Meatloaf No Ketchup: 10 Year Pharmacy Reunion Recap & 10 More Customer Service Confessions of a Community Pharmacist

I’m really not as stuck up as onlookers give me credit for and neither are my 2006 South University Pharmacy School graduating classmates. I write this in honor of a classic moment this past weekend in Savannah, GA while we were celebrating our 10 year reunion. Our class president ordered meatloaf in Savannah.  Yes, I know but it was highly recommended by a classmate that lives in Savannah.  When it came out, it was just a loaf, nothing on top. She kindly offered it to us, to which the response from one of the husbands of my classmates “meatloaf is supposed to have ketchup on it!”  The whole table started in about never seeing meatloaf without ketchup.  Then we quickly reminisced on an earlier lunch at The Old Pink House where everyone was wishing for hot sauce for their fried chicken!

Old Pink House.png

I think we were pleasantly in agreement that it was good to be a part of a successful, yet grounded group of pharmacists.


October is American Pharmacists Month (APhM) with a goal of promoting the profession and getting the attention we deserve among our peers, patients, and communities.  There are so many ways to celebrate this month in practice and in the community.  I am choosing to blog through the eyes of my profession for the month.  I hope you enjoy!  What better way to start than share with you my reunion this past weekend and a walk down memory lane!  Just for fun, I’m throwing in more Customer Service Confessions of a Community Pharmacist, part 2 that is…

I love reunions of all sorts: family, sorority, class, choir, etc. ! I plan them frequently and sometimes blog about them!

Class Reunion Poem

This poem is so true!

My Walk Down Pharmacy School Lane 

South University Pharmacy Reunion Class of 2006

I met one of 3 of my best friends on my first day of pharmacy school! We connected immediately and have shared several memories over the years.  My proudest of which is being honored with the task of being the God mother to her sweet little girl!   We sat next to each other in our brand new pharmacy building.  She claims I went to sleep in class all the time but I woke up for the important stuff to take notes, lol! I appeased her with these photos.

South University Pharmacy School Graduates

I developed an extensive home library of workout DVDs in pharmacy school.  I was fresh out of undergrad where I played on a championship basketball team.  I was used to regular exercise but didn’t see the point in wasting money on gym membership.  I was learning so I could share with you even way back then.

Cooking was a necessity.  I prepared my meals Sunday – Thursday and reserved the weekends for eating out! Meal prep, hello somebody!

I was made aware on a professional level of my “intimidating” facial expressions by one of my preceptors.  I am still often scolded for being unapproachable.  I can’t help my personality and the look on my natural face (I believe the term was coined “bitchy rest face”).  I do however try to control my facial expressions when I know I disapprove of something.

I trusted the system, but there was a cloud hanging over out heads as guinea  pigs being the inaugural class of the pharmacy school.  We didn’t even have the high technology building in it’s completion that the students are afforded now.  However, we were provided with a solid education from our awesome professors, some of whom showed up this weekend and reminisced with us.

Speaking of reminiscing…

Class Trivia

We had this killer trivia that we had to do as a group.  I think the most dreadful memory was the hardest test.  Those were the ones given by our beloved professor who is now the Dean of the school.  They were k-type questions!   These are the worst! You know the ones…

What is….?  You have 5 answers (A – E), and your selections are:

i A & E  , ii Both A & C iii Both B & C, iii A, C, & D iv All

My head hurts from giving you the example! Aren’t you glad you didn’t have to deal with that!

Finally, I got the idea to work the overnight shift from having a conversation with one of my classmates.  He made it sound so good that I called up my pharmacy supervisor at the time and requested a position and it was available.  I spent 7 plus years on that shift and loved it.


I really enjoyed walking down memory lane with my classmates.

South University Class of 06 Reunion

We discussed all of our complaints about the profession of course! For fun, I have some more Customer Service Confessions for You…

10 MORE  Things that make me go ugh, umm huh, *roll eyes*, *shrugs* etc.

  • The customer that calls and wants EVERYTHING filled on profile, BUT I don’t take this, that, this, and that, anymore!
  • When I say an hour and you come back for pick up in 30 minutes.
  • When you get upset because I asked if you are pregnant before I can dispense the medication.
  • Who taught you to say Phar- miss? The word is [fahr-muh-sist]!
  • Do not pull up like you want to kiss the drive-thru and get upset when our drawer hits your car!
  • The ones who are going on vacation every month and need their control medications 6 days early!
  • People in the drive thru and at the counter that are talking on cell phones and upset because we haven’t helped them. When you get off the phone, we can attend to your health care needs.
  • People who put/throw money on the counter and think they are getting the change placed in their hands!
  • Throwing hissy fits because you have to show a valid I.D.!
  • Show up without your insurance card and upset with me because I transfer the responsibility back to you and make YOU call and get the necessary information.

You realize, that all of my pharmacy confessions are to help you be a better customer right? 😉

Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Do you attend reunions, why or why not?
  • What is the last reunion you attended?
  • Are you still in regular communication (not social media) with anyone from high school, college, or professional school?
  • What is a pet peeve from your profession?

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One thought on “Meatloaf No Ketchup: 10 Year Pharmacy Reunion Recap & 10 More Customer Service Confessions of a Community Pharmacist

  1. Fun article to read, thank you!

    I’ve liked ketchup since I was a kid. finally, it has been shown that there are worse condiments out there! No salt, and not too much is the sweetest best way to have it.

    I have never been to a reunion yet, though I’ve talked to classmates that have. Some have liked them and others not.

    I suppose a major pet peeve from my profession is someone coming to the ER in the middle of the night with a problem that they have had for weeks, and I have to see them.

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