Know Your Personnel – The Right Mix of Real Friends & Blog Friends

If you played any sports, then KYP is probably not an unfamiliar term. Know Your Personnel  is a motto that will make or break you in sports, on the job, in general life, & in blogging. Today for My Health Monday, I’m blending some personal/mental health with some blog chat!

Know Your Personnel - The Right Mix of Real Friends & Blog Friends - Rx Fitness Lady

I actually love making new friends primarily because friends serve different purposes. This is the exact point that Valerie Burton made with her post “6 Types of Friends Every Woman Should Have!” This post was inspired by her weekly devotion. You may remember her from my post 20 Influential Women in a Tweet.

I have a well-needed great mix of real friends and here is a quick glance for you & recognition from me….You can read Valerie’s post for more detail, but the categories are rather self explanatory 😉 !




KYP - Rx Fitness Lady

My Line Sister – chat about all of the following subjects for the most part!



Fun Friend - Rx Fitness Lady

Amber – My Sister, BKA – Baby Rx Fitness Lady, AKA – The Young One, AKA – Baby Girl


Travel Friend - Rx Fitness Lady

Line sister that will hop on a plane with just a text message #BOSS, lol!


Career Comrade - Rx Fitness Lady

BFF from Pharmacy school


Mentor - Rx Fitness Lady


Mentor & fellow Community Pharmacist – you may remember her from the Vacation post 


Accountability Partner - Rx Fitness Lady


Childhood friend that matches my hustle game 🙂



Some of my friends NEVER hear the light of day professionally & others NEVER hear a peep about relationships.  I call up the right person at the right time POINT BLANK PERIOD!!!

You Can Have 6 Friends, but Only 1 Man - Rx Fitness Lady

Please do not interpret this post to mean you need 6 different men in your life!  Your man is bound to be lacking in some area. Rx Fitness Lady DOES NOT condone slumming 🙂 !


Blogging is just like the real world and you need the right mix of blog friends.  Michelle gave us the run down on How to Grow Your Blog by Building a Tribe of Online Friends.  Here’s a quick glance at the kinds of blog friends you might want on your team.

Besides…you can forget your real friends reading your blog regularly, LOL!

Clearly, some blog friends may fit into more than one category.


These friends will read your post, answer your question(s), engage other commenters, chime in and add to the discussion, offer healthy rebuttals/disagreements, & offer feedback.

These friends initiate your board and ensure that it matures into a healthy discussion and not just crickets!


I learned that these blog friends are just as important as the valued commenters.  These are the friends that possibly read your blog and bounce, or they follow you socially only on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, &/or Pinterest & support your there.

Those likes, shares, and RTs make a huge difference! It’s important to follow all of  your valued commenters socially, but make sure to expand this circle GINORMOUSLY!


When you have question or problem that you need an immediate response to, you need that quick responder on speed type!  You know those people that before you can complete your next email, they are responding to you!  That’s the chick you want to make friends with!

Also of EXTREME importance are the friends that take the time to email you when something is wrong on your blog – misspelled words, incorrect grammar, blog not loading, commenting issues, etc.



Most bloggers at some point in their blogging journey will host some sort of event or giveaway.  You will need loyal friends that you can count on to support your event by getting it started, participating, and sharing it.



I talked about these people pretty bad in 24 Reasons You Don’t Have Comments on Your Blog, but honestly I am perfectly fine with a few of these on my team! You might not want to scan Josie’s  though, she has a machine that shocks your eyes if you do so, lol.

For real though, some of you all need to tighten up your scanning game.  You can’t scan and miss something major like the blogger’s birthday or their spouse’s  or child’s birthday.


Here’s a TIP – scan the comments too genius!


Someone/ or a particular site to show you the ropes financially when you are ready to take that step.  They can also help guide you in making decisions on posting schedule, guest post, event hosting, social network branding, etc.

Someone you trust to give honest feedback and advice.



Healthy competition is good for anything.  Usually this healthy competitor is moving at about the same pace as you.  You probably have similar goals, posting schedules, etc. You can do projects together bounce off each other’s energy, and be inspired to stay on your A game.


I  REALLY WANT FEEDBACK! Let’s say for today, you are all VALUED COMMENTERS….. Em K;)

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know….

    • What kind of friend are you in the real world? Are you the same type of friend to all of your friends?
    • If you see something wrong (not nit picking bc we all make errors, but ya know, something you’d want called to your attention) with a blog, do you email the blogger?
    • Bloggers, what kind of blog friends do you need more of?
    • Bloggers, do your real friends read your blog? Do you get upset when they don’t? Have you discussed it with them?
    • RANDOM final question for all friends since PFL (Prescription Fitness Lady) poses some confusion on Facebook, In your head do you say R-X Fitness Lady or Prescription Fitness Lady?

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Rx Fitness Lady

Greetings, I'm Joi, a Pharmacist with a passion for fitness & a community leader. I teach BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, Tabata Boot Camp, & serve as a mentor to young girls. My goal is to inspire people to live healthy, active, & prosperous lifestyles through practical blog posts deliveries. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. You can view more post and subscribe to stay tuned to latest updates at Rx Fitness Lady.

97 thoughts on “Know Your Personnel – The Right Mix of Real Friends & Blog Friends

  1. This is a great post, I love all the dedications to your friends.
    I agree with your point it definitely relates to having a “tribe” online too, I read the SITs article too and I am definitely interested in increasing mine – blogging can be a lonely game without a tribe!

    What kind of friend are you in the real world? Are you the same type of friend to all of your friends?
    No, I vary depending on my friends because they vary for me too. I have some friends who I love to party with and then others I love to sit in and watch movies with – to them I am party friend to one, staying in friend to another!

    If you see something wrong (not nit picking bc we all make errors, but ya know, something you’d want called to your attention) with a blog, do you email the blogger?
    It depends on the error, sometimes I keep the page up to refresh and see if they fixed it. And then sometimes I will email them but to be honest it depends on how big a fan of the blog I am.

    Bloggers, what kind of blog friends do you need more of? BLOGGERS! A lot of the people I discuss blogging with or who visit my blog are offline friends at the moment or people who aren’t blog owners themselves. Weep!

    Bloggers, do your real friends read your blog? Do you get upset when they don’t? Have you discussed it with them? As above, yes some of them do. It doesn’t bother me if they do it don’t and we’ve discussed it a few times. My best friend loves giving me post ideas!
    Kate recently posted…Marvelous in my MondayMy Profile

    • Kate I got offended initially when I kept telling certain people about my blog that never visited. You are good not to take it personal. My feelings were hurt but I was pleasantly surprised by people who follow me on social networks who tuned in and became loyal readers without me targeting them. You need BLOGGERS period huh, lol! I’m happy to chat with you. You are as about as valued of a commenter as one can get 🙂

  2. i liked this post…taking stock of your friendships are a great way to see what you are missing and what you need to add to your corner…i could probably use some of the friends on your list including an accountability partner….
    Mrs. Pancakes recently posted…I’ve Moved…My Profile

    • People always laugh at the number of real friends I claim, but honestly they are all so unique and special to me and that’s why I will always keep the door open for new relationships. People are a blessing in so many different ways and I’m so grateful to have them when I need them and vice versa!

  3. Whoa, girl you are bringing the heat this monday morning LOL. This is a really cool post. You definitely need different friends in real life and bloggy life…it’s nice when the two overlap as well. The comment scanners make me crazy as well, and you are so good at alerting me to when this go off the rail at my blog–(spelling correction finally fixed last night, i’m late, but I did it!) I think of myself more as a social butterfly I love sharing content, its easy and free and it actually helps my brand.
    Nellie recently posted…Fitbloggin 2013: The Finale–5k Recap, My Zumba Video & a Giveaway!My Profile

    • When I guest posted on your blog, someone was like…hey Nellie, you look great! I was like come on man, you didn’t even glance..hit comment button type and bounce…geesh!

  4. Gosh…I see myself in most if the friend titles in real life. I have a tight circle of girls, and we tend to have similar relationships where we talk about most of the categories.
    In the blog world, I’m just starting to build a network of friends with my new site. I love having fellow bloggers to turn to when I have a question. However, I have never sent an email to correct a mistake on a post…I’m always worried that the person would react negatively.
    Kimberly {Manifest Yourself} recently posted…4 Tweeks for a Successful Meatless MondayMy Profile

    • Please don’t hesitate to hit me up any time Kimberly! I am most gracious for anyone who calls, texts, or emails me. Most of the time it’s my real friends that call me up or text. I have had blog friends shoot emails as well. Sometimes in the fast pace of blogging, I might type your for you’re or whatever..I clearly know the difference but readers will hammer you for it in their head so I want to be corrected!

      That’s awesome that your friends are so well rounded!

  5. hehe. I always have typos because I blog late a night ((YAWN!). The friends who will email me or even comment in a funny-sarcastic way to let me know about my typos (or even when my blog blows up — you alerted me once, Joi) are the best. But really, aren’t typos simply just artistic expression? ((winks))
    Thanks for mentioning me, girl. How ironic that there is a typo in that very sentence. ((giggling))
    Yum Yucky recently posted…Sugar Free Homemade Instant LemonadeMy Profile

  6. I believe I am the same type of friend to everybody. I try to listen with no judgement and give the best encouragement and/or advice I can (which usually involves scripture or my personal life lessons).

    I say Prescription fitness lady in my head 🙂

    • 🙂 Thanks Nete! You are THE BEST friend ever! You are very accurate in your friendship perception from where I sit! Thanks for commenting!

  7. This is an excellent post for life and for blogging. We moved to a new city and its been tough to break into this small-town society. I’m grateful for the friends I do have and still treasure my friends from our old city!

    As far as blogging friends go – I love meeting them in real life and have learned so much from bloggers like you and others who are much better at being social than I am!
    Diane Fit to the Finish recently posted…7 Habits of Highly Successful LosersMy Profile

    • Moving into a town can be tough breaking in circles. I have found that organizations have led to some good friendships in this small town for newbies. I am born and raised here so I know exactly what you mean but I try to welcome new people with an open mind.

  8. Great post about friends, girl! —–> That was my attempt at a scanning comment. Did you like it?haha

    But really, having friends in all of those categories is a MUST. I have my “Go have a margarita” friend whom I would never go to for life altering decision input. Now you’ve got me wondering which friend I am to my girls!
    I was laughing at “you can forget your real friends reading your blog daily”. Ain’t that the truth. 😉
    You’ve been a wonderful blog friend to me. You’ve been a valued commentor and mentor for sure!
    veronica recently posted…Past Goals Revisited – How Have I Done So Far?My Profile

    • Ha Ha Veronica and yes that is exactly what I don’t like to see! I appreciate your comment today and your friendship in blogging. Our friends just don’t get it for the most part!

  9. I’m your fun friend! #winning I’m a loyal friend to my friends in real life. I don’t know what I provide for them- but whatever it is, I’m always there.

  10. In fact, as a blogger it used to be that ONLY real-life friends read my blog because I hadn’t yet branched out into communities/commenting. I know I bring that up a lot but it’s been life-changing. I really don’t know what I am! I know that my little sister too is my wise friend. I have a few travel buddies but I also have friends who I love but the idea of going away with them nearly gives me hives! I think I’m mostly a relationship coach friend, for some reason. As a blogger friend, well, I don’t know! Maybe a small mix of everything?
    Tamara recently posted…Vertigo.My Profile

    • You are a great blog friend and I understand why you continue to mention the difference in now and then. If I had to depend on my friends to be my sources of feecback and then I discovered blog friends and comments, I’d still be talking about it as well. It’s a whole new world and I love the connections that are made!

  11. I think we totally lose sight of the fact that friends serve different purposes! I have friends who never said a word to me after my miscarriage…like good friends who came to my wedding! And I have to brush it off and think, you know they’re just not the emotional type, or holding my hand and crying is just not their thing! And maybe if I were in their shoes, I’d be scared to say anything at all too. All people are good people in their own way so I’m trying not to take offense. As for your blog, I say RX (versus prescription).
    catherine gacad recently posted…Alt SF Conference: Not for the Faint of HeartMy Profile

    • Catherine I totally think that with your situation it is fear of saying the wrong thing. It is sad, but I’ve been there. Instead of keeping quite, I’ve always just turned to my Mother for advice as to what to say or do. People really just take the easy way out and honestly don’t mean any harm. I think we should go the extra measure to figure it out though, because people will hold grudges and remember when you weren’t there for them, especially in tragic situations.

    • One of my line sister went so far to say “You want me to subscribe so you can be blowing up my email all the time” SMH! They can be ruthless!

  12. I say R-X Fitness Lady in my head!

    Hubby and I often debate the term “friends” vs. “associates” quite a bit. I like how you broke down the type of personal friends you have in your life. I can’t say that I have one of each, but I think I treat mine all the same. Of course there are those I can really let my hair down with and others I have to be more conservative with.

    When you started discussing blogging friends, I felt like you stepped into my head for a minute and walked around. I learned very early on that my personal friends and facebook friends are very likely NOT going to read my blog. I quickly made peace with that. Mainly because I want to attract readers that truly want to read my content. Blogging articles that I have read state that successful bloggers spend time in spaces where their readers do and write about things their readers want to hear about. I know that my interests don’t always mirror those of my friends and family. My daddy voluntarily told me he goes to my site every day to see what I have posted. For me, that makes up for all the family and personal friends who don’t. 🙂

    I don’t e-mail bloggers who make typos because I don’t want to appear rude. However I would not take offense if someone told me that I had posted something incorrect. Weird, huh?

    Joi, you fall into 4 of the blogging friend categories for me: Accountability Partner, Financial/Coach Mentor, Valued Commenter, and Party Friend. Now, I need to make you my Email Mogul. LOL I need one of those.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Black Bean Soup (Rigged)My Profile

    • Thank you so much for your blog friendship Kim!

      My Dad subscribes to my blog but he only reads the titles in his email and if he is REALLY intrigued, he will click over and read and possibly comment. My Mother reads it religiously though. I was surprised by the associates on Facebook that tuned in, commented, and emailed me how much they love the blog. It took me a good minute, but I too came to peace with accepting that my blog is not appealing to everyone no matter how terrific I think it is, lol.

      I understand about typos, but some things really deserve a correction and those are the times I would appreciate someone emailing or texting me or something. We need to share info soon!

    • Kim, I have just gotten to that point this month. I don’t feel like coming up with stuff to say especially when people are all “deep”, those make my head hurt the worse! Then they don’t even ask a question so I have no idea where they want me to go with the discussion!

  13. So much to think about “R-X Fitness lady”:)

    Recently I began noticing, as I get older, that my friend circle changes depending on my life stages too. I used to have more of my “Relationship friend”, “Party friend”, “Work friend” etc. And while that is true to some extent, I find I am drawn (in my ‘real life’) to people in the same life stage as me – maybe with kids the same age, or those who are working outside the home, or those going through the “over 40 crisis”. Then I talk a ton about everything with them. It’s good – and it’s bad. Sometimes everyone is too similar to you, and you want some change! Sometimes everyone is too different from you and you need someone to say “I get you”. I think we need a huge variety of friends at every stage of life.

    As for blogging, I am just now venturing out to making blogging friends – so your breakdown was interesting to read. I never really realized there was a “blogger world” bcs I never left my own little spot. However, the more I like blogging, and invest in blogging, and identify with blogging, the more I see I need to develop those blogging friends so that I have a tribe that “gets me”. None of my real world friends are bloggers or really support blogging, so it is pushing me more to make the blogger friends. And, wow, is it amazing to read and learn from amazing bloggers from all corners, all ages, all cultures, all religions, all styles!
    Leah Davidson recently posted…My White Picket Fence and GardenMy Profile

    • I’m telling you! It is so awesome to make blogging connections! My friends look at me like I’m crazy when I try to explain my blog friends. They are like, yeah whatever! Also with my friends, I have found it harder to stay connected with them as they’ve started to get married and have babies. I guess I will be the same way once I get there. On our girls trip, we had to ditch the mamas because they were spending too much time in Old Navy shopping for the kids and we wanted to shop for ourselves, lol. I can see the phases of life friends thing shaping out my phone call list in the future too.

  14. Only two of my real friends read my blog and they only read if they see me put it on FB . I normally keep things separate with my blog buddies (as I call them) and my real friends. I don’t mix the two unless we have been blogging buddies for a while.

    There are 3 blogging buddies that I normally talk to through emails and phone and we have known each other for about 2 years will they ever be my besties? only time will tell it takes me knowing you for about 5 years to call you a friend I don’t take that word lightly. I hope to be the kind of friend who someone can call when they are feeling down and out most of my friends call me when they need a good laugh that is what I am here for.

    If it’s a regular blog that I comment on I will email that person if I see something wrong.
    Kita recently posted…Friday RundownMy Profile

    • Hum, that’s a long auditing process Kita 🙂 I actually haven’t talked on the phone to a blog friend. I haven’t really figured out how to go about that. I guess I will make that a step to take in the near future. I wouldn’t be uncomfortable but because I was so new in the space, I didn’t know if it was kosher so I didn’t press the issue with anyone.

  15. Love the strikethrough. I only get mine read by real friends if I send them the link. Otherwise the question from time to time, is “Still writing in your blog?” – which really irks me. But of course I don’t say anything.

    I think I am the same type of friend with everybody. Except I may not tell a church friend that there’s Vodka in my freezer but other than that I’m the same. I messaged someone on FB the other day that I would say I’m not even that tight with blog to blog but we travel in the same circles and I read a post of here and picked up on her using the wrong date for something coming up. She had August and it’s a July event. So when its a big one, I’ll let you know. I don’t bother anybody about typos.

    I call you RX Fitness lady. I worked in insurance so PFL Paid Family Leave is engraved on my brain.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…A drop in the bucket…My Profile

    • You and Angela were the reason for that question. It seems that most are going with Rx Fitness Lady, of course I’m cool with either.

      My friends ask similar questions and also some only visit if I post in our group me or something. It does still irk me too when they make negative comments. One friends was like “UUGGGGHHHH” when I told her I was driving to BBCCHAR. She was like are you seriously going to a freaking blogging convention now!

  16. What a great post!! And thank you for mentioning my post! I definitely have different kinds of friends, and I think I am a different with different friends. Sometimes I match effort…other times someone really needs you and I try to be there for them. I don’t think very many of my local friends read my blog…I do know some do, but they don’t comment. It doesn’t bother me. Then again, sometimes I get surprised like I did the other day where someone told me they read my blog when I post it to LinkedIn. Totally made my day! And I think and say RX!
    Michelle recently posted…How to Set Up a Google+ Hangout and Why You Should {Guest Post}My Profile

    • No problem Michelle! It was a great post. It made my day yesterday when my hygienist (who I see every 6 months of course) was mentioning all kind of posts since my last visit. She is also my friend but I only seem to catch up with her when I go in. Anywho, when stuff like that happens, it makes me feel awesome!

  17. I guess I’m a different friend to different people, Joi. But I do believe that I am the “listening friend” to the vast majority of them. People feel comfortable unburdening themselves to me as they know I will listen and respect the confidence they place in me.

    If I see a boo-boo on someone’s page, I will tell them. It’s the editor in me. Plus, I want their page to look good! I don’t think anyone’s ever not appreciated me bringing a faux pas to their attention. It’s all in the “how” and not the “what.” If it’s presented in love and respect, it will be well received.

    I need valued commenters, y’all! That for me is pure gold. I hate the feeling sometimes that I’m talking to myself. That’s how a lack of comments feels. I appreciate FB and Twitter love as well, but comments make my heart do the “happy happy joy joy” dance! 🙂

    Most of my IRL (in real life) friends read the blog intermittently, at best. It’s been a hard pill to swallow because I guess I thought my friends would be my biggest supporters. Not so much! I believe it’s that they’re not bloggers or don’t yet get the concept of blogging. They see posts as “essays” and although they might enjoy reading them, they don’t “get” the need for comments or likes… well, some of them don’t! It’s all good, however. As I grow up as a blogger, I’ve learned that support comes from some pretty unexpected corners, quite organically. It’s been interesting!

    And I always think of you as RxFitness Lady!


    Alison Hector recently posted…Honor the CreatorMy Profile

  18. Mmmm….what? I was just scanning this post. LOL! Okay. I totally get all of the different categories. Both friend and blogging. But what about those of us who are horrible at making and keeping friends? No lie. I seriously need a girlfriend in my life as my husband is only sooo entertaining but I find it hard to make the time (and I swear this isn’t mean) to have that type of relationship. I need a mentor for how to make friends. If I wanted to just start with one RLF who isn’t my mom or my sister…where do I go? Okay, I’m sounding kinda sad but I’m really not. I’m very happy in my life but know that this area is lacking. We all have areas of improvement. :_)
    Carli recently posted…Reebok Spartan Free Race Code #GiveawayMy Profile

    • Carli, I’ve picked up friends from activities all through out life. School, sports, the gym, etc. I will admit, it takes work to make it flourish…phone calls, planned outings, etc.

  19. I’m definitely guilty of being a scanning commenter sometimes – especially on the extra long posts. I really try to read everyone’s entire post, but time is limited, ya know? As far as your specific questions, here goes:
    – Most of my IRL friends are far away or at totally different points in their lives – which means that I’m the lame friend that doesn’t go out very often. But I’m always there to listen if someone needs to pour their heart out.
    – I don’t usually let bloggers know if there’s an error, just because I know I’ve made tons of them and it makes me feel hypocritical to point them out. Love your attitude about it though. Perhaps I should get over my own.
    – I always love good commenters…and you are a fantastic one!
    – None of my IRL friends or family read my blog. Many don’t even know about it. In all honesty, I like to keep things separate that way.
    – If saying it out loud, I use “Prescription”, but written I use both R-X, just like your url and header.
    Leslie recently posted…{30 Things} Strengths & WeaknessesMy Profile

    • Interesting about how you call the blog name, lol! Thank you for being a friend of Rx Fitness Lady. You are the first to say you’d like to keep it separate from your friends. If I was like that, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting offended at the lack of support!

  20. In my head I say RX Fitness Lady because it’s shorter, but when I say it out loud, I say prescription.
    I am definitely a different friend to different friends. I am a really good listener. I love engaging friends on their story, asking questions and if solicited, give objective advice. I have friends who always need a listening ear, a friend I can be silly with, a colleague friend. My circle of close friends is about 4.
    I generally don’t email blog corrections for typos….cause I’d be emailing non stop. If its something major like page not loading or a link not working, I’ll send a note.
    Some of my real friends read my blog, but seldom comment. I only know they read it because sometimes in real conversations I’ll mention that I blogged about something and they’ll respond, yes I read that one or I saw that on your blog.
    Hope recently posted…Old School Blogging: Take Five!My Profile

    • Doesn’t that make you feel good when that happens. It totally makes my day when people make comments that I know they couldn’t have made unless they actually read the post not just glanced at something I shared on Facebook.

      You are a great blog friend btw! Thank you!

    • Forming a tribe requires diligent work but once you get it going, it’s a beautiful thing! At least that’s how I feel about my tribe!

  21. Wow! This was a great post! First of all, I am a caring friend. I have fun friends, telephone friends, church friends, teacher friends(at work), advice friends, and casual friends. I love people. I say Rx fitness lady at least five times a day! I am so proud of you my first born angel!

  22. Love this post!
    I am the same type of friend to all my friends – I’m trustworthy, positive and love to tell my friends they can do anything they put their mind to.
    If I see something wrong with a blog, and feel the need to fix it, I leave a comment about a book or article that puts across my point of view. It’s up to the blogger to take that into consideration, or not. And I still feel like I said my piece.
    My best friend reads my blog, the others, not so much. I don’t get offended if they don’t read it. If something interests you, you go back for more, if it doesn’t, you won’t.
    Love this last question! I say RX fitness lady.
    Renita recently posted…To Puke or Not to PukeMy Profile

    • 🙂 Thanks for answering it Renita! I realize after a few people asked what is PFL, that it is not set in stone what people call my blog and scrolling the comments, it seems that there is equal recognition for both Rx and Prescription fitness lady!

  23. Great post Joi! It is so important to have a good group of ladies that uplift us, bring us out of our shell and even sometimes put us back into our shell if need be! Cutie Pie Clothes is fairly new to the blogging world and each week is a growing/working progress! I am really looking to make that connection and form a certain unit with my fellow blogging ladies! So I would say I need all of the above! As for myself when it comes to the blogging world I am more of an social butterfly/valued commenter! Now for my own group of “soul sisters” (that is what I refer to my ladies as for they are more than just friends they are a piece of my soul) I am…well I cant narrow it down. I’m the fun one… the wise one and the relationship coach! hahah just depends on what day you catch me!! Although you are right, each friend offers something different! Great post thanks for sharing Joi ~Leah~
    Leah Elizabeth Locklear recently posted…Televison in your child’s room- Yes or No?My Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by Leah! There were so many connections to be made at BBC! I am still trying to sort through business cards. It was great meeting there!

  24. It’s amazing how much I depended on my friends before I got married and had a family of my own. I have a great group of friends most are out of state, but we have remained very close throughout the years. I value my friendships more as I get older and value the relationships that have developed through blogging.
    Brandi recently posted…Fresh Ideas from Minted.comMy Profile

    • I mentioned earlier to a previous commenter that I noticed my friends finding it more difficult to stay as connected after marriage and babies. I value whatever time I can get from my crew. Getaways are a MUST for me! I hope to always maintain that fellowship when possible.

  25. Really digging this post. I cracked up when I saw the title of this post in my email inbox because my girlfriends and I discuss how there are different friends for different purposes. I refuse to travel with any and all of my friends because not all friends are meant to be travel buddies. For most of my friends I’m probably the go-to friend for sordid advice and support. I have two friends who claim to read my blog regularly but only comment every now and again but will text or call me to talk about some of my post. As I blogger I don’t usually email other bloggers to point out something wrong. I may make a suggestion in a comment or on Twitter but not usually b/c I’m no pro. I have been “corrected” by other bloggers and welcome the suggestions. I like to think of you as the “R.X. Fitness Lady.” I like the ring of it. It’s not the prescription lady is it???
    Andrea recently posted…About Me: Beyond the BlogMy Profile

    • So you call folks out on da twitter AYE??? LOL, email me boo!

      It’s whatever! Rx stands for prescription so I’m good with either. I actually say both.

  26. Hey Joi,

    Great post! I love how you compared the two type of “friends”. I do love the tribe of friends that I am connected with via online. It definitely does make a difference! In real life, I am the listener and advice giver. Friends know when to call me, no matter what time of day. And, that is cool with me.

  27. This is great stuff, as usual, Joi. I think it’s a valuable realization to know that not all of our friends can be “all things” to us and to value what they CAN give us and to give back in return, what our gifts and strengths are. I love my blogging tribe. I have my commenters and my social butterflies and those I can email with questions. And same for real life. The old friends and the fun friends and the wise friends – thank goodness for all of them!
    Ilene recently posted…Must Love DogsMy Profile

  28. Haha Joi! I love coming over here…you’re always thinking out of the box girl! Great points you’ve made. I think it’s healthy to have different friends for different reasons….and a healthy mix of both blogging and real friends (both whom I adore and appreciate)! 😀 Many people may think otherwise, but I applaud you for keepin’ it real Joi! Do my real friends support my blog…a resounding NO!! Do you hear that “real friends”? LOL! 😀 I’m not mad at them though, they just can’t get into this blogging thing. 🙂 Of course I’ll always know you as the “Rx-Fitness Lady” Joi! Have a wonderful week my friend! xoxo
    Michell recently posted…“Michell’s Weekly Pearl”My Profile

  29. In the real world, I’d have to say that I’m the type of friend who you can come to about mostly anything, but I try to show my friends the positivity in their situation, as to lighten their burden. I have great blog friends to email with blog related questions! My “real friends” read my blog when I first started it, but have since fallen off, lol! I think I’ve said both, but I know I’ve said R- X fitness lady more times, lol!
    Sherelle recently posted…Wedding Wednesdays: Best Planning ResourcesMy Profile

    • Yeah, I am sure I had those few dedicated one from the initial launch to fall off as well. Surely if they were reading, they would have commented on this post, lol!

  30. I agree that it’s important to have a mix of real friends and bloggy friends and it looks like you have a great tribe of real girlfriends. Friendship is definitely an area in my life I need to focus on once I get out of the newborn haze.
    Melissa @ Completely Eclipsed recently posted…SwaddlingMy Profile

    • Yes understandable! I tried to give my friends space after new babies arrived. I am blessed to have my circle of friends and am always willing to expand that circle.

  31. Valued commentators are a huge! It is nice to know that I have a following of people who regularly read and comment on my blog; I feel that through their comments and my comments on their blog, we have been able to form a virtual friendship.

    It’s interesting, I never think of my “real life” friends reading my blog since they don’t comment (which is totally fine!), but periodically a friend will tell me “I love your blog, I read it all the time!” which surprises me and make me quite happy (and perhaps a little bashful).
    Bev @ Linkouture recently posted…The Bloggy Side of Business: Part 2 of Creating My BrandMy Profile

    • Agreed! Valued commenters are the ones who make you feel the best! I love nothing more for a friend IRL to mention something on my blog. They rarely ever make comments and it just brightens my day to know that they do pop in at least sometimes.

  32. I remember when I first started blogging I was anxiously awaiting comments. I appreciate it so much now because we are all very busy when someone takes the time. I was surprised like many have said at the blog friends I have made. I read Michelle’s original post and I also loved the spin you put on it.
    Kate recently posted…Linkin’ With My Ladies #25My Profile

    • Thank you for visiting Kate. I was surprised by my own genuine affection for these virtual relationships. I get offended when my real life friends try to make light of it. Thx for chiming in the discussion.


  33. different people need you for different reasons – i don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all to anything in life. know your purpose, serve it to the best of your abilities, and understand that you can’t please everybody all the time. and i’m with Leslie regarding the long posts…we all read and process information differently. if i can scan and walk away with valuable info, then so be it. i say RX Fitness lady in my head because that’s the beginning of your url and i have to type the ‘R’ so it’ll come up in my browser!
    miss donna recently posted…blogging lessons | dream big and have faithMy Profile

    • Very well said Donna! A lot of friends don’t understand that and get offended by your lack of expression on different matters.

    • Yeah, I definitely don’t think blogging is for anyone who doesn’t have time to attribute to the entire process, unless of course it is simply a hobby. It takes real work to form consistent tribe relationships and once they are there, you have to nurture them and continue to support. Thanks for visiting Sheri. I do hope you will return.


      • i think it can be hard at times finding a balance. i know a couple bloggers who have either announced they can’t keep up with social media and commenting and basically said i’m doing the best i can, sorry i can’t keep up or they shut down their blogs.

        blogging has changed so much in the past 5 years, it really has become a struggle to keep up with social media. when i first started blogging ages ago when blogger first came out it was easy, no twitter, iphones, instagram etc. blogging conversations took place on the blog. now it’s so complicated and honestly i think it’s really become intimidating to people. i think thats why you get the comments (as mentioned above) that miss key information in the posts people want to visit/comment/engage but time is limited. or maybe i’m making excuses? thoughts?

        • I don’t think you are making excuses. It is very time consuming. I only really use Facebook. I’m everywhere else but not consistent. I don’t think it’s possible unless you have help and or it’s the only thing that you do. I wouldn’t quit, but I’m not forcing myself to do all social outlets regularly just because that’s what experts say. I started blogging during the age of social media, so it’s all I know and it’s still too much for me!

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  36. the first thing i thought when i read this post was i wonder what type of real life friend i am.hmmmm. also i’m dying over the the slumming around isn’t ok comment. seriously dying!

    ok down to business 🙂

    this was an interesting breakdown of the types of blog readers there are out there – i’m curious about the silent ones who read/lurk but say nothing. Any insight into that category is welcome.

    the email blog friend really resonated with me. i often wonder the etiquette around the whole emailing bloggers thing. i actually like it/am grateful when readers point out things to me (in a non jerky way), because then I can fix the problem (thank you btw). i think that a lot of bloggers don’t like that though – you hear of people commenting about a problem and the blogger fixes it and then deletes the comment – i guess to pretend there was never a mistake?

    the last sentence of the post, please clarify!
    em K recently posted…outfit:shirtdressMy Profile

    • I never delete/edit comments that were informing me of a mistake. In fact, I respond on the blog in thanks and let them know I corrected it.

      Ok, so I had to go back to post, HA….I always think of you when I type that. Guess I better find another clever way to say ok 🙂

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