Delta Sigma Theta Centennial Recap & D.C. Takeover

Last week, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. celebrated the Centennial with the National Convention in D.C.

Delta Sigma Theta Centennial Recap & D.C. Takeover - Rx Fitness Lady

Did you mute a Delta on social networks?  We kinda took over the social networks with hashtag overkill while posting lots of pictures!

DST Centennial Recap - Rx Fitness Lady


Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. was founded on the campus of Howard University on January 13, 1913.



I got a chance to visit the campus for the first time and fellowship among sorors and friends of ours.


Howard University - Rx Fitness Lady


I will spare you the history lesson, but I do want to share a quick cultural point of information so all readers will understand this post.

I will assume that everyone knows what sororities and fraternities are.  There are cultural differences in organizations like mine that are a part of the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

After college, our membership lives on much like all other Greek letter organizations. The difference is we have very active Alumnae (pronounced Alum-nee in Delta) chapters all over the world that continue the work in the community and sisterhood activities.

Just shared because all the time people ask me why am I still talking about sorority stuff.  Well there you go.


If you read Old School Blogging – High Fives, then you are aware that I like to mentor girls.  Currently my responsibility in my local chapter is to serve as a mentor at our local YDC.  I chaired this program for 4 years and it is very much an important part of my life.


Macon Alumnae Teen Focus - Rx Fitness Lady



We have other programs in the community and give out scholarships and these same efforts are duplicated all over the world in alumnae and collegiate chapters.


Last week, over 50,000 Deltas, met up to celebrate 100 years of Black College Educated Women Committed to Public Service.


Most sorors shared their accounts by way of Instagram/Facebook.  I tried, but you know I’ve been playing with my new toy 🙂 !


Here is one account, that of Rx Fitness Lady with mostly these girls….

Since I did spend most of the weekend with my line sisters, I only got a couple of pictures with Mother!



Did I mention it was like the best flight ever.  The pilot was shouting us out & requesting we make the call (Oo-oop!) on the plane. We were about 95% of all planes DC and Maryland bound for the weekend.


TRAVEL TIP – I flew into Maryland and took the train for $6 to Union Station.  Saved us last minute flight bookers a few pennies rather than flying straight in to DC.

All of this public transportation caused my hair to fall early on in the trip!

Does My Bonnet Embarrass You

We stood in long lines to register for this historical convention and sold out the Verizon Center for special events like the Step Show, Gala, & Gospel Fest!

Takeover - Rx Fitness Lady

I didn’t get a picture, but I did get to see Nephew Tommy & he was super funny! He even wrote checks to 2 of the oldest Deltas in the house! How sweet of him!

I did get to attend the official opening with my Mother!

Centennial Opening - Rx Fitness Lady



After which I was extremely happy to welcome these new honorary members to the sorority! Recognize anyone 🙂 !

Honorary Members - Rx Fitness Lady


Rx Fitness LADY Nights – Sort of!

They kept asking “Do we have to wear these here too?”..Yes, wear them to the club too boo 😉



I was also very happy that Jasmine (you may remember her from this post) won collegiate soror of the year for the Southern Region.



One of the fun things about all conventions are the exhibit halls with all the vendors.  It was fun to see all the paraphenalia and cool souvenirs.  Here were a couple of the best.

iPhone & iPad READY

iPhone & iPad READY

I also ran into Angela Bassett while we were in the vendors goofing off! #Paparazzi

Angela Bassett at Centennial - Rx Fitness Lady

We stopped by my place of employment and were completely blown off our feet.

Rx Fitness Lady

After visiting the DC location, I felt like my store was a prison.  Seriously, it was like a 3 level, drugstore heaven.  We also found out at the store that DC charges like $.05 in the city for plastic bags…Can I get a Whoop Whoop! You know recycling is a passion of mine.


My initiation chapter is Eta Chapter on the campus of Fort Valley State University.  The sorors of my era got together to take a group photo, but we were late and missed it.

Eta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta -Rx Fitness Lady

We would have been right where that arrow is, but not to worry…

We were there eventually 🙂

Spring 2001 - Rx Fitness Lady

I forgot my shirt, so I got trash talked all day, but whatever…I was still cute 🙂

We did a little bit of site seeing and took some pictures at the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.

I can’t pull off these clever pictures, so I posed regular!

Memorial - Rx Fitness Lady

I did jump in this really cool picture though!

MLK Memorial - Rx Fitness Lady

MLK, JR. Memorial - Rx Fitness Lady

Then when we were getting ready to go out, there was that hour of sitting in the hotel and staring at the news in disbelief and disgust….

Blackout Trayvon Martin - Rx Fitness Lady

We did manage to lighten the mood and attend Club Delta with what seemed like  10K people in a hotel ballroom!



Before we got out of town, we did find our way over to Delta Sigma Theta Way where the National Headquarters is located! Since it wasn’t open, we made the best of it and just took lots of pictures 🙂

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Headquarters - Rx Fitness Lady

Delta Sigma Theta Way - Rx Fitness Lady

I forgot to mention that, while I was gone to the step show, they all got to hang out with Lance Gross, but I ran into Lyfe Jennings at the airport on the way home so all is well 🙂

Superstars  - Rx Fitness Lady

In case you were wondering, little sister didn’t make it 🙁 Missed her but enjoyed a convention filled with friends, new fellowships, feasting, and celebration.


Centennial Recap - Rx Fitness Lady

Thank you so much for reading this today & helping me continue to celebrate through you. Now, show some love in the comments 🙂 !


Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Are you a member of a sorority? Which one?
  • What is your favorite social network to post pictures for fun activities like this one?
  • If you are aware of something happening in your community by way of Delta, please share, I’d love to hear it?
  • Would you approach a celebrity for a picture while they were minding their own business?

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65 thoughts on “Delta Sigma Theta Centennial Recap & D.C. Takeover

  1. I LOVE your pictures! I was glad to be there but I must admit it was overwhelming and exhilarating! I love my DST!

    • Did you notice I grabbed one of your pictures to make my pinnable image. I saw that picture on FB and was like…PERFECT!!!

  2. Wow! Looks like you had a blast! I LOL’d so hard at your bonnet. yes , I’m, shame. lol. but fun shame, not real shame (I have several types of embarrassments…I may have to write a You pulled off the bonnet quite fabulously though. The hair in more important.
    I actually enjoyed the posts from my friends last week. I didn’t get on FB too much so I didn’t have to mute.
    I’m not a member of a sorority (although I did pledge Gamma Sigma Sigma and was inducted into several honor societies…don’t think they count).

    FB is my favorite picture posting platform right now and i’m not aware of any Delta happenings locally…although I did hear about the Centennial months in advance.

    Not sure if I’d approach a celebrity now although I did when I was younger and took pics with Ice T and several gospel artist…totally worth it 🙂

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I like your subtlety on your disgust, love that you repped rxfitness and that you could share something like this with your mom. I’m sure baby sis will get in next time.
    Hope recently posted…Old School Blogging: Take Five!My Profile

    • They got on my last nerve talking about my bonnet. They really act like it was embarrassing them. Well my one LS from Vegas pulled out a satin sleep cap, then I was looking like um huh…now what!!!
      THanks so much for reading Hope. This post was a real pain to put together. Pictures are not as easy to post as one would think!

      I love me some ICE-T!!!

  3. Joi, DST has made me so proud this year! I’ve always thought highly of our organization, but our 51st National Convention has made me fall deeper in love and gain greater respect for our organization. Your recaps are the best!! You made me feel like I was right there with you every step of the way! Oh yea..girl, I swear Spr 01 can pull off a photo shoot anywhere, lol! Btw, glad to see you are back to taking pics! I think that was my first time seeing you whip out the professional camera:)

    • April, taking pictures again has been revitalizing! It is a task to carry around a big camera though and my laziness was what was holding me back all these years. When I started noticing how my pictures compared to other bloggers and my Father gave me a camera, I figured I’d give it go. I fell in love again. You know ya girls was complaining about me carrying that professional camera around everywhere, but whatever! I too am super proud and in particular of Eta for coming out in roves! It was great! I can’t wait for another 01 event! We are on a roll too 🙂

  4. Oh where to begin? What a fun post. I love a detailed story. It makes it seem like I was there. I’m loving all of the pics. I with you, I don’t do the neat poses well so I stick to the laid back normal posing.haha
    I can imagine that the entire experience was amazing, top to bottom. AND to get to share that with your mom and closest friends is so great. Did I already tell you that your mom looks like a more beautiful version of Evelyn Braxton(Toni Braxton’s mom)? I think that everytime I see a pic of her.
    Ok, I have to confess that I got a little teary eyed when I was reading about how service oriented the National Pan-Hellenic Council is. I guess it just warms my heart to see people care and give back to the community. It’s just great to see that your sorority makes an impact in the community through it’s members long after they are no longer attending college. I don’t see that a whole lot in other frats and sorors(and that’s because I live in a college town).
    The bonnet and the flip flop sandals with
    the white dress—–> “I’m, shame”.hahaha Because I know that you normally look fabulous I totally knew you were merely trying to preserve your hair and your feet.
    And D.C. has got it tooogetha when it comes to their pharmacy. You need to tell your pharmacy that they need to try a little harder there in Macon. 😉
    Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. I thoroughly enjoyed reading abou it.

    • It was amazing Veronica! I was continuously overwhelmed by all the sorors convening at the different events. It was an experience that I’m so grateful to have witnessed. I appreciate you reading and your attention to detail. I like a detailed story too boo. I don’t watch the Braxton’s so I will have to check this out. She gets a lot of celebrity look alike comments; Yulonda Adams, Tina Turner, & somebody else I can’t think of right now.

  5. Joi,
    You really captured the Highlights of our weekend and the Convention! I loved it. I really had fun with all of my Linesistas and really enjoyed my first Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. National Convention. It was a joy to be present amongst so many beautiful Sorors and spend lots of time with my Linesistas. This will be one of those moments that I will always cherish! Oo-op!

  6. You know I forgot all about your lists of 5 post until I just read this one right?!? No! You don’t have to do it again…LOL! Looks like you ladies had a wonderful time! I KNOW it was an experience to remember! I still have 7 more to go until we make our trip to DC for centennial! 🙂
    Britton recently posted…Old School Blogging: Lists of 5!My Profile

    • I’m sure it will be just as memorable. It was truly one of the best ones I’ve been too regardless of all the waiting in lines ad crowds. It was fun being in the mix!

  7. I was never in a sorority – sometimes now I wish I had been but can’t go back!!
    I love seeing all of your pictures!! How many Delta’s were at the convention? It looks like 1000s!!!
    And, BTW – I love the dress even if you did take some grief on not wearing your shirt – you look super cute and your arms are killer!!!
    Kim recently posted…Pictures are Better than WordsMy Profile

    • Tee Hee! Thanks Kim! We have people who were registered for the convention and people who were just there to be in the number. All together, I guesstimate over 50-60K total in DC plus some family members!

  8. This looks so amazing Joi, I am so happy you were able to bond with your sisters at this once in a lifetime event. I loved learning some of the history of DST, I never pledged but you guys were always my favorite 🙂

    Angela Bassett is SO BEAUTIFUL omgosh! you got to be so close to her!!

    Lance Gross and Lyfe?! YES THANK YOU!

    How could you forget your shirt?! LOL I just wanted to give you more flack. 🙂 That jumpsuit is everything. I need one of those in my life.

    • That is the exact thing I kept saying about Angela Bassett, repeatedly!!! She is gorgeous!!! You would fit right in with the crew. They gave me pure you know what all day!

  9. What a wonderful organization! How awesome to be part of history like that.

    Seriously, sometimes when I see pics of your mom I think that she’s a famous actress. She’s just gorgeous!

    Angela Bassett us pretty too. 🙂

    • Thanks Carli! You all show so much love for my features peeps on the blog! I talk about it to her all the time too. I appreciate it!

  10. Thank you Joi for sharing with us! Looks like you all had a blast!! I see why you need some rest…whew! Looks like it was a fun-packed week though! Haha, it’s a good thing you forgot your shirt, ’cause you really stood out…in a GOOD way that is! 😉 How neat that your mom was there too…you two look awesome! Is it me, or does Angela Bassett seem to look better the older she gets…she.looks.fabulous! No, I’m not in a sorority, but my husband is a Sigma and I have a cousin and a few friends who are Deltas. So glad you got to hang out with your sorors…such great memories and a rich history! Congrats on your BIG anniversary and may you all continue to walk out the vision of your founders!!! Thanks for dropping by and linking up…have a wonderful rest of your week my friend!! 🙂
    Michell recently posted…Doing YOU WELL Wednesday #25 and a little help from our friends…My Profile

    • She looked amazing to me! I have never seen her in person but I was wowed by her beauty last week. Thank you Michell for reading this!

  11. Always wanted to be a Delta ever since I was a little kid but my friend who was way more popular than I was in college didn’t cross so I knew I wasn’t so I didn’t even bother myself. I love what you all and other sororities stand for and so happy that groups of women can get together without mess for such a wonderful weekend. Glad you all had fun and I love all the pictures…the one with the rain cap girl if you don’t remind me of my mother always making me carry one in my pocketbook for rainy days lol
    Kita recently posted…Tanger Outlets Back to school eventMy Profile

    • Ha Kita! Kids and some friends like these chicks get so embarrassed by my bonnet. When I saw my line sister with one a few years ago, I was like GENIUS! I’ve had one ever since. I don’t go anywhere without it.

  12. My timeline was filled with Deltas during your celebrations! My 85 year old Sunday School teacher came back telling us stories about the convention on Sunday! Of course you know I love the REDZ…lol…Love your pictures! On another note, I was out at brunch Sunday with friends and Bill Murray was dining beside us, of course I was too afraid to ask for a picture.

  13. ha! No, I didn’t mute a Delta! And wow – Angela Bassett is looking so good! I read the whole thing from start to finish, even though I didn’t have a second of sorority life in my experience. Looks like a wonderful organization to be a part of – truly!
    Tamara recently posted…Learning To Fly, To Ilene’s Place!My Profile

    • I’m sure you all made just as many collegiate memories in Canada Leah. This just happened to be an awesome avenue for me. I am very grateful for my membership.

    • Great! I aim to please 🙂 Good to hear from you on here. I guess you didn’t see yourself Monday, lol! Go back and read it boo!

  14. I love the pictures! I did look down at your shoes in that one pic with your mother and STOP. Then saw the caption that said they were your walking shoes. HA!

    I didn’t mute anybody on Facebook during the convention weekend, but it was all over my news feed. Just like you, I have a couple of friends who went with their mothers, sisters and aunts and it was nice to see them have that bond in photos. My mother-in-law is a Delta, but she didn’t attend.

    Hubby and I run into celebrities often in New Orleans. He is always the one to ask for a pic. Facebook is my platform for sharing pictures. Trying to get on board with Instagram. Thanks for sharing your weekend.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Crockpot White Bean Turkey Chili (Rigged)My Profile

    • I love IG, I just don’t have the time to scroll through it and get active. I feel the same about twitter. I just don’t feel like it. I feel like I could be spending that time doing something more productive.

      THanks for reading this Kim!

  15. I am a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.I love DST. I went, I saw, I enjoyed the 100th year celebration. I was so happy to share it with my first legacy, Joi. I wish my my baby girl, Amber, my other legacy, could have been in DC to witness this awesome celebration. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience.
    Oh yes, I will go up to a celebrity and ask to take a picture with him/her and or ask for their autograph.

    • I am proud to Mother & Thank you for originally exposing me to the sorority at an early age. We had a blast there and in the past. I look forward to continuing to serve with you in MAC!

    • You got that right Diane! It will go down in history and I’m so thrilled to have witnessed it first hand. I thank you for reading it!

  16. Looks like a really fun trip with lots of great memories! I wasn’t in a sorority but my husband and I do keep in touch with many of our friends from our college sports days. But no group stuff like your sorority! I’d probably never approach a celebrity but I am so oblivious that I probably wouldn’t even know until afterwards. When I worked for a summer on Martha’s Vineyard, people would see celebrities all the time. Me? I think I saw 2 the whole time I was there. As I said, completely. oblivious.
    Michelle recently posted…It’s a Big Dog PartyMy Profile

    • Yeah, I don’t know many either. I listen to music but don’t watch videos. I’d recognize TV stars though 🙂

  17. Are you a member of a sorority? Which one? Yes! The Best! Delta Sigma Theta.
    I am so jealous I couldn’t be there.
    What is your favorite social network to post pictures for fun activities like this one?
    I like facebook best.

    Would you approach a celebrity for a picture while they were minding their own business?
    In a New York minute.

    • Of course you are a member young one!!! I noticed you seem partial to FB, ha that is so funny to me! You go against your generation. You are just going to make FB stay relevant 🙂

  18. Wow! So much sisterhood! You took great pics that really seem to capture the excitement. I never pledged, but I have thought about many times – even more so after reading this post and a post you did a while back on your sorority. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Hi Joi!!!!!! Thanks for writing such a wonderful post that you made me feel like I attended…lol!!! But of course I know that I didn’t I just read all of our GroupMe post with a stink face because it seemed that Spring 01 was having such a blast!!! But great descriptive post!!!

    Yes I’m a Delta!!!! Joi’s my line sister…
    I prefer FB b/c I’ve not ventured out to Instagram or anything else YET!!! Lol!!!
    I would approach a celeb for a picture!!!! However, not one that is too arrogant and over the top!!! Like Kanye West…He may push me out of the picture and just take it alone…:)))))
    #happy reader

    • I aim to give detail on a post like this! That is exactly how I want you to feel 🙂 Yes Kanye is a douche!

  20. Your capture of the events was awesome! I will be a fifty year Delta in 2014 and would not have missed my “only Centennial .” I didn’t see any of my Dillard University line sisters among the 50,000 You have great pictures ; I did not get one of the Centennial bus; I hope someone posts it. Continue to enjoy your DST experience. I am a Past President of Houston Alumnae Chapter and now “walking briskly” for Houston City Council District D. The love and passion for service just gets better. You are an awesome Delta too !! Tell mom hi.

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