F2BD #4 – Summer Weddings

Welcome to the fourth installment of Fit 2 B Dressed: because we don’t work out just for our health, but to look good 😉 !

These posts are not easy to come by people! Folks start rolling their eyes and blowing their breath when you ask them to take pictures for a blog post! Hello family 🙂

F2BD #4 - Summer Weddings

I pulled this green Karen Millen oldie from last summer out and paired it with Antonio Melani black heels, also from last summer.  F2BD #4 - Summer Weddings

I didn’t know that Sweet Melissa was going to be the transportation mode of choice for the day!  I matched up quite nicely :)!

F2BD #4 - Miss Sweet Melissa

Compliments to the little sister Amber for snapping some photos before the wedding!


Of course, my Daddy was all in for pictures with his jazzy camera at the reception.  Besides, we had to kill some time while waiting on the bridal party to take pictures.

F2BD #4 - Reception

My beautiful cousin was a very happy Lady! I loved how they came out in the ceiling of the Terminal Station!

F2BD #4 - Bride

She was a tad bit nervous during the ceremony.  That part where you say  “love him for richer or poorer”…

She genuinely mistakenly said “For richer or for richer” and right on time..Pastor Stanley mumbled “I don’t blame you baby”

F2BD #4 - Wedding Officiator

That is Pastor Stanley of Union Baptist looking own at the beautiful couple.  I’ll take a moment to recognize one of the great Pastor’s in my city.  He has a great sense of humor and a thriving congregation.  Our churches service the same Fort Hill Community and I’m proud to be in the neighborhood with him and his church family!

Also happy he was able to officiate for this joyous union!

F2BD #4 - Wedding Reception

Food is always an issue at weddings! They did an excellent job with the food and the decor as you can see.

F2BD #4 - Wedding Cake

I loved the cake set up at “the terminal station” with the train going around the cake….SUPER CUTE!!!

F2BD #4 - Weddings

By far, my favorite decorative highlight was the bridal party table. Isn’t this simply fabulous!!!! KUDOS to the decorative team.

I just had to get a money shot, even if it does set an AKAish scene, lol! Deltas look good in all colors ;)!



Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Married readers…..PG, PG-13, or R for the salute people…I want to know what you did…Tell Tell? Single people, what’s your pleasure?
  • Were you nervous at your wedding?
  • Did you allow plus 1s for guests if they would be attending with groups (i.e. bookclub, co-workers, sorority sisters, etc.)?
  • Would you insist your bridal party get in shape for the wedding?


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67 thoughts on “F2BD #4 – Summer Weddings

  1. I love the wedding colors. Your cousin is beautiful…
    Love the green dress. I like how your wardrobe has seasons…like a dress and shoes from last summer…:)
    I was a little nervous at my wedding. Girl my kiss was rated G. So much so that our pastor said we had to repeat it and the photographer said he missed the shot.lol Second time was a bit better. I’ve gotten so much better with PDA.

    We did allow +1’s for the reception, but it was also an adult reception. We have soooo many kids in our family, I had to make a blanket rule.
    I did not make any demands for my bridal party, but they were very motivated to get in shape for the wedding. I didn’t really care how they looked in terms of weight.
    Hope recently posted…The tooth fairy vs the 6 year oldMy Profile

    • Oh Hope, the Pastor had to suggest your repeat my friend, lol! I always get uncomfortable when people go past PG-13, I am like a kid that way 🙂 I hear chatter of working out for weddings. I wanted to see if someone was bold enough to admit they made people get in shape.

  2. You look so great in these photos!! Love the dress!

    I honestly don’t remember if we were more PG/PG-13 (not R though) for our wedding. I was just so excited!
    I was not nervous. I was anxious to get the show going. Hair and makeup took forever and I was all dressed, ready to go, done with before pictures and I literally said, “Can we do this now?”
    I totally allowed plus ones but we had a destination wedding so a lot of people were not able to make it anyway.
    My bridal party consisted of my three sister-in-laws. I love them the way they are! 🙂
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Liebster Award!My Profile

    • I believe I’d be excited too Brittany but I’m also a ball of nerves in front of people….go figure and I get up and teach fitness classes regularly. It’s different! A destination wedding sounds like so much fun! What a sweet comment about loving your new family unconditionally!

  3. You look amazing in that green! Thought it was just my family that huffs and puffs when I tell them this pic is going on my blog.
    So, just got married spring of 2012. I would say went PG 13. I remember wanting the “kiss the bride” to be one kiss I would remember and it was! I held up pretty well… until I got to the actual altar, fell apart!!!! But my husband was able to lock his eyes to mine and I recovered. I didn’t care if people brought other people, we had an outside wedding. My bridal party consisted of me and my sis. I didn’t make any requests for her to get in shape. I wouldn’t have asked any others either, as long as they are comfortable in the dress, then it’s all good.

    • Comfort is key! I don’t like when I see bridal parties and some of the girls look totally mismatched with the dresses. So sweet that eye locking 🙂

  4. First off, gorgeous in the green. Great dress. I like material that has a sheen to it.
    Okay, to answer your first question: I’m a prude to nth degree. I grew up in a family where PDA was not ligit. So the thought of kissing infront of my family, friends, and church peeps had me buggin! I did a quick peck.
    2) Although I am a ham when it comes to speaking infront of friends and such I really really do not like attention on me.I dreaded having to walk down the isle so yes I was super nervous! O_o
    3)Girl, I’m latina! OF COURSE I allowed for +1(or three). That’s just how the latin community rolls. I could have invited you and it’s understood that anyone(or two) that you bring are welcome.
    4)I would never insist that my girls get fit for the wedding. I love as is.

    • Of course you love as is with that sweet spirit. I fear that I would be a nervous wreck trying to walk down the aisle and smile at people, maybe one day we will find out. I’m no good on PDA either, lol! Quick peck might be in my future.

  5. My wedding kiss was a little PG-13, but I had been waiting 13 years to do it too! Love your green dress. The decorations at your cousin’s wedding were beautiful. Yes, I was nervous at my wedding. I planned the entire ceremony and reception myself. 200 guests, 8 bridesmaids, 12 groomsmen, and 10 misc. attendants. I wanted everything to be perfect. I barely ate at the reception because nervousness became excitement. I had plus 1s and plus 2s at my wedding because my crazy husband was inviting people he ran into when we arrived in town for the wedding. I did not ask the bridal party to get in shape for the event. I purposely chose bridesmaid dresses that allowed for different tops, so it would complement the girl.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Top 5 Reasons To Watch Season 1 Finale of The Haves and the Have NotsMy Profile

    • ROTFL at men and their randomness! They don’t get it. Men tend to think everyone is the homie!!! You and the man have HISTORY!!!! 13 years, I know he laid one on you!

  6. Hi!! Great post! Everything looked amazing! I definitely kept it PG for my wedding. I did not insist people work out prior to wedding. Everyone is pretty in shape anyway. There were no plus 1’s. I think it is bad etiquette. People reached out to me before and asked if they could bring someone before I sent out the invites. If I didn’t mind then I addressed an invite to both parties.
    Karen recently posted…Style Tips:: Statement NecklaceMy Profile

    • I think more people are eliminating +1s. I’ve gotten several invites for JUST ME lately! I’m super cool with it. Men hate going anyway!

  7. HA! My wedding kiss was definitely PG – my husband was so nervous it was ridiculous! You look gorgeous and that whole wedding looked very cool and so well put together. I love that she said “for richer or richer” and the pastor’s response! Priceless!!
    Allie recently posted…SEXISM? YOU BE THE JUDGEMy Profile

  8. Get in shape for the wedding I would never do that come as you are or stay at home. We did a sweet pg 13 kiss nothing fancy we were tired by the time our wedding started and for richer or richer is what I should have said to because being poor is for the birds and it sucks.
    Kita recently posted…Pinteresting WednesdayMy Profile

  9. This wedding is beautiful! I love everything about it. I cracked up at what the Pastor said after your cousins slip. It even got a mute on my tv while I read it to my family.

    Love the green dress. It’s a great color on you.

    Justice of the Peace. Then I went to work while Jason went out to eat with his parents. Stuff to do you know.

    I don’t understand what people are doing with their bridal parties these days. If you don’t love them as they are they shouldn’t be in your bridal party. If you just want it to look good for pics, then hire models. Plus I like to be the prettiest in the room. 😉
    Carla recently posted…F.I.T. Interview: Casey Lifts Weight and DepressionMy Profile

    • AYYEEE! You hit the nail on the head! You can’t have the bridesmaids showing up the bride 🙂

      Hope your family enjoyed that little teaser. I thought it was so cute! She is such a sweet girl.

  10. Looking great!!! Pastor Stanley’s comment made me laugh out loud. My kiss was probably PG. I was SO nervous. Ugh. I couldn’t eat that morning. I did allow +1’s and I did NOT tell anyone to get in shape. I wouldn’t.
    Tamara recently posted…Tell Me Something Good.My Profile

  11. Another beautiful ensemble! Perfectly sexy, but conservative enough for a religious event. Now for your questions:
    1. We actually forgot to kiss during our ceremony. The Tridentine Mass doesn’t have a place for the couple to kiss…even though we were told we could…we just plain forgot!
    2. Heck yes I was nervous! But I was also ready to get the show on the road! Enough of the waiting already…get me down that aisle!
    3. We accommodated a plus one for every single guest. It’s just the right thing to do.
    4. After imposing a dress on those girls that only my sister probably liked, I wasn’t going to impose exercise on them. I was demanding enough without that kind of nonsense.
    Leslie recently posted…{Weigh In Wednesday} Week 34My Profile

    • WOW, who knew! You don’t even have a standard kiss. That is interesting Leslie. I guess nerves took over when trying to remember. I probably would have been relieved not to kiss in front of all those people. That thought has always made me uncomfortable.

  12. Beautiful dress Joi…you look fab as always! Your cousin’s wedding was beautiful, as was she!!! I got married so long ago…I can’t even remember, lol! Seriously it was a small wedding with just our parents and siblings and a few other close family members and friends. It was definitely PG(could NEVER kiss in front of my parents, lol). My husband could…I couldn’t! 😀 Nervous, no…just anxious! Now our daughter on the other hand, had a big wedding, with over 200+ guest(no children). Yes, she allowed for +1….one of the reasons we picked a large venue, so that we could accommodate everyone. It was held at Edventure Children’s Museum in downtown Columbia. That’s why I absolutely love your cousin’s venue…it can definitely make or break a wedding. Thanks as always lady for linking up! 😉
    Michell recently posted…Doing YOU WELL Wednesday#30 and some congratulations!My Profile

  13. What a gorgeous wedding – I love the cake!!!
    We were pretty PG with our wedding kiss (mandatory with my family, especially mom).
    I wasn’t nervous and would have made it through the whole wedding without crying but Chris surprised me (and everyone else) by singing to me during the service – tears!!!
    And, no, I did not tell anyone they had to workout or try to get in shape for our wedding (we were only engaged 8 weeks so not much time anyway!!).
    Kim recently posted…We Bought a Business!!!My Profile

    • Hey Hey now…this 32 y/o single lady likes that 8 week engagement 🙂 So sweet being serenaded at your wedding! Go Chris!!!

  14. Your cousin had a gorgeous wedding! Now I see what you mean about the flowers. They’re beautiful, money well spent! I got married 17 years ago and gave my husband a Rated G kiss! I wasn’t nervous at all which is rare for me because I’m normally shy. I allowed each guest to bring a date and didn’t require my bridesmaids to get in shape. They were already fit and still are. I’m the one who needs to jump on the treadmill. LOL!!
    Brandi recently posted…Helpful Tips for Decorating with Faux FlowersMy Profile

    • So I guess I’m going to have to up the cash flow for some flowers, huh! I was taken away by these…a must have!!!

  15. Hahahaha about the kiss part. Our kiss was PG…but then the Pastor had us do it over because he thought it was too PG. He literally told our parents to turn away so we could redo it. 🙂 I still don’t think it was rated R though… just a little longer and we held on to each other a bit tighter….my parents were still right there. lol
    Kimberly {Manifest Yourself} recently posted…Journey to Wellness 8.28My Profile

  16. You look amazing as usual!!! We are allowing for plus ones. Also for the kiss Im sure in the moment I will be nervous but for now we are thinking go all out and give em the show they are looking for!!! LOL… The decor is AMAZING!!!!! I love the bridal party table. As far as making people get into shape I didnt ask that. I love my folks in their many shapes and sizes.
    Toya recently posted…It is what it is!!!!!My Profile

  17. My bridal party better whip their butts into shape and get the weave 22″in. I’m not kidding! Our cousin was a lovely bride and you were rocking that oldie! That’s why it’s a goodie.

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