
    I wish I would have gotten myself in gear and participated in your blog challenge!! Next time!! For now, I will just enjoy reading all of those who are participating!!
    Kim recently posted…Motivation – What Motivation??My Profile

  8. Joi I’m having a hard time linking my post. Maybe because I using my phone to do it? My link is below. If you’re able to link me up with the others please help me out. I’m hopping!

    • Whoop, Whoop! Thanks for the enthusiasm! That for sure made me smile. Glad you joined my first event Sherelle. More excitement to come this week 😉 !!!

    • Thanks Tiffany! It takes a lot of focus to make them all come together. Keep working at! A routine will come!

  9. Successful weight loss incorporates all 10 of these principles. I like to remind my clients (and myself) that weight loss and maintenance isn’t about willpower, it’s a lifestyle decision and a mindset. Thanks for posting this challenge!

  10. I’m working every day to attain and maintain a healthy weight. This post definitely put some of my methods into perspective though. I hadn’t thought specifically about 2x per week for weight training and LOVE the specificity of 2-3 indulgences per week. Definitely going to have to give that a try!
    Leslie recently posted…Searching for Self ControlMy Profile

  11. I’m in the maintain stage and boy, oh, boy can it be rough! My appetite is attached to my emotions – sadly, I’ll either get the munchies or lose my appetite totally. Catch-22. I’m seriously trying to do better and this is an awesome start to focus on. Thanks for putting together and sharing!
    Michelle recently posted…How to leave a link in a blog commentMy Profile

    • Yes maintaining takes just as much work as attaining, if not more. Once we get there, we tend to think we can cheat…not true!

  12. Good morning Everyone! I need to print this so that it can help motivate me to work on losing a few pounds. I tried the gym but didn’t see the results I wanted so I gave up. I know that’s a bad habit to form, giving up, but when you don’t have any motivation or discipline, what else can you do. I can, I will, I must get back on track and work on eating right and exercising. Thanks for the post Joi! I most definitely try to attain and maintain this go round!

      • The key is to find something that interest you. I would think that dance inspired classes would be right up your alley. Have you tried any of those?

        Thanks for commenting Krishana!

  13. I need to get a copy of this as well. I am always saying that I want to be health but I have a hard time following up on it. I will try this time though.

    I wanted to participate in your link party but I am already doing a challenge and I don’t want to take on more than I can handle. I decided to go ahead though. Therefore I am one day late. Sorry
    Shanique recently posted…Solving a Problem – Blog EnvyMy Profile

    • Feel free to pin it or whatever to hold on to it Shanique. I am going to make a button for the feature going forward.

      Thanks again for linking up. You are so awesome for jumping in and participating.


  14. I wish I could have remembered about your Blog party/challenge but alas, I have been traveling around Jamaica and got so caught up in the last few days…in the back of my mind I thought it was starting later….anyway, love this post.

    I think back when I was in college, I gained the usual freshman 15 but on my 5 foot 2.5 inches frame, I did not like it (nor the mean comments from people in Jamaica when I returned home….) – and it wasn’t until I was really mentally ready that I decided to change my entire life from then on to eat healthy, and exercise. I lost more than the 15 pounds back then, and have just about always over 20 years kept it off. It really is a commitment, a lifelong one. Right now as you know Joi, I am trying to get back into a regular exercise routine, which I have not had for about six months – however I never put on any weight as I now know what to eat and what not to eat that makes me gain weight. Moderation has been my #1 mantra also.

    Thanks for this. Footnote. People in Jamaica are not mean about weight. It was just mainly my circle of friends who were used to seeing me thing, come back with weight on, that shocked them initially when I was in college. Just wanted to clear that up!!
    Jeanine recently posted…{Wednesday Feature} Little LettersMy Profile

  15. Thanks for clearing the name of your people:) I know how harsh an inner circle can be, that’s why I added that principle. Thanks for sharing your story Jeanine!

  16. I love this! I CAN AND I WILL :-)…I am going to print this out and post it RIGHT by my desk so I can read it at some point every day!! Good stuff Joi!!!

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