My Group Fitness Instructor is Better Than Yours

Have you noticed these tag lines on social networks? My hairdresser, my makeup artist, my brother, my sister, etc.  Well, I jumped right on the bandwagon!

Oh, is this your group fitness instructor 😉 ???

My Group Fitness Instructor Is Better Than Yours

But first….

This portion of the post is for Kim’s September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge!

Today’s prompt – Yield: Share 1 or 2 of your favorite recipes, DIY projects, or beauty fashion tips.

I bet Kita thought I forgot to shout out my guest post on her online magazine blog Kokoa magazine.  Last week, I had a very short, to the point post “Make Life Easier for Mothers with A DIY Baby Pharmacy”.  You may have remembered the long version here months ago.  Please go check it out.

So, Kim, I killed two birds with one stone!  Besides, I don’t do much DIY and my cooking taste fine but it’s nothing special to post recipes for 😉


Act-Fit Friday Business

As group fitness instructors, we all are influencing lives daily!


As a Les Mills Group fitness instructor, I have been recently encouraged to connect with gym members virtually. WINNING, I was already ahead of the game!!!  That was one of the reasons I started Rx Fitness Lady.


They are rolling out information for us to share by way of videos, pictures, and graphics on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter.  They even launched a new blog.


Members in my class have currently connected with me the most on my personal Facebook page, fan page, and here on the blog.


I want to encourage my class participants to connect even more, share my content & the Les Mills content in hopes of pulling in some of their friends and family into our awesome group fitness experience.


Today, I’m posting a list of places class participants AND readers can find Rx Fitness Lady getting Social.  – This is my baby! It happens to be a lifestyle wellness blog with loads of content on health, fitness, and life in general.  I share THE MOST information here about health and personally if you want to get to know me better.


My Personal Facebook Page – Most members originally connected with me here.  I post links to my blog posts once and share VERY limited glimpses into my personal life.  I post updates on classes that are being taught each week.


My Rx Fitness Lady fan page – I share multiple links to my blog posts, pictures, and share other’s content that is relevant.  I have a fan of the week on Sundays, Throwback posts on Thursdays, & ask questions that I draw a lot of my content from for the blog.


Twitter – You can find links to old post here and get connected with my blog friends if you are interested in following other great bloggers.


Instagram – This is THE MOST personal you will get from me. It’s about 60% personal and 40% blog related.  Please follow me here and get little glimpses as to how I N_Joi_Life!


Linked – I’m there, but I don’t do much! I’m happy to connect with you there anyway!


Google + – Same for linked but I plan to change that soon!



Student Spotlight

Something else that will be new here is the student spotlight that will get kicked off next week in my classes.  I will be highlighting students sporadically here on PFL to show my appreciation and to learn more about the people who take these fitness challenges and why!


Stay tuned!




We are officially launching new BODYPUMP in our area tomorrow morning. As a Labor Day treat, we sneak peeked it with the first 6 tracks and it was great. I was super sore from the innovative moves and new choreography!




Here is a glance of the new moves for Les mills pump participants.



You will love the “Black Beatty” Squat track!

Drop It Like A Squat


Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • What makes you friend request a group fitness/boot camp instructor or personal trainer on social networks?
  • Currently, where do you share the most personal information socially?
  • Any Wins or Fails you care to share with me from this week? Any grand weekend plans?


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Greetings, I'm Joi, a Pharmacist with a passion for fitness & a community leader. I teach BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, Tabata Boot Camp, & serve as a mentor to young girls. My goal is to inspire people to live healthy, active, & prosperous lifestyles through practical blog posts deliveries. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. You can view more post and subscribe to stay tuned to latest updates at Rx Fitness Lady.

52 thoughts on “My Group Fitness Instructor is Better Than Yours

  1. This is awesome!! I only wish we could “team teach” somewhere. Maybe virtually!! I’m starting to teach a new class at a new gym next week and this is a great way for new peeps to get to know me. I’m going to consider this your DIY tip for me! Ha ha!!!
    Allie recently posted…THIS GIRL’S FANTASY? FOOTBALL!My Profile

  2. This is awesome, I have noticed an uptick in FB friend request since I started teaching which is funny because I barely post about class (thanks for the reminder! :)) I share fun and funny stuff on my fb page (again when I remember) and most of my personal rambling things on my twitter. Because twitter is my bestie and we go way back to 2009. 🙂 I suppose instagram is the most personal for me because I never ever mention bloggy stuff on there unless I am doing a campaign. That needs to change too! No big plans this weekend, super busy with family stuff but that is pretty normal. 🙂
    Nellie recently posted…How to Help Someone Having A SeizureMy Profile

    • I see you chatting in twitter, I wish I could get into it more but there never seems to be enough time…even when I desperately want to butt into your conversations sometimes, lol.

  3. Very cool Joi! I only wish there was more Les Mills in my area! I think they should option a boutique class studio in NYC. It would do great alongside all the other fitness studios here. And selfishly I just want to do more Pump! 🙂 I’m going to have to start following you on some of your other channels!
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Yogurt, Juice, Running and More!My Profile

    • Yes Brittany, we muzzy connect across social media dear! That’s how I have grown closer to these blog friends I’ve made this year.

  4. Okay I’ll admit it, I honestly can’t remember the last time I worked out. I know I should, if for nothing but to build stamina. The most exercise I get is a 0.3 mile walk to and from my office to the metro station each day. Weight’s never been an issue, I do eat healthy, but the energy levels are questionable. I’ve got to do better…
    Thanks for posting about the DIY Baby Pharmacy! I wish I had something like this 2 years ago. There is nothing worse than being a new mother with a sick and fussy infant at 2 o’clock in the morning – it’s heartbreaking. I have a baby shower to attend soon, and I will definitely be making one of these! Thanks!
    Kennie recently posted…Croissant Bread PuddingMy Profile

    • Super cool Kennie! Your gift will be a hit for sure.

      I’m glad you eat healthy, that’s a weakness of mine. We can’t win them all.

    • Hum, I didn’t think I did but in all actuality, announcing group fitness classes is somewhat risky. Maybe I need to rethink this!

  5. Well, you know I’m following my Boo on all of her social media outlets.
    In answer to your questions:
    1) I will follow a coach or fitness instructor who has testamonials or before and after pics. This leads me to believe that they really DO make a difference in people’s health and fitness. That being said, I think it’s a great idea to have a student spotlight every week. That will give your readers a chance to see a real person that enjoys your class.
    2) I share the most personal stuff on my personal Facebook account. Second to that would be Instagram.
    3)My wins this week were done on the treadmill. My runs are getting better and better. Whether I felt like going or not, I had amazing workouts at the gym this week.

    • I’m glad you had a good week after last week, super happy to hear that. I thank you for the feedback on the new feature. I’m looking forward to it.

    • Lisa, you are so winning!!! Isn’t that the best feeling ever! I’m so proud for you, you’ll hit that 25 marker in no time. Whoop!

  6. I don’t do anything on Linked In either. I really don’t get it. I’m friends with other PTs and group trainers on social media but it’s because I like to keep up with what’s going on in the fitness world.

    Every once in awhile I share some personal stuff on Facebook personal page or the blog but for the most part unless you are married to me you don’t know what’s going on. My personal stuff is a little over the top so I keep it to myself.

    I’ve gone back to morning workouts! I always feel better working out in the morning.
    Carla recently posted…15 Ways to Increase Your Lifestyle Activity #FitnessFridayMy Profile

    • I’m a morning workout girl too. It just starts the day good. I don’t have a clue what benefit comes from linked, but maybe because my career didn’t require too much networking our at least what I desire to practice. I’ll have to check out the fitness scene there.

  7. If you were my fitness instructor, my butt would be in shape! I ain’t mad atcha for trying to get it all in with your post today. Looking forward to Student Spotlight feature. Great idea! Drop it like a squat?! Love it!

    I share the most personally on my personal FB page. Pics, check-ins, statuses. My fail for the week was not getting back to walking/running in the neighborhood. My win was my September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge. First time hosting one and I have connected with a great, diverse group of people. Shout out to you for supporting me, sister! I also just found out that I was nominated again for a Liebster Award. Very humbling.

    This weekend I will be formatting my e-book (STILL!), social networking and blog maintenance/scheduled posts. Enjoy yours!
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Eat Craft VogueMy Profile

    • Congrats on award and challenge. I’ve met some cool peeps as well and you know I’m airways game for that. Thanks for the idea and one day you are going to take a class with me 🙂

  8. i would love to have you as my instructor. i bet your classes are a ton of fun. that’s really what makes it: a teacher who’s encouraging and makes you feel good that you’re even there. it actually kind of annoys me the instructors who zone in on whether or not you’re doing something right. i’m like, “just leave me alone! at least i am here.”

  9. I share most of my personal stuff on … wait, my blog! I honestly don’t put much personal stuff on FB or Twitter, and I hardly use Instagram and LinkedIn. I’m growing in affection for Google +, however. Gotta learn the ropes. One social media platform at a time…

    This week’s loss was having the blog site down for an entire day and the fight with Hostgator, Google Apps, and GoDaddy to get it back up and running. What a runaround! Lawd! I felt like when people get punched out in cartoons and there’s a halo-type circle around them. Mine lasted three days! LOL! The win was to finally get onto the blog yesterday and be able to handle my business again. Hurrah!

    This weekend I’m going to PowerUp DC 2013! Really excited to meet some of my blogging friends. Then on Sunday I’m going to try to start shooting my commercial for your challenge, Ms. Joi! A friend is going to come help me get it done. I also want to get caught up with some posts for Kimberly’s challenge. Plus get caught up with all that I would normally do on a Saturday but can’t because I’ll be conferencing (see, I made up a word!).

    Have a great weekend, Joi!
    Alison recently posted…I’m a Liebster Award winner!My Profile

    • Whew busy week sounds like an even busier weekend! I can’t wait to see your commercial! Blog conference sounds super cool! Enjoy the weekend Alison!

  10. I don’t share to many personal things online. I do more on my personal fb page than anything I am probably the only person that has less than 50 friends on my FB page because in order to be a friend on there I have to have met you a couple of times or we talk on a regular on twitter/blogs. LinkedIn is confusing as heck I need them to remodel their platform to be a bit easier. Exercise….I didn’t even walk this week dealing with customers *sigh* I need to walk out my frustration.
    Kita recently posted…Mornings are not my thingMy Profile

  11. I’m really cautious about what I post on social media particularly because I am looking for a new job. The personal stuff I do share is mostly on my blog. I don’t have any major plans this weekend. Well…my kids are going to Grandma’s so I get some peace and quiet, so I am DEFINITELY looking forward to that!
    Britton recently posted…September Fave Friday Link Up!My Profile

    • Yeah, that stuff can come back to bite you! Good luck with the new job all though I remember your post on your current job and I am in awe of all that you do to service your community currently!

  12. You know I have fav instructors at the gym bit I don’t really know them. I wonder is that me, because Im like let me get this in real quick because I have 1000000000000 other things to do or them because they don’t engage me… eh…. its probably both… Currently my blog and my instagram are where I share the most. Between the pics and the textgrams I’m pretty open.
    Toya recently posted…Wedding… Another list!!!! lolMy Profile

    • It’s probably a little bit of both. I try really hard to connect with people before and after but it can be tough when people have the stretch and run look. People are busy and I never want them to feel I’m holding them up!

  13. Awesome! My mom is an art teacher and hundreds of her students have found her on FB. I share the most personal information on my personal FB profile. As for weekend plans, a huge Renaissance Faire! Scarlet will love the chance to dress up like a princess, considering she dresses up like a princess to go to Target!
    Tamara recently posted…Fields of Gray: Truro, Part 2.My Profile

  14. Glad to have YOU as an instructor when I am not up there myself;). A good ole combat class is always a treat:). Speaking of, you need to hit up a Shbam class soon;).
    Yes- super pumed about new BP 87!! First launch we won’t be able to team teach together though…. Gonna miss that!!

    • I saw the chatter on FB! Thanks for the lunge warning! I can’t wait, I love the lunge track. The squat track has me fired up right now though. I previewed 87 in WR this week too. I love it so far.

      I will have my tail in your Sha’bam class THIS THURSDAY my friend 🙂 !

  15. You and Nellie are my fitness favorites! I am a Facebook addict but I do the others, I love Pinterest, Twitter and I are doing much better. LinkedIn I keep updated and check about once a week. I share personal things on my blog more than any other platform, depends on the situation.
    Whitney recently posted…What’s Brewing At The CafeMy Profile

    • Awh, thanks for that Whitney! Nellie is the homie for sure and I love her Wed exercise posts!

      I too share so much on here that I’d never share socially but I figure that readers of the blog are genuinely interested. The social environment can be so nosey and not have your best interest at heart at all.

  16. I haven’t seen those tag lines but that’s cute! My personal one liners are shared on my personal FB page. I rarely share my blog there though – isn’t that strange? Every now and then I’ll say something on Twitter that I won’t say anywhere else.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…Man to Man…My Profile

    • It seems that’s the consensus amongst the blog world. I however, share all,of my post on my personal FB. I guess I was never quite that personal on any social media so naturally I wanted to use them for the blog and. Log only 90% of the time.

  17. Hey Joi! I’m not even gonna go there with you on exercising…so DON’T ASK! 😀 Lol! Wow, girl…you’re doing the thing aren’t you!? Kudos to you lady! 😀 I like the “student spotlight”. I’ve got to get back to my feature blogger for “DYWW”, so thanks for the reminder, lol! Friending an instructor on FB…well, let’s just say they MUST have a bubbly, outgoing personality like you, for me to even consider them lol!! Where I’m more personal…it’s probably a tie between Instagram and believe it or not…my blog! This week went by way too fast for me to even have any hits, let alone misses! 😀 Btw, the “Drop It Like A Squat”…BAHAHAHAHA, love it! As always, thanks for satisfying our blogging palates! Have a great rest of your weekend darlin’! 😉
    Michell recently posted…Michell’s Weekly PearlMy Profile

  18. I imagine you to be a hard core instructor whipping folks into shape! I’ve always liked that in a teacher. Bought a Groupon for BodyPump, BodyAttack (something like that), and a couple other fitness classes that came with the package. I’m a step closer to getting fit! Bought one for hubs too. We’re starting next week! I’ll Tweet you some proof. Lol!
    Andrea recently posted…Where Has All the Sugar Daddies Gone?My Profile

  19. Wish we lived close enough so you could be my trainer! I really enjoy my current gym, it’s owned by a husband/wife team. The classes are small enough that it feels like you are getting personally trained. I get a lot of my online health/fitness info from When I first started my healthy lifestyle, Black women do workout helped me so much, so inspiring. Now, of course, I can add you to my online sources. You’ve inspired me as well in this short amount of time.
    Big wins for me this week, I worked out twice in one day. The next day, my daughter had a Girl Scouts meeting, which caused me to not be able to get to the gym. I made do and walked/ran around the football field at the school.
    Have a great week, Joi!
    Tiffany recently posted…2013 Blog Hop Blitz – Week #1My Profile

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