“Deer in Headlights” – NST Recap from A #ViExpert

Happy Hump day PFL! Are you following me on Facebook? If so, you may have seen what I was up to this weekend.

Deer in Headlights - NST Recap from A #ViExpert


I started off this series with sharing about my own involvement in a home-based business called Visalus.

Home-based Holiday Hustles on Hump day

Well, we just had our National Convention this past weekend in Atlanta, GA so I thought I’d recap it for today.

Let’s just get right to the headlights story!

After lunch, there was a lot of excitement for a lot of us who had earned a spot in the Told U So Bimmer Club.  We got to walk across the stage as our names scrolled the big screen and pick up our official Told U So car tag.


I was all smiles at this point as some higher ups were in front of the stage telling us to pose for pictures!

See all these people! There were so many qualifiers it was sick!

Told U So Club

You’d think grabbing a car tag and flaunting across the stage would be enough right?

Told You So

NOPE! All of a sudden, the the guy hosting this session grabs my wrist and says “Hey you, come here”!

I was thinking, why is he pulling on me in front of 9,000 people!

SN – My Mother says it was because of my fabulous jewelry, she is the feature next week 😉

Anywho, he’s like what’s your name?

How long did it take you to qualify for your BMW?

Any advice for the people out there?

I answered the questions, but I felt like a 4 year old being forced to do an Easter speech.  My heart was racing  right out of my chest.

I do challenge parties, teach classes, speak to children, etc.  but I’ve NEVER been thrown in front of thousands of people and questioned Mrs. America style!


Regional Director Speaking @ NST

I survived tho!

Visalus TOLD U SO


Told U So Bimmer Club

It was so exciting that I had to bring Baby girl back for day 2!

Amber @ NST

It is really motivating when you are in a home-based business to attend a Convention.  They share success stories for this one in particular on weight loss, health improvements, and of course financial deliverance and freedoms!

Crystal Germany

You know we were super happy for the boss lady to pick up this check! She is so helpful and inspiring as an upline.

Of course, when it was time for National Directors to go across the stage, she was the complete opposite of me.  She grabbed the mic and got SUPER KRUNK!!!

Crystal on Stage

Plus her and her husband are down over 100 pounds!

Down 107 Pounds

As the convention goes on, they just keep going and going in rank!

It was so fun meeting people in person that I’ve only connected with on Facebook! Bloggers, you know a little something about that huh 🙂

My namesake, well kinda her’s is J-o-y, is a Presidential Director who no longer teaches school because of her sucess in Visalus! She’s a strong role model in the company! She has also lost 70 pounds!!! Yes, I was snapping pictures (all by phone 🙂 )



My soror from Eta Chapter at FVSU is a Presidential Director so she picked up a $5,000 and $10,000 bonus check!  She took pictures with all the Deltas making money 🙂

Delta ViLife

Plus this sharp young woman is down from a size 14 to a size 6! BOOM!

Melessa Lockett

Real People, Real Results!


Ambassador Jackets

I got this picture with 2 Ambassadors. You see that little cute blazer she is rocking?   That means she has earned a 6-figure income from Visalus.  Both of these beauties are medical doctors that practice in Alabama and they both are Ambassadors.

Talk about surrounding yourself around successful people! 


Finally, Ernst Ross the bid dog on the team got to take a 5-Star Ambassador Walk! This entire convention was so exciting! Ernst has become a millionaire in this company and if you remember, he came to my first little challenge party 🙂

Ernst Ross

Do I sound like I’ve drank the #ViLife Crazy juice, lol? Sorry, it’s super contagious and fun!

This Vi Family is quite like the blog community! They are very supportive and encouraging and I’m thrilled to be on one of the fastest growing teams in the company!

Vi Family When I had my party a few short weeks ago, I wouldn’t be caught dead holding up that sign because, let’s just say, some other groups of people are known to use it.

Vi Sign

We have a brand new look on our website! Part of it contains support statements from #ViResults, #ViCelebs, #ViChampions, and #ViExperts of which I apparently am as a Pharmacist and Fitness Professional.

Therefore I leave you with my official #ViExpert post from Facebook 😉


“I practice the community’s most trusted profession as a Pharmacist by night, am an Independent Fitness Professional, & Lifestyle Fitness Blogger at Rx Fitness Lady by day. I also share the 90 Day Challenge because the Vi Shakes & Cereal being heart healthy and diabetic friendly are a healthy option for MOST individuals trying to lose weight no matter what the disease state! I have witnessed them taking a healthy weight loss off of a variety of people, inspire people who would never come work out with me before transition to mild to moderate exercise routines and thusly I whole heartedly recommend YOU GETTING STARTED on your 1st 90 Day Challenge RIGHT NOW! http://ajoijones.bodybyvi.com/ #ViExpert”

#WeightLossWarriors #CrushingObesity #ViLife #JoinUs #WhyNot #BOOM

Oops, this turned out way longer than I intended 🙂 !

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Have you heard of the Challenge?
  • What’s the most people you’ve spoken in front of?
  • Do you surround yourself with a healthy balance of mentors, equals, and mentees?
  • What was the last Convention or Conference that you attended or next one you hope to attend?


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38 thoughts on ““Deer in Headlights” – NST Recap from A #ViExpert

    • I want to go to Fitbloggin next year in Savannah but just found out another conference is the exact same time. I have to make a decision 🙁

  1. This looked like so much fun I would probably lose weight just by being in the atmosphere. Glad you got taken out of your comfort zone and put on the spot lol it’s fun. I use to speak in front of crowds all the time when I had a non profit but lately getting back into it has been hard.
    Kita recently posted…MicroTouch Switch BladeMy Profile

  2. So cool and so much fun for YOU!! Of course they picked you out of the crowd – you have got IT and in spades my friend. They can see it shine though!! You look amazing in all the pictures and really looks like you had a great time and met so many inspiring people.
    I hate speaking in front of an audience but I had to do it once in front of about 1,000 people. It was about fitness (of course) so it wasn’t too bad but I was shaking!!!
    Allie recently posted…Allie’s Arms – The TrifectaMy Profile

  3. I was a Fitbloggin speaker/panelist two years in a row. I think their 2014 next conference is in Savannah. Recently, I winded-down my Beachbody business to focus solely on taking the blog to the next level + more video content (videos are so darn time consuming to make). Beachbody was a very good run, but my blog is the thing that makes me happiest and feels least like work because I’m having so much fun.
    Yum Yucky recently posted…Pepperoni Pizza Trick That Saves on CaloriesMy Profile

  4. Oh WOW Joi, you are making it happen girl…so happy for you!! Looks like you all had a BLAST! I can’t WAIT to get caught up in the BBV hoopla!! LOL! 😀 Yes, in order to grow, I definitely surround myself with a combination of all three. The mentors for wisdom, the mentees to keep me honing my skills and the equals to keep me grounded! Thanks for linking up…have a wonderful week my friend!
    Michell recently posted…Doing YOU WELL Wednesday #42…and a Thanksgiving breakMy Profile

  5. Go ‘head on, girl! Congratulations on the success with this. Those weight loss stories are inspiring. Love seeing the before and after pics. Of course you were picked from the group to give your testimony. I’m not surprised one bit. I laugh at HOW you throw shade at the pink and green from time to time.

    I think the largest crowd that I’ve ever spoken in front of was a couple hundred or so. I am seriously thinking about going to Bloggy Boot Camp next year. Probably the Atlanta one in October.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Cheesy Chicken Chayote Casserole (Rigged)My Profile

  6. Congrats on your elevation, Joi! I can imagine how shocked you were to be called upon to do an impromptu Q & A. The challenge really is inspiring.

    I’ve probably spoken in front of a hundred people, face to face.

    Honestly, I need more mentors. I’m off to a conference/retreat tomorrow and hope that it will be a catalyst for more interactions with potential mentors. I used to mentor but want to get back into it!

  7. Holy cow, Joi! Amazing, really. I have not heard of The Challenge, but the most people I have ever spoken in front of was probably about 200 or so. I was only 13!
    I am dying to go to a blogging convention. I know my day will come.
    Tamara recently posted…I Wish I Were Big.My Profile

    • Whew, that’s a long time ago. I was way more uncomfortable back in those days. I cried because I had to be the Children’s Day speaker at church when I was 11. It was pure torture preparing. I’ve come a long way since then but 9,000 people…um, haven’t come that far!

  8. I love that you were able to attend the conference looks like so much fun! The weight loss stories are amazing and I love that you were able to take pics with your sorors too!

    I love public speaking now—my job basically forced me to do it so I had to but the bullet. It was the best thing they ever “forced” me to do, because now I am super confident in my speeches and presentations. I present to clients about once a week now without breaking a sweat.
    Nellie recently posted…Weekly Wednesday Workout: Planks With Leg LiftsMy Profile

    • That is such good training on your job. No matter how many times I get up in front of people, there’s always that initial nerve but usually I’m fine after a minute or so. This was just too much Nellie!

  9. I do love these conventions. I’ve been to an MK convention and you fly on that high for months! Even though I don’t sell anymore I still like to go to the events on occasion just for the motivation that applies to all types of things.

    I’m not understanding what an Ambassador is in this context, like how it’s different than what you’re doing. Or maybe it’s not and I’m just not understanding.
    Carla recently posted…Your Fitness TableMy Profile

    • Aren’t these conventions the bomb. They fire you up like non other.

      Ambassadors are just a high rank in the company. They are 6 figure earners through promoting the product.

  10. I have head of the challenge but never looked into for real. Im sooo happy for you and your sucess. You have such amazing drive. Ive never been to a convention but after the wedding finishes sucking all my money the first one on my list is a bloggy boot camp… great post
    Toya recently posted…Gender Reveal…. Enter Baby JaxonMy Profile

  11. Sounds like a great time Joy and like it is right up your alley! I love seeing people happy and doing what they love. Health is a huge industry and so is weight loss. I’ve never heard of this particular company but I have heard of others that are vehicles to financial freedom and natural weight loss. Good for you, love!
    Brittnei recently posted…When You’re Discouraged About Your Health..My Profile

    • I love the home-based business model and that is why I’ve included this series for the holidays. You are right, it’s perfect for me and I feel so blessed. Thanks Brittnei!

  12. Post length was just right. If it were any shorter, it would not have captured the excitement, enthusiasm and enormity of the event.
    Anyhoo, of course I’m not surprised they pulled you to speak and that you’re a Vi celeb:), champion and expert. lol. Very proud of you my dear.
    Hope recently posted…The best sleep position.My Profile

  13. It really sounds like you all had a fabulous time. That jewelry you had on was a major hit. I am so proud of you and Amber. Keep up the great work girls. I support you both 110 % in all that you do! I have heard of the challenge and I am living it. It really does work. I am a living testimony. I am losing weight, feeling good, and looking good. That’s my story. Conventions are so fun! I attended my sorority’s convention this past summer and it was a blast. Several thousands sorors attended. I do not have a problem speaking in front of people; no matter how many. I am gifted in talking. Oh, I talk to everyone.

  14. I was reading this post so fast. I was trying to get to the part where you tell us you won a car! Never came…lol. You sorors/friends are right, if there is an event you better bet your bottom dollar that Joi will be there! I can’t keep up with you. I don’t know that I’ve spoke in front of that many people. I’ve done some public speaking but never in front of a crowd like the one you spoke in front of. You look to be enjoying yourself. Wonderful!
    Andrea recently posted…My Patient Profile Says I’m an Ugly Duckling, What Does Yours Say About You?My Profile

    • Well I earned a spot in the Told u So Bimmer Club. That’s what all the going across the stage was about. They now pay for my BMW monthly! I guess you missed the last post! Thx Andrea, I try to keep busy and enjoy life!

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