A Day in the Life: My Name is NOT Joanne

When I started blogging, I shared with you some Customer Service Confessions of A Community Pharmacist.  Since people are always asking what’s the graveyard shift like…

A Day In the Life My Name is Not Joanne

More on the title later, keep reading….

In my Law & Order: Special Victims Unit narrator voice…

“In the healthcare system, nighttime incidents are considered especially “urgent”. While most of you are sleeping, the dedicated Pharmacists who assist in resolving these “emergencies”  are members of an elite squad known as the Overnight Shift.  These are their stories” 

Insert a bid DA DUN…..




7:00 PM – Wake up an hour early to finish my last 2 nights because we have to go at 9:00 PM instead of 10 PM on the weekend (already irritated).

Goal is to be out of the house by 8:15 at the latest!

Walk through the door to be teased by my favorite!  (I can’t help it, I lived in Savannah for 3 years!)

Pralines - Rx Fitness Lady

9:00 PM – Log on to the computer, suck the last wind because the technician leaves out the door with the day pharmacist and I turn into Pharmacist/Technician/Cashier/Bathroom Door Opener, etc.

That was my last time reference for the next 3-4 hours because it all runs together during the busiest part of the night…so just imagine all of these things continuing to happen!

VERY FIRST CUSTOMER – I need to get this filled “REAL QUICK” Me: Do you have your insurance card? No, I left it at home, can you just look it up for me.  I will have to call, it will probably take a few extra minutes, give me about 15 or 20 minutes.

GUIDE LEE!!!!! Just for 1 lil prescription…..


FYI – We don’t have that fancy machine that patients sit down in and get a blood pressure reading taken.

Patients comes in says they haven’t taken their blood pressure medicine in a week and they don’t feel good, can I take their blood pressure to see if it’s up?


While I’m standing outside the pharmacy taking this BP reading, a man that’s my peer rolls up on me to ask where the “magnum” condoms are located!





Parent walks up and ask for a medicine dropper.  Ma’am, we sell them on aisle whatever.  They start going off about why I can’t give them one.

*side-eye* Why do they think we sell them?  The ones behind the counter are for prescriptions.


Already for like the fourth time, I’ve thrown laid down change on the counter in the exact form that it was given to me only to leave the patient with the pie face holding their hand out for change.




The same old man keeps calling on the phone because he tastes soap in his mouth after washing his dentures & wants to know if this is ok?

Since it didn’t work when they requested needles “for Granny” earlier, now they send in their homeboy to ask for needles for their dog…


I run to bathroom, find ramnants of shooting up in the stall & a used pregnancy test in another stall

Dude walks in and ask for Plan B, he states, I know this is extremely awkward, but do you think I could take you out some time?


Phone is ringing again…Classic line “I found this pill in such in such (usually they blame it on the kid), I want to make sure it’s not this this and this” Can you tell me what it is…No I will not be the drug information specialist for your pop a pill party!



At this point, I have 3 or 4 in the drive thru, another 3 or 4 in line, and the phone is ringing… I ask the next customer “May I help you”,  They respond “So, you working by yourself tonight” & they proceed to do small talk!

Phone rings  – This is Jane Doe, I need you to refill EVERYTHING  on my profile that has refills.  I try to ask them what they want because it never fails, they come in and don’t want certain medications….It doesn’t matter, I have Medicaid, just fill EVERYTHING ON MY PROFILE like I asked


That urkes the stew out of me!


Then when they get there, they are fussing about what cost money!!! They want completely zero copays….$.50 is highway robbery….anyway…


By now, about 3 or 4 people have called me Joanne over the phone…What do you think?

Click the link & listen…

My Name is NOT Joanne

Phone rings again – Hi Joanne (aggravated), I need to speak to the pharmacist.  Me: speaking… Pt: I said PHARM-A-CIST not the tech,  Me: SPeeeekkkiiinnnngggg!


On that same note….


(Face to face) – Pt walks up and sees me with a white coat on, nobody  else in the entire pharmacy with me and tells me to go ask the pharmacist blah blah blah



After I finish my gone with the wind swirl as I look for myself, I inform them that I am the pharmacist

Of course they respond with something like…where’s the man pharmacist or you don’t look old enough to be the doc!

Phone rings….

I’m leaving “First thing in the morning” to go to a funeral (I’m suppose to get all gushy here), can I get my pain pills early


What do you think my answer is?


These type of people usually respond to my professional rejections with something like…


B1TCH…..you better this and that


Or You just a Stupid A$$ Pharmacist, that’s why yo dumb A*S works the night shift


LMAO, it’s actually quite entertaining to me


Did I mention I’ve filled about 40 perscriptions at this point, solo dolo!


2:30/3:00 ish


When it’s been slow for a while, that’s when I usually try to eat my lunch.


GUARANTEED I don’t make this stuff up.  If I bring something like a salad, nobody bothers me.


If I bring something like leftovers that I have to heat up, 95% of the time, patients walk up right when I get back and while I’m eating & I have to keep re-warming my food up!


I think there is an irritate Joi radar that calls them in!



I head to the restroom after complete silence (no phone ringing, drive-thru, or walk up) for…let’s just say 45 minutes.

When I finally return there is ALWAYS someone waiting talking about they’ve been waiting 15 minutes…Again I say


GUURRLLL STOP!!!!  When I tell them 10 or 15 minutes (note how I said 10 or 15 because I was in the restroom and not 15 or 20)…Guess what they say!




Girl has been up all night wondering should they or shouldn’t they take a Plan B for that little shenanigan the other night.  They are down to the wire with the 72 hour window & decide to come in…CURRENTLY it is backordered and they want to get mad at me.


7:50 AM (Note how I am supposed to get off at 8:00)– Patient walks in and wants a flu shot…I get it done in record timing


Phone rings… “Hi Joanne, are you the Pharm-iss”  Me – Hold Please


I can’t, I’ll let the next shift catch this one….

My Name is Not Joanne - Rx Fitness Lady


I be fronting like yall don’t know where I work, trying to focus the picture on me, lol

Weekends are classic! It’s not always this event involved during the week, but guaranteed on Fri, Sat, & Sun nights, you need to be praying for ya girl!

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Anything crazy happen on your job lately?
  • Do you still say guide lee?
  • Do  you place money on the counter or in the person’s hand?
  • Did my name sound like Joi or Joanne to you?
  • Do you still watch Law & Order: SVU 🙂 ?

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Rx Fitness Lady

Greetings, I'm Joi, a Pharmacist with a passion for fitness & a community leader. I teach BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, Tabata Boot Camp, & serve as a mentor to young girls. My goal is to inspire people to live healthy, active, & prosperous lifestyles through practical blog posts deliveries. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. You can view more post and subscribe to stay tuned to latest updates at Rx Fitness Lady.

107 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: My Name is NOT Joanne

    • Much appreciated Diane! There are plenty of people with that spirit, please don’t get me wrong! I was just sharing the entertaining ones for today because they seem to take over on the weekends!

    • I am grateful for my patients that are patient with me in the mist of all of this and the ones who are just sick and not necessarily rude. I hear the stories and complaints coming from their long waits at the ER! I empathize with you and others who have worked or currently work there.

      I am having trouble figuring out the best way to follow your posts. How do I know when you post or do you write everything over there?

    • Got that right it’s rude. As you can see, I’m cool with wherever they place it. It goes right back to them in the same manner.

      I work 7 nights then I’m off 7 nights, been doing it 7 years *sighs*! I love it but my body is getting tired!

    • Thanks girl! You are right, we don’t get to skip out on the drama just because most of the world is sleeping!

  1. LMAO!!!! I know it is not funny as you go through those craziest moments. However, as I read your stories, I can’t help but laugh. You have an extremely high tolerance for foolishness. As far me, I encounter craziness on a daily basis from either bosses, coworkers, or clients. However, when I have reached or about to reach my boiling point, I take a moment.

    • Girl, I laugh as well, just not at the time. Hum, boiling point…you have to work pretty hard to get me there! You see all this stuff that is normal, you’d probably have to come over the counter to get me fired up. Ask Dori, she was a witness to an event last month, lol! I keep my cool effortlessly!

  2. I can’t even believe that HALF of that stuff happens to you girl are you SERIOUS…like…OH my gosh…the pain pills…getting cussed out…not able to eat your heated food…the magnum guy?! (cmon son) ASKING YOU OUT AFTER GETTING A PLAN B. See that right there?! I am done. Someone write me a prescription for resurrection pills because I simply can’t. #dead
    Nellie recently posted…Weekly Wednesday Workout: Dumbbell Jack KnifeMy Profile

  3. Gurrrrrrl! *gives virtual high five*
    I work Graveyard as a dispatcher, but I am in a call center so I don’t have face-to-face customer interactions, but we still get the difficult situations. For example:
    ME: Thank you for calling, how can I help you?
    THEM: I was at a strip club and a stripper stole my keys. I need my car unlocked. I would go back and get my keys, but the bouncer at the door won’t let me in because I already pulled one strippers hair because I know that b**ch took my keys. I know she has them hidden beneath her left t*tty.
    ME: Sir…
    THEM: I know that b*tch has them! I just can’t get back inside, the bouncer won’t let me in. I thought homes and I were tight, apparently we ain’t.
    How all this ended? We sent someone out to unlock his car (I can’t tell you how many times he told me the year and model of his Lexus, apparently he had something to prove) and he told our locksmith “If my keys are inside my car, I will give you the rest of my stripper money”.
    Sure enough, his keys had fallen out of his pocket and were sitting on the floorboards. He handed my locksmith a pimp-wad of cash. My locksmith told him, “No man, you keep your money, I am just doing my job”. Customer said, “You did a better job than ANY of those strippers tonight!”

    This is a true story. *sigh* I will admit, the job is NEVER boring.
    Cheryl recently posted…I Committed Bloggery: Soaking Salts from Owens AcresMy Profile

    • Oh a call center would be fabulous!!! This stuff entertains me I tell you! No face to face makes this stuff pure comedy 🙂 Thanks for sharing Cheryl!

    • Way too much! I think the plan b purchase followed by the date request takes the cake! I will never forget that merk!

  4. Haha! I wondered what the post title meant on Facebook. I totally get it! People call me Carol all the time. They will even write it in an email after I’ve already written to them and clearly typed Carla . My favorite is when they ask for Caol Burns. Yeah, not even close!

    I love your day in a life. I want to be a pharmacist now! People pay good money for that type of entertainment!

    Don’t understand why people with high blood pressure don’t have a cuff at home. I do and anytime I’m not feeling well that’s the first thing I check.
    Carli recently posted…Purex Fabric Softener Sheets Review & #GiveawayMy Profile

    • Lol, got that right Carol 🙂 Grand entertainment! Makes it not so bad that I have to be stuck there on the weekends!

  5. I need to stop reading blogs at work. I’m sitting here holding my sides laughing so hard. I think my boss might know that writting up data reports about patients’ therapy is not supposed to be funny. Anywho, your nights are WILD, my dear. Let’s hear it for the guy asking you out while trying to purchase b.c. for his possible future baby mama. NO SIR!
    My husband works with guys in recovery and it never fails that one of them will ask about pills in a non-chalant way like he is inquiring for someone else. Just like your pill poppin’ folks that call you for names of pills to party with. Geez people are nuts.
    Okay, your Law and Order paragraph was too funny. I completely heard that narrarator’s voice in my head as I read. Thanks for letting us see a night in the life of a night time Pharm-iss, Joanne. 😉

    • Stop it Veronica, lol! You have to hear the way people roll that pharmiss off the tongue, it’s ridiculous! Don’t get in any trouble now reading these here blogs! I did not put it in the day in the life above, but you can insert reads blogs all up in threw that down time in the middle of the night 😉

  6. What a fantastic post! When you described this I could just see it all in my mind. I live in a little tiny town, I’m sure my pharmacist doesn’t have to go through nearly this much. One day I went in and she looked tired. I just said to her, “You must have had a rough day, you look really tired!” She came around and talked to me. She said she had worked with a migraine all day, and looks of people were giving her a hard time. I think she was happy to have someone who cared for just a minute or two.
    Betty Taylor recently posted…My Weigh – Travel Time: Where Would You Travel To?My Profile

    • Trust me Betty, these people are everywhere! It’s tough behind that counter! Good people like you are the majority but the 25% of the above mentioned are for sure what bring about migraines like such.

  7. He did not ask for the plan b pill then turn around and ask you out…..I can’t. Girl your day sounds exasperating I would have been quit I think its a reason I don’t work on nobodies job my temper is not good.

    • I look at it from a financial perspective. I’m very no nonsense in my day to day life, but I just can’t take these people seriously when I know they are just mad because they can’t get what they want.

  8. Lol YES I still say GYDDDD LEE!!!! Alot and I love Law and Order SVU but I can imagine your nights! I was cracking up over here smh!!!

  9. Joi, I loved reading a day (night) in the life!! WOW!!
    First – your name on the recording sounded nothing like Joanne!!
    Second – I usually pay with my debit card but when I do use cash I put it in the cashier’s hand (I used to be a grocery store cashier) – I know it is a pain trying to scoop up coins.
    Third – I have never watched Law & Order.
    Kim recently posted…Random Thoughts During a Wednesday Morning DriveMy Profile

  10. I don’t know what guide lee is. Is it “GAWL-LEE” the way Gomer Pile said it or is it something else. Either way I use “dang” in it’s place.

    Girl this post was hilarious. So in Savannah what is that candy called. I make Pecan candy aka Pecan Pralines depending on where you are from.

    Lastly I’ve worked giving change back places. It pissed me off for someone to put the money down and not hand it to me. Old people were good for that.
    You clearly said, Joi – so… no excuse!

    I’m not a Law & Order fan but loved/recognized/heard your intro. If I watch it’s the SVU one.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…Communicating Instinctively: It’s a thing…My Profile

  11. Love the law and order effect! Totally could hear it in my mind. I can’t believe you have to deal with so much crazy! Isn’t it so funny how people need you when you are peeing or heating up your lunch? It’s like waiting for a call all day and they call when you step out for 2 min! I get a lot of crazies at work. I just got yelled at by my 33 year old drug addict client with a brain injury at our team meeting- yelled that he was “smarter than all of us, except maybe you” (and he pointed at me!!!) Such a compliment – made my day:))
    Leah Davidson recently posted…Quote of the WeekMy Profile

  12. I admire you for working by yourself. I never knew how busy it was at an overnight pharmacy. I can imagine the “characters” that call and go in to see you! Lol. At least you get entertained to pass the time while working.

  13. Oh my – I guess the night shift brings all the crazy? Or maybe just the pharmacy brings all the crazy? I place money in their hands usually, unless they tell me not to? I think at casinos or something, you’re supposed to put money on the table. However, this is not a casino. Your name sounds like Joi. For sure. And I have a whole slew of crazy stories from working as an Innkeeper in San Francisco and as a pizza deliverer. I actually want to publish a book that’s a compilation of crazy stories that happened at bad jobs. Not that your job is bad! I’ve had many..
    Tamara recently posted…How To Photograph Children And Moose, But Not Together!My Profile

    • It is the pharmacy for sure with a few night specific nuisances! I do have up sides, I just shared the “bad”/entertaining 🙂 I would love to read a book like that!

  14. GUURRLLL, YOU NEED TO STOP! I almost peed on myself laughing at this HOT mess. This takes me back to my first full-time job after college in the HR dept at an inner city hospital in Baton Rouge. I had people applying for BALLET parking. I set up drug tests and criminal background checks and the applicants’ tests would not register because the urine was cold (not theirs!) or the background check came back with a fugitive warning on it. LOL.

    I wish I could have seen your face when dude asked you where the magnum condoms were. Ha! And here I thought you had major advantages working overnight. That is some “book worthy” ISH right there. You get that many people asking for Plan B? Wow! Keep mentoring young girls, Joi! I absolutely heard the Law & Order narrator when I was reading your intro. Haven’t watched it in awhile, but my mother is a huge fan of all of the different ones.

    I am very well versed in Medicaid from my years working for a dentist and orthodontist. Very interesting. And you just schooled me on Sound Cloud. Didn’t know about that. You say “Joi” clearly, people don’t listen. I alternate between putting money in cashier’s hand or on counter. Keep your head up and keep logging your adventures so you’ll always have blog material. Loved it!
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Move Over Prince George, Here Comes The DeuceMy Profile

    • YES Kim! I get an alarming number of request for Plan B! You pulled that educational nugget right out of there! It saddens me, but I am there as a health care professional only so I try to keep my thoughts out of it!

      Gilian schooled me on Sound Cloud at the last MBC party! She did it for the Vlog/other sort of medium day! It was fun!

      Your old job sounds deserving of a post dear 🙂

    • It’s ok, I’m used to Joanne here now, as you all have found that joke to be quite entertaining in this comment section 🙂

  15. Haha! Man Joi, I feel for you. I bet you deal with the crazies pretty much nightly. I work in retail and one of my biggest pet peeves is when people toss their money or credit card down on the counter instead of handing it to me. Rude! I will ALWAYS hand back the card or change exactly how it was handed to me. If it gets tossed on the counter, then that’s how it gets returned.
    Kristen recently posted…Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

    • THERE YA GO! BOOM right back at ya! Lol, they always entertain me with their responses to the EXACT same thing they did to me!

  16. This is hilarious! I really needed to read this after a long day. BTW, I can’t stand it when I have placed money in a cashier’s hand and they place the change on the counter. I can only imagine how that feels when they place money on the counter and expect you to put it back in their hand.

    Praying that your next weekend won’t be so eventful!
    I really enjoyed reading this post. As I read it, I had a clear picture of how it all happened. And, calling you Joanne – don’t even get me started about mispronouncing names when they sound nothing like the given name.

    I could go on forever about them assuming you are not the pharmacist. Some things in society just don’t change. Have an amazing week!

    • THanks for the prayers Trinity! Honestly, every now and then, I will get that apologetic look from customers like “hey, I didn’t mean it like that”. All is well, they learn a lesson for the next time 🙂

      Your last comment, ME TOO, but I’m not going there!

  17. JOANNE!!! THE Pharmiss! You better give that flu shot, supply those pills to the junkies, and take that blood pressure. I love SVU. I watch it even if I’ve seen the episode 10 times.

  18. Hats off to you for staying up all night. You have a passion for helping others. That’s why you are RX fitness Lady. You help keep patients fit all through the night! I don’t think I ever stayed up all night,even when I was in college. You tell those people that mispronounce your name that your name means happiness in a unique way, Joi (joy) -My mother said. Then they will know it is not Joanne. Lol

    • It happens so much that I don’t even bother anymore. I figure it has to be me. WAY too many people call me that! I am just not hearing it though!

  19. Oh my! I have a few friends that are pharmacists and they tell me little tidbits, but I have to say, I am not sure I could handle it! You truly have some patience!!
    Chanda recently posted…About MeMy Profile

  20. I can totally id with “Pharmacist/Technician/Cashier/Bathroom Door Opener, etc.” back when I first opened my practice. I did EVERYTHING. I got the “you’re too young to be the doc etc. I’ve also dealt with the folks who want to pay nothing.lol. But WOW! I was exhausted reading cause I can totally imagine…especially proceeding with the small talk when she knows you’re busy.
    I totally enjoyed reading this. I love the picture at the end Deuces!
    btw, Untill now, I’ve never heard of guide lee 😉

    It’s crazy the stuff you have to deal with at night. Can’t the technician work the night shift too?

    As simple as my name is…why some folks call me Opal or Oprah. Really?
    Hope recently posted…Good times with a great friend (A getaway)My Profile

    • I hope you are kidding about guide lee, are you? Seriously, I can’t tell, lol! Girl, they are not hearing paying for a technician to stay all night. I understand that, but on the weekend, they would do the company a grand service to leave help for at least an hour or two. It doesn’t bother me, but it does extend the wait time of the patient and there is nothing I can do about that.

      That Oprah, stuff ???? They are tripping!

  21. I knew it was hard doing the night shift, but dang, half those things (seriously–ALL) those things are just CRAZY!!! More power to you, cause I would start looking for the hidden camera to see if this was a prank. As for the question, I only put the money down on the counter if I had to look for change, but these days, I usually pay with card (if my kids are not with me but with my hubby) or I put the money in their hand directly if the kids are with me.
    KalleyC recently posted…10 Things I Learned While PaintingMy Profile

  22. I work overnights too but over the phone. I try to put a smile in my voice,offer lots of kindness, empathy, efficiency and make them feel better about the situation and sound professional. I think of my pharmacist and how I so appreciate her (and her assistants). They are wonderful.

  23. Do you have an alter ego to use from time to time? I would be Roxanne with a no nonsense British accent. Our lives involve so much multitasking. You do 3-4 different tasks while speaking to someone , trying to bring everything together, in an attempt to be more efficient. I grab a swig of water or a small piece of dark chocolate to rev up.

    • Hi Jo! You offer grand advice and you sound like you give exceptional customer service. I will try to smile in my voice when dealing with the phone occurrences going forward. I had one tell me he was going to make it his sole purpose to have my job last night 🙂 A smile would have helped!

  24. Joi, this is too funny, although I know it wasn’t at the time you were experiencing it. I know I couldn’t handle working with the general public like that.

    And yes, you did say Joi, not Joanne!

    I had never head of Guide Lee before. Learnt something new! LOL.

    I was a hardcore Law & Order SVU fan but after a while it started really depressing me so I gave it up. I have friends who are still deep into it. *senses the need for SVU rehab for her girls*
    Alison Hector recently posted…What if we removed the mask?My Profile

  25. What a night! I love the SVU voice at the beginning-the husband and I used to watch that show, but it got hard to watch after we had girls. It’s unfortunate all the (illegal) drug related activities you have to deal with – not to mention the rudeness. I’ll be much nicer to my pharmacist from now on! As far as “Guide Lee”, I’ve never even heard it before! I s’pose Richmond really isn’t that far South (even though I’m a Marylander now!)
    Leslie recently posted…{Weigh In Wednesday} Week 30My Profile

    • That is still a favorite amongst my crew. I guess it just depends on where you are, and then again, that might be a cultural term. I never thought about that!

  26. This was really interesting to read, I’ve never met a pharmacist before to know what a shift is like.
    It sounds awful! I would be mega pissed off at all the time wasters! Although I can imagine it’s good fun at times, but anything with customers is horrible to be honest! I did it for 4 years before I left England and hope I don’t have to again!
    Kate recently posted…This Week’s Good Sh*t / Bad Sh*tMy Profile

    • Oh, I didn’t mean to make it sound awful. This was entertainment. I am there to help people and there are so many people that are respectful and grateful. I only wanted to humor you all with the unbelievable stories that go along with this profession!

  27. STOOPPPPPPPP ITTTT~~~~ hahaha. This cracked me up! I most certainly read the fisrt paragraph in my best Law & Order narrator voice. The housewives clip… hilarious! Your job sounds quite interesting. I have a new found respect for PHARM-MISS Lol.. thanks for sharing Joi! ~Leah~
    Leah Elizabeth Locklear recently posted…HAPPIER, HEALTHIER YOU!My Profile

  28. What an eventful night, it’s funny previously I wanted to be a pharmacist now I’m not so sure it would have worked but I have a lot of respect for you. What I want to know is how do you split yourself between teaching and the shift you work, or is it a nice change 🙂

    • I go right to the gym when I get off, much like the rest of the world. It is quite natural to me Gillian! Thank you for the question.

  29. BAHAHAHAHA Joi!!! You had me laughing so hard while reading this post! I’m talking…head back, almost choked on my gum laughing!! Girl you should do a reality show about your job…this stuff CAN’T be made up! 😀 Where do I start…Guide Lee…I can tell you’re from the south. OMG…all I could think about was Gomer Pyle! But your customers.are.hilarious!! Don’t you just wish God would deliver us from certain people! Lol! Oh, well I guess He keeps them in our lives to develop us, huh? 😀 Thanks for linking up and thanks so much for this post Joi…I needed this! 😀 Have a wonderful weekend my friend!!
    Michell recently posted…Dear mom…My Profile

      • Wet could totally rock the waves on screen, it is pure comedy like ALL the time. We are so immune to it, it’s pathetic! You know ya girl is a true southern Belle 😉 Thx for the feedback, sometimes, I really feel like I muddy be saying Joanne it happens so consistently!

  30. Haha, this is hilarious! I especially loved the guy asking you out while buying Plan B. And I really don’t understand how people get Joanne from Joi–it’s not even the same number of syllables!

    At my first job out of college I worked the night shift at a residential program for children on the autism spectrum. It was much tamer (minus the night a stomach bug was passing through the house).
    Bev @ Linkouture recently posted…How would you like a preview of something new at Linkouture? Yeah, you would!My Profile

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  32. “Look for myself” Now that was funny. This post was funnier than the previous one, regarding the drive-thru and such!
    you forgot about those Sunday night convos…
    Swear I busted out laughing like 5 times!
    Good one bestie!

  33. Well at least your name starts with the right letter I am usually Stephanie I think it is the this is before the name that throws them. Not really sure though. It also annoys me to no end when people place their money on the counter but always stick their hand out for their change especially when I am holding my hand out to receive it. I am always polite and have never put it on the counter but I take great enjoyment of informing the ones with credit cards where they can swipe their card especially if they throw it at me. I also hate for people to talk on their cell phone and checkout.

    • Wow cuz, you are better than me. I ALWAYS give it back to them just as they gave it to me. Yeah I can see that “this is” throwing them off, but Jo-anne, lol! Thanks for stopping by!

  34. This was hilarious! And I’m so glad that you “give it back the way you get it!” I thought bartending brought out the crazies, you may have me beat. And I totally hear you on the mixed up name annoyance. I get called Jennifer ALL THE TIME! Yup – Stephanie translates to Jennifer somehow. It ain’t right.
    Stephanie recently posted…First Day of School, My ThoughtsMy Profile

  35. Hi Joi!!! Wow what a coincidence i am also a pharmacist too, i graduated in May of this year and I also have a fitness blog which i recently started. I just found your blog and love your it already and also the post on getting more comments on blogs. Great job!!!!
    lola recently posted…How to beat Thanksgiving bloatMy Profile

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