DIY Temporary Closest and GIVEAWAY WINNER

Hello there PFL and Happy Hump Day!  I owe you a DIY post from my party last week when My SITS day interrupted with it’s on party from the SITStahs. I have a DIY Temporary Closet for you.  First, there’s other party maintenance to take care of.

The winner of the $100 GIVEAWAY  from the Dear Readers of Rx Fitness Lady post explaining how to use this blog is…

Askia Jackson

Hi my Joi! I subscribe through the blog and Facebook. I am so proud of you for being the voice and helping us learn through you! Love you, Soror!!

Askia, please email me at RxFitnessLady(at)gmail(dot)come with your mailing information & Congratulations 🙂 !!!

Thank you to all of you who entered my first official giveaway.




Day 5 of the Mini Blog Challenge was a DIY project!  BTW, the party was everything and more than I expected.  Many thanks again to all of you who participated by posting or hopping. If you missed my brief Blog Party Remarks, then feel free to read them today.

If you tuned into my June promo for PFL video for the party, then you’re aware of a new feature on the blog next month.

FIT 2 B Dressed: Style Watch

It will mostly be a quick pop in once we get going & I have future plans for this feature.  We will just see how you respond to it.  Anyway, I’m kicking it off with where I store all of my latest apparel!

DIY Temporary Closet  - Make Use of An Extra Room

Whenever people visit my home, they salivate at this little creation of mine where I conveniently turned a bedroom that would have served absolutely no purpose into a closet!

You see, everyone is not living in their permanent home so we can’t install shelves and racks in an entire bedroom that we plan to sell later to potential buyers.  Nor are most of us 1 per centers where we can afford homes that contain closets like the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

My primary reason for this closet is, I would always run out of room, no matter where I stuffed things!

At this point, you are probably thinking, I don’t have any extra bedrooms!  Well, let’s see if I can help with that.

DINING ROOMS – I made a suggestion to one friend to install double doors on that open space in the dining room and turn that into the home office (freed up a room).  We only use dining rooms on special days, not that serious…in my opinion. Usually when we sit at that table it’s because tons of people are over, they can grab a tray and have a seat amongst the rest of the family in the den or wherever!

GUEST BEDROOMS – Um…NO!  What a complete waste of space in my opinion.  I am all about utilizing the space in my home.  At my parent’s house, the child with the cleanest room usually gets booted out for the temporary, very infrequent convenience of a houseguest.  There you go, freed up another room or gave you another option.

GARAGES – Turn it into a man cave and park in the driveway.  (Future post on the how to…very creative)

Now that space is out of the way…Pictures!!!


Joi’s Boutique Tour 😉

DIY Temporary Closet Delta photo

Welcome people!  If you are a Delta, then you recognize this classic picture.  I was made to get all dolled up just like the picture for my birthday years ago.  That picture has fallen off the wall, been scratched and bruised…but I refuse to let it go 🙂 !

DIY Temporary Closet View

DIY Temporary Closet Rockstar

DIY Temporary Closet Spiral Stand

Not that I really go out, why do I have all these party dresses?

DIY Temporary Closet Rounder DIY Temporary Closet Dresses

I ordered all these boutique style racks online and had them shipped to my house (that is a little pricey but better than tearing up the entire room).

DIY Temporary Closet JewelryDIY Temporary Closet Perfume

Pay no attention to the smell goods! Those are mostly gifts, lol!  The real stuff stays right on that dresser where I can spray right before I walk out 😉

DIY Temporary Closet Mirror


DIY Temporay Closet - IKEA Shelf

This little baby came from IKEA.  It was the most reasonable that I could find and they have all kind of sizes.

DIY Temporary Closet Middle View


You see, none of these items are permanent and it’s tons of fun!  I hope you enjoyed this tour.


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Yours in Healthy, Active, and Prosperous Lifestyles,

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Do you utilize the dining room and guest bedrooms, if so how frequently?
  • What is the most annoying thing about your closet?
  • Do you like my humungous chair?
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43 thoughts on “DIY Temporary Closest and GIVEAWAY WINNER

  1. SO insanely jealous!! Oh my Gosh, I LOVE it! Am now desperately wishing for an extra room in my home! I do really like the idea of double doors on the dining room to make an office…I work out of my dining room and that would help tremendously!-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…How I *Literally* Became A LoserMy Profile

    • Yeah, the dining room is the perfect office space, especially if you meet clients at home sometimes…usually the dining room is close to the front door.

  2. Wow. That is so awesome. Great use of space. I really like the idea of turning a room into a spacious. I don’t have half (not even 1/3rd) of all the clothes you have, but I love having the space to move around. We currently use our guess bedroom and a office and I’m desperately wanting to use the formal living room for something…not sure’s so wasted. Great post.

    Congrats to Askia on her win. It was a great giveaway!
    Hope recently posted…Mace in your face…just in caseMy Profile

  3. You’re right! It is tons of fun. Your closet reminds me of a fun shop I’d go in. We have a weird closet issue in our house and need to get creative. The master bedroom/bathroom suite is on the third floor and is spacious and looks out over a beautiful forest. The problem? There is no closet. I kid you not. There is just some tiny opening in the wall. And they painted the bedroom eggplant. The previous owners make me scratch my head a lot. I love this post!
    Tamara recently posted…Exposed Roots.My Profile

  4. I love it! It is like a clothing store in your room. I am a huge fan of organization. What a great way to have all of your clothes and accessories at your finger tips and displayed so nicely.
    I really like the cubby hole from Ikea. I wish there were one closer to me. Although I guess in the days of online shopping I could just go online.
    Congrats to Askia on winning the $100. 🙂

    • Girl, I had to make a trip with my Dad’s truck to the one in Atlantic Station in Atl, while I was going up there for business one day. IKEA’s shipping is seriously ridiculous!

    • Yep, and I bet your Mother will be just fine if it’s you and the hubby that move out, lol! I understand a place for Mama to rest well!

  5. Congrats Askia!! Okay Joi…ONLY you would think of this…INGENIOUS my friend!! 😀 Love, love, love it!! Do I have extra rooms to do this with…umm, NO! Every room in the house is accounted for! Lol!! I have a large walk-in closet that I share with my husband(actually I occupy 80% and it’s still not enough), lol! Yes, I’m guilty of having a dining room(with a filled china closet and full table setting), that only gets used on holidays, if then! I guess that’s what people my age do, huh? Lol! Perhaps I can convince my husband to let me turn his office into my dressing room…ya think? 😀 Thanks for sharing Joi and thanks for linking up lady! Have a beautiful rest of your week! 🙂
    Michell recently posted…Doing YOU WELL Wednesday #19My Profile

    • Don’t all the ladies take over the closet! My Mother kicked my father out a long time ago. He has his own closet in the bonus room.

  6. Love that chair I want one for Zaza’s room whenever we decorate it. My closet is empty all I own are sweats and t-shirts so I would never need to utilize an extra room if I do need anything I will just come on over to your closet and browse lol
    Kita recently posted…Pinterest WednesdayMy Profile

  7. Your closet reminds me of a boutique! My daughter would absolutely go crazy. I am not letting her see this post. That child love, love, loves clothes and accessories. She’s such a sports kid too, but loves getting dressed up. She has a way better sense of style than me. However she does steal a lot of my stuff so maybe I am not as bad as I think?
    Michelle recently posted…How To Grow Your Blog by Building a Tribe of Online FriendsMy Profile

  8. Love the “temporary” closet!! I’ve joked about turning our guest/office into a closet many times. I actually like our closet but I could use the entire space myself – I’m sharing with my husband cause it seemed nice but….
    Love your own personal boutique!!!
    Kim recently posted…Driving SchoolMy Profile

    • Yeah, you are being nice! Mother gave my father the boot about 3 or 4 years after moving into the house they live in.

    • LOL, yes it’s very tempting to become a recluse in there! You are the QUEEN, you deserve all the best in that house boo!

  9. Love that chair! That’s no temporary closet space, that’s a department store! But it’s obvious you get to walk around and choose something to wear. I really like my walk in closet because it’s a pretty good size. However, the only shelving is the open rack that spans the length of the closet over the clothes. There are no compartments or drawers. And I can’t seem to keep dust out of the closet.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Mustard Seed FaithMy Profile

    • Lol keep me laughing. It does have a shopping feel to it. I use the closet in the closet and the closet in my room too, lol!

  10. Thank you, PFL!!! That was amazing to see. I really enjoyed how you organize. I haven’t seen this easy use organize tool in a house 🙂 …I got a lot of great ideas for my guest room.

    • Thanks Chardas! Organization right up your alley 🙂 Enjoy the transformation, it was fun to put together.

  11. i am in love with this post. We have major closet issues in my house. We basically do not have any. so we have to get really creative. Our landlord brought the house and rebuilt but forgot to install more closets in our apartment. needless to say we have turned one of our bedrooms into a semi storage/closet room but there’s a whole lot of work that needs to happen in there.. this has inspired some new ideas for me.. thanks 🙂

    • You are the second person to say something like this. I can’t imagine not having a closet at all, I still use the real closets too, lol. You can have a little fun with that room you all are utilizing. Thanks for reading it Cassandre!

  12. Joi,
    Great post!! I am guilty of having a lot of clothes. Having every closet in the house full of my clothes will have to change soon as me and fiancé tie the not. So I will definitely be looking into alternative storage space. LOL And I’m still claiming the master bedroom closet! LOL

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