A Few Basketball Life Lessons from A Blogger

My collegiate coach from FVSU retired this year.  I missed Coach Bartley’s retirement banquet  a few weekends ago because I was working.

While I was up late that night at the pharmacy, I got some text messages from my former roommate/teammate that made my night.

Basketball Blogging Lessons - Rx Fitness Lady


Maria #5, sen’t me the pictures!  She was my roommate in the dorm.  Tootie, #34 was my roommate on the road! I love them both! 



These throwback pictures and reflection on my time spent with this coach prompted today’s post!  I am a very proud Alumna & supporter of academics and sports at FVSU. You may remember I was the speaker at the fundraising basketball reunion earlier this year.

Rx Fitness Lady Family Photo

I learned a plenty on the court & I am sharing a bit of it today with you!

In keeping with the Rx Fitness Lady theme: Live Healthy & Active. Be Prosperous.

Basketball Blogging Lessons - Rx Fitness Lady

TIME MANAGEMENT  & SEASONAL SACRIFICE – Playing collegiate sports while maintaing an academic scholarship required serious time management.

Does working overtime, moon lighting, BLOGGING, building a business, &/or working your side hustle sound familiar? YEP, those crazy years don’t totally account for my ability to multi-task, but it sure did help!

KNOW YOUR PERSONNEL – I went into detail about this a couple of weeks ago with the Right Mix of Blog Friends and Real Friends.   The foundation for that post came from playing team sports and knowing my role!

As stated previously, KYP can apply to all areas of life that require teamwork; work, church, organizational, etc.



  • ADAPTING – You don’t have to personally like someone to put in a team effort together to reach a common goal. 


  • There’s always someone better than you at something, just DO YOU & DO IT WELL!


  • EXCEPTIONAL COACHING  – Having a good coach like Coach Bartley (Inducted in HBCU Hall of Fame & history maker with being the winningest coach in HBCU history, WHOOP!), leads to success >>>Championships! I continue to surround myself with mentors and follow more famous influential people too. Operate in good company at least some of the time. 


  • ACCEPTANCE – There are things in life that we have to accept and deal with.  One of those things being when people are really good at something, they can get away with murder!



  • Early morning conditioning during preseason taught me preparation (S/O to you 5:30 A.M. fitness buffs).  I will be able to do 5:30s one day when the kids come, but for now, I don’t have to, so THERE! Rock it out early risers! 


  • Training harder with weights and running to build better endurance proved to be beneficial against the competition in the long run seeing as we won 4 SIAC Championships!  Just consider weight loss the competition and train harder to lose that weight


  • Fostering Bonds with Teammates – You don’t have to be friends with everyone, but you will be more successful if you have a confidant that can relate to what you are engaged in. Fitness Buddies at the gym can be the motivation you need to get going and stay focused!


That’s all for a My Health Monday tied in with some fitness!

I hope you were able to glean something from today’s post wether you are a sports mom, potential sports mom, hesitant sports mom, or whatever!  I would hope you keep an open mind about children playing sports! It has blessed my life on so many levels!

Have a great week!

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Did you play a sport in high school or college? Which one?
  • Would you play in an adult recreational league for maintaing your fitness goals?
  • How do you feel about children & young adults playing sports while receiving an education?
  • What else would you add to this list? 
  • Did those throwback pictures make you giggle or what?

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58 thoughts on “A Few Basketball Life Lessons from A Blogger

  1. PREACH. I get caught up in the high school mentality of wanting to be like the popular kids when it comes to blogging. I used to surf through blogs to see who had what badge from where, and thought I needed that badge to be popular. Did I get over that. So what if I can’t hashtag this or that ambassador on Twitter. It’s OK for me to be me, and if people don’t like me well, I can’t change for them. It was freeing, really. I got rid of the badges, the Facebook groups and requests to the groups I so wanted to be a member of (save for one) and became my own person. I was tired of jumping through hoops. I had to rediscover my niche and now I am still doing my old niche, but I feel more “accepted” with the groups I am working with now.
    I guess my advice is, it’s ok to walk away.

  2. I played softball all of my years in high school. Loved those days! I will say that I don’t really college sports only because I feel like they bring so much money into the universities and the athletes don’t get ANY money from it. Sure, they go to college for free, but I just don’t feel that’s enough! And yes…I laughed at these pictures!
    Britton recently posted…Countdown to One: My First PostMy Profile

    • I get where you are coming from Britton! That’s the set up, that’s why you have to take advantage of what you get there. You can’t knock a hustle, lol! They got to get their money just like the rest of us 🙂

    • Cool! The courts are grand for renaming people! I always wanted to try Karate, but more so now that I teach MMA inspired classes!

    • Ha, can’t believe you are still surprising me with deets I haven’t read on your blog! Tennis and bowling, very unique girlie!

  3. I didn’t play a lot of team sports when I was a kid and I feel I missed out. I did have other activities that helped me develop some of those skills you are talking about – but I don’t think it’s the same. Some of my kids are involved in team sports – and I think it makes ALL the difference. They learn and grow so much – and it keeps them having an active lifestyle and stay out of trouble!
    Leah Davidson recently posted…Monthly snaps of lifeMy Profile

  4. I like the throwback photos – your haircut in the first and second photos look better on you than it would on many! “There’s always someone better than you at something, just DO YOU & DO IT WELL!” is the best quote I’ve heard in a long while.

    I didn’t play any sports in high school or college but I did in elementary school. You’ll laugh but I think I was too day-dreamy for sports. I seriously would stare at the sky or at cute boys in gym class when balls were headed to me. Not cool. However, if my kids play sports along with their education, I will be stoked.
    Tamara recently posted…The Reluctant Graduate.My Profile

    • Girl I had a serious thing for guys who played basketball. The cool thing about it, you get to be around them for practices, trips, watch their games 😉

  5. Very valuable life lessons from your college basketball days!!
    My favorite – Just do you and do it well!!! I love that and try to live it every day!
    I love the throwback pictures – always fun to see how people have changed.
    And, yes, I did a sport – HS and college cross country and track.
    Kim recently posted…Based on a True StoryMy Profile

    • I did cross country to prepare for basketball and always found it challenging. I really wanted to run track, but the pollen here is so terrible that every year I’d try and have to quit on like the first day!

  6. I have played sports my entire life – from gymnastics to dance to track and field. It’s SO important for all the reasons you mentioned which is why I try to get my boys to try everything! It’s so exciting to see kids playing as a team for the first time. They have no idea how those bonds are going to shape their lives, they’re just having FUN! Great post!!
    Allie recently posted…WHATEVER DOESN’T KILL YOU…My Profile

  7. Hi Joi! My husband ran track in college and our youngest son runs track in high school. Our two oldest(cheerleading and football/track) in high school. They, however, didn’t participate in sports in college. I can tell you as a mother, it was time consuming! 😀 You’re so right…it takes some serious time management…for the entire household…to pull it off! And you know I’m a stickler for the whole, “knowing your role” thing! I mean really…if the feet are trying to do what the hands are suppose to do, then how on earth would anything get done?! Can someone say…”stay in your lane”! 😀 Did you notice who was left out of the equation? Lol! I tried the whole sports thing back in grade school on my dad’s championship little league softball team. But can you believe it…he kicked me off(true story)!! Hahaha! I just stuck to ballet! See Joi, I learned early on what my personnel was! 🙂 Btw…I loved your old school photos!! Have a good one Joi!
    Michell recently posted…Dear mom…My Profile

    • LOL, yes I noticed dear! I know it was time consuming. My mother was thrilled when I turned 16 and could drive myself everywhere. What gets me now is the kids won’t get their license even though they have a million and 1 things to do!

  8. How about your arms were the first thing I noticed in this post. lol. You must have been a beast on the court or in the gym. I did not play sports. ( I take that back a little. I played intramural BBall in college with my girl Joy). But I wish I was more active back then. I was in the band and chorus.

    I’m totally for my kids playing sports. My 3 yo wants to do it ALL; soccer, b-ball, t-ball, foot ball and track. I need to focus him on one or two things. I think young people playing sports while maintaining their academic, if balanced properly can be an invaluable life lesson.

    I would so jump on an adult team if one was already organized and they didn’t mind that I sucked.
    You made a lot of very important points in this post.
    Hope recently posted…The Strength of My SistersMy Profile

    • Lol, you are so funny Hope! We all have room to grow. I am not good at softball per say but I love to play; hit the ball and run the bases…they can keep the field stuff tho!

      You are always observant, I knew you would peep the arms 🙂

  9. I was on the dance team and reading this post made me chuckle as I reflected back. Multi tasking is a must. Even if it is just small stuff… Work, wife, mom, fitness instructor whatever the case. Great post!!…. Those 20 year old arms are killer!!!! What a gun show!!!!
    Toya recently posted…Monday Musings!!!!My Profile

  10. Loved how you tied everything together. I use to play bball in high school got a scholarship to Hampton but decided to decline didn’t want to be to far from home. Miss playing bball I need to get back into it great exercise.
    Kita recently posted…Convo With the Po PoMy Profile

  11. One time for those arms and two times for that adapting tip. That’s a life lesson for sure. I was a junior olympian from age 9 to 15 and know first hand some of these lessons you speak of. I so wish I had some mentors. I need to get my life…quickly.
    Andrea recently posted…Not So Subtle IgnoranceMy Profile

  12. Look at those arms! So many great takeaways from this post – especially on accepting what you can’t change. That’s crucial! I didn’t play sports in HS/college, but my BIL’s sister played basketball in college, and I saw firsthand how much time and commitment it took. I suppose that if my girls were extremely committed to sports, I would be okay with them playing on a college team, as long as their academics didn’t suffer.
    Leslie recently posted…Must Haves for Baby’s First YearMy Profile

    • Yes, that’s the key and as long as parents remember that, the children will do everything in their power to keep their grades up so they can play.

  13. Joi, I sucked at sports! No matter how much of a team player you are, I would have gotten on your nerves if I was on your team! Last year I saw one of the volleyball team leaders at a function here in DC and had to smile. I used to be so scared of her, and at Catholic school they made us play a sport, at least some of the time. I just wanted to run and hide! LOL.

    I like how you’ve linked the basketball team skills with real-life scenarios. And how awesome that your coach is so highly honored for his successes! Bravo.
    Alison Hector recently posted…BlessingsMy Profile

    • This is funny Alison! I can’t imagine being forced to play because I’m not here for all sports! You were blessed with other talents and that’s cool. You can still be a fitness buff though 🙂

  14. I love your throwback pictures! Makes me want to dig mine out! I ran xc and track in college and I have wonderful memories. I might have to write about it soon too! You’re inspiring me! I would love my kids to do a sport in college. Those are the friends I am still in touch with and it forced me to manage my time well. And I met my husband too. 🙂
    Michelle recently posted…Lasting Friendships from the Soccer Field…Time Will TellMy Profile

    • Man it was the best feeling getting those photos. She knew I was enjoying it and she kept texting more and more pictures! I was cracking up!

  15. I think playing sports are a great enhancement for children while receiving their education. It forces them to be organized and disciplined. It also boosts self esteem and creates lasting friendships. As long as parents do their part by making sure there is a healthy balance of the two, it is a win win situation.

  16. ACCEPTANCE!!! That has been huge for me this year. Learning to let go of needing everything to be perfect. There is a difference for striving for better and making yourself crazy with striving for perfection. When I learned to just accept that sometimes things are gonna be a certain way it helped relieve a lot of anxieties.
    And I agree with getting along with your teammates whether you like them or not. At work there will always be that one guy or gal that just urks you but if they are gonna help us get to our ultimate goal then “let’s make it happ’n Cap’n”
    These are great suggestions. And I know you gave props to those 20year old arms of a college athlete but I give props to the 30 year old arms of an over night Pharmacist!

  17. You really can learn so much from playing team sports. I almost feel like you can learn MORE from doing that then going to actual school, ha ha ha! When I was growing up I was on the Colorado Snowboard Team and I would compete every weekend. I was THISCLOSE to going to the Junior Olympics and becoming sponsored by ROXY but… Then my school closed down so I had to move! But it’s okay, I learned from that experience too!
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…Tricked Out With CoolioMy Profile

    • Not ha ha ha, you are on it! You learn more from the school of life and that’s just real talk GiGi! I am so impressed by your other share here today! Awesome!

  18. I am a couch potato since school. I’d like to participate in sports and club but I feel that my parents never shows their encouragement. Like when I need a new club uniform, new shoes they won’t bought me one, maybe because they cannot afford at that time. I don’t want to blame them for that but I want to use my past experience to my children – encourage them to active in sports and club. Sports matter because it promotes health and also helps with social development. Glad you shared your throwback picture. You looks so innocent in the 1st pic!
    Honeybee recently posted…30 Days 30 Letters: An Open Letter To My Diet Buddy #14 – Planning & Prep for Vacation Diet BattleMy Profile

  19. I was a cheerleader in high school and in college. Not the awesome competition type girls but still a group/active activity. Given my stature I’d be better at a sport that is low to the ground 😉

    I would play in a recreational league if I thought that baseball was like riding a bike. Given previous attempts, I don’t think it is.

    What an honor to get to know someone like Coach Bartley. I’m sure you learned lessons that will be passed down to your kids.
    Carli recently posted…F.I.T. Interview: Irene Turns to Fitness To Deal with Major Life ChangesMy Profile

    • He is a talker and shared much before and after practices and games. You are so right. I learned a lot from being in his presence!

  20. I enjoyed your throwback pictures. I did not play any sports, but my husband played football. One of my twins played football in high school and the other one ran track. Our youngest plays basketball. Time management is definitely the key! It looks like you have learned how to multi-task extremely well!

    • It certainly helped Trinity! THere is something to be said about studies and traveling to play sports in school, missed classes and such! It’s some real life situations!

  21. When I was in high school there just weren’t girl’s sports. My children all played sports and learned lots about teamwork and discipline. I think sports are great. None of my children chose to play in college. My youngest leaves for college in the fall. He could have played baseball or football, but decided he really wants to focus on his studies.
    Betty Taylor recently posted…My Weigh and Some Pinteresting News!!!!!My Profile

    • I’m sure that is the best decision for him. We all have to make good decisions and know our priorities. I’m sure he has gleaned much already from his participation thus far!

  22. The closest I came to being involved in sports was Tennis. Not on a team but as an elective in high school. Acting was my thing and what I enjoyed most. Theatre, commercials, backstage crew–that was me.

    I do believe that sports is very important to character development. It helped Deuce a lot when he played soccer. It motivated him and he liked being part of a team. He’ll be doing basketball in a few months. I’m excited to see how he’ll do with that. Yes, one time for your arms in college.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…How I Know My Child Is A Hot MessMy Profile

    • Lol, thanks Kim! That does sound exciting. There is something for all children but I hope her likes balling 🙂

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