Oh No I Think I’m Poisoned

No, not “poisoned” with the love bug as these 3 young fellas were when they stole our musical hearts for life with this popular 90’s single….


Not by your opportunistic spouse either…

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Have you ever been poisoned or thought you or a loved one was poisoned for real for real?

I get calls on a regular about overdoses or multiple doses of medications &/or food poisonings.

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Chances are you’ve been falsely alarmed or with good reason.   In the US, more than 2 million people suffer some type of poisoning each year!  Yesterday started National Poison Prevention Week.  The purpose is to raise awareness of the dangers of unintentional poisonings and to take such preventive measures as the danger warrants.


This will be a very short post today because there is 1 thing I want everyone who is a PFL reader to remember today in honor of this week.


Remember the golden ages, before cell phones….



If you offer these high priced phones to a house full of teenagers, they will be wondering why you gave them space age phones.

Cell phones have spoiled us!!!

The days where we had to memorize numbers are long gone!




Let’s reminisce, shall we…

I have a very important number for you to remember or bring awareness to if you’ve already got this number locked and loaded.


Poison Help Number


Note the pattern of 2’s.  This should be very easy to remember!


This is the number to the U.S. poison center that’s open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


ALWAYS call the poison center first when you suspect poison.  They have trained experts and an enormous database that journals the history of poison incidences.  They will instruct whether you can handle your issue at home or if you need to go to the hospital.

They may instruct you to use ipecac syrup or activated charcoal.  This should be used ONLY if instructed.


First Aid Tips form the American Association of Poison Control Centers

First Aid


Collapsed or stopped breathing

Call 911


Swallowed the wrong medicine or too much medicine

Call 1.800.222.1222…..Not the pharmacy 😉


Inhaled Poison?

Get to fresh air

Call 1.800.222.1222


Poison on the skin?

Take off any clothing that the poison touched.

Rinse skin with running water for 15 to 20 minutes.

Call 1.800.222.1222


Poison in the eyes?

Rinse eyes with running water for 15 to 20 minutes.

Call 1.800.222.1222



  1. Print the graphic of the number and place it on the refrigerator for your family to have easy access.
  2. If you didn’t remember the number from our little exercise above, please pause right now and place the number into your contacts in your cell phone.
  3. If you want to go a step further for National Poison Prevention Week, share the contact info with other mothers, friends, and or family members of yours.


You can read more in depth about Poisoning and the treatment here.

Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • What experience have you had with any type of poison situations?
  • Do you memorize numbers still or do you rely on your cell phone?
  • Please humor me and type the US Poison Emergency Center phone number from memory to show your support &/or gained awareness.


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42 thoughts on “Oh No I Think I’m Poisoned

  1. wow! This is so good, I always come here and you are always teaching me something so important! Being poisoned (me or my family) is a fear that is wayy deep in the brain somewhere. I have taken the number down — this is a post everyone should read!
    Nellie recently posted…Why You Should Be Using FiverrMy Profile

    • Thank you so much for that Nellie. My Health Monday’s are always a challenge to me to try not to make it a snooze, lol. Glad you approve 🙂


  2. Hey Joi! I love humoring people…let’s see, 800-222-1222. Did I get it right? Lol! Thanks for the valuable information. You’re so right, cell phones have spoiled us. I don’t know anyone’s # by heart, with the exception of my husband’s(I don’t even know my kids’) Sad…IKR!!! Thanks for sharing…have a wonderful week! BTW…”New Edition” was my boy band, lol!!!!

  3. Okay…you help me reminisce with BBD, make me laugh with the “thank goodness you’re not my husband” graphic, helped me think back to a simpler time when we had to remember telephone numbers….then hit me with some FANTASTIC and LIVE SAVING information on what to do in various poisoning situations.

    You totally win the internet today!!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted…You’re Going DOWN, Iceman!My Profile

  4. Hi Joi, I’ll have to look up that number for Australia:) It is good to know especially if you have kids. I have had a few cases of food poisoning – one serious case after eating chicken at Denver airport after visiting my sister in the States, I was as sick as a dog all the way back to Sydney and for weeks after I couldn’t eat without severe bloating.
    Robyn recently posted…The Cape Epic Prologue – A Great Start!My Profile

  5. Very good Joi, and I have added it to my cell phone. I know my home and husband’s numbers. I don’t even know my daughter’s cell numbers. I remember when phone numbers began with WA1-2345, that’s real old school!
    Whitney recently posted…You Are PhenomenalMy Profile

    • I see not knowing the kiddos numbers is the consensus, lol. I think my Mother knows mine but she knows most numbers still. She also is not connected to her cell phone like the rest of the world.

  6. Now you got me signing the song. Great numbers I need to keep this around just in case. The only number I memorize is my hubs and 2 of my friends everyone else I don’t know their number sometimes I even forget my own number cause I don’t call myself to often……*side eye* Let’s see if I can do the challenge 1800-222-1222 I didn’t even scroll back up I hope my memory was good.
    Kita recently posted…What you talking bout KitaMy Profile

  7. Just put the number in my phone. Will be posting on the refrigerator. Great post. Remembered the song Motownphilly back again….boys to Men ABC BBD…east coast family… of course all the BBD songs are coming in my head.lol
    Hope recently posted…Actions speak louder than words.My Profile

    • I know it is for taking medications. That’s why I always counsel to use the pill reminder with the days of the week on them and or set a daily alarm for taking meds at the same time so they won’t get confused wether they’ve taken them or not.

  8. Never been poisoned thank God…although my dear mother(RIP) told me a story about the wicked step mother…lol, not so sure it was true. Mom had a story for everything. I have grandchildren that visit e often, and I need to post the phone number in plain view, all though my home is pretty much baby proof, you never know what they will find. This is a great post.
    Margaret recently posted…Benefits of Proper PostureMy Profile

  9. I got the number in my head and I am going to put it in my phone as soon as I finish this post. I really like this blog of yours my precious first born. Keep blessing America with all of your health and fitness knowledge. You are truly a blessing, my. darling!!!

  10. Great information! I never thought about drug poisoning before until recently. I take a couple of meds, and last year my daughter started taking meds for juvenille arthritis. There was never a mixup with either because we read the bottle first… and each med looks different. Well the husband recently had oral surgery and dropped his meds into our little basket. I accidently gave my daughter his pain meds for one of hers before going to therapy. After a light freak out, we learned it wouldn’t harm her. That one incident prompted me to be extra careful and come up with a plan. Accidental poisoning through taking the wrong meds is too common! It won’t happen again here!

    • Hi LaTonya! Thank you for sharing that. I get similar phone calls more often than people would imagine. It’s important to be extremely cautious as you’ve stated when taking and administering medications. I’m glad your incident resulted in minimum disarray.


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