A Girl’s Weekend & A Crouching Tiger Story

Welcome to My Health Monday!  I am feeling really rejuvenated after this past weekend. Today is the day that my sorority sisters and I were initiated into Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. 12 years ago.  We chose to do a girl’s getaway to celebrate and it was so refreshing mentally for all of us.  Over two months ago I posted about what to do for a Girl’s Night In.  That post has been a top article every since then and that’s before I discovered Pinterest as a resource for the blog a few weeks ago. I thought you all might enjoy a little recap of our long weekend of love, tears, exercise, fellowship, and feasting.

Rx Fitness Lady Happy House

The Happy House was a site to see! It was more than enough room for us to spread out at night to sleep and congregate in different sitting areas throughout the weekend! I was sold as soon as I walked in the door!

Happy House

We dined at the an island eatery “The Social Club” upon our arrival.  We had spectacular service and the food was excellent.  We stayed up typical of girls reconnecting at a reunion and reminisced. We awakened early to get the day started Friday.  Our sorority is dedicated to service so we had a service project at a local daycare.

PFL Daycare Picture


PFL Girls' Weekend

We debated going to Mrs. Wilkes but the line was wrapped around the block with over an hour wait.  We opted for another location; Fiddler’s and it was good.  Of course, I’m biased as that was a stomping ground of mine while in pharmacy school.

I loved the evening activity of creating our own vision boards.  If you are an original reader of PFL then you’ll remember this post that explained how to do a vision board.  So you know I had to make everyone pull up the post and read it 😉

Vision Boards at Girl's Weekend

Vision Board Party

Bright and early Saturday morning, I was ready for my contribution to the weekend!

Joi Ready for BODYCOMBAT 52

I was very thrilled to share my passion with my  line sisters and let them experience in person what I do everyday.  I was very pleased with their participation & tickled about the scenery.  It was such an awesome experience to workout outside at the fountain.  Check it out!  First, check out my ups!!!













I really appreciated my sisters working out considering we were on vacation and keeping your hair together is usually a major issue. There are so many ways we try to save our hair for a workout, many of which I discussed in this post.  You can see from this picture that we had all kinds of saviors on our heads.

Workout Complete

They did it and requested that we workout everyday next time!  That meant so much to me.

One of the themes from our discussions over the weekend was better #Support!




This is why I love my sorors!  We went from BODYCOMBAT warriors to our fancy Kentucky Derby themed luncheon and completely shut it down in the streets of Savannah, lol!



So, I have a huge head and can’t wear regular hats so I rocked the birdcage fascinator.  A few other ladies wore those as well. I was very pleased with the luncheon and all the love that was shared. Joi at Pink House

On to get cupcakes!




When I thought this trip couldn’t get any more interesting, we were instructed to change into our white for an all white night beach affair.

Beach Party

Ok, so what was suppose to happen, was this….



Remember the scene from “Why Did I Get Married” when they had the beach party and released the Chinese Lanterns while symbolically letting go of something?  Well, turns out it’s much easier on the screen!  We spent 20 minutes trying to light the first lantern to no avail.

Everyone gave up and started walking back to the house.  Hum, should have joined them.  However, I stayed along with one other person and we got the lantern to light…FINALLY!  I released it and for all of 8 seconds, it floated up and then came down over the beach bridge close to the greenery!  All I could think about was us going to jail for starting a fire.

I hiked the long lace maxi up, jumped the bridge (landed with my toes turned out and soft on the knees 😉 , lol), grabbed the lantern and passed it off to another sister who passed it off again and finally stomped the fire out!

For some reason everyone snapped pictures like this of me climbing back over the bridge!

Jumping over bridge

Flip flops in tack, dress not torn, fire put out….and that my friends at PFL is how I earned the name for the weekend of CROUCHING TIGER!



Funny how relatable this trip was to the blog! We had some good times and good food.  I was so appreciative of all the meals my sisters cooked while we were there and just the general fellowship.  The conclusion I kept hearing amongst everyone was that it was much needed and enjoyed.  I hope you’ll plan a girl’s retreat and experience the mental boost that we got from ours! It is so good for the soul!

Outside beach house

Time to go home and back to reality!



I hope you enjoyed this recap! I appreciate you helping me celebrate 12 years in sisterhood today by stopping by and spending a little time reading this post!   Thank you so much in advance for hanging in to the end!  Enjoy your week!

Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Living,

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know… 

  • Do you work out on vacation or just enjoy the vacation?
  • How often do you take time to get away from your daily routine & family and enjoy yourself?
  • Do you sweat under pressure or jump the bridge and put out the fire, lol?
  • What kind of community service to you like to participate in?
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82 thoughts on “A Girl’s Weekend & A Crouching Tiger Story

  1. What a fun read!! First of all all of you are just too fabulous!! I am loving all of the pictures of you all, especially the Kentucky derby photo, werk ladies!!

    And omg at your crouching tiger moment, you were determined!!!

    The beach house looks so fabulous and it looks like you worked your sisters OUT! I hate working out on vacation so kudos to you!!

    You guys are awesome to give back to the community while you were there, good stuff.
    Nellie recently posted…Time to HIIT These Goals Out The ParkMy Profile

    • Thanks Nellie! I actully love working out on vacation especially when the scenery is something like this. It was breathtaking. I appreciate your sweet comments.

    • The vision boards were so productive. It really takes time and it’s hard to find the time to focus when you’re at home in a daily routine. Have fun on your trip!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time. Love the bonding projects. What resonated most with me was the willingness of your sorors to support you in putting together this post. Very nice.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…HaHeWi #9My Profile

    • Thanks Kalley! I appreciate you reading it. The luncheon was super fun and all the compliments from onlookers tickled us to pieces :)!

    • Lol, yes ma’am..people kept asking what was the occasion. It was a grand time and lots of photos snapped. Good to hear from you my friend! I hope all is well with the family!

    • I agree Michelle. I go on vacations but this one was different, the house..all girls, bonding activities…it was just an awesome experience and I can’t wait to do it again.

  3. I love this and going form workout to dress up girllllll you all did that. I love when groups of women can come together for fun and relaxation and connect.

    • Thank you Kita! Even though we were outside for all the travelers to see, we had the hair tied up so we’d be ready for the derby luncheon. It was a highlight of the weekend!

  4. This trip was beyond needed it was overdue!!!! I have awaited a moment like this to get away and truly just enjoy every moment and I did!!! From the 1st floor to the 3rd floor(my favorite…personal pen house) lol I had a blastful experience!!!! Reconnecting with my lines sisters this weekend in the most positive way left an everlasting impression on me that we may not often think about…..Resources!!! Support!!! Power!!! Prayer!!!
    The list goes on….but in each other we have a friend, sister, mother, expert, visionary, support, love, teachers, doctors, therapist, entrepreneurs, 1st lady, etc. with that said BE proud of who you are and what you bring to your circle…if not change it!!! And that’s where the vision boards made it easy to change what we don’t like by setting goals!!!!

    My weekend was growth!!!! My weekend was success!!!! I’m empowered to go make sure that I have a new story next year and that my vision board holds true to something!!!! Much love 28 Forces of Rapture!!!! Happy Birthday!!!;) I’m here if you need me!!! I’m so thankful for the tighter friendship and the never dying sisterhood of Delta Sigma Theta-Eta!!!!;)

    For all of the future girls in nights think outside the box, save money, and gain knowledge about yourself and the woman who surround you!!!!

    Thanks RXfitnesslady for an awesome voice!!! Thanks even more for being an exceptional woman in your community and for your line!!!
    I love you!!!! The best is yet to come crouching tiger!!!!;)


    • WOW GG, what a comment. There is so much love in everything g you said! Thank you so much for supporting this blog…I’m gonna have to have you guest post spitting messages like that. I agree with all that you said. Love you too boo!

      Your 22!

    • Savannah never gets old Kim. I’ve been traveling there yearly since I was a little girl, went to pharmacy school there, and still find new things to do every time.

  5. What an awesome blog Joi! Im still on a natural high from the fabulous time we had this weekend! Unforgettable memories have been added to our collection! Your work out moved some of my tight muscles that apparently need some attention 🙂 I sure hope to workout with you again soon! Love what you do with your blogging!! Love you sis!!! 28 Forces of RAPture R 4ever!!!

    • I know that high you speak of sister..I’m there too. I was so encouraged by you all participating in the workout and giving all the positive feedback. It meant so much to me to be able to contribute. Thank you for supporting the blog and many props for planning such a dynamic getaway. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Love you too!

  6. Awww Joi…looks.like.you.had.so.much.fun!! Yayyy for “me time”!! Love, love, love the Kentucky Derby themed luncheon! I love hats…not in church though, lol!! Really Joi…almost setting Savannah on fire?! Only you girl, lol!! Why yes I do and I did exercise while I was out of town last week(I was in your city as a matter of fact). I took my resistance band and did some major toning exercising, thank you very much! 😀 So glad you got a chance to relax, relate and release…you deserve it! Have an absolutely fabulous week lady and thanks for sharing your lovely getaway with us! 🙂
    Michell recently posted…Throw your hands up, throw your hands up!My Profile

    • Yes…I despise hats thus the fascinator but I did love to see my sisters all dolled up! LOL, I had help starting that fire..teehee! I’m so glad it didn’t get out of hand! I could just imagine the embarrassing headliner. You do have a great week too Michell?

  7. Ah, so awesome! I also had an amazing weekend but in a different way. My mom was around and we had lots of kid-free time. I love your stories, though. And the white dress is HOT! I love white dresses. My skintone looks terrible with beige or off-white.
    I bet you all look the same as you did 12 years ago!
    Tamara recently posted…Chickpeas and Jerry Garcia.My Profile

  8. Still feeling so relaxed after my weekend! After surveying, this is the first time in over 10 years that I’ve taken a trip just for me. My daughter who is 10 made that observation too. She and I both agree that it was long overdue and should be done far more often. Every now and then we just need to reboot to function optimally!

    • She is so smart and supportive. Make sure to take the kids advice. I enjoyed our time together so much. Love you always my dear!

  9. You all are KILLING the hat game. I love to see a group of fabulous women! I love it!!! Thank you for sharing your experience…I visited the Happy House website last night. Hubby and fam might be interested in pursuing this for the family reunion. Thank you!
    Andrea recently posted…My Real Life Sex in the City EpisodeMy Profile

    • Thx Andrea! I too am on a mission to find a similar house for my cousin’s reunion. It was the perfect atmosphere for large groups that want an intimate setting. That house is a good spot.

  10. I love you all! So many of your linesisters (and you of course) showed me early on how a modern day Dive of Delta Sigma Theta should be. I love that you all still bond and share you time together to celebrate your bond of sisterhood. I am actually quite jealous that I was not there to spend time with you lovely ladies. I am not surprised on bit that you used your amazing athletic ability to jump over a bridge and stop the beach from turning into a small fire. You better be that crouching tiger! LOL

    • They love you too young one. Thank you for being a fan of ours, lol 😉 You are now an amazing example for many more young ladies! Your line also inspires us to do things of this nature.

  11. This is absolutely wonderful. I have a retreat coming up with my line sisters as well as other chapter sorors. We have been doing this every year for the past 5 years. And I truly look forward to the time I spend with them. It is simply an awesome time with an awesome group of women. I feel so blessed as I can tell you do as well. Take care and God bless. Love ETA!!

    • Thx for the love Nikki. We plan to make this annual as well. We always get together for the day but this was way more therapeutic for so many reasons. I do feel blessed. Enjoy your retreat and thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I hope you’ll come back soon Soror.



  12. Hey My darling Joi, what an awesome weekend! I am so proud of you and all of my girls for keeping the love, fellowship and continuos bond over the years. You have always thought quickly on your feet. I like your new title your LS gave you for saving the night. You are so amazing everyday . We all need some girls’ getaway trips every now and then. I can tell from the pictures you all had a delightful delta weekend.

    • Hey Mother, we did and what an I inspiration you are for me being able to do all of this. If it wasn’t for you, I may have never been interested In such a fabulous organization and may not have met and bonded with these women that are so dear to me. Thabk you for exposing me over the years and co tinting to serve and be sisterly. I learn from you how to be a better Delta EVERYDAY…seriously…you work hard! I love it and respect it.

      Your First Born “Crouching Tiger”

  13. What a great weekend. I’m a me.ber of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc so I can totally relate to the bonding and service work. Lol at crouching tiger but after seeing you junp so high I can totally see you jumping the fence!!!!!! In the past vacation was an excuse to eat poorly and be lazy however now that I’m on this weight loss journey/struggle I now work out on vacation! Great post it definitly gave me some ideas for a girls weekend with purpose!!!!
    Toya recently posted…What its Wellness Wednesday!!!!My Profile

    • Yes Toya, it’s very tempting to just enjoy the vacation and ditch the workout routine, but when I started working out on trips years ago, I found that I enjoyed it more. Where did you pledge if you don’t mind my asking?

  14. Oh it looks like you had a WONDERFUL weekend. I love how you got everyone to join you for some exercise. You look great in the red facisnator. I’d have trouble finding something that worked me my head and haircut. Go girl! Glad you didn’t have a fire disaster! Girl you arms look wonderful!
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…Tuesday Archive Link Up #40My Profile

    • I think it was Why did I get married two, and it was close to the end. Yes, I was terrified, but I moved quickly! Thanks for stopping in Brandi! We enjoyed the weekend thoroughly!

  15. Dang girl, you’re not jumping…you’re flying.lol. This is such a great post. It’s awesome when you can get away with your girlfriends. Looks like you all had a good time. Are those personalized towels? love them! It’s awesome that you could offer a group work out to your sisters. Love the wrist bands too. So glad ya’ll didn’t burn the place down. lol. With guns like yours, I’m not surprised you were crouching tiger and scaled the bridge landing the way you did.

    • Hope, that’s the same thing I said when I walked in…towel with my name on it…WINNING! I was so proud of the committee this year. The workout was so much fun!

      You peeped that group fitness S/O with the landing..appreciate you commenting on that, lol!

    • It has been a blessing in my life. I love these ladies to pieces and we’ve made many memories over the last 12 years! Girlfriends are just as good though..usually don’t have this many in a group though.

  16. This is just so amazing. I am salivating over how perfect the weekend was. It’s everything I want in a trip: food, fun, volunteering, exercise, vision boards! Like, hello, this is a dream vacation!!! Can I join Delta Sigma Theta?! A few important questions: 1) How often do you host these gatherings (annually?)? 2) Do you have one person who spearheads the planning? 3) Is the planning mainly done via email and consensus?
    catherine gacad recently posted…Wilkes BashfordMy Profile

    • We had a committee and they planned everything and posted the amount of money and due date in our group me! We meet annually but this was the first time at a place like this. We are doing it again next year as it was super successful.

      Membership is open to college educated women dedicated to public service and you would have to check for an Alumnae Chapter in your area and listen out for their membership opportunities.

      Thanks for reading Catherine! We had such an amazing stay!

    • I feel so blessed Trinity! The weather played with us just a smidget but we were in making vision boards that night! Thank you!

  17. FABULOUS SOROR. Happy Belated DELTAversary. Excuse me for being so late with everything. Getting acclimated over here has taken sometime but please know I love the blogs and I am keeping up. You’re such an inspiration. Love you Joi

    • Thanks so much Ciara!

      I appreciate it whenever you take time to comment and participate on twitter and FB. You are a fabulous reader and very encouraging. Love you too!

  18. Thanks for sharing this laugh! I have ALWAYS wondered if that lantern trick is as easy as it looks in the movies! I was once part of a group that did the same trick but with balloons…all of our balloons ended up tangled in the nearest tree. Wasn’t exactly the “release” of demons we were looking for!
    Angela recently posted…Ladies Only Blog Share Link Party: Laugh a Little!My Profile

    • Angela, it was so hard! I felt bad for the committee because we kinda were over it after that first failed attempt. I hope they weren’t terribly expensive!

  19. Yes ladies! So much to say about this.

    First, this is showing me that I need a girlfriend getaway bad. Maybe I should be the innovator and plan one..or not.
    Second, black girls can jump. You are one of the reasons I have started to place fitness as a priority in my life again. Amazing that you all were able to work out together then turn into true southern ladies.

    Looks like you all had a ton of fun!
    Mimi recently posted…Let’s Catch UpMy Profile

    • It was marvelous Mimi! I think you should spearhead and get some help. The 4 ladies who planned it put a lot of work into it but it was so worth it! Thank you for reading it!

    • Hi there my friend! I understand the lack of exercise on vacations. For me it’s helps everything go a bit more smooth with all the extra indulgence of food 🙂

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