Not Your Ordinary Condom

Ladies, this condom is for you!  It’s not your ordinary condom!!!

FC2 Female Condom



If you are like, yeah I already knew that, hurray for you!  This is My Health Monday and trust me, it is not a very well known protective agent.  I actually got asked a question about this in December and stored it away just for all of you PFL readers:)


Last week I posted about National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day which is this Thursday.  The focus was more so on testing.  I would remind and encourage you to please get tested Thursday if you don’t know your status.  Here is a quick, easy, anonymous option.  I feel that it is equally important to raise awareness in the area of prevention.  In protecting yourself form HIV and other STIs, I thought I’d give you something different on Rx Fitness Lady today.   This short video gives you the skinny on the female condom.


I’m sure the chatter won’t amount to much below, lol but if you do have any questions that you are uncomfortable leaving in the comments section, feel free to email me from my contact page.   This post is in accordance with NBHAAD Thursday but clearly, this post isn’t partial to any race.  Please consider using the share buttons below to inform or remind members of our very highly sexually active community of another option in being responsible individuals with regard to our physical health.

Ladies, yes I know it is the month of LOVE, cupid, so & so, and so & so…but if he loves you, he will protect you!  If you love yourself, protect yourself *EXCLAMATION POINT PERIOD*

Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles, 

P.S.  Did you wear Red Friday for Go Red for Women?



Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Do you have any interesting goals for February? How did you do last month?
  • How much did you already know about the FC, if anything at all?  Was this post informative? 
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34 thoughts on “Not Your Ordinary Condom

  1. Never saw that condom before. We must get tested I was tested when I went for my annual in January and I just got the call Friday for the all clear. Your life is important so don’t shorten it by not using precaution even if you are married stuff can still spread around.
    Kita recently posted…Convo with the kidsMy Profile

    • Yes it is slightly less effective. It does give the female a little bit of control in the protection department though. Some men are flakey with ensuring the protection is in place through out the entire act.

    • Thanks Nellie for sharing. We would hope to keep our young people informed as they are going to participate in the act majority of the time anyway. There is no use keeping our heads in the clouds.

    • I’m sorry Josie. I’m not sure what that is about. I have had a few other name issues, I’ll check with my guy to see if he has any feedback. Thank you for being a realistic parent, however I will stay in prayer with you for her because it really is best if they can maintain that abstinence. It will make their ability to be decisive that much more clearer.

  2. I did Zumba today…that’s great for me, and I’m glad I got up. I’m ready to start walking, but I need spring before I can do that. It’s time for me to have this talk with my girls, they do not like talking about sex. They actually get embarrassed.
    Whitney recently posted…My First CrushMy Profile

    • Great Whitney! You are doing fantastic with your group fitness classes. Spring will be here before you know and you can hit the pavement! Embarrassment is natural from young people talking to parents but they can handle it. I hope you will share with them this option for if and when they are ready.

  3. I’m a big proponent of abstinence , but I def. think that females have to take responsibility when it comes to protection. I remember when the female condoms first came out, there received a lot of negative feedback. I’m glad to see that they are still around. Great post.
    Hope recently posted…Profits Before Health?My Profile

    • I hear you Hope! We would hope that our young girls would stay the course, but of course we know that those young ladies are the small minority. This FC2 is the newer version so I thought I’d do my duty as a healthy living blogger to make you all aware. Thank you for the support!

  4. I will be sure to spread the word about this. I have heard about it but wasn’t aware that is currently on the market.

    I may be using it myself when I get this Mirena taken out if he doesn’t hurry and get that snip snip!!

  5. Hi Joi! We can’t continue to keep our heads in the sand! I also believe in abstinence, (but everyone isn’t going to practice this), so we as women MUST take our own health into our hands. This disease is so prevalent on college campuses and it’s growing daily. Young women are dying because of ignorance. As my husband always says…what you DON’T know can/will hurt you! Thanks for spreading the word my friend!

    Michell @Prowess and Pearls
    Michell recently posted…A Legacy of Grace…My Profile

    • Thank you for the comment toward support of abstinence. I don’t want to confuse readers. I support abstinence, but these girls that I mentor are so brazen that they are comfortable just flat out telling me what they are doing. I don’t want them to feel any other way but comfortable talking to me and yes, I can’t have my head in the sand hoping they will change. I want them to be aware of any and all options for protecting themselves and potentially saving their lives. Thanks so much Michell!

  6. Joi, this is why I love your blog. It never would have occurred to me to write about condoms, HIV prevention and testing or safe sex but it is SO IMPORTANT. I’ve heard of the female condom and I love the idea of it. I love the thought of me being able to be in control. However, I’ve never tried it because I have a latex allergy and as far as I know they don’t make a latex free version.
    Kristiina recently posted…{Vegan Version} Iridescent PumpsMy Profile

    • Thx for the love Kristiina. This is actually not made from latex so you’re all good to go if you want to give it a try.

  7. Hey Ajoi Belle lol. I know and teach females about the FC2. It is actually the best condom. It protects you from all STDs. How? When inserted properly, it prevents skin to skin contact. You will be protected from Herpes, Warts and Syphillis sores or chancre’s. Also HIV, and an unwanted pregnancy. Once inserted correctly, during sexual intercourse the male enjoys a release of extra warmth. The FC2 adheres to the vaginal walls for a very natural feel while maintaining safety. Practicing safe sex in 2013 should be practiced on a regular basis that it becomes second nature to eating. You can also insert the female condom upto 4h before your Valentine arrives. You will not need to pause after foreplay to apply a male latex condom:) Try it…you may prefer the FC2 EACH AND EVERYTIME. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY

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