Bloggy Boot Camp Review: Knowing Your End Game In Blogging

Know Your End Game in Blogging; Bloggy Boot Camp Review

Should I attend Bloggy Boot Camp? YES YOU SHOULD!!! Bloggy Booty Camp is a blog conference put on by the SITS Girls.  My SITS feature day was Friday, just in case you missed it 🙂 ! I am a super SITS fan.  I had 24 Reasons You Don’t Have Comments on Your Blog featured on their site and I’ve made several of the best blog buddies ever there.   Bloggy Boot Camp (B.K.A. BBC) in Charlotte was well worth the registration fee, the gas to drive from Macon to Charlotte, & my hotel stay.  I ordered room service for the first time yall after getting in around 10:30 last Friday night.  Yum Yum!!!

I must admit, I was very nervous about attending my first blog conference.  My nervous energy immediately flew out the window when I made my way into the room and to the first table.  Before I could sit down good, the girl sitting next to me asked me for a business card.

Then right after that, Michelle and Nellie found me at the table and both of them introduced themselves.  I was like, I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, lol.  Apparently, some people look different IRL.  That was funny to me.  We took this picture first thing in the morning!


We had a little time to taste coffee (lemonade for me) from Brew Over Ice before getting started. They are one of the sponsors who make BBC happen & I’m very appreciatve of that. BBC is not covered by the $99 we paid so…

Sponsor Love & THANK YOU!

collective bias




If you follow me on twitter, you know I have a special thank you for BREW OVER ICE as I was 1 of 6 lucky winners of a Keurig!  SWOON!

Keurig Bloggy Boot Camp


There were several topics discussed at BBC to help you grow your blog to make money.



I want to just put it out there that TIFFANY ROMERO is all kinds of awesome.  FRANCESCA BANDUCCI, the other creator of BBC was there and participated as well, lovely!  There were so many things that Tiffany talked about that resonated with me.


What I loved about her presentations, was she kept it 100 the entire day.  She was very matter a fact about making her money and unapologetic for the desire to do so.  Can I just pause and get an AMEN!  I don’t know why people feel like making money is a taboo topic.  People are quick to comment that a steadfast, female, go getter is “trying to make all the money”.  Not all of it, we just know the end game.  The end game is wealth.  Tiffany made it very clear that wealth was her goal.  I share that goal and therefore, I was at attention while she was on the mic!


For me, wealth is having my money work FOR ME passively at the amount I’m comfortable living my lifestyle.   For Tiffany, she had a number and she encouraged us to do the same.  More specifically…KNOW YOUR END GAME IN BLOGGING.  That was our challenge over lunch to dicsuss our end game with our lunchmates.  I ate lunch next to Ashley from the Dose Girls, imagine that!  She made sure our entire table got a turn to declare an end game in blogging 🙂 !


I discussed my end game, part of which is an e-book (you already know that if you read My Liebster Award post.  I have a couple of others that aren’t up for discussion obviously on this blog.  They will be revealed one day though…keep following ;)!   I actually started my blog because of my end game, so I was happy to know I was a step ahead with that.


I did learn that there are several options for an end game in blogging.  We learn skills as bloggers that most of the population doesn’t have a clue about and that equals MONEY in your pocket!


In getting to your end game, it can feel like you are superwoman with working, parenting, being a spouse, blogging, and the list goes on.   We have to make some tough decisions!  Tiffany’s response to this was…


BBC Know Your End Game


The best line of the entire conference if you ask me!  Ladies, remember that in real life with everything.





SEO From Bloggy Boot Camp

I have to thank Collective Bias for the Analytics and SEO session.  Casey Petersen (the presenter) really pulled SEO out of Rosetta Stone land for me.   Before the conference,  that’s how I felt like, SEO was foreign lingo.  I’d read a post about SEO, get frustrated, and just close the browser and hope to get it one day.

The light bulbs went off listening to the presentation and Q&A.  When I got back, a video was shared in one of the Facebook groups I belong to.  It was really good and may be helpful to you if you were like me and wasn’t fortunate enough to be at #BBCCHAR. Here you go for your spare time…It’s old but accurate!

My disclaimer: It really made a difference sitting in the room and being able to hear Q&A, so if it didn’t make sense, sorry! Hopefully it helped though.

GOOGLE PLUS IS A MUST!!! – There’s no getting around this.  You need to be on there.


TRIBES – FIND ONE OR CREATE ONE appropriate for you.  Tiffany Romero’s tribe is not appropriate for you…Em K??? 😉  SN: If someone is out of line in your tribe or unhappy for your success….shoot them the deuces!


ABOUT ME – The first thing I did, when I got out of church Sunday  was change my homepage url to my about me page url on twitter. Everyone had eureka moments with this tip.  Show a potentially new reader/sponsor your best from the jump!


There was so much but I’d end up typing a 3000 word post, lol!  I want to leave you with some prep tips for attending.




LAPTOP – Bring your laptop and forget long hand notes or using the iPad. I had 10 pages of notes, but then again…I’m a nerd 🙂 !  Also, during the conference, it was easier to use hootsuite to set up a stream of people tweeting the official hashtag #BBCCHAR. I was able to follow lots of fellow SITStahs.

BUSINESS CARDS – Have them & have ENOUGH of them.  Have them handy even in the bathroom.  The conference moved fast with assigned seating at different tables.  A lot of times, we just passed cards around the table because there wasn’t a lot of time to talk.  Totally OK, you can connect when you get home.


NAME TAG – I would make my own name tag, whatever kind you want (stand out). Make it professional and clearly visible with your name and blog name.  If you use a lanyard, make it short enough so people don’t look down at your belly to read it.


ATTIRE – Dress in layers at any conference.  The air usually is really cold, but you move around a lot, so you want to be able to take on and off when necessary.


PICTURES –TAKE SOME!  I had to bug a few blog friends because I didn’t take any pictures.  You need something for your post, IG, FB or whatever.


GIFTS – Don’t leave without getting your gift.  I know because I’m a convention junkie, that planners count on you dipping out at the end without picking them up.  It saves them money.  Hang around and get yours.  There were several tumblers left on the table outside the conference.


Of course I didn’t give away all the goodies.  You might be able to glean them from the Bloggy Boot Camp recap link up on this site provided by Four Hens & A Rooster.  I am going to read through all the recaps and see what I missed.


In clonclusion, Should you attend Bloggy Boot Camp?  ABSOLUTELY in my opinion!!!! I have been blogging for 5 months now and the timing was perfect for me.  However, wherever you are, I think you’d benefit from attending.

Join the SITS girls community, get active, and go to camp, meet up with some blog friends, and be inspired.

Don’t forget to try to make new friends!

Rx Fitness Lady & Brooklyn Active Mama


Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,


Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • What tips do you have for networking at any type of conference?
  • Were you inspired to attend a Bloggy Boot Camp after reading my review?

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87 thoughts on “Bloggy Boot Camp Review: Knowing Your End Game In Blogging

    • Kim it was great to know that the people are actually who they claim to be online. I would highly recommend attending one.

    • I am going to take some time to play with google plus this week while I’m off. They gave us enough stuff for months to work on. Baby steps!

  1. I definitely want to go! How cool is it that you ran into Michelle and Nellie?! Love the pics. Probably can’t do BBC until next year. But it’s on my to-do list. Thanks for sharing the SEO video and the tips. I need someone to break it down to me too.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…God Bless AmericaMy Profile

    • I hope it helped Kim. Please make arrangements to go. It was small enough that you weren’t overwhelmed with crowds and the information was priceless!

  2. So wished I could have been there…ugghhh!!! We switched places…I went to Georgia and you went to the Carolinas, lol! Ministry called, so I had to answer. I’m sure you got an overload of information…can’t wait to visit the links you shared! And looka there…you even won a prize! 😀 I’m sure it was nice to see every one in person. Guess I’ll have to wait until next year to attend another BBC on the east-coast…sigh, oh well! 🙁 I thought I was the only one who felt totally lost with SEO! So glad I wasn’t alone! Thanks for sharing love! Hope you had a lovely holiday!
    Michell recently posted…Michell’s Weekly PearlMy Profile

    • Thanks Michell, the holiday was amazing…great food and family.

      I really missed you at BBC but you know I understand that role 🙂 ! I’m positive we will cross paths one day my friend! I hope that SEO video was able to clear up some things.

  3. I felt a twinge to be there for sure. Next year when the kids are older and I’ve saved a little money. I love meeting bloggers in real life. I have met twitter followers in public before and it’s always kinda funny. Definitely a double take. Social media does funny things to our world!
    Tamara recently posted…A Bliss of Another Kind.My Profile

    • I’m here for all things virtual these days. I used to think it was creepy but now I love blogs, twitter, FB…whatever, lol! I hope you get to go next time Tamara. You will love it.

    • I love the picture too, lol…Thx for sharing it 🙂 The conference was perfect for a first, in my opinion and it was so great to meet. I was so tempted to stay just so we could hang out but I’m glad I went on home and was able to go to church with my family. I already only go for real every other Sunday bc of my work schedule….anywho…very happy to have met in real life with the first blogger who welcomed me wholeheartedly to this space! Love ya chick!

  4. Awesome tips! Most of you who blogged about your attendance at the BBC have come up with some really nice and informative tips. I wish I could have attended, but as luck, or fate (or both) would have it, I am actually out of town are have been out of town on ALL of the days the BBC is offered anywhere near me. Busy 2013. That’s okay, I’ll keep living through all of you.
    Andrea recently posted…Life Is Like Stand-Up Improv – Can Someone Yell Scene Already?!?My Profile

    • Schedules are so tough Andrea! At least you have the recaps and maybe one day they will line up for you to go. I’d love to meet up one day. Actually, I’m planning a trip to SF so I’ll have to get with you. Wait…that is where you live right?? LOL

    • Thank you Jennifer. I was debating that one as well. There was so much to add to my to do list after attending this one that I’ll have to see if it makes sense to attend. I’ll check in with you as it gets closer.

    • It was great dining for me as well. I didn’t think I’d end up at an assigned table with anyone I already new much less sitting right next to them. Enjoyed it thoroughly!

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience at BBC. Hopefully I can attend next year. It looks like it was a lot of fun and very informative. Love the End Game idea, a great way to stay focused and something I am going to sit down and put on paper. A tribe sounds like a great idea. Gotta find me a tribe. 🙂 Have a great day!
    Debra@AModernTranslation recently posted…Fashion Collage #4My Profile

    • Lol, yes Debra! We were all like, yeah to the tribe thing for those of us who don’t officially have them. It will be well worth the attendance I promise. Thanks for visiting.


  6. Great post!! So much good info here!! It was so good to actually meet you in real life…and yes it was kind of funny when I came over to introduce myself and you said “I know who you are.” That picture I have up is from YEARS ago and I had my wrinkles photoshopped out! It’s good to know it still looks somewhat like me! hahaha I wish I had gotten to spend more time with you, but I have a feeling that there will be many more opportunities!!
    Michelle recently posted…Remember When: Ladies Only Blog Share Link PartyMy Profile

    • I’m sure we will meet again. It was super fun! You are still recognizable my friend, you don’t have to tell people you’re Michelle from A Dish f Daily Life, I’m laughing as I’m typing. That was REALLY funny to me. It was my pleasure to meet you my dear!

    • All kinds of awesome is a very accurate description Melinda! I’m a conference junkie as I mentioned and I attend baptist church conferences every year too. That Christian blogger one sounds awesome even though that’s not the focus of my blog. I hope you two enjoy that if you make it there.

  7. Love networking. I have went to events but I tend to see the same people over and over again I think doing different events with different crowds are important so you can be well rounded. Glad you all had a great time and learned so much
    Kita recently posted…Interrogate meMy Profile

    • It was fun Kita! I was so inspired that I wanted to meet up just to hang. Simone and I are trying to plan a meet up in Atlanta in June. Are you interested? I hope so, I’d love to meet.

  8. This is such a great wrap up of the event- thank you so much for taking the time to write it and share your feedback!

    My favorite line fron it? “shoot them the deuces” <–AWESOME.

    Thanks so much for coming with an open heart and open mind.

    Here is to a life of wealth!
    Tiffany Romero (@TiffanyRom) recently posted…MamasHealthMy Profile

    • Thank you & Fran for creating BBC Tiffany. It was the most rewarding experience to attend it and actually learn so much in such a short time. Cheers to wealth!!! Thanks so much for taking time to show love on my wrap up! I’m tickled pink that THE TIFFANY ROMERO will be archived in my blog forever 🙂

  9. Wow. So much good info…the stuff you’re holding back must be Thanks for sharing. I’m slowly figuring out SEO. It’s definitely on my list to attend a blog conference. I wish I was there with you guys. I’m also adding blog business cards to my list 🙂 So far my Google+ is a little lonely, but eventually, I’ll interact more there also. (My comment is all over the place)
    Hope recently posted…Mace in your face…just in caseMy Profile

    • Not really Hope, there was just so much! I felt like the tip about changing your links to your about page was golden and enough of a share to entice people to go to a BBC. I honestly tried to share and not just post crap about how fun it was to meet up…nobody wants to hear that, lol. I know when I read posts like that, I’m like….come on now…share the goods, lol! I like your comments 🙂 I will have to add you on google +, I’m just learning.

  10. First of all, I LOVE your recap and I love that Tiffany got us all thinking about our endgame. My endgame is also books. And I came back from BBC all charged up and ready to work. And “If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no” was my fav quote of the day too – not just for blogging but for LIFE. And it was wonderful to meet you. You are poised and gorgeous and wise and there are only great things ahead for you.
    Ilene recently posted…Yay! You Made It!My Profile

    • What a sweet thing to say Ilene! Thank you so much. It was awesome meeting you as well with our recent connection. Amen to using that quote in life…I was like YES Tiffany when she was speaking. SITS is run by 2 amazing ladies. Thx for reading my recap!

      SN – forget my comment from earlier about bloglovin. I guess yours did transfer. It didn’t work for my last blog friend that changed over.

  11. I can’t believe I missed your SITS Day! I hope it was everything that you were hoping for and that you deserve. SITS is an amazing resource. I wish I could attend Bloggy Bootcamp-and plan to sometime in the future. The schedule just hasn’t worked out for me over the last couple years. I’m so glad you had a fantastic time, and definitely hope to put your tips into action!
    Leslie recently posted…Memorial Day TreatsMy Profile

    • No problem Margaret! It was indeed fun to hang for a short time. Now I have to go to a meet up for the soul purpose of fellowship and not all the business of blogging. It was a busy day!

    • I hope so too Gillian! You will love it I’m sure! In the mean time, at least we have all the recaps! I hope you found something helpful from my post.

    • You’re welcome, you should join the community if you’re not already there. Thanks for visiting Joanne!


  12. BBC was my first blogging conference…i went in Dallas last year. these ladies have found a way to put together a top-notch event for an unbelievable price. and one of the main things i liked about it is the fact that Tiffany encourages bloggers to make money…know our value and earn what we’re worth.
    miss donna recently posted…fashion blogging lessons | star in your own showMy Profile

    • AMEN thanks to the sponsors! I loved hearing her. She is so inspiring and has the right idea about this blogging thing.

  13. Thank you, Joi, for such a wonderful recap. I am going to my first blog conference this summer and love what you had to say about wearing layers and bringing a laptop (since I usually write down information in notebooks). I look forward to giving as comprehensive a summary of key learnings, just as you have done here. Bravo to you!
    catherine gacad recently posted…Wine that Rocks and First Ever GiveawayMy Profile

  14. It really was an awesome conference wasn’t it? You did a great wrap up….and passed on some great knowledge to your readers. I definitely recommend Bloggy Boot Camp…it was a great experience!
    Natalie recently posted…Memorial Day FunMy Profile

    • Yes Natalie, it was amazing to me and it was my first. If I had any question before attending, it’s long gone! The SITS girls are the best!!!

    • Thanks for visiting Serena! Maybe, that’s difficult for you to attend but you can join the community my dear!


  15. I found you from Marg’s Tuesday link up. Where can one find a blog conference? I would like to attend one and thanks for the tips. I haven’t read the whole article yet.

    • Thanks Jeanine! You are a great SITStah and I know you would love that experience of attending BBC!

  16. Hi my name is Ashley and I am stopping by from the Aloha Friday Blog Hop. I am a Creative Graphics & Web Designer as well as an avid blogger. We would love it if you would stop by our blog/website.

    Thanks so much.


    • Oh my Blogher! That one seems so overwhelming. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts when you return.

  17. Hey Joi! Thanks so much for sharing little bits and pieces of your BBC experience. I feel like the money thing is so taboo with many other bloggers, especially in this particular blogging community. It’s so refreshing to find a fellow health/fitness blogger that has an end game in mind (or at least isn’t afraid to say it). AMEN to that! 🙂
    Ali @ WHOLEistically Fit recently posted…Cool As A Cucumber: Tzatziki Sauce RecipeMy Profile

  18. Pingback: How to Make the Most of Your SITS Feature Day - Rx Fitness Lady

    • It was very useful for me. I have enough to work on for the next few months, but I am still going to Blogalicious 🙂

  19. So I strolled up and down (and up and down) the comments section looking for my comment because I just KNEW I had commented on it because I’ve read it before, but I didn’t see it so…I guess not! LOL!

    I hate that I missed BBCChar because I really wanted to be there. At this point, I still don’t really know what I want my end game to be…I guess I better get on it! LOL! Thanks for linking up Joi!
    Britton recently posted…July Fave Friday Winner!My Profile

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