How to Host A Vision Board Party

Happy New Year to you PFL! I had the pleasure of hosting what I’d like to become an annual occurrence this past weekend.

I Hosted My First Vision Board Party!!!

How To Host A Vision Board Party

Hey now, my board makes sense to me! Don’t assume 😉 If you have questions, feel free to ask, lol!

One of my very first post before officially launching Rx Fitness Lady was a suggestion on how to celebrate New Year’s Day with a New Year’s Theme Based Vision Board Party.

That post pretty much explained my love addiction with vision boards, what they are, and how to make them!

Today I’m sharing with you my idea of an inspiring event!


First, you want to intrigue attendants with a nice invitation!  Also, let people know what to bring; scissors, magazines, and a printed picture of themselves.

How To Host A Vision Board Party - Invitation


Second, you want to explain to your guests what a vision board is and what the goal of the party is.

If you choose to host a party, feel free to share my original post to explain what a vision board is.

My First Vision Board


Third, you can offer fellowship through feasting.  You can’t host a party without food right?  This actually gives the guests time to think about what kind of board they want Broad subject (all aspects of life) vs Specific (work project, relationship, health, etc).

Tip – Most people you invited to your vision board party probably stuck out in your mind as forward progressing people.  It would be kind of you to give them an opportunity to share their elevator pitches with the group.  If space permits allow for the set up of products or service displays!

Quite a few of my guests got #Buttoned by one local accessory fashionista of Persimmon and Haute!


Fourth, you get the purpose of the party started! It would be nice if you provided boards (you can get as creative as you like here).  I got foam boards from the Dollar Tree for this particular party. Encourage the sharing of magazines and thoughts while putting together the vision boards.

Working on Vision Boards

Tip: Have grocery bags on hand for people to keep up with their images as they cut them out!

Fifth, hold an accountability session.  In my opinion, it’s VERY IMPORTANT to make this part optional. You don’t want to make people feel they have to share their vision boards.  Some people thrive off of accountability that comes with sharing!

Linda's Vision Board


It can be really helpful.
Inform people that they can share all of their board, the most important part, or NONE AT ALL.

Vision Board

You remember this girl that is down over 150 pounds rights? This girl is still on fire!

Geneva's Vision Board


Incentive to share can be brought about by offering a prize(s) (APOLLO STYLE) for the;

  • prettiest vision board
  • most challenging vision
  • most interesting vision
  • best niche focused

These are just a few categories.  Depending on your guests, you can make categories appropriate for your party! Ok so, my party was all kind of long and we didn’t get to this part but I’ll adjust for the next time.

Amber's Vision Board

Ya’ll know baby girl!

Monica's Vision Board


Sixth, offer a toast  to the New Year and the Vision of your guests!

Vision Board Toast


BONUS – Provide goodies to take home!

Vision Board Party

Bonus #2 – Host a Mid-Year Follow Up!

I really enjoyed listening to the ladies introduce themselves and then seeing some of who they are transferred on the boards with very creative images!

Vision Boards

I’m extremely grateful to everyone who helped me pull this gathering together.  I sincerely hope that everyone sees their vision come to in this 2015!


Big thank you for the brave women who came out and participated!  Happy New Year again to you all PFL!

Rx Fitness Lady Vision Board Party


Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,


Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • What is your vision for 2015?
  • How did you get 2015 started?
  • Can you guess 1 of my goals for 2015?
  • Have you ever created a vision board? Did it help?

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10 thoughts on “How to Host A Vision Board Party

  1. beautiful!! What an awesome event you threw!! I am actually in the middle of creating my board. Last night I took a bunch of images out of all of my (many) magazines and surprised myself that most of the images seemed to be focused on one area! I need to figure out how to “make it pretty” and I am stopping at the drugstore on the way home to get some glitter and stuff. 🙂
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…What are Your Fitness Goals for 2015? #FitList15 Linky Party is LIVE!My Profile

  2. I did my board on Pinterest I am not a huge vision board person. I just like to pick a word and work with that word. That being said this year I want to accomplish Action. Get in a space where I stop second guessing myself and just do it no matter the outcome. Great party!
    Kita recently posted…The beat goes BOOMMy Profile

  3. Love! I am finally going to get on the bandwagon and create my own vision board. It’s my first try so hopefully it goes well! I decided to have one word to define what I want my year to be about. Hopefully that will guide me while creating my board!

  4. I hate I missed this event! It looks like you ladies had a great time! I’m planning to make my vision board this weekend. It’ll be my first. I’m excited 🙂

  5. Love this idea! I’m doing my first vision board this month, I’ve added it to my planner (it’s a mini) but it’ll be with me all the time. This would be a great thing to do next year with my friends. Thanks for sharing your tips and the photographs. Very inspiring!

  6. Looks like lots of fun doing it with friends. I bet that was so motivating for everyone. I just did my vision board last week. My one word for 2015 is PROSPERITY. Lots of money pictures and words. And Oprah!

  7. What a fun idea Joi! I’m so used to using Pinterest, but having a hands on tactic and a party to put it all together is a great way to plan your year and socialize at the same time!
    Leslie recently posted…{Friday Five}My Profile

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