Blog Love Round 2 – #MBC is Complete

CONGRATS to all who have been hanging out with me this week for the party! The daily/individual posters, blog friend’s visits, and regular readers have all made this week a lot of fun!

I hope if you are a blogger, you enjoyed the party and completed a challenge on your blogging journey & regular readers I hope you learned something, was entertained, and found some new blogs to follow.

Welcome to the final day of the 2nd 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party!
Today’s Prompt  –Blog Love “Post Specific”  

Blog Love Round 2  - Rx Fitness Lady

I’ve made some new friends since the last blog party blog love.  Here are some post you should read that might make you fall for a new blog friend!


Let’s start with Brittany of My Own Balance! I met her just a month ago on this post “Career Change“. She’s an attorney & I think you will enjoy reading about her journey toward her dream job.

Brittany of My Own Balance

I met Brittany through Allie of Vita Train 4 Life.  I really can’t remember what post I first read, but I have one that will fire you up for sure “Sexism, You Be The Judge“.

Allie @ Vitatrain4life

Alison @ Embrace the Struggle wrote an excellent posts recently on fear!  She manages to get our balls rolling in the thinking department.  She also is the wittiest commenter ever! Lovely addition to anyone’s blog community.

Alison Embrace the Struggle

Kenya @ KenyaGJohnson has been blogging for a while and I’ve known Kenya for most of my blogging journey.  However, we connected further the last few months and I am choosing one of her post from this week on self-publishing.

Kenya G. Johnson

If you know your end game in blogging is publishing and you want to self-publish, take heed to her warnings!

Leah @ Raising Flowers and Skids is such an inspirational blog in the blended family community.  Her blog is diverse and she won the battle of successfully blending her family. I’ve learned much in the short time I’ve known her on life issues in general.

Leah @ Raising FLowers and Skids

That’s all folks! I can’t thank you enough for attending this week! I am still making my way around your posts.  I am thoroughly enjoying reading them and the fellowship amongst party participants.  Your efforts are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

Until next time!


Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • If you aren’t posting today, please share with us a blog that you love to read!
  • What did you learn from the party?
  • What was your favorite post topic from the party? Your least favorite?

You're Invited To A Blog Party Again



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***BLOGGERS PARTICIPATING IN THIS MINI BLOG CHALLENGE PARTY – Leave your links in the link up  below, choose a pretty picture for your thumbnail, and please remember to HOP AROUND THIS WEEK (at least 1 new connection a day) to show some love to other bloggers & make new friends!***

Don’t forget to hashtag #MBC when you leave a comment so the blogger knows you are participating in this Mini Blog Challenge & they will visit you back!





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Rx Fitness Lady

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18 thoughts on “Blog Love Round 2 – #MBC is Complete

  1. Oh Joi!! This has really been such a great week! Thank you so much for highlighting me – you are the BEST!! I’ve learned so much from your blog and this challenge has been no different. What a great way to end the party…although I hate to see it stop! Until next time…#MBC!!!
    Allie recently posted…Running with GazellesMy Profile

  2. Joi, thank you for including me. It’s an honor. I see you as a blogging mentor, all the more so after this week’s blog challenge. You are a whirling dervish of energy and activity, and I thank you for getting this old girl out of her comfort zone and cranking up my blog post mojo. So needed! Between you and Kimberly you have had me on my toes in September… in a good way!

    I’ve met great bloggers through Rx Fitness Lady, and I’m a better blogger (I think) as a result of the interactions.

    Okay, go take a rest today, girlfriend! You did good!

    Hugs, Ali
    Alison Hector recently posted…Faith looks up!My Profile

  3. Good Lawd I MADE IT. Girl you know when you first posted the invite I said I would come read but probably wouldn’t participate. Then I thought I’d pick one “Humor” but then it was too much pressure to be funny on the spot. My Monday post was really a blessing TO ME. I want to thank you for the challenge because while I had all of that in my heart, I needed to get it off my chest. I felt like I was starting the challenge with a “downer” but it turned out to really lift me up. I received some great feedback from the sidelines and in the comments. So though the Monday wasn’t my favorite challenge day going in (for me writing one) that was my favorite day for reading & watching. Thanks a million for the shout out. Now as for the NEXT challenge – I don’t know if I’m in or out. You’re gonna have to give me AT LEAST six months 😉 Thanks for the wonderful challenge – virtual high five – so glad we met.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…Blog Challenge – Shout OutsMy Profile

  4. Thanks so much Joi – for the mention above:)), for the blog challenge (I couldn’t get the weekend ones done – but I had fun all last week), and for your very, very wise, witty, awesome blog! I have so loved getting to know and to keep learning from you!
    Leah Davidson recently posted…List of TraditionsMy Profile

  5. I love these bloggers! I have loved reading everyone’s posts this week. I have cracked up aloud on many occasions. I think my favorite was when people were making blog commercials. As for a blogger to share, oh man, so, so many. This week, I’m sharing Stevie from She’s just divine – great posts and great comments on other blogs. Thoughtful, joyful, clever, heartful. Great things.
    Tamara recently posted…Three Truths, One Lie: Kids Will Be Kids.My Profile

  6. I actually included Allie on mine also. I enjoy Leah and Kenya’s blog also. Ive been following Alison for a while now and i totally love her. It’s been challenging, to say the least, but I made it (by the skin of my teeth). I have lots of reading, commenting and replying to catch up on, but I really enjoyed the writing prompts. My favorite was how family responds to my blog. Honestly, I didn’t have any least favorites 🙂
    Hope recently posted…Blog love: posts you should readMy Profile

  7. This was a challenge but I met and put 5 new blogs in my reader that’s awesome. Thank you so much for being a great host and I enjoyed the party. We must do a link up one for the new year.
    Kita recently posted…Blog loveMy Profile

  8. Hey Joi! Congrats on a job well done lady!! 🙂 Great bloggers you picked out. Alison IS a sweetie(love her accent and that smile), I met Kenya last week through your party(she’s a great writer) and I met Allie through Hope(I so connected with her…we both lost our mothers). I’ve got to go check out Brittany and Leah for sure. My favorite topic was definitely “Humorous”, even though I didn’t post. 🙁 I’ve definitely learned from you and Hope…perseverance and dedication! Thanks again for pushing us, even though some of us came along kicking and screaming, lol! Have a lovely week Joi! Hope you get some rest lady! 🙂
    Michell recently posted…Michell’s Weekly PearlMy Profile

  9. Thanks for the blog love lady and for hosting such a great challenge! I managed to make it to 5 out of the 7 days but I kind of failed on the last two because of a bach party. But you know, it’s all about the balance and I had to put in some non-virtual time this weekend! 🙂 Awesome job and thank you so much!!!!!!!!
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Seven Day Detox Plan: Days 5 & 6My Profile

  10. My favorite was the blog commercial. I had so much fun doing it and received great responses from people about it. I also enjoyed the 10 year throwback. I remembered things I had forgotten about. That is always nice.

    Great job on the writing prompts and the challenge as a whole. I know it’s tough work, but I really do enjoy connecting with other bloggers. Kudos, Joi!
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Top 2 Ways I Make Money With My BlogMy Profile

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