My Mother Took My BODYCOMBAT Class, Whoop Whoop

Greetings PFL! Welcome to a different version of Act-Fit Fridays! Last week I had the awesome pleasure of having my Mother come take one of my workout classes.  I was so honored.  She has always been of the opinion that my classes were too challenging for her.  I am happy to report that she completed the class and did just fine.



Exercise is no stranger to her.  She gets up and works out at 6:00 a.m. 4 days a week in her bonus room to different Walk off the Pounds DVDs.  We went and found her some workout clothes and everything.  I will not tell you what she works out in under the privacy of her own roof, lol!

Since it’s Mother’s Day weekend, I’m shouting her out with some things I love about her & some things that are just unique about her. She is an AMAZING person and truly the best friend  I girl could hope for while still maintaining her position as Mother.  I think there is an art to that and she’s mastered it, in my opinion!  I pray that I can have an ounce of her energy, love, and nurturing one day for my own children.

The Girls @ The Holy Land Experience

Interesting Tidbits About My Mother

First, let’s get her name right; It’s RoberTA (please enunciate that TA at the end 🙂



She raised us to call her “Mother”, some people think that’s weird.

She answers my phone calls in two ways; Hey darling!!!! (95% of the time) or Fish House: If she answers the phone Fish house, I have to place an order of fish, I usually order chicken (quirky the little things that go on in families, lol)


She doodles neatly (it’s the educator in her)

She has never met a stranger! EVER!!! She can strike up a conversation with anyone (I am the complete opposite & often times wonder why she’s talking so long to people)

If someone in our family goes out of town, she usually will have something of your favorite meal prepared when you return home

She calls me every time she cooks breakfast for the family to see if I want some even though I never eat breakfast 🙂 LOVE!

She called her 2nd graders Sugar plums for 31 years

Anyone who grew up in our house/visiting knows the “Let’s Go” song.  When she walks down the stairs she sings…Let’s Go, Let’s Gooo Let’s GOOOOO! Leeettt’s GOOOOO – OOOhhh OOOhhh Ohh ohh!  The best I can do typing…you can imagine the tune

She’s a songstress..

When she comes home if my car or my sisters car is at the house, she sings “Anybody here…seen my old friend (Joi)?  Can you tell me where she isssssss????



The song that everyone hates, where she knees you in the backside with every line (kids, she doesn’t get me with this anymore)…

Alabama (knee),

Macon, Georgia (knee)

New York (knee)

Mississippi (knee)  at this point, children are usually screaming and laughing and running away!

She cleans up & washes clothes daily!!! (I need some more of those genes)

She knows all the line dances and will stay on the dancefloor all night: Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Biker’s Shuffle, etc.  ALL OF THEM!!!

When we were in college, every time we left home to go back, she’d stand at the door while we got loaded in the car and backed out of the driveway, then she’d run to the front door and watch us drive off down the street!

I finally got her to watch something other than Young & the Restless, Bold & the Beautiful, &  American Idol…She is now officially #teamSCANDAL!!!

She is very supportive!  She used to come to all my basketball games and she is still reigning supreme in the support category.  If you don’t believe it, go look at an old blog post, she is usually last to comment RoberTA Jones.  See, she sets this blog off with comments on Thursdays while she’s at the hair salon, lol!  She prolly won’t read this til next week :)!

ROberta Ball gown


There are so many other things I could say about her story and how she carved a very blessed life for me and my sister.  She worked tirelessly along side my father teaching us values, loving us, and training us to be respectful people.  I thank her for all of it and appreciate the blessing that is having her as a Mother.



Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers and all of you Mommy bloggers!  I LOOOVVVEE reading all about your journeys!  You all, along with my own Mother give great examples of what to do and not to do.  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • How are you celebrating Mother’s Day or preserving the memory?
  • What is one thing you think is most important about being a Mother?
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73 thoughts on “My Mother Took My BODYCOMBAT Class, Whoop Whoop

  1. Good morning to my first born Angel, A. Joi Jones. How blessed, honored, proud,surprised and happy I feel right now after reading this beautiful blog. You are such a blessings to this family. God really smiled on me when he sent me an angel like you and your baby sister. Thank you for this fabulous Mother’s Day Gift! I am so proud to be your mother for a million plus one reasons. I am inspired by you everyday. I love you, my darling!!! Keep up the great work : being a blessing to others.

    • Thank you Mother! I love you too. So glad you enjoyed the post!

      You really pulled a number on me being the first commenter on this post for the first time since I launched this blog. That is GOD having you see it on FB this morning! I’m thrilled you saw it before Mother’s Day 🙂

  2. This is a beautiful tribute to your Mother!!! She sounds 100% amazing!!!
    And, now I know where you get your genes – y’all are both gorgeous!!!

  3. This was such a great and fun tribute to your mother Joi. She even chimed in She reminds me of my mother with standing at the door to watch us drive off then my mom would go to the street corner until we are out of I know you’ll be a great mother. Having the example of your mother and the qualities you already possess…you are ahead of the game. Happy Mother’s Day to your mother and to YOU (godmother, mentor, role model)
    Hope recently posted…Happy Mother’s DayMy Profile

    • Hope I was so outdone at work this morning when I saw her comment! When I came to pick her up for lunch she was rolling laughing. She was like ahhh haaa… I fixed you didn’t I, lol. She also commented twice bc she thought she was on FB 🙂 I’m still teaching her all this technology stuff.

      Thank you so much for acknowledging me as well. That means so much to me Hope! Have a blessed wkd!

    • Yes, that is motivation for sure when you see a person your Mother’s age in the class going 150%, another reason I love Group Fitness! Thanks for reading the tribute Michelle!

    • Thank you so much Nellie. My sister and I are hopeful that we have that to look forward to. I think she would show mercy on you for the knees, lol but the boys would be fair game. She wanted boys and got two girls but she adores all little’s ridiculous. She doesn’t even have to know them, so if we are ever anywhere and you need a sitter, she would be down!

    • Thanks Josie! She truly is and I’m not just saying that bc I’m her daughter. I can learn so much more from her in my adult years. I appreciate your comment.

  4. Awesome tribute! And she is beautiful!! Just think -you’re going to be just as much of a hottie as you are now when you’re older. My mom and both of my mother-in-laws (one is technically step) are all very fit and talented and inspired. I live my life in awe for sure.
    Tamara recently posted…Don’t Ever Change.My Profile

  5. Your mom sounds awesome! I love this post! I love those silly things that families have. I could definitely relate as I was reading them. To celebrate mother’s day I am going to drag my kid all over New York to see his three aunts and two grandmothers (all mothers!). I had last year all to myself since it was my first, but this year we have two other firsts to celebrate.

    • That celebration sounds fun! I know they will be happy to share Mother’s Day with you and their little bundle of joy! Enjoy and thanks for reading this Angela!

    • Gurl, she will turn a party out and she doesn’t drink at all. She is high on life and the life of the party!

  6. Joi, what a beautiful tribute to your mum! I love the pictures. I have had the privilege of meeting her in person, and i think she is a beautiful person both inside and outside. Happy Mother`s Day to her!

  7. Awww Joi…how sweet! What a beautiful tribute! Yes, she is your #1 fan isn’t she…being the first to comment on your post and all! 😀 That’s what we moms do best, lol! You guys remind me so much of me and my Kerbear! I absolutely LOVE great mother and daughter relationships! It pains me to see mothers and daughters who can’t get along…so sad! 🙁 Kudos to your mom for instilling in you such great values and teaching you how to be a lady…it shows Joi! You two are absolutely adorable! She’s gorgeous…you’ve got great genes girlie(from both mom and dad, might I add)!! 😉

    The one thing I think is most important about being a mother…teaching them to know and love the Lord! As far as my Mother’s Day ritual…this will be the 5th Mother’s Day since my mother’s passing. The last Mother’s Day our mom was alive my dad and our husbands grilled steaks on the grill for us(me, my mom and my sisters). Every Mother’s day since then, they all come over and our husbands make us our steak dinners, lol! 🙂 Thanks Joi for sharing and a Happy Mother’s Day to your mom! Have a wonderful weekend my friend!
    Michell recently posted…Dear moms…My Profile

    • A very sweet way to honor her memory on this weekend. Steak sounds good too might I add 😉 You said a mouthful in the beginning. I too am heartbroken at the site of estranged mothers and daughters. You enjoy your Kerbear and the rest of the crew. Thx for your compliments! Happy Mother’s Day!

  8. She has that old time name lol love it. Hey mom, so wonderful to have a great mother. I feel for those who don’t get to experience a wonderful mother. One thing I think is important when being a mother is you can’t be selfish anymore its not about you. I had to learn that the hard way since I am use to everything being about me. I plan on relaxing on mothers day in my bed its the best gift to not have to get up but to use the potty.
    Kita recently posted…What kind of mother am IMy Profile

    • Girl, why do you think she has conformed the entire world to pronouncing that TA at the end. That is new, maybe 5 or 6 years old, lol! That selfish quality seems to fly out the door with most of you. I love seeing mothers transfrom to just an awesome blessing of a protector, nurturer, and selfless being. Happy Mother’s Day Kita!

  9. Chuckle…your mom seems fun…almost bought a tear to my eye. I no longer have my mom, but I have fond memories, she was a funny lady. If I were to give a word of advice I would say to love your child unconditionally. Know one will ever see me as my mother did, in her eyes I was perfect (wink). She knew all my short comings but loved me in spite of them. Another, is never compare your child’s achieves to others, God made them all unique and special in their own way, every child is special. And those of you that are blessed to have your mother with you love her every day like it is her last day, because you never know if she will be here tomorrow!

    • Great advice Margaret!!! I hope you enjoy cherishing the memory of your Mother this wkd as I’m sure you do daily. Nothing like a Mother’s love!

  10. Oh Joi, this made me cry. I just loved reading this. Your love and respect for your mom just shines out. It’s totally lovely. I pray that my daughter will have such beautiful thoughts and feelings about me when she’s grown up. (and will take me to buy workout clothes). Happy Mother’s day to your wonderful mom!!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted…Pinterest Nightmare #432: The TweetPeeMy Profile

    • I’m honored and moved that it touched you Lisa! I’m sure your daughter will express the same sentiments when she is my age! Happy Mother’s day!

  11. Beautiful tribute to your mom. I think the most important thing about being a mom is the eternal impact you have on your kid’s life. Everything you do and don’t do contributes to their lives in some way or another. Motherhood is a blessed title to have but should be taken very seriously!

    • Thanks Nete! Can I just say that you have a mighty impact on the world so your children are extremely blessed to have you as mother and interact with such a sweet spirit on a daily basis. Happy Mother’s Day my friend. I love you girl!

  12. Such a beautiful post, Joi! I love the way you honored your mother with such loving words. She really sounds like an amazing woman with a huge heart. Thank you for sharing more about your family. Happy Mother’s Day, Mrs. RoberTa!!!
    Brandi recently posted…Banker’s Lamp MakeoverMy Profile

    • Awh, Brandi, that’s so sweet that you directed that at her. I really appreciate that. Happy Mother’s day to you again!

  13. This was a lovely post about your mother! I really miss seeing her bright face at NPG :-)! This will be my FIRST Mother’s Day away from my mommy and granny and I am soooo going to miss both of them! I sent them a gift in the mail, but it’s nothing like spending the day with them. Last year, we were all anticipating my graduation on Mother’s Day and making plans for graduation weekend.

    • Thanks Quin! Missed you today! We just can’t get there on the same day 🙁 ! Proud of you, continue to do well!

  14. Such a beautiful tribute to your mother, she sounds great. It’s lovely that she read your post earlier than you thought she would and she completed the circle of love. What a great mother daughter relationship you have. I wish my mum would come to my classes, maybe one day 🙂 Wishing 2 awesome mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day!

    Reconnecting from SITS sharefest.

    Fitnessbuster supporting you in improving your fitness and nutrition.
    Gillian recently posted…Fitness Friday 10My Profile

    • Thanks Gillian! I was never disconnected. I always see your posts! Happy Mother’s Day and Thanks for reading this and linking up 🙂 I’m looking forward to it!

  15. Oh, what a lovely testament to your mom! Or should I says Mother. What a beautiful lady, and I feel her energy just reading about her – the friendliness with strangers, how she treated her students, and all the love she has for her children. What a blessing to share her with us!

    • You got it right Ilene, Mother 🙂 Thanks for the sweet comment. She is truly a blessing to me. Happy Mother’s Day!


  16. Oh Joi, how awesome is that. I’m not Greek, but I know about the love of legends in DST and other greek organiztions. Hubby is an Omega and so is his dad and uncle. Your post is phenomenal. Miss RoberTA is on fire! Love it.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…The Big CMy Profile

    • 🙂 Kim, my blog friend with all the similarities 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day my friend. Thanks so much for your kind words!

  17. Your mom sounds truly wonderful!

    My mom can also talk to anyone, I can’t. Perhaps growing up in a generation without being connected to everyone electronically did them a great service.

    You look like your mom. Two beautiful women!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, Joi! God Mommies count!
    Carli recently posted…Real Into Reads No. 15My Profile

    • Thanks Carli! Over the years, I’ve gotten that more and more. I take that as a compliment! Of course I thank you for my God Mommy S/O! Happy Mother’s Day to you to again Carli!

  18. I wish I had logged on early to have my 2 cents on my mother and how much she rocked. Showcasing how wonderful she is to us everyday is something that makes my heart warm. Everyone loves their mother- but I like to believe that our family shares something super special because of all the things instilled in us by Mother. Joi! You couldn’t have posted a better blog… *singing* “Alabama- Macon Georgia- New York- California” *singing* “Anybody here seen my old Friend Amber” *singing* “I’m going to make a heart of paper and put it all together with glue” (Yes- Our mother has a Valentine’s Day song too)

    • NO worries little one…your awesome testament is logged here forever for all to see 🙂 Thanks for adding that one!

    • Yes, she was actually the first one to comment for the first time ever! I couldn’t believe it! I appreciate your wishes.

  19. Aww you & your mother are absolutely adorable! You look just like her! As one of the co-hosts from the My Favorite Posts Weekend SHOW OFF Party! I wanted to personally thank you for linking up with us & to invite you to add me to your G+ circles or follow me on Twitter or Facebook as I’ve done the same with you. Also, I run a link party on my food blog, Anyonita Nibbles where you can link up recipes or food related posts. This week’s party is here:
    Anyonita recently posted…Slowcooker Pulled Chicken in BriocheMy Profile

    • You’re welcome! I really appreciate you reading this Mother’s Day tribute! I’m sure you’re the best. Nothing like Mother’s love!

  20. Can mother roberTA come live with me??? PLEASE??!!?? What a priceless example you have for motherhood; and life! I love that you said she was able to balance her mother role with friendship. I see so many of my friends trying to preserve their youth or be the “cool” mom and ruin a parent/child relationship in the process. Your mother is youthful, cool and a relationship queen! What a mighty blessing from The Lord! Thank you mother roberTA for raising such an awesome lady to share with the world! We so enjoy the fruits of your labor!!

    • You are so sweet Becki! Thank you so much for your comment. I read it to her and everything. She sends her love! This made my day this morning when I woke up to read it.


  21. Your mother is beautiful! Looks like Tina Turner!

    Thank you for the blog. I just did a BodyPump class and considering a BodyCombat class on alternate days.

    Have a great day!

    • Thank you Denise! She gets that all the time about Tina Turner. Pump and Combat on alternate days in my opinion is an amazing routine. Good luck and Thank you for visiting!


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