Les Mills BODYPUMP 100 Contest: Prepping For the Greatest Launch Ever

Last week, Les Mills hosted a BODYPUMP 100 Competition!  BODYPUMP 100 is being filmed next month in New Zeland.  Any instructor up for it was charged with sharing a story to compete for the chance to travel to New Zealand and be part of the taping.  The taping is what over 100,000 instructors world-wide use in combination with choreographed notes to learn the release.  Super exciting stuff right?  Well, we had to share a story about our first/favorite BODYPUMP release in less than 250 words.  I am sharing mine here with you today and hopefully I’m a good contender 🙂 !  So how does one participate in a launch for such a special occasion?  Well, you do so globally on January 14th, 2017 with the rest of the tribe.   Let’s talk about how we can make it memorable…

Les Mills BODYPUMP 100 Contest Prepping For the Greatest Launch Ever

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BODYPUMP 80 - Rx Fitness Lady


My first BODYPUMP release was 80.   During initial training, my trainer mentioned scripting the triceps presentation track and I slap lost my mind.  By the time I shot my final assessment video, I had enough notes in my booklet and on index cards to get a pamphlet deal with Cliff Notes on BP 80.  The nerd in me had me reading and watching everything I could find on BODYPUMP to perfect my assessment video.  I spent so many hours getting intimate with BP 80 that I thought I’d never teach it again after the video was over.  I had no clue how intricate that process was in laying the foundation for my Les Mills career.  I was inspired by BP 80 to add an additional Les Mills program to my portfolio. I went to train for BODYCOMBAT shortly after getting BODYPUMP certified.   I turned my studious note-taking obsession into an opportunity to further establish myself as a fitness authority by creating my blog RxFitnessLady.com.  I learned through blogging how to use social media for marketing in fitness, developed a series of reviews for BODYPUMP & BODYCOMBAT, & got short listed to be a Les Mills Reebok athlete.  Where as I currently learn the half of BODYPUMP that I’m responsible for teaching during launch the night before with absolutely zero scripting, I’m eternally grateful for my 1,000 word count notes from BP 80 yielding the birth of my blog and a confident independent fitness professional.


What are some ways we can make it memorable? In no particular order…

  • Instructors get your gear in sync!  BP 100 is not the time to be a cheapskate.  I am not suggesting demanding your entire BODYPUMP staff splurge on Les Mills Reebok attire.  I do think a new affordable shirt that is in the essence of the program be purchased or have it made.  I also think it would be awesome to sell the tanks/tees to the members as well. #OneTribe
  • Plan a forum/conference around historical launch.  The new year is the perfect time to invite speakers in to talk to members about different health care topics.
  • Get a sponsor for breakfast.  This is a special occasion and should be treated as such.  There a businesses that would benefit from sponsoring a launch party with a room full of group fitness buffs.  Reach out to them to make your members feel special.
  • Have sports drinks and bottled water on hand in cooler.  Most members usually bring their own water but this is just a special treat.
  • Instructors can actually rehearse for this launch party. If there is one organizer, special assignments can be made for the BP team.  Things like; showing options, changing views, and predetermined magic moments can be planned to give the member the ultimate experience.
  • Have door prizes before and after.  This is a celebration!  Usually at parties someone gets gifts.  Why not let it be random members. You can take the route of sponsors again or each instructor can provide 1 to 2 fitness inspired gifts.
  • DECORATE! Atmosphere is everything.  When members walk in the room, they need to know it’s a special occasion.  Put your creative instructor in charge of this.
  • Take pictures and have it videoed.  The crowd in pictures and most definitely in video is your easiest marketing tool via social media.  Don’t miss this opportunity to share with people in 2017 and to allow member to commemorate this special occasion.
  • If feasible and logistically realistic, a change of location would make for an amazing launch. It will probably be cold in my city on January 17th but some of my fellow BODYPUMPERS around the world could have an outside launch.
  • If you don’t have a shirt made, you can host a BODYPUMP 100 contest and have members decorate they’re own shirts with the BP 100 theme and offer a prize.
  • You could host a biggest loser contest leading up to the launch similar to the hit T.V. show.  This will help members get through the holidays when they traditionally over eat and reduce workouts.  It will also foster anticipation for the launch.  You can have an entry fee for participants and the winner would win the money from the entry fees.

The point is to make BODYPUMP 100 special and memorable.  I will be interested to see what the company suggest or charges us with. Until then, we can be as creative as we like in preparation.


Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,


Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Did you enter the BP 100 contest?
  • What are some ways you like to participate in a launch party?
  • Have you ever been to Auckland, New Zealand?

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