Customer Service Confessions of a Community Pharmacist

I work 72 hours in a week and then I’m off for a week.  I love my schedule but in those 72 hours, my patients can sometimes make it really hard on a Sistah! Do you ever wonder if the Pharmacist is taking longer than necessary to fill your prescription *giggles*, I’d never do that!  Really, someone might make you wait for the reasons below.  I thought I’d let you get to know me a little bit better by showing you my reality.  There are no Pharmacists reality TV shows, so here you are…Part 1 anyway, I’m sure I’ll think of more!

Rx Fitness Lady


10 Things that make me go ugh, umm huh, *roll eyes*, *shrugs* etc.

  • Let’s start with this; I do not care what they do at the competitor pharmacies, and even better, I have no clue how much their meds cost &/or why they are cheaper than ours.  I also don’t know what patients think this will get them “Well that other Pharmacist always does it for me”
  • The customer that calls or walks up and demands to speak to only the pharmacist and only wants a refill, to see if their prescription is ready, or to know how much it cost.
  • People that pull to the DRIVE-THRU and when I ask may I help you over the phone, they respond with “yes, I hear you but I don’t see you”…I’m wondering do they say this when they place orders at Chick-fil-A
  • The customer that ask me if we are open 24 hours and when I respond yes, they say “You mean you don’t close at all, you stay open ALLLLL night”
  • The meth heads that come to buy Sudafed with their Academy Award winning performances that goes something like this: *fake sniffle sniffle* boy this is the best stuff for allergies, have you tried this before *fake sniffle sniffle*…. Why do you need my I.D. to buy this? *Fake sniffle sniffle* (duh it’s the law & they know this because they come buy it from all the pharmacies EVERY DAY)…they proceed to read the prompter that is asking them have they purchased it anywhere else, then just keep going on and on about the crazies make it hard for everybody…. let me put a pause because I can go on and on about these merks!
  • People that walk up coughing all over the place not covering their mouths!
  • This one really annoys me!  If I come to the drive thru and the passenger is doing all the talking it’s really hard for me to hear the passenger.  Even though I keep saying “Excuse me, can you speak up”, the idiot driver just keeps looking back and forth between me and the passenger like a bobble head until I finally just ask him oops them, Lol to tell me what SHE is saying.
  • When I say Hi, may I help you?  Your response is incomplete when you say yeah I need to pick my prescription up.  I’m not a mind reader.  Your name would be helpful to complete the transaction.
  • Addicts that come at 2 a.m. to purchase needles for their “Grandma” who desperately needs her insulin all of a sudden.  I guess I’m supposed to ignore the tracks on their arms.
  • Last but certainly not least, spitting on your finger to separate your prescription from the paperwork from the hospital and thinking it’s perfectly fine to hand it to me is just straight nasty.

Unfortunately, if I can’t turn them away, there is nothing I can say to these people so I decided to blog about it.  Hopefully you can’t slowly raise your hand as a guilty party to any of these. If so, consider yourself warned for a longer wait time:)

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know?

            Which one of these makes any sense to you?

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Rx Fitness Lady

Greetings, I'm Joi, a Pharmacist with a passion for fitness & a community leader. I teach BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, Tabata Boot Camp, & serve as a mentor to young girls. My goal is to inspire people to live healthy, active, & prosperous lifestyles through practical blog posts deliveries. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. You can view more post and subscribe to stay tuned to latest updates at Rx Fitness Lady.

51 thoughts on “Customer Service Confessions of a Community Pharmacist

  1. I’ve done customer service here and there, so I know who nasty, stupid, ignorant, crazy people, I mean customers can be. My honey used to work at a local pharmacy on the sales side, and his stories always made me want to run in his store and say: “You betta watch how you treat my honey…Moran…lol! Glad you can at least vent here. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    SssssSshShshslerelSle recently posted…Bye Bye Braids & Mizani Supreme Oil Collection ReviewMy Profile

    • You’re welcome, yeah sometimes it would be nice to have a third party come say all the stuff were thinking! We just bite the tounge & force a smile if possible!

  2. I am going to try that one where I do the drive through and say I can’t see them lol. I do often do the one where the persons asks can I help you I do say I am here to pick up a prescription then they normally say name please I will from now on say yes Kita for such and such
    Kita recently posted…Pinterest WednesdayMy Profile

  3. These are all so true and annoying. Don’t forget the ones that want their controls early because they are going out of town!! OH PLEASE!

    • ROTFL!!! HOW COULD I FORGET THIS! I should repost with that one. They are the most traveling Mickey fickeys in the community! Go on a trip every month 5 days before time for that Lortab,lol!

    • Kalley!!! You hit the nail on the head. I’m often times like, Ashton is going to pop out any min now bc I’m being punked!

  4. None of them . People should respect all professionals and try to be as nice to professionals as they want them to be to them. RoberTa

    • Thank you for that Mother! I try to respect ppl and their work! I even tried to be respectful to that Moran from Kirby yesterday:)

  5. This is hilarious! Thankfully, I think I pass the test and do not do any of these things. I had never thought about some of the crazy stories you get – major kudos to you for handling some of the…uh…interesting people of the world. 😉
    Jenn (eating bender) recently posted…Looking AheadMy Profile

  6. Girl, I am in love with your blog!!! I had to read this one to make sure I wasn’t one of THOSE customers!!! Some people just need etiquette classes!!

  7. Ok soooo, the list only has ten things on it??? Great, so all the other crazy things I do when I go to the “pharmist” (lol) can continue, without a long wait. Aren’t you the technician??? You seem young to be a “druggist”.

    Great post sis, now we can say we’ve officially been warned.


  8. This is hilarious! I can only imagine what you go through. I’m glad I don’t do those things…or at least I don’t think I do. Next time I go to the Pharmacy I’m sooo going to pay more attention to the customers. LOL!

  9. That was hilarious! I took my mom to a pharmacy to get something for her allergies and they asked for her ID. She was so confused why she had to show her ID for that and I tried to explain to her that people make meth out of that stuff. Then had to explain what meth was. She said does it look like I do that stuff LOL silly mom.
    Heather’s Happenings recently posted…Talking Cause It Is Tuesday #TTUTMy Profile

  10. Love your blog and these are some great points. Yes, your name would be helpful lol. Thanks for stopping by earlier. Peace and blessings. Now following via email!

  11. Oh damn! I’m good for the drive up window one. I will take that as a warning to make sure to include my name when I come to pick up a prescription!

    There is another blogger over at Looms, Lids, and Layers. I had the pleasure of hanging with her at BlogHer and she had us CRYING laughing at some of the stuff she sees! My bestie is also a pharmacist. She said she was done with retail shenanigans and got herself a gig at the VA!
    Mimimimi recently posted…Just Another MANICure MondayMy Profile

    • Your friend is a smart lady:) I visited her blog thanks to you. I’m glad you took heed to the warning:) Thanks for coming over.

  12. This post is hilarious.
    – I do not like people who cough ANYWHERE and not cover their mouths. They believe its just a dry cough and not a cold. NASTY.
    – I am guilty of not telling my full name when I announce I am there to pick-up my prescription. I’ll do better. 🙁
    – I can’t stand people who wet their fingers, use spit, and then touch something they have to hand to me. FREAKING DISGUSTING!
    Stopping by from SITS.

    Blended4Purpose recently posted…Grandma Strikes Again!My Profile

  13. The moment I fell out “…I’m wondering do they say this when they place orders at Chick-fil-A” Haaaaa!!! My husband is in the same field as you and would certainly agree then add to what you already have. LMBO over here!!!
    Andrea recently posted…BeQuoted: Quote of the WeekMy Profile

  14. This makes me laugh! 72 hour work week, wow. I think a lot of people just forget that the person waiting on them is actually a person and not just a robot there for their convenience. Rude. I worked at a gas station in HS and college and my biggest peeve was people licking their finger to count money out! Yuck! Also sad that so many people come in to buy drug stuff! (TALU)
    Samantha recently posted…Easter: The Good and the BadMy Profile

    • Hi Samantha,

      I’m always trying to grab the paper or money in the spot they didn’t spit on…so nasty! Thanks for hopping over!


  15. Hilarious…..more so because I am a pharmacist and I use to work in retail.

    My favorites were: Can I speak to the “doc”….meaning a male pharmacist or the best comment I ever got “Oh, did I interrupt your lunch break?”
    me: no, I just finished…no worries
    customer: then I should have walked in earlier…..


    • Hi Jules! Awesome to connect with a fellow pharmacist! I know this helped you reminisce a bit! People always expect a man even though we monopolize the profession. I work completely by myself & people still walk up and say “go ask the pharmacist….”… I kick a smart alic kick out of looking behind me and around then answering them….very lame I know but it makes me laugh! Thanks for connecting.


  16. This made me laugh out loud. I’m not a meth head (never thought I’d type that) but I hate that ID thing. I know it’s not the pharmacists fault, but when my nose is stuffed so much that I need Sudafed and I stupidly left the house without my wallet, I am not a pleasant person (I know I know it’s my own fault). The crazies really are ruining it for the rest of us! 😉

    I had no idea you were a pharmacist. I’ve always wanted to know what degree you need for that.
    Angela Gilmore recently posted…Now I know what a chemical pregnancy is, and it broke my HeartMy Profile

    • You thought I was a full time fitness pro, just how I like it 😉 Yeah, sorry boo..gotta have that ID, it’s the law..but yes very frustrating. I never leave without my wallet though. It amazes me how many people “drive” to the pharmacy with no licensee, ,lol!

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