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Hello everyone! My name is Veronica and I reside over at V Watts’ Thoughts.

V Watts Thoughts

I’m extremely honored and excited that Joi invited me to do a guest blog for y’all today.

Fridays on RxFitnessLady are usually about fitness and not wanting to stray from that topic I’d like to talk about “Fitness Anytime Anywhere”.

When I initially began my weight loss journey I was about 18 years old. Other than competitive athletics in junior high I had never purposefully exercised. Pushing 220lbs and a size 20 gave me a reason to look into working out and eating right.

At the time I didn’t own a car or make much money so going to a gym was out. The only exercises I knew how to do were your very basic moves. My workouts involved squats, lunges, sit ups, and jumping jacks. And that, my friends, is how it all began for me. I sat down and wrote out a little routine for myself comprised of those few exercises.  I would do them every night without fail. In retrospect the whole routine would have probably been what some consider a warm up much less a workout. But you know what? It got the job done. I started to see the pounds fall off. This was an extremely long introduction to basically say, you do have time for fitness!

Whether you go to the gym for an hour to attend Joi’s Bodypump or you have 20 minutes in the morning before you get ready for work —you’ve got time to get fit. Sometimes I think we have this belief that a workout must consist of 20 minute of stretching, 15 minute warm up, 50 minutes of workout, 10 minute cool down, and 10 minute stretches. That’s great, if you’ve got the time to do it. But I don’t want time constraint to hold any of us back.

Do you have time to do 20 jumping jacks and a few side planks?

Do you have time for 50 squats and 20 lunges?

Then by-golly I think you’ve got time for a workout. Now, this shouldn’t take the place of a longer workout that you do have the time for but, by all means, it should take the place of not doing anything at all because of a time constraint.

Change at work and head to the gym to break a sweat before you go home. Do a workout DVD while your clothes are in the wash. Jump rope while you watch your favorite tv show.  It’s amazing how I can find time to look through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and blogs for hours and yet I can easily tell myself that I don’t have time to do some crunches or go for a run.

One of the best things to do is have a small workout routine memorized. That way you can bust it out whenever you’ve got the time.  When I became my most physically fit I remember doing a workout whenever I could fit it into my schedule. If I was going out for a night on the town and I only had 30 minutes I‘d make that time count! It was second nature to me to get moving and sweating. One thing I’ve noticed about really fit people is that they are usually on the move. There are a couple of people that I work with that are constantly up and walking around. They may be doing it to get more exercise but something tells me that they are just used to being active. I’m working on making physical activity a part of my lifestyle again. Then it doesn’t seem like I’m making myself move it will just be part of my every day.

I hope you all will join me in making time for fitness.


Hi this is Joi! Thank you for supporting Veronica as the guest today!  Please show her some love in the comments!

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41 thoughts on “Fitness Anytime Anywhere

    • That is so great that fitness is becoming a family affair for you guys! My hubby is anti-running at this point.
      Tell your guy “KUDOS” for the five minute increments. That really is fantastic for only just getting started.

  1. It’s true, we seem to have a set mentality of exercise should consist of, something we need to change! I know personally that I feel like if I dont have a big chunk of time for a workout I think why bother but there are benefits to short workouts.

    • Hi Em! I know what you mean. I would do the exact same. I don’t like feeling rushed so if I didn’t have a good lengthy two hours to do as I pleased at the gym then I figured, “What’s the point?” But you are right, there certainly are benefits to even a short work out when done consistantly enough. 🙂
      veronica recently posted…Joi the RxFitnessLady and FriendMy Profile

  2. Thank you Gwen. You are correct, if it isn’t something you can see yourself doing long term then it probably won’t last. That’s why I know that if I can get in even just a little workout then I’ve done well for myself. And doing well for myself is something I can see doing long term. 🙂
    veronica recently posted…Joi the RxFitnessLady and FriendMy Profile

    • I hear ya Tamara. I was strapped for time to workout. I asked my boss if I could stop taking lunch breaks so I could leave an hour early to be able to workout before my baby got home. That’s been working for me. Schedules are so hectic with work and little ones aren’t they? Sometimes a walk around the park with baby girl in her stroller is the only exercise I get but it gets the job done. 😉
      veronica recently posted…Joi the RxFitnessLady and FriendMy Profile

  3. Great post, Veronica!! Awesome tips – no need for all the excuses – just make it work!!! I think you completely nailed the problem when you said (in a comment response) that you had to get over the “all-or-nothing” idea – short amounts of time are 100x better than nothing!!!
    Kim recently posted…Choices and Why I Work out First thingMy Profile

    • Yes, Kim. Learning to get over my black and white, all or nothing attitude was key. I began to realize that I had enough time to do something active and healthy for myself.
      Veronica recently posted…Newly WedsMy Profile

  4. There is always time for fitness even when watching tv I use to do my walks on my wii fit while watching a tv show. You can also park away from stores and walk extra to get to your destination. Great tips

  5. Great advice! I have a quick core routine memorized that I do when I don’t have time for anything else.Also, I love to just get out and walk, even if I only have a few minutes.
    Lisa recently posted…Beyond BaconMy Profile

    • That is a great idea Lisa! I like having a little routine memorized. Then you leave yourself virtually no excuses not to get in some sort of fitness for the day. People who make no excuses produce results!
      Veronica recently posted…Newly WedsMy Profile

    • Hi Lisa! Thank you! Yes, it can start at home. In fact, I am a huge fan of Workout DVD’s. it was easy to roll out of bed and do a workout or do the video before bed. I wish you the best on your fitness journey!
      Veronica recently posted…Newly WedsMy Profile

  6. Thank you Joi and Veronica for sharing and inspiring fitness on the go! Although it may seem like a no- brainier to exercise as much as we could, I do think we over look all the possible possibilities to get a work out in. I’m re-evaluating all down time now!

    • Hi Chardas. I’m the type that doesn’t like to feel rushed. So I know that for me, having 30minutes to put towards exercise always seemed too small to really enjoy a workout. But like you said, I had to reevaluate my time. Little workouts can keep my exercise momentum going to keep me until my normal-longer work outs can happen.
      Veronica recently posted…Newly WedsMy Profile

    • Thank you my darling! It was my pleasure to share you for the blessing that you are to the PFL community! I really appreciate you taking on the guest post and replies. Love ya girl!

    • Thank you Hope. I am actually a big fan of exercising at home. I loved workout tapes(notice I used the word tapes). Since buying a dvd player I actually don’t have many work out dvd’s. I need to build up my collection so I can do workouts at home to, well besides the little ones I throw together.haha
      I hope you have a great weekend.
      veronica recently posted…Newly WedsMy Profile

    • You are so very welcome Catherine. I know I’ve read my fair share of blogs that helped me get moving when I felt like staying in. I hope you have a great weekend full of activity. 🙂
      veronica recently posted…Newly WedsMy Profile

    • Michelle I will have to get a plank routine going for myself. I hear lots of good things about them. And it looks like something I can do in my office on my lunch break! Thanks for catching my post. I hope you have a great weekend. 🙂
      veronica recently posted…Newly WedsMy Profile

  7. Great tips Veronica! It’s so important to make fitness a priority and to fit in what we can. I used to think that it wasn’t “worth” working out if I couldn’t workout for at least an hour. What?? That’s crazy. For me now, it’s more about having an active lifestyle and being efficient with my workouts with HIITs, etc.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…Friday Round-Up: Coffee Talk EditionMy Profile

    • Christine you are so right! It’s a lifestyle. Making the most of any activity that can incur physicality is a way of life. I noticed with very healthy people(like my mom who is almost 70) they make the most of any exertion they do.
      Veronica recently posted…Newly WedsMy Profile

  8. Great advice! I often find myself falling into the trap that I don’t
    “have time” fpr a real workout, so I might as well do nothing. Then I just feel worse. It is hard to get motivated – but I love your encouragement that it doesn’t have to be big. It just has to be something.
    Leah Davidson recently posted…Oh the Places You’ll Go….My Profile

  9. Thanks Veronica for the practical tips! Anything worth having is worth working hard for! We must MAKE the time, if we want the results, right! I guess it all comes down to “how big is our want to”. Thanks again for sharing! Have a lovely evening!
    Michell recently posted…Michell’s Weekly Pearl…My Profile

  10. Great post! Thanks for reminding us that we really don’t have excuses to not exercise – as long as we are able to move. The media has brainwashed us into thinking that we must have the latest workout video, the latest equipment or the gym membership – to be successful. Those things are good, but not necessary to exercise.

  11. Veronica, You are so inspiring and you are right. We can all find time for whatever we want to make a priority in our lives. And we can get fit anywhere. I love that you found a way to do it, even when it wasn’t “easy” for you!
    Ilene recently posted…The Good NeighborMy Profile

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