Fabletics: Adding Personal Style to Your Activewear

Fabletics - Rx Fitness Lady

When I first received these items in the mail from Fabletics, I tried them on immediately.  When we got ready to leave for the mall after changing, my mother wanted to know why I changed outfits.  I was like “those were workout clothes!”


I guess they were pretty fabulous, huh?

JustFab, Inc. recently introduced this line of active wear; Fabletics – co-founded by Kate Hudson.  The idea is to have fashion forward and high performance wrapped up in this nice pretty package.


If you aren’t familiar with the JustFab business model, it goes something like this where Fabletics is concerned….

  1. You take a quiz, so the company can get to know your likes and dislikes.
  2. Based on the quiz, you get personalized outfits suitable to your taste and workouts to select from starting at $49.95. Your first outfit currently is being offered for $25.
  3. You either choose an outfit or skip the month, no other obligation.


I must say that while flipping through the selections, there were many fashionable pieces.


Zanzibar Pant (Camo)  – I choose the pants to fight with my warriors because they are seriously kick you know what!  They were very comfortable and really matched the essence of the BODYCOMBAT program.


Arroyo Hoodie (Black) – I’m a sucker for a hoodie, and black is my favorite when it comes to outerwear before and after the gym.   For one thing, when it’s rainy, I like to protect my hair, so I went with these two items.

Arroyo Hoodie - Fabletics


I chose to snap some pictures before, because that’s what I got the hoodie for. It is ridiculously comfortable and I thought it could pass as regular casual wear.  Why is that important?


Gym rats, do I have to answer that question?  Seriously, if you don’t go to the gym frequently, you should know, we like to throw on something after working out that looks halfway decent for us to go grocery shop, pay bills, pretty much run any errand imaginable.  It always tickles me to see ladies out and about still wearing their workout clothes.  However funky this sounds, it’s a way of life!


Ok, so there were so many other pieces I wanted to try and after getting these, they will have a customer in me.  You already know, I love affordable, comfortable, cute, quality activewear 😉 !  You will pass the SQUAT TEST IN THESE!

I did get a chance to teach in these fierce pants.

BODYCOMBAT Warriors - Fabletics


BODYCOMBAT - Fabletics


I got several compliments!  What do you think?

Disclosure: I received these items from Fabletics, however the opinions are my own.


I’ll see ya back next Monday! I was sick last week & need to play  catch up!

Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,


Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Have you heard about Fabletics?
  • What do you put on when leaving the gym?
  • Do you like the JustFab business model where you can get a new workout outfit monthly? 
  • How often do you purchase workout clothes?

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35 thoughts on “Fabletics: Adding Personal Style to Your Activewear

  1. I love subscription services like this. This is the second one that I have participated in, and I really like the styles and fit of the pants.

    + and when I am leaving the gym, I normally throw on a hoodie of some sort and run errands for a few hours. My gym is located in one of the best malls in NY, so I tend to take a peek around the mall or get my eyebrows threaded. lol
    Kimberly (Manifest Yourself) recently posted…Journey to WellnessMy Profile

  2. Hope you’re feeling better! I was sick two weeks ago and it was terrible.
    I love these! I feel like Nellie talked about them too? Well she was talking about Kate Hudson wear, that I know. I have no fancy workout clothes at all. Just one pair of leggings, lots of t-shirts and a track jacket. Boo!
    Tamara recently posted…On Planes & Monorail Trains.My Profile

  3. I LOVE your outfit Joi! CAAUTE! However, you know me Joi, I’m disqualified from answering any of your questions. Bahahaa! If I purchase workout clothes, it will be a jogging suit(not to work out in though), but to run errands in! 🙂 So glad you’re feeling better darlin’! Have a wonderful week! 🙂
    Michell recently posted…Mastering YOU Monday…mind over matterMy Profile

  4. I have heard of Fabletics but have not tried them out yet. I think it is a cool idea although I have impulse issues with Athleta and Lululemon so this could break the bank for me! Haha. I know what you mean about wanting something cute for when you leave the gym. Also, your workout room where you teach is really nice looking!
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Sydney!My Profile

  5. Im familiar with just fab but had non idea about the fitness wear. Since I no longer have a gym membership I haven’t been buying active wear. In just throw something on since its me in the house lol.
    Toya recently posted…She cooks…???!!!!My Profile

  6. The first 2 blogs I read this morning, You and Nellie were talking about fabletics. Then in one of my running group page, there was a whole conversation about running clothes and Fabletics was at the core of the discussion. Prior to this morning, I had never heard of it and today it was all over the place…even went on the site. Love the look. It even looks comfy too. I try not to go anywhere before or after the gym.lol It happens every now and then though. I guess if my outfits were this fab, I might do it more often. Great post
    Hope recently posted…Hello February!My Profile

    • I really try to minimize it Hope, but it’s so easy to run a few errands after leaving and it’s best to look half way decent while doing so. Glad the word is getting out!

  7. Well, I wrote on Nellie’s post that she was the 2nd person in just a couple of days who has praised Fabletics. Now you are the 3rd (that I’ve seen) – I think I have to look into the company! And, camo would be my choice – you look super cute in that outfit – even for running errands!!! (although i know you don’t go out like that)
    Kim recently posted…How Can I Make this Imperfect World a Little Better?My Profile

  8. The Fabletics gear is very chic/comfortable from what I’ve seen. Your set looks cute and comfortable, and I wouldn’t mind running errands in something like that! I like it with the lime green too! Kudos to Kate Hudson for getting behind the idea of cute/cozy workout gear!
    Sherelle recently posted…Grad School Bound: Who Knew?My Profile

  9. Miss Joi!

    Long time….long time…it has been too long since I visited your FAB Blog and I thought its time to get back! So much has happened and I became so busy last quarter of 2013 that I was unable to keep up with my fave blogs.

    Love this post and thank you for the advice. I have never heard of this site, but I am going over there after I write this….and you will be happy to hear I joined the gym (again!!) last June and it has been a steady almost eight months of 5-6 times per week workouts! I love it, and am almost obsessed. So I would love to get some cute stuff to throw on when I have to leave the gym and stop by the supermarket on my home sometimes in the evening’s….right now I have two pink hoodie’s that I just throw on on top of workout gear and go….still needs to be “upped” a bit 🙂

    Love your blog, as usual and happy to be back!

    PS Please come to Couples Resorts (Couples Sans Souci) to teach one week, they are open to overseas instructors you just have to touch base…and you get a vakay while you are at it!
    Jeanine recently posted…{Weekends in Jamaica} Wandering’s and ThoughtsMy Profile

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