My Biggest Fear When I First Started Teaching Les Mills BODYCOMBAT

There are so many things that a new instructor or a seasoned instructor teaching a new program may worry about.  I wrote a lengthy post last year on tips for fitness instructors.

I’m excited that after being on the market for 2 years, we have 3 seasoned Les Mills instructors that just got trained for Les Mills Grit & will be coaching 30 min HIIT workouts this summer!  I am sure those ladies will have their own set of inner fear that we won’t be able to see as outsiders, but I’m sure it won’t be the same as mine was a few years ago…

Before I became a BODYCOMBAT instructor I was die hard in the class, but there is one thing I feared the most!

My Biggest Fear When I First Started Teaching Les Mills BODYCOMBAT - Rx Fitness Lady

Les Mills BODYCOMBAT from an instructor perspective is what you call a “PUSH PLAY & GO” type of class.

This means, once you push play, THAT’S IT! You better get after it. No stopping and taking breaks, getting water, or all that chit chatting!

When I was a member taking classes, I just followed suit to all the other members and took water breaks in between tracks  when I would see someone else I felt was at my fitness level take a break.

I never fathomed taking an entire cardio class without getting water.  Out of all the things we learned as far as technique  (trust me, it is not easy to learn how to teach MMA inspired workouts the correct way), I was most worried about my water breaks.

I thought, there’s NO WAY I can make it through that class, talk, not get water, and not pant like & pretty much look out of shape!

At training, the trainer was like “just do it”! You are gonna have to if you want to teach in the essence of the program.

I mean, surely there are circumstances where one might be having a bad day or recovering from an illness, YES.  In general,  teaching this program requires VERY FIT individuals who are willing to teach within the essence of how it was designed.


YOU MUST CROSS TRAIN!  Take other classes.  When you take other classes, try not to get water.

Practice teaching your class as if an audience was there.  Practicing without talking is not the same. You must condition your body for it.

Just do it! – On game day, it really does boil down to just doing it! Suck it up, fight through it, and do better next time if you felt like a complete weakling 🙂 ! I am pretty sure you will be fine if you prepare though.


Now when I think about how terrified of that I was, it tickles me.  Teaching a cardio class requires another fitness level.

Well let me correct that statement, if you want to teach a cardio class WELL, you will need to be at a better fitness level than when you were just a member. It is what it is!

DISCLAIMER – If you are going to try to up your fitness level and take classes as I’ve stated that I teach them, make sure to hydrate well before and after the class.


Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,


Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Have you ever been afraid of something so much and when you actually tried it, it turned out well?
  • If you are an instructor, do you push play and go?
  • Readers, can you imagine taking a class without a water break?

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