10 Reasons Why You Should Try Les Mills BODYPUMP

Hey Hey! We are here with some fitness inspiration on a Wednesday. A portion of this post originally appeared on Brooklyn Active Mama as my very first guest post. I shared with you Why I Joined the Les Mills Instructor Tribe a few weeks ago. Now I am sharing a few specifics on why you should give the popular original barbell weight class BODYPUMP a shot!

10 Reasons Why You Should Try Les Mills BODYPUMP




  • I’ve learned to appreciate a DIVERSE SELECTION OF MUSIC. When I was growing up, I only listened to gospel, rap, and R&B. Now I bob my head to everything in just about every store I go in because I recognize music for the masses.
  • The Pharmacist in me has to share the health benefit for ladies and their future. It decreases the risk of OSTEOPOROSIS (condition in which a decrease in the density of bones weakens the bones and can lead to fractures)! Sorry a little bit of medical gibberish here ;)
    • Laymen’s terms: – You have STRONG BONES!
  • You get more TONED not Bulky.
  • You get STRONGER.
  • You get cardio benefits as well as the class is a full hour = BETTER ENDURANCE.
  • INCREASED METABOLISM a major positive seeing as how women’s metabolism begins to decrease at age 20 by 2% each decade.
  • Better POSTURE!
  • ANYONE can do it at his or her own pace and weight selection.
  • My favorite; It’s a GROUP EFFORT! Weights can be challenging and it’s motivating to do them with others while having an instructor guide you in safety and effective target ranges. Besides, who wants to finagle with the machines out on the floor?


Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Have you tried a barbell weight class? How often do you lift weights?
  • How often do you change up your fitness routine?

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Rx Fitness Lady

Greetings, I'm Joi, a Pharmacist with a passion for fitness & a community leader. I teach BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, Tabata Boot Camp, & serve as a mentor to young girls. My goal is to inspire people to live healthy, active, & prosperous lifestyles through practical blog posts deliveries. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. You can view more post and subscribe to stay tuned to latest updates at Rx Fitness Lady.

60 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Should Try Les Mills BODYPUMP

  1. Still nothing around me. Boo! I should search from my work address as that will get me closer to the possibilities. I haven’t been hitting the weights as much as I used to and need to get back to it. As you noted, the benefits are huge. The thought of doing this in a class environment with music pumping sounds awesome!
    Carla recently posted…My BoysMy Profile

  2. My workout routine changes each time I go to the gym, at least 3 times a week. It’s an intimate gym, so the owners have that capability. I love the atmosphere because of the size, it allows for personalized attention. Right now, I am trying to focus on running, nothing too advanced but I would like to get better. I do weight training 3 days per week, really need to add another day. I agree with Carla, having the music pumping is an AWESOME feeling, like I can do anything!

    • Yeah, that’s one of the benefits they have to offer gyms; increased membership WITH RETENTION! People who take these classes wouldn’t trade them for anything!

    • Yes ma’am! The mistake people make when loosing weight is ALL cardio without the weight bearing balance. Les Mills classes are the bomb. BODYPUMP is the leader of the company and it is that for a reason. I hope you will try it one day.

  3. I go to the cheap gym, Planet Fitness. They don’t have classes.
    I do like to work out with DVD’s thought. I’m sure there may be a Les Mills DVD floating around online that I could buy.

  4. That photo of you is INSANE! I love it. I don’t lift, unless you count Scarlet and Des as “barbells” because heck, they weigh a lot and I have to carry them all day.
    Your reasons are no-brainers, though. Why the heck not?
    Tamara recently posted…Head and Heart Places.My Profile

  5. I see mostly females commenting but, as a male who weight trains regularly, I found body pump to be a huge challenge. Strength and endurance do not go hand in hand. I wanted to be macho and grabbed more weight than I could handle and could not keep up. Great reasons you enumerated, except I can’t relate to #7 regarding women’s metabolism. : ) Keep up the good work Fitness Lady.

    • You are welcome here Mr. Brox 🙂 That happens all the time when men come in the class for the first time. I always try to explain it to them, but testosterone is real, lol. Thank you for chiming in! Hope to see you here again soon.

  6. That picture of you is AMAZING!!! No, I don’t lift weights, except at my boot camp, which I have not gone to all summer. The only switch up I do of my routine is speedwork once in a while and bootcamp once or twice a week. I probably should do more, but at this point, I just can’t fit anything else in. Running is so easy – it can be done really quickly and I don’t have to go anywhere to do it.
    Michelle recently posted…How to Keep Your Audience Engaged with Facebook InsightsMy Profile

    • Thanks Michelle! I understand your busy lifestyle. It is a challenge for us all to get the most diversified workout. I area of improvement would be flexibility classes or exercises.

  7. I taught this class a few years ago and it’s a GREAT workout! It’s also a great learning environment for those who may not be familiar with lifting weights this way. The instruction you get at Les Mills is excellent so the participants in class are getting the added benefit of a *form* instructor as well – which is usually MUCH needed! Great job Joi! Love it!!
    Allie recently posted…NEED A BIT OF ENERGY?My Profile

    • I am so glad to have a commenter that is familiar with the program. I appreciate you adding to the discussion Allie! Good points!

  8. I actually did the class a few times now. I really liked it. I was disappointed to discover how weak my upper body was. I’m not giving it up though. Right now I’ve committed to once/wk…which is not that much, but it’s become the cross training part of my half marathon training.
    Hope recently posted…Short Arm and Old Eye…My Profile

  9. Umm…do those wrist weights count as weights? I didn’t think so, lol! Anyway, no I don’t lift weights, but your list of why we should, has definitely piqued my interest…especially the part about toning. Who knew? I always thought weight lifting caused bulkiness. Thanks for the info Joi and thanks for linking up! Have a lovely rest of your week darlin’! 🙂
    Michell recently posted…Doing YOU WELL Wednesday #28 and the last week of summer break…My Profile

    • That keeps a lot of women away Michell. I am not bulky and never intend to be. We do high number of reps that lead to toning as opposed to heavier weight with short sets that leads to bulk.

  10. Does doing bicep curls with the left hand while I brush my teeth with my right count as a way to switch up my routine? LOL But seriously, I need desperately to get back into weight training. I was into it really hard about 4-5 years ago. Back problems messed me up a bit too. I will see whether there are Les Mills classes in the DMV.
    Alison recently posted…The goodness of GodMy Profile

  11. A little off topic, but reading this just made me sit up straight at the “Posture” bullet! I’ve never taken a barbell class (dumbbells, yes). Sadly it looks like the Les Mills classes are only in the gym we don’t belong to. I wonder if my gym even offers a barbell class… (btw, that is an AMAZING picture…you’re so strong!)
    Leslie recently posted…{Weigh In Wednesday} Week 32My Profile

  12. My sister teaches body pump and I’m dying to try it! And yes, I agree with all the benefits – and you could not be a better walking advertisement for it!
    Ilene recently posted…RiseMy Profile

    • Awesome!!! I’m sure you’ve heard an earful about how amazing it is. Thank you so much for the compliment Ilene!

  13. I like to slide into a Body Pump class every now and then. I did yesterday and today- I can’t get up the stairs. Thanks Jamie! (I always try to lift whatever the instructors lift….. But I’m not an instructor. I guess it’s the competitive edge in me! HA!) I change that workout of mine up weekly. I get bored with the same old things.

    • Most athletes and men as I mentioned earlier will try to competitively match the instructor, we can’t help it 🙂 Come back again soon & regularly sister so you can eliminate that soreness.

  14. I love love love the class… however my schedule and the gym schedule cannot seem to match so I havent taken it in months… like before I hurt my hip I was going every Thursday then they changed the days and uggghh It went down hill. Is there a video? I have recently gotten back to home workouts….
    Toya recently posted…Filing insurance Claims- Wellness WednesdayMy Profile

    • You hear about it, but I still haven’t heard you tweet or post putting some action to trying my friend 🙂 I will continue to wait!

  15. I LOVE BodyPump!! My sister and I have taken the class for about a year and a half now and are going to training next weekend to be instructors. I just can’t believe the difference it has made in my body, especially my arms and back. I tell everyone about it everywhere I go 🙂

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