PPP: You Think You Know SQUAT

PHIT PHOTO PHRIDAY is here! I see so many people doing SQUATS incorrectly and no matter how many times I cue it, sometimes people are just on autopilot; about to tip over, hands in the wrong place, half sinking down etc.  By nature we like what we like.  Some people like instruction and others like visual.  Honestly, some people are just trying to make it through the squat track without passing out, lol.  Either way, enjoy the visuals.  I hope they serve as reminders to some and enlightenment for others to execute the move correctly and get the most benefit out of your time in your class or on the floor.

Thanks to Andrea’s blog for the heads up! I’m dressed appropriately in the pictures for National Wear Red Day and the fight against heart disease.

Squat Position



90degree squat


Whatever your squat weight is, make sure to execute the exercise safely.  If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.  Thanks & Have a blessed and wonderful weekend!


Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Are you wearing red today?
  • What is it about the squat that makes it so hard for you? Did you find this delivery method helpful?
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22 thoughts on “PPP: You Think You Know SQUAT

    • SUPER GLAD you approved:) I have all kind of like buttons, take your pick from above. Facebook is your stomping ground, Like away friend!

    • AND THE AFTER BURN!!! Thanks about the tumbler. It doesn’t match not a single program I teach or take but I have been rocking with it every since Christmas and I only have a million of them:)

  1. Hey Joi, thanks for hopping over to ProperHoney. I am so happy you did, because I am trying to perfect my squat (just said it yesterday) and this demo is great. Thanks girl, I’m trying to get things tight by spring!


    • That’s plenty of time to do so. Good that you could actually use this demo. Squats can be tricky to do correctly but once you get it…..Burn Burn Burn!

  2. No red for me today. I do have the Go Red button though so maybe I’ll wear it to church tomorrow.

    Great pics and tutorial! I think a lot of people lean forward when they should just be sittin’ in a chair like you said.

    I love getting new tumblers!
    Carli recently posted…Real Into Reads 2My Profile

    • That’s a great idea to show support at church tomorrow. Glad you liked the tips. I hope it serves as a trigger for someone next week.

    • Thanks Leslie, Based on the comments I guess I can do one for lunges as well:) I have people who always have to use the restroom for exactly 5 minutes when the lunge track is up, lol.

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