Make Fitness Buddies; Increase the Success of Your Workout

I LA LA LA LA LOVE my gym boos to the point I get aggravated when they go on vacation or something.  These are a couple of my girls!

Fitness Buddies

What does a Fitness Buddy Do?

They hold you accountable for attendance to your SCHEDULED f-IT-ness time at the gym, track, neighborhood trail, or whatever activity you engage in together.

They motivate you to finish your workout.

They are a much needed, often neglected regular girl time guarantee with the before, during, and after yapping.

Research shows that people are more successful at exercise programs when they have a friend to engageEvidence published in the Royal Society journal suggest that we release more endorphins “happiness hormones” and decrease the feelings of pain when working out with friends.  My personal opinion based on experience in home workouts, group fitness, and sports is that friends make your fitness efforts a totally different experience.  What at first glance seems like a task turns into a passion and fellowship that you look forward to as a regular part of your day.

Finding a Friend

If exercise is a new adventure for you, you can start by telling people your intentions to get started.  Mention it to family, friends, co-workers, church members, and people you do organizational & community work with.  Trust me, people whom workout consistently love to rant and rave about how much they love whatever it is they do.  They will more than likely swoop you right up into the fold.  You may also run across someone with your desires to start the New Year off right and you can go at it together as beginners.

Whatever you do, don’t try to force a current friend if they aren’t into it. It just won’t work.

Make a New Friend Even when everyone is already cliqued up?

  • Be observant. You will usually find someone you think you would click with.
  • Smile at EVERYONE whether they return it or not.
  • Open your mouth and speak to people that you make eye contact with.
  • Introduce yourself and ask their name.
  • Try to workout near people that are physically in the same shape as you so neither will intimidate the other.
  • Draft small talk for the person/people who are responsive to your kindness. See Chart below if you need help with this, everyone is NOT a social butterfly and that is perfectly acceptable.
  • Trick for the memory factor – After the small talk, you might forget their name. Most people in a laid back environment like a gym will only say “Hi I’m Joi”, at the end you can say “tell me your “full name” again.  Then repeat the full name back to them when you tell them how nice it was to meet them. If you have terrible memory like me, text the name to yourself (everyone usually keeps the cell close by).
  • That trick I just mentioned will also help you find the person on a social network.  Make sure you did indeed click with the person before finding them on their very privately guarded FB page of 1,000 friendsJ.
  • Regulars, try to latch on to a newbie.  You will probably be their saving grace in getting accustomed to the facility and the members.
  • Look for ways to help someone. If they’re always late, set up their mat or steps for class.  If you see them struggling with a machine you are familiar with, give a little tutorial.
  • Don’t close the opportunity for people that look like a mismatch.  If you are both working out at the same time daily you at least have availability in common.
  • Invite them to try your favorite class.
  • Finally, invite them to something other than working out that you think they would enjoy.

Small Talk Starters that keep it Simple and NON-personal!

Small Talk Killers to get you Snubbed quicker than you can do a Squat

  • Genuine compliments on; Hair, attire, shoe wear, gym mats & bags, etc.
  • How do you like the facility so far
  • How is the gym staff treating you
  • Don’t you just love the daycare perks
  • And what do you do? (5 seconds into the conversation)
  • 2nd favorite – What does your husband/man do? (10 seconds into the convo!)
  • When are you all going to have kids? (Please people, seriously do you know how emotional people are that are unsuccessfully attempting to have children)


Rx Fitness Lady wants to know… 

  • Do you find it easier to befriend people or be befriended?
  • Do you have any more tips for the person intimidated by the early morning/after work rush crowd to make a new buddy?
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19 thoughts on “Make Fitness Buddies; Increase the Success of Your Workout

  1. Thank you for highlighting the importance of a fitness buddy. I give credit to my fitness supports for holding me accountable and pushing me to become healthier and in shape.

    • You’re welcome! Yall make the fitness journey so much more appealing! Thank you for reading this my fitness boo, lol!

  2. I find it easier to work out with a partner. Though sometimes we talk a little more than desired, it makes a great workout. I find it easier to befriend people b/c they may look at me and I appear comfortable, so I like to befriend people to remove the doubt people may have about working out with me.

    • Yep, I run my mouth so much right after classes. I love it though, it’s therapy. I’m glad you make newbies feel comfortable.

  3. A fitness buddy is a must have b/c despite how devoted you are everyone needs motivation from time to time…True story ~ I ran the Susan G Komen bk in Oct & I had an unofficial “race buddy” that I ran w/for the majority of the race(this was a lady I’d never met b4 in my life). I’d lead the way some & then we would swap it out.. Well we got to the home stretch w/the finish line in sight & my adrenaline rush kicked in.. I was waiting for my buddy to take off too b/c I’d actually thgt we’d be sprinting in together but she didn’t mk a move(she actually appeared not to have anything left to finish the race). So as I made my move around her I got her attention, gave her a smile & thumbs up!!! She smiled back & appeared in that moment to be revived!! So be it a word of encouragement, a glance or a thumbs up – everyone, including YOU can use a Fitness Buddy 🙂

    • Great story, Thanks for sharing! I could use some encouragement during the Komen Race as well:) Running is not a regular activity for me so I always try to scoop a buddy to run with. I usually do it every year, but had to work this year. Thank you for supporting research for a cure for breast cancer through fitness.

  4. This is so GREAT! I especially love the WHAT NOT TO SAY at the end I mean, I almost stood up and Clapped! Amen sista! I don’t have any gym buddies right now, but when I go with my bestie it is a ton more fun than going by myself, I too have met some amazing women at the gym. It makes me feel good when I see them because we have the gym in common and before you know it we are actual friends. Great post!

    p.s. we gotta get you some sharing buttons on here, you have got some great material!
    Nellie recently posted…Back On Track & 15 Pounds To GoMy Profile

    • NELLIE! Thanks for visiting! Lol, at the what not to say. I’m glad you liked this post. I too get super excited when my Bestie breaks away from her trainer to come to my class. There is so much to learn with blogging. I will work on the sharing buttons. Thank you for the tip and encouraging comment!

  5. Joi I am so opposite of all of this. I don’t like to workout with anyone but I know that just means I haven’t found the right people/person to do it with. I used to be the motivator of two other ladies that I worked with. Whether they were going or not, I was going but they went because I was going – rarely did they do it without me. Now I guess I need a “Me” for how I was then. I do enjoy going to the gym with my mom but she doesn’t live her. We are both just alike. We go, do our own thing and check with each other to see how much time we have left. I’m not a chit-chatter and the gym and neither is she. I’m not real crazy about going with my husband, for one he takes too long. 😉
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…Tuesday Archive Link Up #35My Profile

    • I understand Kenya. Everyone has their preferences. It is nice that you and your Mom can go but not go together. That is still inspiration…the silent kind. I Love it!

    • That’s how it is sometimes. Everyone is in auto zone but you can pick out a gem here and there. TALU is great!

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  7. I would have to say it is different in my professional and personal life. I am much more outgoing in my professional life and I have no idea why. However I have met some great women over the years and I do love my workout buddies! And definitely I have on occasion stepped outside of my comfort zone and made plans to work out with someone I did not know well. It just takes me time. And in all cases they did turn out becoming friends.
    Michelle recently posted…Remember When: Ladies Only Blog Share Link PartyMy Profile

    • I’m the same way with taking time to grow into a friendship. That goes for outside the gym as well. Thx for reading this oldie 🙂

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