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If you are like me, public speaking can totally give you anxiety!  I would imagine that if you haven’t always been invited to do public speaking engagements that now that you are blogging you have more opportunities.  That’s if you share your blog with people in your inner circle.  Whenever you do something like, have a blog, you instantly give yourself more credibility.   For one, it’s a lot of work and people respect that for whatever subject you choose to blog about.

WAIT, WAIT, WAIT…this is so not just for bloggers!  I’ve had speaking invitations for as long as I can remember & I’m new to blogging.  I thought of this post while I was preparing for a reunion speech I did at my alma mater.  I blogged all about that fabulous day here.

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On making speeches, I know of no other activity that can ruin my day and highlight my day at the same dang time! Yes it’s My Health Monday and looks like we are sticking with Stress Awareness in different forms all month!  I thought I’d share some tips I find helpful for me in preparing and execution for people who may be just like me.




Don’t take too long. 12- 15 minutes is usually long enough to say anything relevant.

Practice your speech in the mirror at least 3 times before actually giving it.

Check your watch/cell phone right before you get up.  Audiences are rude, if you say good evening and it’s afternoon, THEY WILL CORRECT YOU with a reply of “Good Afternoon” in the loudest voice imaginable.  The appropriate greetings…

  • Good Morning – anytime before 11:59 a.m. 
  • Good Afternoon – 12:00 p.m. – 5:59 p.m.
  • Good Evening – 6:00 p.m and after

Place both hands flat on the podium the entire time.  This stops your hands from fidgeting and helps you stay in place and not rock back and forth or what not.

Use one hand to guide you through your speech in case you forget something.  If you are following along your notes, it won’t be hard to get back on track.

Make eye contact all around the room.

If you don’t have a mic, speak up, project your voice and enunciate!

Make it flow.  Have a clear introduction, topic, supportive points (best if 3) and conclusion.  If you have points, it will insure that the listeners have something to take home with them and not just say “oh the speaker was good” but they don’t remember jack you said!

Be aware of annoying qualities of yours (i.e. I am always slinging my bangs out of my face…SUPER ANNOYING to marked off for that in grand rounds in pharmacy school & still forget to move my hair out of my face before presentations).

Empty your bladder before you get ready to speak.  It would be very awkward to have to go while speaking.

If it is a dining occasion, eat sparingly no matter how good the food is to prevent upset stomach and or gas.  Ladies touch up the makeup after eating.

Jokes – It would be nice to open with an appropriate joke.  Usually it’s best to tell a joke on yourself, but if you can swing it talking about someone else, then so be it. If you can make the crowd laugh, they will usually listen to you.  Either way, you only have about 30 seconds after getting up for them to decide wether they will listen to you or tune you out and start playing angry birds on their cells.  You might want to run that joke by someone before getting up in front of people though, JS ;).

Listen to what is happening ahead of your speech on the program.  I ALWAYS am able to pull something from a previous person to make my speech more conversational.  This is a part you can’t plan for but if you recognize the opportunity when it presents itself, you have a chance to connect with the audience.  When it does, just jot it off in the margin of your notes (or tablet) as a trigger to mention it.

Now… Go rock that next speech!

Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,

Rx Fitness Lady Wants to Know…

  • What additional tips/questions do you have about public speaking?
  • What drives you nuts when a speaker is before you?
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44 thoughts on “From Blogger to Speaker: Public Speaking Tips

  1. Fantastic tips!! I have certainly bookmarked this one in case I ever to get asked to publicly speak. I feel fairly comfortable speaking and it’s not by choice, at my job when I was promoted I was basically told I had to do presentations regardless of whether or not I knew how to. So basically I was thrown into the water with sharks and completely unable to swim 🙂 I learned quickly though after some really rough presentations. One thing that is key is preparation and practice like you said. Now I’m super comfortable 🙂
    Nellie recently posted…Roll The Tape — A #PostItParty RecapMy Profile

    • Super comfortable is a dream of mine. I have people fooled though. They don’t believe my stomach is twisted all kind of sideways the hours leading up to and don’t even think about sleeping the night before…nervous wreck!!! YAY to the promotion however long ago it was, lol!

  2. I use to speak in public often when I was younger now I get anxiety really bad for some reason. I say omm a lot when my mind goes blank. You know me I would always start off with a joke to lighten the mood it sets the tone for me.
    Kita recently posted…Chic ChantaMy Profile

    • Girl I will ABSOLUTELY under no circumstance get up and start speaking out the side of my hip. I will yield to the next person in charge or what not. I am a speaker in preparation ONLY! I would be all kind of blank without notes.

  3. Awesome tips! And you’re so right about people being rude about it being morning or afternoon. I especially love the one about eating sparingly although I do get the jitters and probably couldn’t eat a thing until after my speech. I don’t speak in public a lot, but I’ll always remember my first occasion – my Bat Mitzvah. We had to do doubles with other kids so I was singing in another language to not only my own family and friends, but the family and friends of someone I didn’t know well. So whenever I get nervous about something, it helps me to remember that I rocked that at the awkward age of 13!!
    Tamara recently posted…Take It Easy.My Profile

    • THat is a unique inspiration Tamara. Thanks for sharing that, I need to try to meditate on a successful delivery from the past as well. Great additional tip!

  4. I can’t imagine you having public speaking issues. I just think you’d get right up there and rock it! And are people really rude if you say the wrong greeting? I guess I’ve never noticed. Clearly I havn’t spoken in front in public alot 🙂
    M. Love recently posted…CrossFit Weekend + Fitness RecapMy Profile

    • I don’t know about everywhere but my church comes to mind only because I’m there every Sunday and people are always saying good morning and evening during our comments of concern which is around 1:00ish and people are ALWAYS responding back with Good afternoon and they think it’s cute I suppose but the odd thing is, the person at the mic never notices because they are ignorant to the fact that they misspoke so it’s pretty much pointless.

  5. You’ve given some really great tips. I’ve been speaking, teaching, lecturing for over 10 years and I still get nervous EVERY TIME I do. There were times that I was more prepared and times I had to “wing” it. The things that really work for me is that I know my subject matter and I’m pretty comfortable with the information. I know my audience. Whether I’m speaking to a church, a company, kids, moms…whomever…I learn as much about them and the venue as possible. I’m I’m unable to learn them, I read them. You can tell when folks are really interested in what you have to say. I usually close with an inspiring story.
    I love the jokes. I’ve told some good ones and some not so good one, but either way, they’re a good ice breaker. My speaking engagements usually end in Q&A (when appropriate).
    With your list above, I’m sure anyone will do well 🙂
    Hope recently posted…Iron Girl Race RecapMy Profile

    • Thanks for adding Hope! I think the point about knowing and studying your audience is a very important one that was left off the list. In fact, it’s a must as it could really make or break your speech!

  6. Hey Joi! I so agree with Hope! (hey Hope I’ve been really agreeing with you lately…stop stealing my notes, lol)! 😀 You can say I’m a public speaker turned blogger, lol! I’ve been public speaking for over 15 years. I too still get nervous…ikr! Well, let me truthful…I only get nervous when I haven’t prepared myself! 🙁 Like Hope, when I know my subject matter like the back of my hand, then I’m in my element. I so HATE those times when I have to wing it, because after you’ve spoken, you’re ALWAYS second guessing yourself! My #1 tip would definitely be…to KNOW what you’re going to speak about and PREPARE yourself, so that your presentation will be a breeze. Thanks as always darlin’…have an awesome week!
    Michell recently posted…$200 Cash Birthday GiveawayMy Profile

    • Me too! I take deep breaths and what not, but I usually don’t stop until I’m up there talking and realize that hey I was prepared so it won’t be so bad.

  7. These are great tips. I know it’s probably not the same, but I am going to be speaking in front of parents grade K-5 in the fall, and I hate speaking in public. I will keep this in my mind….I like your “empty the bladder” tip 🙂
    Jules recently posted…Deja Vu? Liebster Award 4 & 5My Profile

    • For me Jules, it’s all the same. People are people no matter what the engagement. Some may not require all this preparation but I try to keep a process for ALL my opportunities just because I know what a train wreck it could turn into otherwise. Glad to see you again Jules!

  8. Joi, these are really good tips. I do not like it when a speaker only reads the script. The speaker needs to connect with the audience in some way, even if it is only in a a way. Make the audience laugh at least once is awesome! Projecting your voice is priceless. No one wants to listen to a boring speaker. You are a great speaker!!!

    • Thank you for the compliment and I will try not to be boring and make sure I run my jokes by you in the future.

  9. Great tips Joi, although I still don’t think I could do it. I’m too chicken and my voice cracks when I get nervous. So crazy because when my father passed away I wanted to get up and say something to everyone at the funeral and I thought, now’s your chance, but I just couldn’t do it. I wish I had your tips then though. Maybe after a little convincing I would have stood up to speak.
    Brandi recently posted…Updated Sofa with PillowsMy Profile

    • I prefer behind the scenes but sometimes I have to go up front and this is all that I have to torture myself with!

  10. Great tips! My public speaking professor in college always instructed us to speak slowly in take breaths to avoid the dreades “um, um, um.” I read your comment the other day and I’ll have to find you on Sverve so as you can find me. Well find each other…lol. I’m still learning to navigate Sverve. Any who…great post, as usual. P.S. Use this week to discuss, decide, and make known you healthcare wishes. After that, pass the information forward.
    Andrea recently posted…Death with Dignity – National Healthcare Decisions DayMy Profile

  11. I’ve always been nervous about speaking in front of large groups. As a Communications major, I was forced to overcome my anxiety about public speaking. I still get anxious, but these tips will help me in the future! I like the part about taking something from the previous speaker to make your speech more conversational! Great tip!
    Sherelle recently posted…Back Away From Your Comfort ZoneMy Profile

  12. Great post!! I’ve given a fair amount of talks on photo organizing over the last couple of years. The biggest thing that I have found that helps me is practicing in front of a mirror so I can see my facial expressions!
    Michelle recently posted…Thankful for the HeroesMy Profile

    • VERY important one with the facial expressions. Some people make the weirdest faces on stage and don’t even know it. I need to edit the list!

  13. Great tips! I remember watching my father prepare for speeches as a child/teenager. One of the things he said is that it’s important to move around and not stand still at a podium. It forces people to focus on you instead of daydreaming. That could be more of a style preference, but it always stuck with me. The husband is an excellent speech maker (with the exception of too many “ums” if he’s not prepared well enough), and it seems his strength is slowing down and speaking thoughtfully and clearly.
    Leslie recently posted…{30 Things} Three WishesMy Profile

    • I agree that would make the audience focus better, I just get nervous so I keep my hands flat. I might just give that walk around a try…especially when the talk is more educational (boring lol).

  14. It drives me nuts when people have a word or phrase that they repeat. For instance there is a speaker at my job who ends every couple of sentences with OK. I find myself not hearing anything he is saying because I am playing a game with myself to see if I can predict which sentence will end with OK.

    *I can’t see my name and email address in your comment block, is it a browser thing? I am using Firefox.

    • ROTFL, that is too funny! I have a pet peeve about Pastors that say turn to your neighbor repeatedly in sermons.

      I thought my contact form was corrected last week. I do apologize for that. I will attend to it ASAP! Thanks for letting me know Angela.


  15. thanks for sharing your tips, Joi. i’ve been speaking for quite some time and find it’s best for me to have a conversation with my audience.

    the thing that drives me crazy is when speakers literally have you doing a choreographed routine during their talk – “raise your left hand…stomp three times…ask your neighbor…” enough already!
    miss donna recently posted…personal style | the maxi dressMy Profile

  16. Good tips, this is never easy to do. I did my first speaking engagement last year and I was super nervous. Once I got over the initial start, I was ok after that. Being prepared is crucial or you will fumble and forget what you want to focus on, but the best part is when you just let loose and be honest. People get that you are nervous and for others, it comes natural. I love it the speaker admits to being nervous and to bare with them for a moment. It happens.
    Sonia recently posted…The Dangers of Blog Envy and How to Overcome ItMy Profile

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