“Our ancestors fought that we might be free- Even From HIV!”

EACH YEAR ALMOST 20,000 BLACKS TEST POSITIVE FOR HIV!  Today for My Health Monday, I’m getting a jumpstart on a very important day coming up next month.


I’m happy to join NBHAAD as a Community Ambassador where my role is to remind people about NBHAAD, get involved locally, & encourage people to visit the website to get informed and recruit individuals to make a monetary donation of $25 online here or through the mail.  I would encourage all nationalities that might be reading this post to join in as an ambassador and utilize your social and community connections to spread this educational piece of information to the African American community.

This year will be the 13th year for National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  The four focal points are:


You can visit the website for more information but I think the alarming statistic that I started this post with is enough to let you know that even though we are successfully treating patients and they are managing side effects, the spread of HIV is still VERY RELEVANT!


Getting testing is major when it comes to prevention. I posted my first Public Service Announcement a few weeks ago on a new over-the-counter product for testing anonymously at home. There was also information on who should get tested. Make sure you check it out here and participate in the poll at the end.

February 7th is ideally the day NBHAAD would have you set aside annually to get tested.  Please save that date and remember it going forward as a reminder.

Getting BLACKS Involved

You can register here to become an ambassador.  There are several different types of ambassadors you can become.  The point is to get involved.   A simple social network post is helping to raise awareness.  Anything can help.  Please make an effort to participate if you are black and especially if you manage a blog.


You can read valid information here at the NIH’s website about treatment and anything else dealing with the disease. 

Ways I Intend to Act out this Ambassador Position

  1. I will be blogging about this over the next few weeks & try to visit more blogs of African Americans to share this post.
  2. I will be posting and reposting/retweeting on my personal Facebook page, Fan page, twitter, and LinkedIn profiles anything related to HIV Awareness.
  3. I’ll be making announcements at church and other organizations & submitting to the newsletters of those organizations.

This is just a short list.  I learned of this just recently.  Next year, I might organize an event that is more structured to reaching the community.  I am happy with the game plan for now though.

As usual for My Health Mondays, my disclaimer…this was not intended to be an all inclusive HIV Awareness post.  My goal was to make you aware of a collaborative effort organized by Healthy Black Communities, INC. to raise awareness and potentially give you an annual day to remember to get tested.

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Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • What steps will you take to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS over the next couple of weeks?



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23 thoughts on ““Our ancestors fought that we might be free- Even From HIV!”

  1. This is great, I haven’t thought about what I am going to do yet, but I really need to do something. The statistics are shocking to say the least. This is a great thing bringing awareness to the blogs, because for some reason it seems as if the conversation has quieted when it needs to be louder!
    Nellie recently posted…A Progress Report & New GoalsMy Profile

    • YES, you are so right and I’m not sure why there is a lack of concern but we do need to step our game up big time!

  2. Hi Joi! Thanks so much for bringing awareness to this epidemic! We especially need to get to our young adults…especially on college campuses…where it is spreading rapidly. My husband will probably talk about from the pulpit as he so often does with other ills plaguing our society. Thanks again for sharing…have a blessed day Joi!

    • Thank you for triggering that thought. I will reach out to my former collegiate sorority chapter as well. They are just 30 min. down the road. The pulpit is such a powerful avenue to raise awareness, he will do our community well to work that plug in. You have a blessed one too. Thanks!

  3. I think it’s awesome that you are making people aware and spreading the word on how to educate oneself about this epidemic. People are so afraid of the disease, and that keeps them from knowing their status, and/or how to seek treatment. I’ll be more than happy to share this info on my social networking sites.
    Sherelle recently posted…Reward Yourself: Have some R & RMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Sherelle! I would hope that by raising awareness we can channel that fear into energy to prepare for protection and in the event that it’s too late for prevention that patients would receive the best healthcare in a timely fashion.

    • Cool Kita! I am loving the magazine btw! I read the newsletter today. I think that is an awesome avenue for spreading awareness.

  4. Hey! First thanks for coming over to my blog and leaking the lovely comments! Second, what’s up colleague!!??? I love your blog focus! I applied to be an ambassador as well! I am actually the HIV market trainer here in TN for Walgreens in addition toy pharmacy manager role. I would love to just have the HIV role. I look forward to reading your blog and thanks for following me!

    • Hey girl Hey:) Thanks Rhonda! I’m equally excited to be following you. I have joined you with the Red pumps! Ha, to that manager role:) Awesome getting the opportunity to be an HIV trainer. My area doesn’t have all the beauties of the company. We are basic around these parks. Pills and Potato chips.

  5. It’s great that you’re bringing awareness to this issue. In undergrad I interned for the dept of health HIV/AIDS division. I tested people, educated and advocated. Years and responsibility caused it to take a back seat. I’ve always wanted to do more so thank you for this post.
    Hope recently posted…When We Make Plans, God Laughs!My Profile

    • You’re welcome Hope! You were planting seeds long ago that are surely still with the recipients today. Thank you for that!!!

  6. kudos to you for supporting this cause. the statistics amongst African-Americans especially women are beyond sad and anything we can do to come together and spread awareness and education is one step forward in the right direction..

    • Yes Margaret, there are always ways to join the awareness band wagon. Your blog can reach people all year. Thanks for going back and reading.

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