24 Reasons You Don’t Have Comments on Your Blog

Hey there fellow bloggers and readers!  Thank you for Friday, now let’s talk blogging!  This post may seem like common sense to you, but to a newbie (like me), figuring out how to get comments on your PERSONAL  blog can give you a migraine.  <<< Smooth how I made this a My Health Monday post huh 😉 !



Well, it is April 1st and April is officially Stress Awareness Month. You can read all about that here if you want a true My Health Monday message :)!

I wanted to share my perception and hopefully learn from your comments when I see what you have to say about your own commenting system.  Regular readers, you can skip this one if you like, but feel free to chime in!

24 Reasons You Don't Have Comments on Your Blog 

Are you thinking, that’s easy, just comment on blogs & share on social media?  That has helped me a lot but a lot of this blog stuff you learn as you go and I don’t feel too bad when I get taught a stinging lesson in the growing pains of blogging or commenting in this instance.  Keep in mind some of these are negated when it comes to insanely popular blogs.  Somehow, I doubt they would click on this title anyway :).  Here is my opinion, mostly from a blogging perspective, maybe a little from a regular reader perspective…



1. Your TITLE was a snooze and I never made it to your blog that day.  Everyone is busy.  Several blogs are followed in title only.  If time is limited and your title doesn’t do any of the following below, then it might get skipped.

Interest MEAn Orientation for Group Fitness Classes

Solve a problemTips for Group Fitness Instructors

Shock me – V-day Vi Jay Jay

Ignite a passionHBCU’s YES or NO

Tick me off or ControversialTHE FLU SHOT IS NOT MAKING YOU SICK

Isn’t clever or Humorous – Customer Service Confessions of a Community Pharmacist

InspiringThis Girl is on Fire: With Weight Loss That Is


2. You didn’t ask me a QUESTION &/or I don’t really know what to say.

    1. I can’t figure out the POINT OF YOUR POST (it’s all over the place)!
    2. It’s a lot of energy to type my name, email address & URL just to respond to a yes or no question (make a poll for that), try to make your QUESTIONS OPEN-ENDED.
    3. The question wasn’t for me! Give MULTIPLE & DIVERSE QUESTIONS that would be appropriate for your entire audience.

blog questions



3.  I’m browsing your blog and YOU DON’T EVER RESPOND TO COMMENTS.  I know that some people email responses directly, but a new reader has no way of knowing that.  If you don’t respond to comments, why would you connect with me (at least that’s my line of thinking)?  Blogging is about connecting.  We can’t connect if you don’t talk back.

4. On the opposite end of the no responder is the ZERO COMMENTS BLOG. Your blog has absolutely no evidence of ANY engagement: no comments, no likes, no Facebook fan evidence in the sidebar, nothing.  I feel that you aren’t concerned about making any friends in that case.

5. This is really sad, but the blog post is thrown together (maybe to meet some insignificant post schedule) or worse, the entire blog is THROWN TOGETHER and just BORING 🙁 !

6. YOU DIDN’T TELL THEM TO!  Most of your friends and family members are not accustomed to reading blogs so when they start, they will read it and that’s it.   Shoot them an email telling them to please comment because 90% of people that read blogs don’t comment & you would appreciate them leaving a comment every now and then to help you out.

7.  Your post is TOO LONG to not be solving my problem.  The only way I’m not skimming 1000 words is if the 1000 words are solving a problem for me, PERIOD.  If you write in huge paragraphs about your weekend and fifty other oddball items, I CAN’T FINISH THE POST!

8. SPAM in your comments.

9. You comment on my blog or a friend’s blog and YOUR GRAVATAR is UNAPPEALING. When I see a face, it should make me feel good.  I love seeing comments from gravatars like this around the blogosphere.



Why would you take the most unappealing (not smiling, mean mugging, flipping me off, etc.) picture of yourself and make it your gravatar?  I personally think a face goes a long way with a comment but a graphic or nothing at all is better than an offensive gravatar.

10. The few comments I see on your blog are all from BLOG HOPS (i.e. Hi, I came over from XYZ blog hop, please visit my blog back>>>>>Your reply – I’m headed right over or vice versa..Thank you for visiting my blog for XYZ blog hop today).  If I see this on the last 3 posts on your page, I know that you are just unrealistically radical in your approach to blogging (my opinion…just a reminder 🙂 ), or has someone found this to build relationships?

11. You leave COMMENTS THAT DON’T HAVE VALUE like; Great tips, wonderful post, I loved this, or 🙂 .   If that’s how you feel, I’d appreciate you just sharing the post so I know it’s real.  Contribute to the conversation.  You can go a step further and browse the comments ahead of you & chime in on what others have already stated.




13. You CONFUSED ME with your presence!  People that participate in blog hops or on forums like SITS especially the ones who insert (Follows Back) behind their name as if you are looking for some new blog friends but don’t visit back are baffling to me.

14. You gave me the COMMENT SYSTEM BLUES! I know captcha should have gone here but it deserved a line ALL BY ITSELF!

  1. If it’s TOO HARD to maneuver, I’m moving on & not looking back.
  2. Your commenting system EATS MY COMMENT from my iPad.
  3. YOU BAMBOOZLED ME! I commented, now it’s on my Facebook page, you’re tweeting it to me, just out of control!  You may be thinking, I should have known better!  Not with all these whacky commenting systems.  I don’t want my blog stuff all over my personal FB page.  Give me another commenting option please.

15. SELFISH You have your blog set up where I can’t leave a link back to my blog.

16. YOU TOLD A PHIB! This one might be under the first segment because some people will ignore a comment like this, but I usually will comment back & not add you to the reader bloglovin, sorry team google reader 😉 .

Lie DetectorCome now, how many blogs do you really get directly in your email?

17.  That FLOATING SLICK SOCIAL SHARE BUTTON that is suppose to be in your sidebar was all over my cell phone and it’s too hard to move it to read your post.



18. Down low SMART ALIC BLOG MANNERS!  If I visited your blog & you visit back and say, “Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier…blah blah blah”!  You can thank them on your own blog.  It seems that you are being forced to utilize the little blog manners that you have by returning the visit but you’d rather be doing something else.  It just doesn’t make the blogger feel good when they read that.  This could just be perception.




19. MORE SELFISHNESS  You only comment BACK if I visit you.

20. Your comments on my blog are extremely PHONY &/or I can tell you are NEVER READING NOR SCANNING THE POST, just leaving open comments that you can wing based off the title & or the questions.

21. YOU’RE A MEAN GIRL, LOL!  We are part of the same community/circle and you comment on others blogs (that don’t ever comment on your blog) but you will not comment on mine (as regular).




22. You DON’T KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE.  If you are not a political blogger or religious blogger you shouldn’t speak negatively about someone else’s on your blog or go leaving comments on other people’s blog that is offensive politically or religiously, might result in a lost follower.

 23. YOU POST ALL THE TIME about pretty much nothing and I can’t keep up.

In the words of Sweet Brown…

PFL Ain't Nobody Got Time fo Dat


24. You neglected or keep neglecting my PRIME PIECE OF REAL ESTATE!  We all love to get comments, but when a new reader lands on your blog, 95% of the time you have to impress them with the most recent post.  We want comments on that one! Every time a blogger hits publish (or has scheduled a publication), they are on to a new blogging high…

Blogger High


I get that some bloggers might be trying to show you that they truly browsed around your blog.  I think a better way to do that on a first time visit is to go to the most recent post, introduce yourself, leave a longer comment, and mention particulars from previous posts in your comment.

Ok, those were my thoughts.

Blogging is SUPER fun but it’s also a lot of work.   Bloggers don’t have time to add stress to their plates dealing with all of these nuisances.  Comments make bloggers feel good & so they should.  I should feel good leaving one on any blog I visit.  We should do our best to make sure that is happening.

Blogging is a learning curve.  I wish to hear from as much wisdom as possible.

If I need to Check myself…so be it 😉 ! I’ve been down with my boy since I was little 🙂


Cheers to Blogging!

Now your turn!

If you made it to this point, wether you loved or hated the post…leave a comment so we can learn from each other.


Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,

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Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…


  • What are some other reasons that you will not comment on a blog?
  • Is there any one thing listed above that is an absolute pet peeve of yours?


  • How many times will you comment on someone’s blog without them returning the favor before you stop all together?
  • How much time do you spend commenting on blogs & when?












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340 thoughts on “24 Reasons You Don’t Have Comments on Your Blog

  1. Really great post!! Where to start? My blog does use Facebook commenting and I tried to install comment luv as well (as I have seen several blogs have both) but then I lost all my blog comments! I finally got it fixed, but I am nervous to try again. People can click off so their comment doesn’t show up on their FB page though. I haven’t decided how long I will comment on someone’s blog without them returning the favor before I stop commenting…but this is a really good topic of discussion and one that I probably should be thinking about. I’m planning on coming back to your post again later today (because I’m giving a talk this morning that I should be getting ready for!!) because it has so much great info in it!! Thanks Joi!!
    Michelle recently posted…The Airbag at Mt. Snow {Not the Snowboarding Photo Opp I was Looking For}My Profile

    • Michelle, I’ve been meaning to ask you was there another option bc everyone doesn’t have FB and I didn’t see any on there. I wasn’t referring to you though, I figured out how to do it from my fan page and that’s all good. I hope someone will share that number of comments question. I’m really curious about befriending people virtually without looking like a clown so to speak, lol. Thanks for contributing!

  2. Oh my, girl. You laidt it all the way out, wowie. I’m not sure if I love it or hate it! Ha, I mean there is a learning curve like you said, certain things work for certain bloggers. I’ve done blog hops and made some meaningful connections (technically sharefest is a blog hop). I think it’s really what works for the individual. I personally love commenting on blogs with no comments because I remember when I first started out and got my first comments I wanted to jump for joy. I can be terrible at replying to comments when life gets in the way but I hope my readers know I appreciate every comment. I think blogging is more of a personal thing for me so if people jump on and join me I’m grateful, if not that is totally okay too. Honestly I follow so many blogs that I could totally miss a favorite for a week, but that’s what catching up is for 🙂

    Reciprocation is fantastic, but I think the real beauty of commenting is doing so when you feel like it. Girl you wasn’t playing when you wrote this one. 🙂
    Nellie recently posted…Dancing For A CureMy Profile

    • I appreciate the SITS girls! I didn’t mean to imply that their sharefest wasn’t meaningful.found great people there. Have you ever seen a blog that has 2-3 comments from all kind of diff ppl every day but all new and nobody references the post, they are just saying follow me back, I’m following. That’s what I was referring to.

      You respond to comments….what are you talking about woman, lol?
      So true, your statement on reciprocation..I have to disagree though when you flaunt a badge in your sidebar that says SITS when their entire mission is based off that. I get it for other stuff though. Thanks for the input my dear.

  3. Such an excellent post. Everyone should read this. As you may know, we despise CAPTCHA in every way. Seriously, anyone with a CAPTCHA blog has got to stop. Could not agree with you more about engaging with the readers and having clickable titles. We feel like clickable titles are sometimes totally the sole key of getting engaged readers. Love this! :)-The Dose Girls
    thedoseofreality recently posted…Kiss My Grits!My Profile

    • From the queens of comments and clickable titles! Thanks girls! You all are amazing at engaging readers & we learn a lot from your blog!

    • Hi Tracie! I don’t get it either & they’re not easy! Sometimes I get it wrong & nothing annoys me more than getting a captcha wrong. It feels like the blog is stealing my valuable time. Thx for commenting.


  4. Great post. I have struggled with choosing the best way to respond to comments at my blog. While I always try to comment back to my commenters’ blogs, I typically don’t respond back on my own blog to their comments. That approach doesn’t foster community within my blog, though. (I guess I need to be commenting back on my own blog, though, hmm?) Oh, and I actually get a lot of blog posts directly to my email! (Not typical, I guess!)
    Pam recently posted…Thursday Favorite ThingsMy Profile

    • Hi Pam! It’s not a right or wrong in my opinion! It was just my perception! Some people probably stop by and think totally different. I’m discovering just by browsing the replies that it depends on the type of blog in some instances. If you try responding and notice a difference,I’d love to here about it. Thanks for commenting.


  5. I found your blog from SITS and I think you have some good points here, especially since comments can really make a blogger’s day.

    To answer your questions:
    What are some other reasons that you will not comment on a blog?

    I usually won’t comment on a blog if there are already a ton of comments that are basically saying the same thing as me. I want to be able to contribute in a meaningful way and not beat a dead horse. And captcha can kiss my ass.

    Is there any one thing listed above that is an absolute pet peeve of yours?

    Just the captcha really.

    How many times will you comment on someone’s blog without them returning the favor before you stop all together?

    I very rarely comment with the sole intention of getting a comment back. I’m busy. People are busy. I get it. So I’ll comment as long as I have something to say and if they can’t or don’t want to comment back on my blog, that’s fine.

    How much time do you spend commenting on blogs & when?

    I usually try to get around to commenting about 2 or 3 times a week or if there’s something that I really want to say. It depends on the weeks. I try to make sure to visit my “tribe” of readers as often as I can.
    Melissa @ Completely Eclipsed recently posted…34 WeeksMy Profile

    • Well Melissa..you have tickled me to pieces with you comment on captcha, LOL!

      You make a REALLY good point about beating the dead horse. I usually only read comments if there are like less than 5. If there are a lot, I jump straight to the bottom and say what I have to say then bounce. I will skim the comments from now on because that does make sense.

      Thank you so much for taking time to answer those questions.


  6. Ahhh where do I start. I never have very appealing titles at all and I don’t have a pretty picture up for my gravatar. I don’t do blogs with captchas unless it’s a blog that shows me love and there are very few of them. I do answer back to most comments I have a plugin that will email you my response but I need to do more of it. If your blog is all about selling stuff and it has a lot of ads I am gone quick fast and in a hurry. I also hate blogs that have music on them I click right on off ain’t nobody got time for that.
    Kita recently posted…Taste and Style Tanger OutletsMy Profile

    • Ohh Kita, you added some good ones..those pop up ads are annoying! It’s funny because I think of your voice and I see this gravatar but that’s not offensive at all. I know you aren’t about that sharing photos and that’s cool. It’s the ones that are derogatory or I’ve seen some that were so unappealing and I’m thinking why would you leave that all over the interwebs???

  7. #18!!!!! I thought I was the only one who felt like this!! At first I was like it’s nice you’re thanking me but most times… it feels/seems disingenous. Glad to see I’m not alone in thinking this!

    I know as a blogger I am guilty of not commenting as much as I should, but a lot of times I find it’s just too hard to do from my phone. That stupid pop up social media box that follows you all over the screen is the worst. Also with touch phones one misslide and your moved to the next post and you lose your comment whis obviously isn’t the bloggers fault but it stops me from commenting because I don’t want to write it out again.

    Another thought along the lines of commenting (since I read mainly lifestyle/fashion blogs and write one myself) is that in this niche people generally leave shorter comments because well, there really is only so much to say about what a blogger ate for dinner! It also depends on your audience too – I find people mainly comment on my outfit posts, but I enjoy writing all the other types of non-outfit posts (which hardly get comments) best so… i figure it’s a trade off.


    PS. maury graphic just about killed me!!!
    Em K recently posted…Update: Still WaitingMy Profile

    • I’m glad I’M not alone on #18 as well..wasn’t sure how that would be interpreted. I have had that happen when I had typed a comment and it’s very frustrating. There is one platform in particular if you tip the phone good, it’s like SWOOSH..bye bye, lol..I can’t stand when that happens.

      I get it, my comments are usually pretty to the point on your blog. Lol, at Maury!

  8. This is good information. Do you think that if I added my picture on my gravatar that I’d (my blog) would be more personable? I now have a pic of myself as my Twitter profile and feel like it helps people connect with me a bit better. I’m not sure…informative post. I don’t think that my readers/commenters are notified of my response to some of their comments. Do you know how to fix that on WordPress self hosted blog? Thanks in advance.

    • Girl I will say, I felt jaded on your SITS day! I was like…no this chick didn’t just show her face to all these people & I’m round here pondering ,LOL. You are deep too girl, I think it would definitely help people connect with your voice. That’s just one opinion. I’m happy to see your face on twitter now but I respect people’s wishes. That’s why I said a graphic or nothing is fine. Just no offensive things. After reading this post from Nellie, I used Fiver.com to have someone install the comment reply plugin on my blog. There was something fishy about the new version of WordPress that wouldn’t allow me to do it on my own. It cost 2 gigs = $10 but it was well worth it because I was racking my brain trying to figure it out. I’ll email you her info if you want to try it. I like the blogs that email me replies, as you may have noticed..wether you email me or not, I tend to go back and see what you have to say, lol!

  9. What a great list. I don’t like captcha either. usually I don’t know until after I write my comment and unless I really love the blog, I probably won’t comment often. I like and prefer the personalized gravatar also, I recently changed mine from my picture to my button because I was so excited to finally get a button 🙂 . I guess I’ll change it back. i won’t comment on a blog that I totally disagree with or have no interest in, but I’ll admit, I read them because of the title. I learned a few things from your post today…as usual. Blessings!
    Hope recently posted…He is not here. He’s Risen!My Profile

    • Lol, Hope! New stuff always gets us excited. Love your button, but would definitely prefer talking to your picture..humm how crazy is this discussion..I’d rather talk to your picture than your little circle thingy..hahaha! It’s true though!

  10. What a great post! My biggest pet peeve is when a comment goes something like this, “You have a great blog! Follow me and I’ll follow you!” That irks me to no end! Post titles are very important and another pet peeve of mine is when a title is too long. I also find myself engaging with posts that provide breaks such as photos in them. I don’t mind 1000 words if they are broken up a bit.
    Heather recently posted…I’m a SITS Girl!My Profile

    • Hey Heather, I have to go back on part of the post because I agree. I don’t find it difficult to read 1000 words that include pictures in the right place..but rarely do they do that. It’s like 2 big huge paragraphs. Your pet peeve should have been on this list! Thanks for commenting!


  11. Wowsers, you went completely in on this subject.

    As a newbie I don’t really know what to think or how to react to comments or the lack there of. If someone comments, I definitely engage. If I comment and I repeatedly don’t get responses, it is hard for me to stay on the team…so I cut out.

    I usually let my spidey senses guide me?

    I’m still trying to “finesse” my comments. I get a lot of spam and my friends tell me they have a hard time commenting from mobile devices.
    Maybe we can all revisit this down the line when I’m a more experienced bloggers.
    Veronica recently posted…ECO EGG DYE KITMy Profile

    • Your spidey senses, lol! There are plugins to catch your spammers. I haven’t had not 1 spammer to get by my plugin & I have TONS of spam that I delete everyday. I check it daily because real people get spammed sometimes, not sure why. Do you have a mobile plug in for your visitors? Thanks for sharing Veronica. Good luck with working out a system that works for you. You are posting good stuff.


  12. This is such a perfect list! I go CRAZY when I have to log in or enter a captcha to leave a comment. That is the number one reason why I read a post and don’t end up commenting.

    I would comment on a blog about 3 times before I give up on forming a connection with them.

    I usually comment/read blogs during my lunch break at work which is why it is SO important to me that it is easy to comment. I’ve been SLACKING on my reading/commenting the last 3 weeks because I’ve been too busy to take a lunch, I have a TON of posts backed up in my feedly to catch up on.

    Also, I’m super excited to NOT being reading an April Fools post. Those have been very annoying today 🙂
    Kristiina recently posted…{DIY Inspo} Friendship EarringsMy Profile

    • That is crap “you know what”, I didnt’ stumble upon any April fool’s post or else they would have gotten deleted…how old are we???

      I have been missing you lately. Life gets in the way and that is understandable. On that note, If a blogger post on their blog and they are clearly at a busy time in their life, I will not stop following. I would hope that when that happens to me, that they will still show me love if I still take time to update the blog less frequently but not have as much time to comment. We have to use our common sense as well in building and maintaing relationships.

      Good to hear from you my friend!


  13. I visit a LOT of blogs a day and think what annoys me most are wordy posts that don’t get to the point. If I don’t know what you are writing about in the first 100 words…Im probably not going to read the rest! As far as commenting systems go, I don’t like captcha…AT ALL!
    Britton recently posted…Motivational Monday: Polar FT4 ReviewMy Profile

    • Good point Britton! I’m often times confused when I get to the meat of the post and I’m like…oh so what was all that other useless stuff in the intro about!

  14. I think I’m a work in progress. I see things on your post I’ve been guilty of, due to inexperience, and also things I’ve improved on! I have read blogs for years because I genuinely like it (seriously, a lot!) but it didn’t occur to me to comment until fairly recently. Embarrassing! And I’ve had a blog for years but didn’t join SITS until a month or so ago. I do love reciprocation and any comment to me is like candy. I do try to think of thoughtful responses that show I really did read the blog. Sometimes I fail a bit because of the two kids or whatnot. This post was eye opening, though.
    Tamara recently posted…Eggsterminate!My Profile

    • Hi Tamara,

      Welcome to SITS! It’s such a great community of ladies and full of insightful information and new people to follow. I was reading blogs as well before I had a blog and NEVER commented. Only when I wanted to start my own blog did I start reading all of these how to guides. It’s hard finding helpful stuff. I made this post because I appreciated finding posts that gave practical advice and were not just giving a glimpse so you could buy their product that told the real stuff. Everyone understands family values! They come first before everything! Thanks for your comment.


  15. I’ve been blogging for a little over a year, and I’m still learning tips along the way! lol Number 7 (post are too long) is the first thing that gets me running from a blog! I’m like you; I’m not reading 1000+ words and getting nothing out of your post! Great tips Joi! I’m sure I need to hone up on my blog etiquette myself.
    Sherelle recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: If I Could Change The WorldMy Profile

    • I’m learning too Sherlle! THat’s why I asked for feedback. I’m learning a lot from the comments. I intend to touch up my blogging etiquette a bit as well when I ponder on all these replies.

  16. Girl I LOVE this post!! I think sometimes forget where they started with their blog. I’m with you — I have to be interested to keep going. Also, I don’t have a set number I comment on, but I com,net on those that keep me interested. Need to check my Bloglovin and make sure you’re updated. Just switched over to it 🙂
    Melissa Love recently posted…Beautiful DayMy Profile

    • Hey Melissa! You can follow me here on Bloglovin. Make sure you do, so when I finally try cross fit you can laugh at the post :)!

      I only try to befriend blogs that I think I could read on a regular. I feel you.

  17. Wow! So many reasons, and I’m an offender for at least 50-75% of them! (I know it and try to work on it…really!). I love commenting on blogs, but don’t have the time to post on many…and with the hour or so I get a few days a week to actually do anything blog related, it can be hard to respond to comments…which means I often miss out on responding to comments, but will go over and engage on the commenter’s website instead. So what’s the best thing to do for all of us time-deprived women? I’d love to see this pared down and turned on its head…For example: The top 5 ways to get more comments on your blog.
    Leslie recently posted…{Roundup} Easter PrintablesMy Profile

    • Hi Leslie, I think that if you have formed a relationship with a blog friend, then that method is absolutely fine and even if you are responding to a new visitor. A new visitor might not ever initiate in the first place if they don’t see you responding.

      I think what’s most important depends on what the point and goal of your blog is. I am trying to establish an authoritative voice in the fitness industry and the blog relationships turned out to be a MAJOR PLUS. I love it. You can browse the comments and see that Captcha is a BIG no no and leaving unvalued comments, other than that, I think it’s a personal choice and we can all work on improving by taking baby steps toward better “blog etiquette”.

      Good to hear from as always my friend.

      • Agreed. After spending the first year of blogging trying to make my life fit my blog, I flipped it upside down and now make my blogging fit my lifestyle. That usually means I don’t get to even touch it until 10pm…so I post less often. But I’ve also learned to focus on more on developing relationships. They just mean so much more than pageviews or even total comment numbers. I can honestly say I’m happier now with having a few meaningful comments from regulars than trying to join a million linky parties just to up the comment/pageview numbers. BTW, I love your fitness advice, so keep it coming! Happy Tuesday (almost Wednesday)!
        Leslie recently posted…Our Easter & 9 Months OldMy Profile

  18. Bahahaa Joi that was f.u.n.n.y! My biggest pet peeve…people who don’t respond to comments! I mean really, if that’s the case, you should just write in your diary. I don’t get it! As for how many times will I continue to comment without a response or at least a comment on my blog…you get ONE time and I’m DONE, lol! Thanks for enlightening us Joi! Have a wonderful week lady!
    MichellicMMichellhelMichelll recently posted…Things you’ve always wanted to say…My Profile

    • EXCELLENT point Michell! Diaries have been around for eons! You are so good about responding to comments.

      You are a blog shark girl…1 comment, no reply>>>>>BOUNCE, lol! Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

      • Hi Christina,

        My Mother taught me that nothing is an ALL or none statement. I participate in blog hops. The one I found you on I do weekly. It is not good for making friends in my opinion but I do it anyway because I have made one connection there that I value. I also do it to look out for new faces. I recognized you as a new face the same week I did with another commenter on this post named Veronica. I immediately was drawn to both of you. You and I are the same age…blah blah blah 🙂

        This is not to pick, but this is a learning post. I left a “valued comment” on your post. I saw your reply & appreciated it. I also appreciated that you followed me on a social network. However, you did not comment back at all until now. That is fine, I still followed you on bloglovin if you check you will see that. THe other young lady, has commented back and frequently and I have read all her post and commented on the ones I know she wants support on. I have grown a relationship with her in just 2 short weeks. You however have VERY clickable titles but I haven’t clicked on one of them because I felt that you didn’t take the time to read my blog…you may have but I didn’t know and contrary to some of the above commenters…I’m not really interested in following people just because. Blogging is very time consuming and there are plenty of VERY interesting and entertaining bloggers that will follow you back and support your blog by commenting. I choose to let them monopolize my time.

        Thank you so much for commenting. I will visit later today and answer your other question. I’m off to the gym.


        • Hey girl! Thanks for your reply. ; )

          Hope you had a great workout. I said I’d be asking you questions about fitness but I haven’t yet so that means 1 thing – I haven’t been working on my fitness, LOL. Smh!

          I have been coming up with all of these excuses for not putting my gym membership to good use. My number 1 excuse is “I don’t have any energy” – knowing dag’on well if I take my butt to the gym, I’ll get that energy back ASAP!

          I’ve been so busy lately with travelling and having relatives visit that all I want to do now is focus on my blog. I have been MIA for 5 days but it seems like 15. I have so much catching up to do, not only with my posts but reading my fellow bloggers posts, yours included.

          Definitely love this one.

          Thank you for saying my titles are clickable. ; )

          I try to make them clever, ie. “Peep Peep, Who Got The Keys To My Jeep.” I’m always breaking out in song so I find myself incorporating songs into my titles. Timbaland & Magoo came to mind. LOL.

          Anyway – looking forward to chatting more. 🙂
          Christina P. recently posted…My BLOG will be featured on the Rachael Ray show!My Profile

          • That is understandable. I blog about prioritizing your fitness similar to your job or church like here in Scheduled Fitness. I love the music too girl. I am always working artists and songs into post, as you see with this post and with titles like this Brandz A Make you Dance if you’re Black. I am looking forward to connecting going forward.

            Another thing that I think helps when you have a clickable title as you seem to be good with. Visit blogs & try to comment FIRST on ones that have comment luv where you can leave a link & all the other readers can visit your blog…they WILL click, wether they comment or not but that means pageviews for you 😉

  19. I really appreciate that I don’t have to type out my name or my blog name each time I comment on your posts 🙂 I usually spend a LOT of time posting comments on my favorite blogs but am on holiday at the moment and have no wifi so am taking the blogging world much slower than usual.
    Robyn recently posted…Stress of the Day with Your Husband Away!My Profile

    • Hey Robyn, I know I haven’t seen you post lately. It’s all good. Chat with you when you return. Enjoy the break.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  20. Great post, Joi! Your title sucked me right in and I’m supposed to be leaving for work early!

    I have to say that at times I’ve been guilty of some and maybe even all of these. Blogging is hard and you live and learn.

    My biggest pet peeve is people who leave comments that say “Stopping by from SITS” (I no longer participate in other blog hops) and those do get deleted and no I don’t comment back. With that being said when someone does leave a genuine comment it is hard not to want to go to their blog and learn more about them. It took me a long time to realize that I don’t have to keep leaving them comments back just because I display this SITS logo on my side bar. Some blogs just aren’t for me and if they don’t come back and comment on my blog because they were just looking for a comment back then I guess I’m just alright with that.

    I only recently started commenting back because I thought that since I use blogger no one would even see or care. But then I realized that there is a way for people to subscribe to blog posts comments on Blogger. I didn’t even think about your point though — that people will look and see if I did comment back. Whew! Glad I got that fixed!

    No matter how long you’ve been blogging there’s always something new to learn. I don’t get as much traffic as when I did only giveaways but I’m much happier with my blog now because it’s the true me. Love it or hate it. I can see that your blog is you, Joi. And that is why people come and comment. Being genuine.
    Carli recently posted…April LovesMy Profile

    • Yep, because I just learned that I can subscribe from your comment. I will have to do that, bc I always look back to see your reply. I participate in a couple of more blog hops but SITS is by far the Queen, in my opinion with the most active community. That’s why I don’t appreciate the abusers. THere are several blog hops they can go drop their link off in and not waste our time. Good feedback, I appreciate it.

  21. Hi, thx for this post. I agree with a lot of what you say. One I disagree with is the prime real estate thing. Often I go to a new blog from a hop and everyone is leaving these vacuous comments on the main post. If I like the blog I try to read a few posts and comment on another one. Just my style.

    One other thought, and this might be naïve on my part, but I don’t really comment to get more visits. I comment on posts that move me. Quid pro quo is just so transparent, I’d rather bypass it altogether.

    Thx for your thoughts.
    Deb recently posted…Requiem for a Shower (A Haiku)My Profile

    • Hey Deb, Thanks for stopping by. I understand and respect your opinion. Quid pro quo is VERY relevant for me in a blogosphere composed of MILLIONS of blogs. For every great blog, there is another just like it. I’m blogging partly for authoritative purposes to advance my fitness desires. The relationships just popped up and unexpectedly pleased me so I posted what I though might be helpful for people who are blogging for relationships only or like me as a portion of their blog. I could do another post on authoritative, but I am figuring that out still. I think I’ve learned how to make relationships. It’s all about what your intentions for blogging are. There are so many different ones. Thank you so much for commenting.


  22. Something is weird with your comment spot, I can’t see what I’m typing for Name, Email, or Website.

    Great post…I just stumbled upon this on Twitter and something I’ve been wondering myself. I am thinking a couple definitely apply to me…one when I have giveaways I was requiring people to follow me via email, and a fellow blogger friend said we don’t all do that…we might use google reader, or some other way (that I can’t see). So….it kind of bummed me to realize I can’t tell how many followers I have, but I’ll get over that. So, I changed my giveaway to follow my blog to be optional and not required. Another thing, is I think I don’t have the focus you are talking about. I wanted my blog to be something where I share anything I want to – stuff I learn about…my life…and well, it has become sharing reviews and giveaways, too. So, I can see that perhaps I have a lack of focus. I did think by giving my blog a general name like that, that people would be understanding…but yep, you got it right, people don’t all have time for that.
    Another thing that you made me realize I’m not doing, is seeking blogs I like and following and commenting on them…so maybe they will do the same with mine. Very good point…I will get into that in the near future.
    Really a lot of helpful things in this blog post! Thank you! I appreciate your tips.

    • Thank you for stopping by from twitter Becky! Looks like you have found my #25! Fix your contact form, lol! I don’t know what the problem is with that. Some people comment just fine and a few names end up looking quirky because readers can’t see what they are typing. Thanks for the info and feedback. I hope that works out for you.


  23. Amen to so many of these. I always try to comment back (if not that day, the next after someone has left me one) and try to reply to the less generic comments that clearly required some reading and thought. When people don’t comment back after maybe 4 times I stop commenting and eventually may even stop following.

  24. You know I like when people keep it real! Good for you. I like that you are upfront about why you may not post on people’s blogs. I agree with 100% of your reasons. I had one girl that did the whole, “Hi stopped by your blog come read my blog” comment. And I was like, “Did you even READ my blog? Or was that just a copy paste comment?!”
    I like that your blogs make sense and has good informative subject to them. I’ve seen blogs that even go as far as to regurgitate older posts just to keep posting daily.
    I hope you had a good Easter.

    • Hey Veronica! Easter was blessed even though I had to work the entire weekend. I hope yours was as well.

      We click because we both keep it real. Love that about your post, and you keep me laughing!!! That is what I’m talking about, you feel like they think you are stupid or something…like..I’m not spending time visiting and you didn’t even read my post!

  25. First, I must say I loved the photos used to emphasize your points. (Maury! LOL) I’ve still been learning how to get comments on my posts to know whether or not I’m reaching anyone on my blog.
    I know I’ve gotten spam comments which is annoying. Otherwise, I know I have lots of visitors and pageviews, the comments are just few and far between.
    I am working on making sure my titles are capturing and not having long drawn out posts.
    As for when I comment on other blogs, I’m usually sharing how I relate to what is shared in the post.
    While I don’t like filling out a lengthy form to leave a comment, I do it because I want to show the blogger that their blog/post was read and appreciated.
    Blogging takes a lot of work and determination. Unlike a 9-5 job where you see the fruits of your labor almost immediately, bloggers put work in and have to continue to maintain to see their results down the line.
    I’m thankful for your post and will certainly be working on incorporating these tips as well as tracking my progress.
    GraceGra recently posted…It’s My SITS Day!My Profile

    • Hi Grace! Thank you for taking time out to come visit my blog in the mist of all that absolutely fabulous I’m sure for your SITS day! Congrats again. Glad you liked the photos and found some things you can use to progress going forward.


    • Me too GiGi! It’s so amazing making connections with so many wonderful people. Commenting on others blogs is for sure the first thing we need to do to get traffic that drives comments. Regular readers just aren’t as prone to comment. Good to hear from you.


  26. Really interesting post! I loved your point about not commenting because you don’t feel there was a question asked or anything to add to the conversation. I read several more blogs than I actually comment on. Sometimes a post is so all over the place or personal that I don’t feel I should chime in. I am guilty of writing long, long posts occasionally, but I try to stick to topics that- while personal- are also current and relatable. Creating an atmosphere of community is also key. My readers talk back and forth to one another, to me. It’s like meeting at a little cyber coffee shop 🙂
    tori nelson recently posted…EmergenpsychMy Profile

    • Hi Tori!

      My readers talk back and forth to one another, to me. It’s like meeting at a little cyber coffee shop.<<<<< I LOVE THAT! I try to chime in on conversations on other blogs when I can. Thank you for your input. Joi

  27. It drives me crazy when someone leaves a comment on my blog post that says “Thanks for stopping by my blog!” Did you even read my blog post? Especially if I stopped by the blog first it means I left (what I thought was) a thoughtful comment. Also, I think it’s great to say that you stopped by xyz blog hop or SITS cause I like to know how people found my blog, but also write something about the blog post itself that you are commenting on.

    Great post, and I did stop by from SITS 😉
    Bev @ Linkouture recently posted…Look Who Finally Took Some Photos of PeopleMy Profile

    • Absolutely Bev! I always show love to the host of a blog hop but that is not all I say. I want the blogger to know that I’ve actually read the post.

      I recognize you from SITS. I’ve visited your blog before for sharefest and I see you frequently commenting as an active member of the community for daily features. Glad to have you over today.

      On another note, Your gravatar is like what I’m speaking of in the post. It is really sweet looking (if that’s the right description). Either way, it is a drawing tool. Thanks for commenting.


  28. I don’t care for “look what I’m wearing” blogs, where the whole post is several pictures of what they chose to wear that day..
    Poetry.. I’ll be honest, when I visit a blog where most (if not all) of the posts are poetry, I don’t stick around to read it..

    But my biggest blog peeves? The CAPTCHA I absolutely hate the CAPTCHA.. And music.. I don’t enjoy searching through the blog looking for the mute button.. Sure, the owner of the blog may love ‘Numa Numa’ but it’s not something I want to come blaring out of my speakers at 6 in the morning 🙂

    By the way, I found you through Prowess & Pearls link up.. LOL
    Ren recently posted…My eye, my plank..My Profile

    • Hi Ren, a couple of you have stated dislikes for music. Would you believe I haven’t come across a musical blog? I am pretty sure that would annoy me as well.

      I don’t mind clothes on a fashion blog, but then again..I’m a fashion junkie..I just don’t blog about it. I don’t understand most poetry, LOL…I don’t feel bad about it either. I usually click off too because it makes me require too much focus. I’m cool with blog hop host S/O, I just need something other than that to be inspired to visit your blog. I LOVE DYWW, I am headed over now.


  29. Great post – I’m only just starting to get comments on my blog so I was scouring these tips to see where I am going wrong (apart from not having a whole load of visitors yet).

    I am guilty of some posts being on the long side but I’m not sure why anyone would be reading them if they were not relevant to them – or is it just a kindness thing to comment?

    My pet hate is the Facebook comment form. My FB account is just for family and friends. Even if there is an alternative it never seems to work properly and you don’t feel part of the main conversation. I also don’t like those where you need a wordpress.com, blogger or livejournal account – I don’t use them either.
    Ana recently posted…Keep The Fire Lit In Your MarriageMy Profile

    • Hi Ana,

      I’m fairly new to blogging and I can’t stand those livejournal and wordpress.com either but I think it has more to do with figuring out how to use them. I hated blogger too but then I got it all set up and now, I’m cool with it. I need to take time out to learn the other two as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  30. Hmm, I don’t know where this comment might be ending up.
    Since our examiner whose name I know not has elaborated some strict blogging rules. Ha..ha..
    Hey Lady, I certainly do agree with you on those points raised.
    Most newbie bloggers love to see comments on their and even go to the extent of replying to spammy commentr

    • Hi Emmanuel,

      I’ve never seen such madness as responding to spammers! That would turn me completely off! Thanks for visiting.


  31. Hahaha.. this is the best. I love your honesty. I found you on the Prowess and Pearls link up and was sucked in by your title too! So, one point for you right there 🙂 I am new to blogging, since January of this year, and I am just learning the ropes. Glad to have women like you who can give us newbies a good approach to follow. Thank you.

    • Heather, we are in the same boat. I launched my blog the day after Christmas last year. I am just sharing my experience because I appreciated reading informative posts when I was planning. I hope that you did indeed find the post helpful. Thank you for visiting.


  32. GAH! Hope my gravatar isn’t the ugg-mugg. And speaking of Uggs, I once had a fake pair (Fuggs) and then I had a real pair. hehehe. That’s progress, right? (and totally not related to the topic). And now I’m blabbering. Ohhh geeze….

    But anyways, this is an EXCELLENT post. I’ve been blogging for over 4 years now and I can tell you that when I started out, no one was offering advice like this (except for Problogger). So glad things have changed. squeeeee!!!
    YuYum YuckyYum YuckyYum YuckyYum recently posted…My Before and After Side Shot Pics. And the BMI Calculator Can Go Screw Itself.My Profile

    • Your gravatar fits your blog personality and it’s not offensive. Love me some Uggs…I can get right back random my friend!

      Thanks for the supportive comment. Good to get feedback from a veteran. I appreciate that!

  33. Well, I could be here *all* day trying to thank you for this information. I’ve been posting on my blog for two years and sometimes I do some of these things but none of them consistently and some of them, not at all. This day marks a turning point for me, I’m going to jot a few of the ones I most need to work on and refer to it daily. Thank you SO much! Mary

    • Well alright then Mary! You are most welcome and I’m glad to have been of service to you. Thank you for commenting. Good luck with your blog turning point!


  34. i share some of the same sentiments when it comes to commenting. and the one about comments from blog hops who feel compelled to make the announcement that they came as a result of the hop is one of my biggest pet peeves. i don’t mean to sound harsh, but i would think it’s common sense to say something meaningful in addition to that. as far as commenting on blogs who don’t have comments, i’m with Nellie. new bloggers need love too and i remember how it was just starting out and not having any comments. this is a comprehensive list…something everyone can pull from and use to their advantage.
    miss donna recently posted…personal style | blogger influenceMy Profile

    • Hey Miss Donna! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! The majority of people are triggered by engagement. The list was reasons in general, I don’t necessarily not comment all the time for all the reasons. If a person has zero comments, no Facebook likes or fans, twitter followers, etc. hopefully they will use some of the tips to increase their social credibility. I follow blogs that have zero or 1 comment but have tons of traffic, I know bc 1 of them is a top referrer on my blog. Even though I know it’s unfair to judge a blog by their level of engagement, I too am guilty sometimes of clicking off of a zero comment blog especially if they are offenders of a lot of the other things listed above. I do show love on some of them though if they interest me.

      When I was planning my blog, I kept reading all this stuff about zero comments and ways/suggestions for getting around that as it is a huge discouragement for newbies to continue on with blogging. I have tried and tested several and found some others to work so I was just sharing. Hopefully a fellow newbie will take some of the suggestions like a couple of the above commenters and be encouraged to keep it up. Sorry for the long reply. Good to hear from you Donna!

  35. Wow Joi, that was probably the most comprehensive article I have read on the subject and I found myself nodding in agreement at most of your points. I have to agree that my pet peeve are those CAPTCHA type things you have to fill in. Usually the letters and numerals are so small that one can’t see what you’re actually writing in!
    Liz recently posted…Crazy for CoconutsMy Profile

    • Hey Liz, glad to know you agree with most of the list. I rarely ever get Captcha correct and I have 20/20 vision…so annoying!!!

  36. I literally was smiling the whole time I read this post! So informative and so very true. I find it very funny when people leave comments on my blog and ask me to head over to their link party, or give me some canned comment. Well, not very funny…more ANNOYING, but you get my drift. Thank you for this post. It taught me some blogging ettiquette for sure!
    Havea great day:)

    • Hey Erin,

      Thank you for visiting. You have a great day as well and cheers to good blog etiquette 😉


    • Hi Rabia,

      I am not a fan of Disqus either. I am not familiar enough with blogger. You know how when you choose to do something you just feel like that is the best option…that’s how I feel about comment luv & here recently comment reply notification. I just think it’s the best for personal bloggers. I’m not sure that you have that option on blogger. I did see your reply to my SITS comment but I had to look back just now. Glad to know you could use some of these tips.


    • I agree Debbie! I don’t appreciate those sly antics! I try to remember to uncheck but sometimes it gets by me. Thanks for commenting.


  37. I read this the other day, but am just now getting a chance to comment. I’m with you on thinking it’s polite to respond to comments. When I comment on people’s blogs and never hear from them…ever…I think, maybe I shouldn’t spend so much time stopping by their blog if they don’t seem to care. Again, it’s just my opinion, and I know they probably DO care. People with a huge following can’t respond to every comment, I understand. Also, I choose NOT to publicly respond to the comments I receive, because I don’t want everyone to see what I share with the commenter and I like to keep it one on one. But, I DO respond to every comment via email…unless you are a NO-REPLY BLOGGER, in which case I can’t always do that.

    You put a lot of effort into this post, and it’s one of my favorites because it helped a lot of people, including me.

    Meredith recently posted…Easter Photos & Why I’m Called “The Tourist”My Profile

    • Hello my friend! Those shouting capitals no longer apply to me. I fixed that and Thanks for calling that to my attention. Very interesting your wanting to keep your conversation personal. I hadn’t thought of that on a blog platform but I understand.

      I get that popular bloggers can’t be held to all of this but it’s great when they take time to reply. You can come back as many times as you like Meridith. I appreciate the pageviews, lol! Good to hear from you on this & I’m glad you found it helpful.


  38. I did pop in from SITS, but I do like to visit my SITStas when I can. My blog is more of an artist/ writing blog, so I understand why I don’t appeal to the masses– I’m not a mom and not everyone likes writing. Plus I tell stories and most people, like you said, don’t want to read long posts. My only wish is that I could figure out my e-mail newsletter– I tried to do it last weekend and epically failed!
    Blond Duck recently posted…Don’t judge meMy Profile

    • Thank you for visiting SITStah! There is always the fact that we are interested in what we are interested in and you can’t do anything about that other than try to hang out where your target audience is spending time. Good luck with the newsletter. I haven’t ventured off in that territory just yet.


  39. I am completely feeling this post! There are several pet peeves that you touched on. Writing stopping by from XXX blog hop is strange. It is even crazier when they write Following you so please follow back.

    I really want to build authentic relationships with my readers whether they are bloggers or not. I shared this with the BLM Girls Facebook group. I think it will be helpful to a lot of folks!
    Karen recently posted…Five Things::PinspirationMy Profile

    • Thank you Karen for visiting and sharing. I am with you on authenticity. Following.>>>follow back is pointless, I feel spammed when I see that.


  40. Girl thise captcha thingys kiiillll me. Especially because I read a lot from my phone. Maybe I am part computer but I never get those on the first try. Its hella frustrating. This post was great and you pretty much hit the nail on the head. I hate the fake meaningless comments too!!!!
    Toya recently posted…Liebster AwardMy Profile

    • I never get the captcha correct either. It’s extremely frustrating & there are plugins for spam so I REALLY don’t understand what the deal is with that! Thanks for sharing Toya!

  41. This post is EVERYTHING! I especially love the Ice Cube & Method Man pics lol. I will not comment on a blog post that I just didn’t like, or just didn’t “move me” in some way. If I don’t have something nice to say, I will choose not to say anything at all. Also, if I do not have anything helpful or meaningful to say, then I will not post a comment at all.
    Carmesha recently posted…Purple Skinnies + Florals (OOTD)My Profile

    • Hey Carmesha,

      Glad you liked the post and thanks for chiming in. I must admit, if someone shows me consistent love on the blog and I completely didn’t like their post, I still manage to creatively muster up something to contribute even if it is the fact that I don’t like or disagree with the post. I just figure that if I read the entire post, may as well comment, it’s a free link (you never know who will click on it and visit you), and my opposing opinion might be shared by other readers making for healthy discussion. If I randomly stumbled across a post with those same feelings, I would keep it moving. Thanks for visiting!


  42. I can’t stand CAPTCHA. I have avoided commenting on several posts and just shared for that exact reason. A lot of times, the text is too twisted and squished together for me to make at out all of the letters. Other times, I enter the code in correctly but the computer says it’s wrong.

    I don’t like bloggers who never respond to comments or who only respond to comments from bloggers in their clique. I try to put aside one to two days a week and respond to all my blog comments. It’s the least I can do to show my readers that I appreciate them taking the time out to read what I wrote and leave a comment.

    What I don’t like are bloggers who will follow you, you follow their blog back and then unsubscribe to your blog as soon as they you’ve followed theirs. Like what is that about? I understand how the numbers game works when it comes to turning your blog into a business and getting sponsors but don’t be selfish. There’s enough wealth to go around.
    YUMMommy recently posted…Easter RecapMy Profile

    • Wow, do be so late to the party, you hit on so many things that haven’t been discussed. Try as I might, I couldn’t figure out these blogs that pick and choose who they will reply to. I understand blogs that get like 30+ comments a day and they blog everyday, but people who are what I consider about the same as me, I just don’t get it. I too felt that there was some cliquy stuff going on there. THat is why I choose to respond to all comments.

      I thought that was just a twitter thing, follow then unfollow. It is so childish. I am guilty of unfollowing blogs that seem to want to connect but then you never hear from then ever again. It takes up time to scroll through their post in bloglovin when I know I’m never reading them nor them mine.

      Thanks girl for adding to the discussion.


  43. Well damn….I think you just about hit it on the nose here. I think I will comment on someone’s blog for about a month or so before I totally cut them loose. My BIGGEST pet peeve is when I ask them a question and they dont respond. That really BUSTS my dern chops!
    Marie Young recently posted…Pinspiration: The Perfect FlareMy Profile

    • Marie that is just rude! If you are going to pick and choose, you should at least answer the questions on your post. That happened to me last week, even though it was a popular blog, I feel that if you are blogging with authority and a reader doesn’t understand your position, you should defend it.

      A month is very generous, lol! Thanks for commenting.


  44. I LOVE this post! For the traffic I get on my blog I actually get a good amount of comments. I def engage with my readers and have grown to know several of them thru their blogs as well. The one area that I desperately need to work on is how I label my titles. They are beyond blah and my techie guy that is helping me revamp my blog even said so…LOL
    Alisha recently posted…How to Transition Relaxed to Natural HairMy Profile

    • LOL, Alisha…he needs to stick to his job huh? Who asked him 😉

      You make a great point about comparing your comments to traffic. If you aren’t promoting your post, then you are less likely to get comments, especially when you are new like me…it takes a while for some people to subscribe. I think like less than 10% of the readers, may be lower than that will comment on your blog. I appreciate ALL readers, but just like any other blogger, comments make my day, thus this post of what I’ve found helpful. On that note>>>Thank you so much for commenting 🙂


  45. You have so many great points!
    I need to work on having more than one question for readers to comment on, definitely.
    I do try to reply to all the comments on my blog, somehow. Usually I reply right there, and I try to go to at least half the blogs and read a post/comment on theirs when possible. It definitely takes time!

    For some reason I can’t see anything I typed in the Name, Email, and Website slots above…. hope it looks right when I hit comment!

    • Yes it does take time. In my mind, if your blog is small to medium size then I don’t think it’s robbery for you to at least reply to the commenter. Especially since, most bloggers appreciate getting comments. Thanks for visiting.

      Your info came through.


  46. Great post ! the topic of comments has been whizzing around my head as I work on tweaking my blog. Comments really do make a writer’s day – if they relate to what was written. Comments are automatically sent to my email and I use to reply by replying to email .. until I realized a lot of people have not set up their email – and the comment came from Blogger no-reply… so after having written a response it actually went no-where. 🙁 . I have now set up comments so that I can reply directly to those who have commented and other visitor can too – providing more interaction among visiting people – I’m hoping.

    I do read more blogs than I comment on … often for many of the reasons you listed – I have nothing to add, not sure what the post was really about. I try to remind myself to add question at the end of my posts … perhaps I need to do this more often.

    Thank you for spelling somethings out – I think many of us “think” about what we can do better … but it hits home to read it from someone else. Wishing you a great day!.

    P.S. your title grabbed my attention … visiting from SITS.
    Celia M. (High Heeled Life) recently posted…Spring Clean – Inside and OutMy Profile

    • Hi Celia,

      I like to get the bloggers reply and recently set up my blogger profile to do so. I wasn’t aware I was a no reply blogger. You may want to take a quick min to inform your reader bc if they are new like me, it may just be an oversight. 3 people told me and I corrected it. Thanks for visiting.


  47. This is such a great post! I’m definitely taking these into consideration… I don’t have a no-comment blog, but it’s always great to find ways to increase your reader participation. 9 times out of 10 I don’t ask a question or ASK readers to comment, so thank you! Stopping by from SITS 🙂 Have a great weekend, lady!

    Diary of a Debutante
    Stephanie @ Diary of a Debutante recently posted…Obession Alert: Lily and Laura BraceletsMy Profile

    • Hi Stephanie,

      I think all of us new bloggers wether we have comments or not can learn from a discussion like this one. I have appreciated all the comments and learned a lot from people taking time to add to the discussion. Thank you for visiting.


    • Thank you for sharing Crystal. I thought my spam was annoying…geesh. I wonder what attracts spammers..that’s a post I would love to read. Thx for visiting.


  48. {Melinda} What an awesome list, Joi. I agree with every one. Another one I’d is that I get so frustrated when a Blogger blog does not have the “Name/URL” option enabled in the comments section. As a self-hosted WP blog, it’s the only way I can comment on a Blogger blog. I’m with you, I also hate when I have to go through a thousand hoops to comment on someone’s blog. I might take the time to comment once, but it’s hard to become a regular commenter on a blog that makes it so hard to interact.

    Pinning this post to my Blog & Social Media Tips board!

    Happy Sharefest!
    Mothering From Scratch recently posted…how to maximize our window of mommy influenceMy Profile

    • Hey Melinda,

      I too was frustrated by that until I set up my blogger profile. Now it’s rather rather easy to comment on blogger blogs. Do you have a profile set up?

      Thank you for pinning my friend!


  49. You pretty much summarized EVERYTHING I think about that annoys me about other bloggers when it comes to commenting. I agree with the engagement part, it’s a blog – we’re supposed to have a “relationship” of sorts, if I ask a genuine question and want an answer.. well I EXPECT an answer. One time, I even emailed the blogger the question because she didn’t respond to my comment. She didn’t even email me BACK!!! But she has the time to post 3 times a DAY. Seriously? That pissed me off so bad I unfollowed her and unsubscribed right away. Ridiculous. Get off your high horse.
    I also really dislike when they have the captcha, they won’t allow you to enter your url (like in the blogspot comment system), it’s such a hassle, especially on my iPad.

    Great post.
    Kammie @ Sensual Appeal recently posted…Apple Poppy Seed Cake with Chocolate Glaze (reduced sugar)My Profile

    • Kammie,

      I’m soooo with you on that. If they have time to post multiple times a day, they can answer a genuine question from a regular commenter. That is why I hesitate to email them after they don’t respond to my question in the comments section. High horse, lol…agreed! Thx for visiting!


  50. You pretty much nailed this. I agree with all of these points!

    It’s funny because a while ago I posted a blog tips post about blogging mistakes, and one of them was not commenting on blogs. People’s responses to this were like, “Omg, I never comment on blogs. I should start now! haha!” I was like, wow… seriously? Isn’t that the point of blogging, in a way? To share with others and be a part of a community? It’s just selfish not to comment on blogs. And what’s even sillier is commenting with something lame like “I love this!” for every comment.

    Thanks for this. I love a good, honest post.
    Melissa @ Freeing Imperfections recently posted…{ Faith in My Friday } The Power of TestimonyMy Profile

    • Hi Melissa,

      I commented on that post of yours about changing my post time. I have yet to do it…I’m so type A!

      I figure people know to comment, but you are right, so many are like…yeah I guess I should comment on other blogs, haha! We have to start somewhere. Thx for visiting.


  51. Well Joi….you certainly have had a lot of comments on this post! I love it, the title jumped right out at me on Sits Sharefest!

    I’m typing right now from the iPad while sipping blue mountain coffee and actually relaxing after a night out with friends…so I will actually have time today to comment on as many blogs as possible, as Saturday to me and this Sharesfest is a way of building up a community for your Blog and making new friends….which I have to admit I’ve met some fabulous Bloggers from this forum, and you are included.

    To that effect….during the week I do try my best to visit as many Blogs as possible to comment as time allows, and I have a working list of Blogs that I have written down to remind me.

    What I find turns me off when about to comment is that ‘Capcha’ thingy…which just about makes me lose my patience and I kiss my teeth and leave the Blog! However not sure if you’ve noticed…a lot of really long time and huge Bloggers still have this in place which is bizarre!

    I do leave many comments on Blogs I follow regularly but I notice the Blogs that have millions of followers, those comments are not usually answered, which I don’t expect and I don’t et offended. Example, the ladies from A Beautiful Mess do not really answer comments….however I was blown away a few times when Elsie and Emma answered a few of mine recently which means at least they are still reading them! Good sign.

    I feel as a newbie Blogger of only six months….if I see comments saying “Hi, visiting from so and so please check out my Blog” I’m not offended at all…as I feel this is a way of building and finding new blogs….and as a newbie this is how I’m going to draw in the new traffic.

    If I cannot find ways to connect easily on the home page…that is a direct turn off to me, as the connect with me buttons should be at first half of page or at the TOP of the page.

    Great post…and I do get where you are coming from!

    Another thing I have started in order to expose the new bloggers I love…is to write a post now and then recommending these Blogs to everyone…I feel like in this time of building the community, one hand washes the other as we say in the hotel industry….

    I loved this post and congrats for writing it so well!

    I’m hoping my pic comes up in the gravatar…and I’m hoping this iPad didn’t auto correct too much while I’m writing!

    Jeanine recently posted…Some Fabulous Welcome to Jamaica Cocktails for you!My Profile

    • Thank you for sharing an opposing point of view Jeanine. It seems that the consensus from the comments was that no one liked the Hi, come visit me comment but I guess some people don’t take it negatively. I would just appreciate knowing that you read my post and are not just trying to grow your own blog, you know what I mean?

      I appreciate you highlighting my blog in your feature piece. That is an awesome way to build relationships in my opinion.

      • Hi Joi!

        I do not just follow or comment just for the sake of…I have to love the Blog and believe in the products…so albeit I am growing, I am also choosing wisely. I need to follow blogs I love so that I am not inundated with hundreds of blogs that I cannot pay enough attention to….I do not mind those comments being left on mine, as I get where bloggers are coming from…but I did find it strange to begin with….I do not want to ever sound desperate for follows, so when I comment, I comment because I loved a post / information/feature and believe in it….so though it does not offend me, I am not in the habit of commenting in that way.

        Hope that clears it up!

        Jeanine recently posted…{Weekly Feature} My Come on, Get Happy List!My Profile

  52. Stopping by from SITSSharefest! Great ideas here and many I’ve never considered so, you’ve given me some great food for thought. Thanks. I do make sure that I respond to anyone who is thoughtful enough to leave comments on Science of Parenthood. But I am guilty of not always commenting myself, which I will immediately pledge to rectify. Thanks again for all the terrific ideas.
    Norine at Science of Parenthood recently posted…The Story Behind: Diaper Bag DifferentialMy Profile

    • Hi Norine,

      I’m glad you were able to pull something from this that can be helpful going forward. Thank you for visiting.


    • Hi Jen,

      I’m often discouraged by my own social presence in comparison to some other bloggers. I too feel that it seems to take up too much time to really make a difference there. I even use Hootsuite to help schedule some communication but it is quite annoying. If you figure it out, holla back!!! 😉 Thx for visiting.


  53. You make a lot of good points. When I first started my blog I had no comments. So, I started to comment at a lot of other places and soon comments started to trickle down to my blog too. Once this happens it is also important to comment back so that the commentators don’t feel like they’re talking to themselves or worst yet, a wall.
    Paulin recently posted…Health Benefits of CoffeeMy Profile

    • Hi Paulin,

      It seems that commenting as a first step would be obvious but sadly, many bloggers start blogging without that strategy. It is in my opinion the best way to get traffic to your blog in the beginning. I just delved into all the little what nots that go along with commenting. Thanks for stopping by!


      • Hi Joi, Yes, now it seems like a no-brainer to me but back then I was so naive. My first couple posts consisted of me posting a YouTube video of a fitness routine and a short paragraph about why I like the video, than sitting back and waiting for comments :/ Now I realize that those posts were complete crap (I deleted them a long time ago) and that I was completely clueless about how much time, energy and effort blogging takes. I was especially clueless about what a social thing blogging is…Would you believe it if I told you that when I started my blog I didn’t even have a Twitter account?
        ppPapPulinppPpppp recently posted…Health Benefits of CoffeeMy Profile

        • Yes, and I didn’t have share buttons! We live and we learn. There are so many wonderful bloggers out there who will take you in and show you the ropes. I’m so grateful for them. I hope that people see more comments on their blog from this post! Nice chatting with you!

  54. You have given me much to think on and so I am pinning this…for real! I am a relatively new blogger and I love to get comments, but find they are few and far between most days. So, I need to examine my practices and make this part of my blog life better.
    I recently found a post on some blog (can’t remember which one) that said ,”Don’t leave a blog without leaving a comment.” But to be honest with you, I feel what you are saying on some blogs. Some just seriously don’t interest me at all. Why would I leave a comment if I am in no way interested in what you are saying? Gives me much to think about in regards to first impressions!
    Thanks for the provocation!
    Leah recently posted…Lessons from Cooking School: PreparationMy Profile

    • Hi Leah,

      I agree with the blogger who suggested leaving a comment on every blog you visit, but there is an exception. I will not comment on a blog that I am not interested in following unless it’s a return from a blog hop (I try to practice good blog manners). I try to only befriend someone that I can see myself following for the long haul. Some blogs are unbelievably BORING, lol!

      Thank you visiting and for pinning!


  55. Holy smokes…You didn’t miss a thing on this issue. Agreed on just about ever point you made. I think the general rule of thumb with regard to commenting is “Do unto others…”

    A close second? “Don’t be a ridiculous fool.”

    What? That second one’s not Biblical? Humph.

    Anyway. I found you via sverve.com…this post was linked as a “tip” by a fellow influencer on our site. Are you Sverving yet? You’d be an asset to our blogging/monetizing community. 🙂
    Sue recently posted…The Derby BrowsMy Profile

  56. Great post. And you’re clearly doing something right because you have tons of comments on this post alone. Congrats.

    I am new to blogging and just trying to figure stuff out. What is Captcha? Sounds bad. Hope I don’t unintentionally have it. 🙂


    • Thank you Gaye! Captcha is that annoying couple of boxes that usually contains numbers in one box and a combo of numbers and letters in another box and you as a commenter have to type the letters and numbers in another box to prove that you are not a robot. It’s really effing annoying because 9 times out of 10, I do not get it right!

      Welcome to blogland! I just started in December and LOVE IT! Thanks for visiting. Please come back soon.


    • Thanks for visiting Iris! I share your sentiments and definitely try not to miss my favorites bloggers posts EVER!


  57. Oh my gosh, wow! I linked to your post from pinterest and since I get an average of zero comments per blog post I thought I would come and find out just where in the world I am going so very, very wrong. Am I boring? Come on no, nobody thinks of themselves as boring. Nobody wants to believe they are boring. So that can’t be it, right? And boring varies from one person to the next depending on interests.

    But I’ll tell you, here is where you lose me: I follow any blog I really love via email. It’s my favorite way to follow. I can’t miss a post that way. Now, I don’t read every post from every blog I get in my email, but I sure know when my favorite bloggers have a new post. I’ve asked quite a few bloggers to add email subscriptions to their blogs. I don’t understand why you think people don’t follow via email subscription. It’s another place where I am missing the boat, dangit. Please clue me in.

    Another one I may be guilty of sometimes? According to you I may be a mean girl, but really, I’m not. I so swear I am not. But… I do comment frequently on blogs where the other blogger doesn’t comment on my blog. Heck, I don’t think they even read my blog. But I love their content and I enjoy interacting with them on their blogs and via email. It’s kind of like the friend who never comes over and always expects you to go to their house, but their house is so cool you don’t mind. And if one day you start to feel bothered by it you stop going. (And maybe the friendship dies.)

    Also? I feel like my posts pretty much almost never solve anyone’s problem. Nobody ever told me I was supposed to be doing that! Why do I feel like there is this unwritten list of rules somewhere nobody ever shared with me? I’m oblivious to blog etiquette? I try to be nice, supportive, friendly, communicative. What’s missing? Am I just totally boring? I really do not know.

    My #1 is captchas. I hate them. I’ll still comment sometimes, but if the captcha doesn’t let me through I might just give up. It depends on how much I wanted to add my comment.
    tammigirl recently posted…It’s a Cold and it’s a Broken HallelujahMy Profile

    • Miss Tammi! Let’s see…to answer your questions about email subscriptions. I get a ton of emails dealing with REAL business, organizations, work & oh my…shopping 😉 I follow quite a few bloggers and so do most bloggers. Most of us don’t get the post in our email. That would pretty much take over our email. I check my bloglovin like the rest of the world checks their Facebook so I’m not going to miss a post.

      Your posts don’t have to solve a problem but they need to do something other than tickle your own fancy. Here’s the thing….when you start blogging, NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU, was that harsh..that’s the truth! What will you do to make them care? You have to help them some sort of way. It all depends on why you are blogging. If you are blogging just because, so be it. If you are blogging for your family, then all of this is irrelevant. If you are blogging for authority or if you want to make friends, you need to give readers a reason to view you as an authority & if you want to be friends, you have to go be friendly.

      I hope this helps. Thank you so much for taking time to add to the discussion. I’m no expert, but I hope this helps!


  58. What a great post Joi! I’m a sucker for blog hops as a way to meet new-t0-me bloggers and hopefully grow my readership. I really try to leave comments that tell the person what I enjoyed reading about or engaging a response in some way, to me the comments is all about having a conversation. I can’t stand when people leave the same exact generic comment on many different blogs. Don’t even get me started on Captcha. I’ve been getting annoyed lately with people who don’t really respond to what I wrote but are for self promoting their blog in my comments. Thanks for these thoughtful reminders. Visiting from SITS…again! Have a great weekend!
    Tanya @ Mom’s Small Victories recently posted…Ultimate Blog Party Time! April 5th through April 12thMy Profile

    • Thanks for coming over Tanya! I love blog hops. I do 4 weekly but I would never hop and say, Hey follow back. You enjoy the rest of your wkd too.


  59. This post was very interesting. As a person who blog I love reading blogs, but I do not always leave comments, but after reading this I will make it a point to do so.

    As a blogger….I do not look for others to comment just because I do that will not stop me from vising & commenting on their blog. I also spend time during the am daily reading and comnenting on blogs
    Bobbie recently posted…Weigh-In Wednesday: UpdateMy Profile

    • Hey Bobbie, I am so random with my commenting. I just comment whenever there is a free minute. I dare not say some of the things I multitask in order to comment on blends blogs 🙂

      Thanks for visiting!


  60. Where to begin? LOL Never a fan of captcha Ugh! Oh and those blogs that only give you Blogfrog or Facebook as options to leave a comment. And for those using blogger, not giving the option to leave your name and url as a option.

    Loved your post and comments!
    Margaret recently posted…Ultimate Blog Party #UBP13My Profile

    • Hey Margret,

      I’m new..what’s blogfrog? I agree with the other things you said! Thanks for visiting.


      • Blogging was a platform that you could use, kinda like Google communities, Its to connect your readers and brands. It’s now called TapInflunce.

        I have across a couple of blogs that still use it for commenting purposes.
        Margaret recently posted…Ultimate Blog Party #UBP13My Profile

  61. One of the most well written posts I’ve seen on a lack if blog comments. I’ll check out my sidebar/floating icons ASAP. Writing about beauty is competitive enough without me getting in my own way. Thanks again.

  62. Nice post, Miss Joi.. I want to follow it to all my Blogger friends and tell them THIS is why I’m not commenting.

    First of all, I hate captchas.. and they seem to lurk on Blogger. Then, once you do get past it, half the time my Open ID Credentials fail. What does that even mean?

    So then eventually if I do like the blogger enough to go out of my way to comment, I’ll be disappointed because there is no way I can follow-up with my comment without going back to the post later on which if I’m commenting on a lot of blogs, how am I supposed to remember which blogs to check back on?


    Great tips 🙂
    jennifer recently posted…Crossfit Games Open Workout 13.5 – The day I kipped and kippedMy Profile

    • I am all over your sentiments. I actually like to see their replies to my comments but unfortunately, I can’t remember to go back for every blog that I comment on. Thank you for commenting Jenn!


  63. Hey Joi, I’m finally getting the chance to sit down and read your post (and the comments) properly, and write a comment 🙂 (I Pinned this post to our SITS Sharefest Board and Sverve tipped it – it’s that good!)

    You make many good and fair points, though I do want to say something about a couple of things:
    – Someone who visits my blog for the first time and reads/ comments on my latest post may assume that I dont’ reply to comments. They’d be wrong. I don’t get a chance to reply to comments immediately, I usually do it once a week (I have 2 posts a week) either on Friday or the weekend. So I’d hate for someone to think that I don’t appreciate comments/ talk to my readers. I do.
    – I do comment on blogs who have zero comments, quite frequently in fact. I think that everyone has to start somewhere. They may not know how to go about getting comments, not because their content is no good. It could just be that they’re new, still learning about social media etc. I like to leave encouraging comments on blogs who have little or none. Can you remember the thrill of your first few comments? It makes me happy that I can do that for someone (and I always leave a meaningful one, otherwise, I just don’t).
    – Some of my readers may think the way you do about me visiting back – “She only visits after I make a comment!” Truth be told, that’s how I keep up with some blogs. I don’t subscribe to everyone via RSS/ Facebook etc. I reply to their comment AND visit back to read/ comment on their latest post (sometimes I read more than one). How is that a bad thing?
    – I do say, ‘Visiting from SITS Sharefest’ or some other linky on blogs that are new to me, after I make a comment. I think most bloggers appreciate knowing where their reader comes from.
    – The Facebook comment form is actually quite easy to use. One can choose to comment as their blog fan page (as I do), rather than from their personal account. If you comment as your Page, I consider that additional exposure for your blog, so that’s a positive thing.
    – I use the floating share widget by Digg Digg because that’s the only plugin that works right for me. I tried putting it at the bottom of my posts but they got lost among my related post and author box plugin. Having it on the side makes it easy for people to spot. Aside from a few issues where it looks cut off for some on Chrome, no one’s really complained. Truth be told, if someone can find my share buttons easily and share the post, but not comment because it’s difficult for them on a device other than a laptop/ desktop, I prefer a post share. But that’s just me.

    Oh, and I HATE Captcha 🙂
    Alison recently posted…Old School Blogging: The Marriage EditionMy Profile

    • Hi Allison,

      Thank you so much for pinning and tipping the post. I most appreciate it. I did not expect a person like you to find any interest in this post. I have visited and commented on your blog before. I don’t have the same expectations for large blogs like yours. I am new to blogging and I know that veterans can pull something from this, as they’ve responded so in the comments, but I was thinking in terms of new blogs and old blogs that don’t have comments but I am sure they want them…what blogger doesn’t?? I read so many things before I launched my blog, but I never ran across an article like this one, that’s why I wrote it. I do comment on zero comments blogs for the same reasons you stated but unfortunately, the general population is not wired like that. You get an unfair judgement if you don’t show ANY form of engagement and that is why I posted it. Also along the lines of a new blogger, a FB form may seem easy to you, but when new bloggers are getting accustomed to the blog world, it’s weird…just my opinion. Again, I wouldn’t expect some of the HUGE blogs that I comment on to comment on my blog nor do I think they ever even visited. The “only commenting back” remark was mentioned for when you are dealing with blogs that are seemingly based on the comments equal or slower in traffic than your own.

      I was trying not to go too far over 1000 words 🙂 It’s not all cut and dry and mostly just my perception based on a newcomer to the blogworld. I do appreciate you taking time to delve into the post and comments and provide seasoned feedback. Thank you for that.


      • I hope you didn’t think I was calling you out or anything, Joi! Just offering another angle 🙂 I do remember that you’ve read my blog before, the 7 sins of blogging post, and I appreciate it. I’m hardly a big blogger or have a large blog, lol.

        There are some great posts about commenting, do you mind if I point you to a couple via email?
        Alison recently posted…Old School Blogging: The Marriage EditionMy Profile

        • If you say so Mrs Alison! To bloggers like me though, you seem highly successful…AND I just did this sverve thing and I bet you can’t guess who I saw at the TOP of the board 🙂

          I would love for you to send me an email. This was all in learning. You are always so helpful all over the SITS site. I appreciate you going above and beyond and offering another angle.

  64. I found this to be hugely helpful. I can see I have a lot of page views, but hardly any comments. Then again, I am personally terrible when it comes to commenting myself. I am a total blog stalker that reads regularly, but never says a word

    • Hi Kiersten,

      It’s cool to stalk and don’t comment as long as you aren’t too interested in getting comments on your own blog. Pageviews often times mean more than comments, it all depends on what you are blogging for. I am so glad you found this helpful. Thanks for visiting.


  65. Hello Joi, Thank you for this post. I found it linked on Sverve and shared it because I felt it needed to be shared. Sounds to me like you are a social blogger and you stand very strongly by your views of how comments should be made. Though I don’t completely agree with all of them (matter of preference perhaps) there are a few that I’m 100% behind you on. Generic comments, open ended barely relevant comments, visitors who comment once and never come back (like a fart in the wind ~ I’ll try not to be that way :D). I know that personally being more social is something I have to work on. I dive right into content and social media that sometimes I forget that what we really want to do is have a dialogue with readers – not just a long list of names who never actually read what you write.
    Lucero De La Tierra recently posted…Bloggers Wanted: Back to School Blast $1000 GC, starts 7/1/13My Profile

    • Hi Lucero,

      Thank you for sharing the post. I stumbled upon the social aspect of blogging in trying to figure out how to use this blog to build authority in the fitness industry. The social aspect of it has actully been life changing for me. I love it. These are just the opinions of a blogger fresh out of the gate. I would like to invite you back rather quickly, lol. I would love if you shared the ones you disagreed with and why possibly. This was intended to be helpful but of course I want to learn as well. Hope to hear back from you. Thanks for commenting.


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  67. This is a really great post. I can think of two blogs that I used to read and comment on religiously. Then I noticed that my questions weren’t being answered by comment or by direct mail. That really turned me off from commenting and then eventually from reading. I agree about making it too hard to comment as well. If I can’t get a comment posted after two tries I’m done, and I probably won’t come back. I am not as good as I should be about returning to blogs though, and I’m glad you mentioned that. I used to add everyone to my reader but then fell out of the habit.
    Anglea recently posted…Get your geek On – Game of Thrones StyleMy Profile

    • Angela, I agree. We think we love a blogger so much but they can easily kill our affection by ignoring questions and never responding to comments. I have stopped following people for that reason. Thanks for visiting.


  68. Normally, I wouldn’t comment, because you have a lot of comments already saying the same thing. But I did like your tips and opinions. I do get annoyed though when I take the time out and a person hasn’t responded. But I still continue to read the post; I just may not comment anymore. It will depend I guess.

    I get more comments when I share it on FB than on the actual blog. I would prefer on the blog, but I will take comments where I can get them. It’s mostly that I want them to follow. I’m changing over my blog in which will make it easier to follow a blog. I also don’t twitter and whathave you. I just don’t do it and will not do it. But I hate that my blog would not get the comments because of it. Any suggestions?

    And I get blogposts via email. I like it better. But I guess that’s me.

    • Kristi, that’s cool! How many blogs do you follow via email though? I’m curious because my “real” email is daunting! I would be overwhelmed by that. Social networks are a must if you want to reach people other than bloggers in my opinion or from my experience. People are quick to comment on FB because it’s their norm so I have learned to just accept that. I have been thinking about installing the FB comments option on the blog since people are going to comment on there anyway. I would suggest trying twitter.

      Thank you for commenting. I like meeting the new people.


      • I follow about 7 blogs on email. I guess I got used to it, but I still keep track of them in my blog. If I don’t follow by email, then how does it show up for them as a new follower?

        • It doesn’t and I’m okay with that if they are commenting or tweeting or liking on FB then I know they are tuned in. I follow a lot more than 7 but I could possibly deal with 7 coming to my inbox. Nice chatting with you Kristi! I must visit you soon!


  69. As a fellow blogger, you definitely gave me some things to think about! I struggle getting comments (that are from readers – most come from blogger friends). I always try to ask a question, but I love your style of doing it. Throwing in a more generic question is genius! I also need to get on top of returning comments to further the conversation.

    As far as reading other blogs, I’ve never thought about not commenting just because that certain blogger never returns the favor. I comment when I feel I have something to say or the content compels me to at least thank the blogger for sharing.
    Kecia recently posted…Some Funny Parental Guidance!My Profile

    • Hi Kecia,

      I appreciate you visiting and sharing on twitter.

      The reason I feel so strongly about making blog friends that will support your blog by commenting is because unless you hit big, that is who you will have to depend on to comment/give feedback. The general population is just not prone to commenting but they start when they see your social “validation” from other bloggers. Just my observation and that’s why I choose to give my time to bloggers who aren’t selfish. I guess it just depends on if you are a little childish like me, lol! Really though it’s about using my time wisely. I can’t let this blog take over my life so I have to befriend wisely.

      Thanks again for visiting!


  70. You hit the nail on the head with this one girl. I think you touched on a lot of points that some people are too scared to say. Like that awful gravatar photo – Ha! You had me cracking up. And you’re right, why are people still not getting that that captcha thingamadoodle is NOT where it’s at? lol. Great piece 🙂
    Kesha of We Got Kidz recently posted…How to Talk to Teachers So That You Can Get What You Want For Your ChildMy Profile

    • LOL Kesha! Those gravatars…Oh My!

      I’m glad it wasn’t a dud. I know I can come on strong but thankfully, the majority of the commenters went easy on me. There are however, SOOOO many people that have visited and left nothing…maybe I ticked them 🙁 It was all in the desire to be helpful. I’m glad you liked it 😉

  71. I have a real hard time about comments. I feel like these days, it is harder to get comments and I hate those dang “follow me back” comments when I do join blog hops. I truly sign up for them to find friends in this endless jungle of blogs. I comment on tons of blogs and don’t receive a visit back as much as I used to. I think bloggers are too busy and concerned about social media to take the time to comment like they used to. : (
    Tess @ Cake & Vodka recently posted…Pain au Chocolat Recipe-The Bakery 1My Profile

    • Tess that can be discouraging, that is why I try to spend time with people who will take the time to support via a comment. Enjoy today as the SITS feature!

  72. I really appreciated this post. I do not comment as much as I probably should on others blogs, but it is because I do not want to just leave a generic comment. I love how you ask questions though that encourage your readers to comment, I think I will try to do a better job of incorporating that into my future posts. I also detest CAPTCHA, but I do moderate comments due to many attempts by spammers to post comments on my blog, especially past posts. I try to get the comments approved quickly though 🙂
    The Happy Wife/Danielle Garcia recently posted…Product Review: VM Audio HeadphonesMy Profile

  73. My pet peeve (okay, one of them) as a blogger is when someone leaves their site link in the body of their comment. If I want to visit your site, I can click on your name; by leaving that link, you’re telling me that you visited my blog only so I would visit yours.

    Which I guess leads nicely into my other big pet peeve, which is the comments that could be copied and pasted: “saw your link at the XYZ link up, great post”. I only ever link up recipes, so I’d at least appreciate a courtesy “looks yummy”. And I always ask a question at the end of my posts, so if you just clicked over to my site because the linky party instructions told you to, you could at least answer that.

    Climbing off my soapbox now.

    By the way, I love this list. As a blogger who appreciates real comments, I try to only comment on other posts that I enjoy/identify with/appreciate, but sometimes some of the reasons you listed above make it just not worth it.
    Abby recently posted…Menu Plan Monday: April 8-14My Profile

    • I am happy to sit and listen while you stay on it 🙂 That’s what blogging is for…besides…I AGREE!!! I never though about people copying and pasting…just lazy!!! Thanks for visiting Abby!


  74. I love this list! It definitely makes me think about how I write the content on my blog and frequency of posts. I readily admit that I need to work harder at it.

    One of my biggest pet peeves about the internet universe is how EVERYTHING is linked to FB these days. I’m not a fan.
    Christine Bewley recently posted…Break Time is OVER!My Profile

    • Me either Christine. I wish it were an easy way to socially reach everyone at once without having to be on all these social medias. Thanks for visiting.


  75. I love blogging, and I’ve made a lot of good friends through blogging. Would you know it from my level of comments? Probably not, but then I also exchange a lot of emails, FB messages, g+, etc. with my friends. To me, connecting is about reaching out and forming human bonds, person to person, not about how it “looks” 🙂
    Rachel Cotterill recently posted…Pastiera Napoletana, Italian Easter PieMy Profile

  76. Wow! What an excellent and comprehensive list….thank you for putting this together! There are definitely some things on here that I used to do when I first started blogging (Hello Captcha), but eventually realized they needed to change to increase comments. Now the captcha is my biggest pet peeve. It also drives me absolutely crazy when I take time to comment on someones blog, yet they can’t ever be bothered to comment back. I’m sorry, you have 5 comments and you can’t respond why?! My time is too valuable to waste on that. I usually spend around 30 minutes a day commenting and I switch it up constantly…if someone doesn’t start responding after about a week I move on, so that I can really utilize commenting to build relationships.
    Alyssa recently posted…The Perfect Breakfast ParfaitMy Profile

  77. Ha! I loved this post. I especially cannot stand CAPTCHA and floating share bars that will not stay still. I comment on posts that interest me whether someone comments back on my blog or not. Of course, a return visit is always really cool and will get me back to that person’s blog again. I comment on other blogs everyday. I don’t have a set time or amount. I just sort of click randomly and comment on whatever grabs my interest that day. People that grab my interest regularly and interact with me, I subscribe to so I remember them.
    Ellen Christian recently posted…How To Clean A WoodstoveMy Profile

    • Hi Ellen! Thanks for sharing your commenting system. I haven’t figured out a set time…it kinda just when I start feeling like a fool for trying to engage them, lol.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  78. I believe this is something that all bloggers struggle with — we all want people to comment on what we’re doing and saying. I want to relate to others and connect. When I post about my profession (historical musicologist & music history professor) and passion (writing about music and baseball; and music and spirituality) on my blog and I get a comment about, “oh, that’s a nice hobby,” or a comment that proves that the person did not read the actual post, it’s discouraging.
    Early on in my blogging experience I got random spam messages, so I installed a captcha and it stopped that nonsense. It’s not to make things difficult — it was for that reason. After reading this post and the comments regarding the captcha, I’ll take it off my blog and see how it goes!
    Any constructive input is always welcome in my world. I have come across some of my favorite blogs by the blog-hop sites — but there are some blogs I come across that I do not and cannot relate to — and that’s OK — they’re meant for other people to enjoy. I just keep on going.
    Thanks for the post!
    Katie recently posted…“I met him on a Monday and my heart stood still…My Profile

    • Hi Kate, you are so right! If I know I won’t be interested at all in the bloggers platform, I will skip the initial contact all together. I hope taking off captcha works out for you, it is seriously the worst feeling to have to play around with that thing. Be encouraged to continue to blog about your interest/profession. There are several people that can relate & others who just like to learn about new things (I fall into that group). Thanks for visiting.


  79. I don’t mind if people post on my old stuff. I wrote it to be read, so I’m glad someone has found it.

    In addition to all the good stuff you wrote, one more reason for not commenting is that a popular blogger has so many comments, I don’t think mine will get any attention anyway. I almost didn’t post this. 😉
    Cynthia Meents recently posted…You May Be a Grandma If…My Profile

    • Glad you did Cynthia! I understand your position, but do you have anyone that always comes to your blog and goes backwards. I definitely appreciate love on old posts. I do the #TALU link up every Tuesday for that exact reason. Thanks for commenting.


  80. This was such a helpful post for me today, Joi. Everything I’ve learned about blogging I’ve learned by reading and absorbing other blogs. I appreciate your candor with the information you shared. I deleted CAPTCHA a few weeks ago when one of the SITS posts suggested it. I had no idea that it was even active on my blog, because it was set as a default. I have bookmarked your post, so I can repeatedly refer to it. What I also found insightful about your info was the comments from everyone. I just had to thank Alison from writingwishing.com for the tip on using IntenseDebate as a commenting format. I immediately installed it. I have received a lot of love from other bloggers, so I believe it is important to network and share whenever I can. I’d be a fool not to give back when so many of my peers have given to me.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Ultimate Blog Party CrasherMy Profile

    • Hi Kimberly! I too have learned so much from the comments and that is what blogging is all about in my opinion, healthy discussion and learning opportunities. I too searched other blogs for information on blogging and I am glad to be able to be of service in a small way to this community I love. Thanks for checking out the post and discussion!


  81. SITS sent me your way.

    I’ve been blogging since 2008 and have really dropped off the grid when it comes to comments in the past two years. Looking over your 24 Reasons brings a lot of food for thought. (It also makes me think I really suck at this!)

    I want those that choose to read my posts to know I appreciate their time. Honestly, I feel pretty lousy about my blogging now. Hmmm… I’m going to look over your list again
    Ann Harrison recently posted…What’s Your Body Type?My Profile

    • Hi Ann,

      Don’t feel lousy! If your intentions are to get comments from some fellow bloggers, then I was trying to be helpful. I hope that you can use it to make a positive change. Some people don’t get any comments but have highly successful blogs. I get one directly in my inbox ((I only get 4 blogs directly in my inbox) as a matter of fact so it just depends on what your goals are for the content on your blog. Happy blogging. Thanks for commenting.


  82. Oh I found this VERY amusing! #10, #11, #13 and #20 are my own personal pet peeves. I would add the out of control self-promoter to the list as well. You know, that blogger who self-promotes ALLLLLL day long on every possible social media outlet, even in their sleep. Can we say overkill? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  83. I am happy to say I follow those rules, save a few. When someone visits my site, I do go to their blog and comment back – and normally I do tell them thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. Why? Because I don’t know for sure if they will see that I responded to their comment on my blog, and I want to make sure they know that I didn’t ignore them. I guess that’s making double sure or worrying over nothing, but some people do tend to feel that you ignored them if they don’t get a direct email or something. Anyway, that’s just me. Also, I do believe if they took the time to visit, I should return the favor.

    I am also guilty of the long posts from time to time, but I don’t expect anyone to visit let alone comment if they don’t find my info relative to them. Sure, I want them to, but I realize that not everything I say is important to everyone at all times. I have not tried asking relatives or friends to come and comment, but probably because I feel that could sound needy depending how it is done, but they do let me know they read my posts via other means, so I have never really worried about it, ya know?

    I do despise when people are like “Follow me!” or “Visit me!” or “Add me!” It makes me feel like they are being needy and desperate. Here’s the kicker, though: I’m too nice to not go and visit and I do follow those who I find interesting, and I will in some way follow the needy ones, but not via email (yes, I get email notifications sent to me of blogs that I love) – normally I follow them via Facebook or Twitter only. The bloggers I love I try to visit regularly and add to all my social sites. I am a loyal fan, if you get me. 🙂

    Anyway, you made some excellent points! I get tired of people posting just to post, and if I’m busy, I only go to blogs of people I adore and/or with titles relavent to where I am that day, if you know what I mean – and I think we all do that. Sometimes I bookmark a page for later and get to it weeks later, just depends. We are all busy people and sometimes we can’t get to all we’d like to get to, but I do try.

    All in all, though, I think people leave comments because they want to and you can’t force them out of people, no matter how much we want to. I find the best way to get more readers and comments is to be a faithful reader and commenter yourself and be HONEST when you comment and SINCERE. Anyway, I digress. 🙂 It was still good to be reminded of those “rules” because they DO make a difference.
    Julie Moore recently posted…Snickerdoodle Mug Cake (Soy, Nut, Egg and Fish-Free, Can Be Milk-Free and Diabetic Friendly)My Profile

    • Karen, agreed and people who have commented here still have the stupid thing on their blog!!! Thanks for visiting!


  84. My daughter, the runner, forward your blog link because I am always complaining about getting very little comments on my blog, which I hope is interesting to many. You see, I blog about my travels photographing exotic places—wildlife (my passion) and the landscapes as well as the creatures under the sea. Most of the people that I send an email update are not on Facebook or really any other social networking sites, and some our not that familiar with the computing/internet world, even though, my 90 year old mother is a prolific fan of Facebook. LOL!

    I wish I had a pretty smiling face like so many others here who have commented. But I will try to have a glamour shot done of me in the near future! LOL! You have offered some very helpful tips and suggestions as well as some knowledge about blogging that I had no clue, like “captcha.”

    One thing I would mention is SEO . . . before someone can comment or even decide on commenting, you must get your blog out there among the millions of other blogs. Does anyone know a good SEO to use? I have one on my WordPress Blog but haven’t installed as yet.

    • Tell your daughter I said Thank you Kandace! I can’t answer the SEO question but there are other ways to get it out there with communities like SITS and relevant blog hops. No need for a glamour shot, just the best one in your phone or iPad not the worst one, ya know what I mean 😉 Thanks for visiting.


  85. Ugh. Captcha. Don’t get me started on that one. I honestly see no reason for anyone to have captcha enabled on their blog. What I really love are the blogs that have captcha AND comment moderation as well. Please, trust me folks, as someone who has allowed all types of commenting with no moderation at all, spam comments really aren’t that bad. Sure, they’re annoying, but I promise they’re not going to take over your blog.

    I always try to repay the comment love. If someone stumbles across my blog and likes what I’ve written enough to say something, I’m going to go to their blog and do the same. As long as I have a way to get to their blog. Sometimes they don’t leave any link for me to find their blog!

    As for how often I’ll comment without getting comments back before I quit? Well, that depends on the size of the blog. There are some blogs I read that are so big they can get 100s of different people commenting on just one post. I realize there’s just no way they can return the comment love. There aren’t enough hours in the day. However, if I see that the blogger has, maybe, 10 comments a post, and they don’t return the love after 3 or 4 comments? I’m probably moving on.
    Kristen recently posted…Sleeping arrangementsMy Profile

    • You summed that up pretty good Kristen, I would agree about the size of the blog being relevant to my expectations. I was more curious about the ones who seemingly could visit you back. I get so much spam, I couldn’t deal without my plug in. Thanks for visiting.


  86. In all the years I’ve been blogging, I’ve only gotten a handful of comments on my posts. It really bothers me and I go through these tips and think … ugh, what do I do? I don’t post too often (should post more actually) and often ask for comments … maybe it’s just the boring factor.
    Nevertheless, I really enjoyed your post. Thanks for putting the list together and sharing!

    • Well Miss Stephanie, I hope that you find something in it beneficial. Good luck! I appreciate you stopping by.


  87. Wow, this is quite the list and while you give a lot of good information frankly I think your are generally being hypercritical and mean.

    • Hi Bee! I’m glad you found the post to be a good source. I admitted my mean streak in in >> BODY COMBAT”>this post Friday 😉 However my heart genuinely goes out to the hard working blogger that gets zero comments. I know how much time and energy we put into these projects of ours and I wrote the post to be helpful. Your version of hypecritical is my version of practical. No one wants to sift through B.S. generalized post for a 1 possible gem. I gave them what I was thinking and seems to be what most are thinking but not saying. Thank you for visiting. I appreciate the feedback.


  88. You have tackled the one question that has been swirling around in my mind recently. As I have taken a few days from blogging to read about “How to be a better blogger”. As I was reading your fabulous list, I went and changed my Gravatar to a happier photo. When I first started with a family blog years ago, blogging was more about the friendships and sharing of experiences. Now it really has turned into a numbers game.
    Jenny Lynn recently posted…Painted Furniture How To LinksMy Profile

  89. I am trying to comment on this post. I think it is a really remarkable blog post. I dislike Captcha a lot as well. That and when there is a glitch in me being able to sign in to comment.

    I personally do try to respond to every comment I’m given. (Sometimes it does take me a few days to get the chance to do it though.) I value all of them.

    I’m guilty of some of the things you have listed on here, and that really made me feel bad. There are a lot of blog hops that I am a part of, and I do have comments that actually do come as them just stopping by to say they came by. However, I do go visit their page, and a lot of them I visit on a regular bases as a result of those hops.

    Great suggestions.
    cCrystaCl GreenCrysta recently posted…Win $200.00 for Mother’s Day GiftMy Profile

  90. Great post, I got a lot of insight out of it! For me, I won’t comment on a blog generally if I have nothing to say or if I found the post to be boring and didn’t make it to the end where I would comment. Also, things like the floating social network bar are a real turn-off for me as well as if the blog looks like it’s just been thrown together. I know it may sound bad, but looks are important and if I feel you didn’t put time and effort into your design, I’ll more than likely click the X and go somewhere else. As a blogger, I will maybe comment four or five times on someone’s blog without them returning the favor before I stop all together. Honestly, I’ve been slacking with blog commenting lately due to my schedule, but I hope to get back to doing it more regularly like I was previously. When I have more free time, I find that if I’m not posting for my own blog or promoting it, I’m commenting on other blogs.
    Felicia recently posted…Help a Student by Taking a Survey!My Profile

    • I use to think blog design was so important Felicia! I could care less at this point. I am about the content. I do think sometimes, whoa there is way too much going on here but if I dig the first post I read on your blog, then I personally don’t mind. The floating buttons are so annoying. Thx for visiting.


      • I don’t think that design is the most important thing for a blog and agree that it’s all about the content. But I still find myself preferring blogs that don’t look as though they were just thrown together. I think it’s more of a clutter thing since that seems to be extremely distracting to me, haha.

        Thanks for the reply!
        Felicia recently posted…Help a Student by Taking a Survey!My Profile

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  92. Can I join the Captcha chorus? We’ll all sing its swan song. 🙂 I wanted to add that I just installed Facebook comments on my blog (I still have my traditional comment form as well) and I am enjoying it so far. I like to give people to option to comment via Facebook, and I am upping my blog’s (and the commenting person or blog’s) Facebook presence at the same time.
    Kim@Co-Pilot Mom recently posted…FlyMy Profile

    • Of course Kim, join the choir! I want that dead horse buried to make sure no one leaves that nuisance installed. I too am thinking about adding FB as an option. People are going to comment there anyway, may as well be logged in your blog history!

  93. The worst is when you can only comment through facebook. I don’t share my blog with my family and friends (just a few close ones) so I don’t want my blog life to get mixed up with my personal facebook. I just won’t comment at all.
    I’ll usually comment a few times and if I never get a response or visit back, if I really like the blog I might still read and comment now and then, but more often then not I’ll just read then exit.
    Venassa recently posted…3 Things I’ve Been NeglectingMy Profile

    • Hey Venassa,

      I wouldn’t mind commenting on FB except it post the article and your reply…that’s way too much!!! Thanks for visiting.


  94. Wow, Joi, I must bookmark this post. I’m still figuring out blogging. Although, I have within the past 6 months discovered Blog Hops, I am finding out that some are good and some are not so good. I don’t have a facebook account – so some of the things mentioned were a bit confusing. I’ve considered a facebook many times because I’ve read that it is so vital to blogging. But, I don’t want some of the drama that goes along with it. You have shared so many tips that I need to consider as it relates to blogging. It is not a good feeling when others never return blog comments. I am considering whether I will continue to comment on other blogs if they never return the favor. However, this can be a struggle because it shouldn’t have to be that way. After all, we are all part of a blogging community and we should just know that we should do unto others the way we want others to do unto us.

    • That’s why we have to choose wisely. Commenting takes time and I know that feeling that you speak of all too well. I try not to be the source of that feeling ever but everyone doesn’t operate like that. What is really annoying to me, is for them to ask you a question, then you answer and they still don’t visit but they have like 6-10 comments on their blog…just strange. I hope you find it helpful going forward. I thank you for visiting.

  95. Omg, I am such a newbie that I didn’t have a clue what CAPTCHA was. I literally thought you sneezed.
    Since I’m still new, I am a totally emotional blogger. I blog when the feelings erupt, and I comment on blogs or respond to comments pretty much the same way. If a post speaks to me, I comment. If I type out an emotional post and I’m still reeling from it, I struggle to reply to comments. I guess I should work on that. It’s true, bloggers love love love comments. I am certainly no different. I guess it’s time to get out of my own skin and start treating others the way I want to be treated. Although, I would hope that comments are heartfelt, and not just efforts to be polite. Hmmmm…
    I liked this post…thought provoking…made me feel like commenting. lol
    Stronger Me recently posted…Deleted ScenesMy Profile

    • Whoa now Kerri! If I’m on my phone and someone has captcha on their blog, it’s a total WRAP!!! Thanks for stopping by!


  96. Such a really great post, Joi! I agree with so much that you had to say. I am an email response blogger. Although I like the reply button on comment forms, I feel that most people don’t check back after they’ve left their comment. It’s hard when some bloggers are no reply and in that case I am unable to email them a reply. In that instance I will stop by their blog and thank them for visiting mine in addition to commenting on their post. I hope that by doing so I’m not coming off as a “smart alec”. LOL!
    Brandi recently posted…Spring Break BucketMy Profile

    • Brandi not as long as you say something other than Thank you. Maybe I’m still new, but I go back and see the replies but not until I visit the blog again. I like to see what the blogger replies to me & I appreciate your replies 😉

  97. Mmmm….Sweet Jesus! Maybe I should not comment any more…lol. I am guilty of probably half. I RSS to several blogs and building. I go to my Yahoo and go down the list whether or not they have posted on mind or not. But after a while if I do not see them respond, I skip over them, I figure they do not want any bother. I have a tough time with titles, so I just keep it real. Blogging is a lot and as well as my blog I run across post that may not be as great of read as others, but I comment any way. I have learned that if you keep at something love enough you will prefect. I gather tips from everywhere. Glad I read this post,Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose
    Margaret recently posted…La La’s Link Party #6My Profile

    • Margret, in my opinion..the key is to be an all around good and consistent commenter. If you read something that you disagree with and that you’ve found success from, please continue to carry on as you were. However, if you saw anything that could be helpful, then I too am glad you read it. Thanks for visiting.


  98. Oh my word! I am so with you on the floating side bar mess, I seriously can’t stand it at all. This was such a helpful post by the way. I have a lot of reader who don’t comment or follow, mainly because they are family and friends who don’t understand blog community things. I will definitely be asking them to comment from now on. My husband suggest I make a little business card to hand out with my blog address, social media names, and just a little note saying “hey I’d love for you to follow me.” basically. Hopefully that drives my non-commenting friends to follow and comment:)
    Emily recently posted…Ultimate Yogi Phase 1 ReviewMy Profile

    • Hi Emily,

      I’m glad you found it helpful. I have business cards and business card size magnets for pretty much all my friends and family. In addition, being a fitness professional, I have the little rubber bracelets everyone likes to wear to the gym to pass out. People are always very grateful for the bracelet. I also sent an email to about 40 of my friends and family that I thought would be supportive asking them to comment when I launched. It worked for the launch (about half of them anyway) and & I was happy bc I didn’t have to launch the blog naked, but surely they don’t comment regularly. They do stop by and comment every now and then. I know they are reading bc they discuss it with me, but that’s just something we have to deal with. Good luck with that. You have given me something to add on my next order…social network names. Thanks you & I appreciate you visiting.


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  100. These are good tips. I’ve been blogging for a few years now & I still have not figured out how to install ComLuv, so I’m not trying to be selfish, I just don’t know what I’m doing. I usually get comments (from my blog) in my email & I reply to the email & chat back that way, because again, I don’t really know what I’m doing & my blog comments don’t have a reply button. I will also visit the commenters blog to return the comment love.
    Laura recently posted…MINUTE – READY TO SERVE (RICE)My Profile

    • It may not be available on bloodspot, but I don’t know much about it. I used the website fiver.com to get my comment reply notification installed. It was $10, maybe you should search on there for assistance. Thank you for stopping by Laura!


  101. I loved your post, I really did! BUT you left one out, sorry to say. There should be 25…just saying. Here goes (drum roll please) #25 is…the blogger is old (53 in my case), technically challenged (me, me, me!!!) AND really, really, REALLY wants to do everything you said but quite frankly she (me) doesn’t even know some of what you’re talking about, and some of the stuff she does know (me), she doesn’t know how to do. Which leaves her (me) very frustrated with her feeble attempts. So she keeps doing what she always does, writes from the heart and truly hopes that one day, she will learn all she needs to know about blogging. 🙂
    I really did like your post <3!

    • Feel free to be more specific Laurie and I will spell it out for you if commenting is of your desires. I do everything for my Mother who is close to your age and not so familiar with all this Internet jargon. Even if you don’t take the offer, I appreciate you stopping by.


    • Laurie, I’m a 60-something blogger, so it’s a continual learning experience for me too. The good thing is that there are other bloggers willing to help. Check out BloggersHelpingBloggers.com for more info. With all the learning, it never gets boring! And I’m always flattered when a much younger person tells me I’m more internet savvy than they are.
      Maggie@SquarePennies recently posted…Earth Day Projects that Save You Money and Raise Your SpiritsMy Profile

  102. After re-reading, I do get most of what you are saying. I have heard the term bloglovin but not real sure what/how to do this. And I really don’t get linking back…

    • Bloglovin is to bloggers what Facebook and twitter is to the rest of the world…it’s a timeline of all the blog updates of the bloggers you follow.

  103. Wow! Like a previous post-er stated, where do I start? Your blog post had so much info, most of which I really really need to take to heart. I’ve only been a blogger for about 6 months, and I’m finding that I have a great deal to learn.
    I truly do follow many other bloggers and subscribe to the blogs so they show up in bloglovin and in my email. But I didn’t realize that I need to be better at leaving proper comments. I also see now that I need to spiff up my posts to gain and keep readers and not alienate them.
    Kate recently posted…No Stone Unturned – My Ongoing Job SearchMy Profile

    • Hi Kate! I am new too. Commenting is a gem! I hope you find the post helpful in continuing to get accustomed to this blog world. There is so much to learn!! Thx for stopping by.


  104. Joi!

    Had to return to this post to comment as right now I am so seething- went to a very popular Blog and tried to comment – first of all the “post a comment” it does not work when you click it once or twice, maybe on the third attempt! So then I thought well what a well written and beautiful post so I want to comment (as there are none, and this is a VERY popular Blog that has been around for awhile) – so I finally got through to comment….and then that CAPTCHA thing, I had to then attempt THREE times to have it go through!

    Good thing I love that Blog so much, so in the comments I did say politely to the Blogger “by the way I think you are having a problem with your post comment feature” – hopefully she will look into it further? As she has a fab blog and has had it for a few years (you can tell from archive) and obviously is doing well with it, as she has been written up in magazines – but not really any comments! Can you believe it?
    Jeanine recently posted…A Fab Giveaway for a Fab Milestone!My Profile

    • Yes I can believe it. I follow some like that. Comments are not everything. There are some EXTREMELY popular blogs that don’t have but a few comments…just depends on the audience.

      I hope she read your comment as well.

  105. Wow. You said so much in this post! I love it, I mean I’m sure I’ve been guilty of a few, but when you know better, you do better.

    I stopped doing captcha when a reader said it was bothersome. I’m also really trying to build community so commenting has been very important to growing my blog.

    Thanks telling the truth.
    Stacie recently posted…Just Fab – A Hit or Miss?My Profile

    • Hello Stacie! Glad you ditched captcha, I’m sure your readers were thankful. I appreciate that you received my opinions as helpful. Thank you for stopping by. I do hope you will come again.


  106. My pet peeve is when I can’t leave a comment because it must be via a WordPress ID. I have one, but it’s an old unused one with my real name. I don’t want my real name put out there like that. So many times I’ve written a long comment only to have to not post it because of that. Now I check what the posting requirements are before I write a word!

    I do leave comments on other blogs, but many do not return the favor–especially the big name blogs. I always return a comment even on new blogs just starting out. After a while I know who returns comments and who doesn’t.

    Thanks for this post–it’s given me a lot to think about!!!
    Maggie@SquarePennies recently posted…Earth Day Projects that Save You Money and Raise Your SpiritsMy Profile

  107. You mentioned some good points. For me credibility is everything, but I understand when people are new and starting out. What some bloggers fail to do is network with others. I see too many follow me I follow you crap and no one gets comments if you come off self-serving. Another thing for me is blog design. If your blog has banner ads everywhere, it confuses me because I can’t tell if you want me to focus on your content or banner ads.
    Sonia recently posted…Is Your Blog Design Driving Visitors Crazy?My Profile

    • Hi Sonia! Thank you for checking out this post. I refer to your blog often, it’s very helpful.

      I am immune to banner ads but I feel you. I despise the self serving follow back comment…at least act like you glanced at the actual post.

      Nice to have you over!


  108. Hi!
    I’m new to your blog and i just wanted to let you know that i really enjoyed this post. Not only was it informative but it wasn’t text heavy. I love that you broke the post up with pictures that were both relevant and humorous! I came to find your blog through google as i’ve been wondering how to interact more with my readers. The points you made were both valid and ones that i suffer from. Although i sometimes find it’s the other way around. I’m always getting people that are hosting giveaways on their blog commenting on mine with links back -which is fine for them but i want an audience interested in my content, and not for free stuff!
    Thanks again for this post.
    It’s been very helpful.

  109. Hi i found your blog from a link in Being a Wordsmith. I have to admit you hit a lot of sensitive spots with me. I still think I’m relatively new to blogging and sometimes I don’t know what to say when I read a post on someone else’s blog. I often end up just skipping commenting altoghether but then I feel like I’m being rude. I never find myself writing a long long comment and when I read comment that others have left I feel like kicking myself in the head. Thank Gosh i can’t do that. But I will come back to this post over and over as I attempt to build up my blog.
    I just rambled right? Nothing makes sense that I said.
    Shanique recently posted…A Simple GirlMy Profile

    • Hi Shanique! I’m relatively new as well but welcome to blogging nonetheless! I would like to suggest that you comment on EVERY blog you visit that interest you. You never know where a new friend lies. I’m hosting a blog party “challenge” next week http://rxfitnesslady.com/youre-invited-to-a-blog-party/ Please visit the link and see if it interest you. Most of the people linked up I know as personal blog friends and they provide questions at the end of their post which should lead you to something valuable as a thought to comment. I hope you will join the party and come back as a regular visitor. Very nice to have you.


  110. As a new blogger, I find it very hard to get any comments – mainly because there are no comments! It seems people only want to comment on posts that already have comments – but as a new blogger, how in the world do you get the people who stop by your blog to ignore the fact that there are no comments and leave one anyway!

    I probably need to work on my titles – I do ask questions – but perhaps my post formatting needs a little work –
    MommaO recently posted…PrioritiesMy Profile

    • If you’re looking for blogger friends, Try emailing/texting your friends to comment and then leave that post up. Don’t post a new post until you can visit around some blogs and comment and hopefully they will come visit you back. Visit the SITS girls community for a vast group of women looking to make blog friends. Usually if you visit a SITStah, they will visit you too. Try to choose blogs that you would want to be friends with. You aren’t going to magically get blog comments from bloggers unless you visit them. As far as getting you regular readers (non-bloggers) to comment..still trying to figure that one out 🙂 Posting things that your readers are passionate about or that include your readers has helped me with that though. Welcome to blogging. I hope you will come back. I’m hosting a mini blog party this week. Feel free to link up and try to find some new blog friends. http://rxfitnesslady.com/problem-solved-attain-maintain/ Thanks for visiting.


  111. Hi! Love this post! I’m visiting from SITS. I love captcha! OK, I was just trying to see how many of the rules I could break in the first line of my comment. 😉 Sorry, I’m a very silly person. Anyway, seriously, this is helpful, and I really learned the part about not commenting on other people’s blogs who are frequent commentors on yours. I am guilty, guilty, guilty I feel like I need to get into a routine where I keep up with the regular posts, the tweeting, the Facebooking, the linking, the Pinning, the GooglePlusing, of course the commenting, and more! Just so I can feel like I’m doing it half-way right. In all seriousness though, thanks for this post, it was helpful.
    ShesWrite recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: A Mile In This ShoeMy Profile

    • Ha, that was funny! One step at a time…no need to try tackling all those mediums at once. I’m just going to attempt google + next month. There is so much to this blogging. Thank you for visiting!


  112. You know those are awesome ideas. I read lots of blogs and most of the time I just don’t comment. Because there are no questions and I got nothing to say. Your advices are golden. From now on I will start leaving more comments because I just realized how good it feels to get a comment. 🙂 I have been blogging for 3 months now so tip are highly appericated. 🙂 I am just new to blogging and I started it as a hobby and a way to meet new people but when I look at those blogging tip it seems like a serious business and it kinda started to scare me.
    Well anyway thanks for awesome advices. It’s better to learn from someone who lived it.
    Pelin Yılmazer recently posted…Cover Reveal: SteelLilly by Megan CurdMy Profile

    • It is most fulfilling but it can be a business. I learned most of the business opps as I’ve been finding my way the last 5 months. Welcome to blogging Pelin. Good luck with developing a commenting system that works for you. Thanks for visiting and I hope you found it helpful and will return.


  113. I have some mean girls in my circle. I decided to stop reading their blogs. Always saw them commenting on each others blogs for every post, but might only comment on mine after I did theirs.
    I’m not up for playing games. I have three children and I’m homeschooling. My time is precious. I’ve been blogging for four years now. My other social media outlets have increased but my blog comments have decreased significantly, and I’m really bothered by it! I’m sure my titles can use some work. Maybe I haven’t found my tribe or my tribe is constantly changing.
    Darcel {the mahogany way} recently posted…Overwhelmed… Mostly In A Good WayMy Profile

    • Hi Darcel! Kudos for stopping following. I will stop in a minute. Time is money and it’s precious! Whew, 4 years girl…I’m just getting started good in December. I am enjoying it and just forming my little official tribe finally. I have followed you everywhere dear! Please come back again! Thanks for visiting.


  114. Hi Joi:
    Great content, hammering the nail on the head in every point. I’ve been blogging for just a little over 1 year (Jan 2012) and I am still in the process of learning. I am willing to take these 24 reasons and apply them to myself in a systematic way and correct those that I may be out of alignment with. I try my best to respond to comments left on my blog. The blogs that I have commented on, few have responded to the comment and very seldom reciprocate, so I just do not bother to go back.

    Thanks for sharing this.
    Yvonne I Wilson recently posted…Mid-Week Inspiration, Aspirations and MotivationMy Profile

    • Hey Yvonne! We are all learning. I learned so much just from the comments on this post. I tend not to comment on a blog that doesn’t return a visit if by the looks of it they are fairly similar in size to my own. I try to befriend people who might be interested in gaining a new friend and then follow a handful of those bigger blogs still just to stay up on the happenings around here 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, please don’t be a stranger!


  115. This is a wonderful post! My pet peeve is those floating social sharing bars! I hate those things. They’re always in the way! And the CAPTCHA’s too. Those are so annoying. I do try to comment on the blogs I read, but I don’t every single time. I’m going to try to do better with that. It’s awesome you answer all of your commenters. I don’t know how you find the time. I’m so busy on my blog every day, I can’t find enough time to do all of the things I want to. Thanks for this post! Made me think!
    Jody Cowan recently posted…Blogger Opp – Fabulous Florida GiveawayMy Profile

    • It is harder to reply to comments as the blog continues to grow, but unless I get insanely popular, it’s important to me to let readers know that I hear them and appreciate them taking their precious time to leave a comment here. Thanks for your comment 🙂


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  117. I don’t know what CAPTCHA is so I’m thinking that’s GOOD!? I know this is an older post but what GREAT tips for a newbie blogger like myself. So far I’ve had a lot of good experiences with commenting on a blog and then said blogger will visit my site and do the same but I’ve definitely had some who don’t. What’s up with that?? Love Ice Cube, by the way:-)) I’ll def be reviewing these tips again when I have more time. THANKS!!
    Allie Burdick recently posted…IF YOU’RE NOT FIRST, YOU’RE LASTMy Profile

    • Hi Allie! Captcha is the most annoying little code that bloggers make you figure out, then type in before you can comment on their blog. I hope you do not have that, but if you do, please get rid of it 🙂 I’m glad you found this. I think I’ve seen you roll calling on SITS! Welcome to the community and Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do hope you will come back again soon.


  118. LOL, I had floating buttons for a minute. I hope you didn’t visit that day. #3 is a serious pet peeve – particularly if I’ve left a meaningful comment. I had to let someone go just yesterday. By let go – unsubscribe to e-mail. I did too many of those in the beginning. I’ve been slowing weeding them out – that’s a sure way to get fired (no connection whatsoever). Oh and I hate it when someone comments in my comments thanks for visiting my blog. And there are some bloggers I really love and I just have to fight through the CAPTCHA.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…What is Zip Lining?My Profile

    • Ugh, I don’t have anyone I read on a regular with Captcha, but recently for my weekly and random visits, I’ve been informing them in the comments that their captcha is too hard. I hope they delete it!!! Thanks for sharing this Kenya!

      Oh, I don’t remember any floating buttons on your site 🙂

  119. Genuinely, this post was a great read. I couldn’t agree more with you on captcha – it drives me up the wall. Half the time you can’t even make out the numbers/words you are meant to insert. It makes me feel stupid and genuinely, it leaves me inclined to not comment again for what I might have to endure.

    I also agree with people who thank you for visiting their blog, it almost feels a little like they are letting you and any other potential readers know they only stumbled across your blog in politeness, which isn’t a great feeling.

    Bookmarking this to get my skills together 😛

    • YES, captcha does make you feel less than intelligent!

      t almost feels a little like they are letting you and any other potential readers know they only stumbled across your blog in politeness, which isn’t a great feeling.<<

  120. Wow!!! This is the 297th comment – I have never received that many comments! I love all your tips/advice. I am going to institute the last paragraph of questions that you do! That’s a great suggestion.

    What I hate when commenting that you mentioned – is when my comments get eaten up when I am using my iPad. Sometimes I persist and finish the comment and other times I just abandon it! It’s seems to be mostly blogger blogs that do this!

    I also hate that some blogs don’t include the self hosted WordPress or even the Name/ URL assignation. I used to have a Blogger blog and so my Google account comes up naturally – but I don’t use that any more and I can’t change my Google Account to reflect my new blog address. Would appreciate any info you might have to help me with that.

    Thanks for your great advice!

    Linda Leyble recently posted…The Union Jack Coffee Table: Part 2My Profile

    • I don’t have anything to offer, that’s strange that you can’t change your account. Thanks for reading the post Linda! Have a great weekend.

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  122. Thanks for all the ideas. I am definitely still trying to learn more about blogging and how to get comments. I always appreciate bloggers who have been at it longer who are willing to share what they’ve learned with newbies like me. 🙂 Found you through the SITS site.
    Heather recently posted…Up NextMy Profile

  123. I loved this. LOVED THIS. And so true! Some blogs are so cluttered with banners and badges, I can’t see through the adverts to get to the content.

  124. I need to add one more reason why you don’t get comments, or a reason why people stop reading your blog all together:
    The DRAMA QUEENS. The ones who post, “There’s a lot of things on my heart right now, but I don’t want to talk about them now, I may never talk about them. I have surgery coming up (if I do talk about this it won’t be until after) and I am preparing myself for major emotional changes. I may or may not talk about this, either.”

    My thing is, if you aren’t going to talk about it, don’t mention it. It’s the same on Facebook when someone posts, “It’s an unhappy day in our house” and never follow up on it, even though there’s comments asking if everything is OK that never get answered.

    I find it rude. Sure, there’s keeping people in suspense, and if you plan on an update of a situation, let your readers know you are going to be following up. Just don’t leave people hanging. I have my own drama going on, I don’t need to add another bloggers to my own.

    Just saying! Thanks for letting me rant!
    Cheryl recently posted…New Bloggery: Blog Idea/Post OrganizationMy Profile

  125. One thing I can’t stand is a comment collector. I think people comment on blogs and while not expecting a comment back its always nice to get one. A comment to me is like a conversation and deserves a response even if it’s only ” Thanks for stopping by”. I always feel like bloggers who don’t respond to comments feel like they are too good to comment but love collecting comments.

    I blog for myself. While its great to get comments, I never expect them, but I love reading them and responding to them. Aside from writing, knowing people read your randomness is awesome.
    Krissy recently posted…Another Guest PostMy Profile

    • I hear you! I respond to all of my comments, well let’s say I have since I started in December. I love comments and I try to visit people that comment on my blog. I don’t however visit people from my post on social media and blogging. They are way more popular in the comments department because it helps the blogger. I get it, that’s why I wrote it because it breaks my heart to see people doing all that hard work and not getting any interaction. I can’t imagine that feels good as much as we adore this blogging thing. But, I am not about to visit all these people on this post, lol! Ain’t nobody got time for that. I just hope it helped…well I know it did. I made a few friends from this post and saw the immediate changes and results that occurred on their blog.

      Thanks for visiting & commenting Krissy!


  126. I am seriously wowed, impressed and informed!! I’m afraid I’m a violator and am happy to make some changes to my blogging etiquette. I have always wondered if it was a good idea to reply to comments within my blog, not knowing whether the original commenter would see my reply there. Also, have never known about commentluv until just now! Is it only available for wordpress blogs?
    Tarnished Royalty recently posted…Girls Want PearlsMy Profile

    • Hi ma’am! If you are on blogger, then I think you have to use Intense Debate to make sure your readers receive your reply. Otherwise you are responding but not many people have time to go back and look to see what you said. I am not sure if comment luv works anywhere else. I have always been self-hosted. Thank you so much for dropping by.


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  128. Hi again! Sorry I just found your blog and am spending a lot more time on here looking through all your past posts!! I always make sure to respond to a comment because I know that I appreciate it when I comment on someone else’s blog and they respond back to me. I almost always try to have a couple questions at the end of my posts as well to try to engage my readers. I don’t know how my comments are set up? I hope it is easy for my readers to leave comments. I know if it is too complicated on others’ blogs I will just read the post and not leave a comment because I just don’t want to deal with it.
    Lindsey @ OneMotherofaDay recently posted…Monday Food Prep Week of 9/1-9/6/13 + Whole30 Round 2My Profile

    • Hi Lindsey! No apologies needed on my end! That’s why I’m here. I hope that you enjoyed some of the posts on blogging and will return again. Thanks for spending time here!


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  130. I completely agree about CAPTCHA – nothing drives me away from commenting faster. Except maybe having to register or sign up to comment. Both of those methods are fails.

    I like it best when the comment box is above the comments too. I know it’s a little thing, but if we’re being honest here, sometime I just give up mid scroll if it’s been a really popular post and move onto reading something else.
    brokeGIRLrich recently posted…Doin’ It By the Decade: The Wealthy Barber ReviewMy Profile

  131. Hello Joi! I totally agree with number 18. It happens quite often that other bloggers write “Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier…blah blah blah” and indeed it doesn’t make me feel good when they read that. I thought it’s just me feeling that, but I am glad to see you think the same!
    Also, “Mean girls” is one of my favorite movies, I saw it at least 6 times!
    Have a great day!

    • Hey Cory! Quite a few commenters were on the same page as us! I love Mean girls too! I’m sure I saw it just as many! THank you for stopping by! Hope you’ll come again.


  132. This was very helpful to me! Thank you! I’m a new blogger and still trying to learn as I go. I have made several posts thus far and I am still working on setting up other social media. At this point, I can use all the help I can get!

    I don’t usually comment on blogs that require a captcha since most of them are hard to read anymore. Another reason I don’t is because it’s already been said in an earlier comment.

    One peeve I have about other blogs is when I try to navigate them. Some are VERY hard to get through and I get frustrated with them and give up 🙁

    When I comment on a blog, I don’t really anticipate a comment back, should I? Most of the time I feel that if they want to leave a comment then YEAH! Other times I know they are super busy with other things than to visit my new blog. Sometimes I wonder how many people actually like what I have to say :/

    I don’t spend a whole lot of time commenting on other blogs unless I have found something interesting to read. I should engage more though. I’m learning that I need to and starting to read about 4 blogs a day when I get the chance!
    Amber recently posted…DIY Fall/Thanksgiving Nail ArtMy Profile

    • Engagement with others is a definite traffic source for your own blog. Thanks Amber for checking out the post. I hope you will return.


  133. Your post was great! It made me laugh, nod in agreement, and gave me a few tips.

    Ill be honest there have been times Ive invested soooo much time in comments and barely got a response in return.
    Its weird some of the bigger blogs gets tons o’ comments and barely return them, yet ppl still comment.
    Content isnt always wonderful either. Go figure?

    If you go to diff blogs and leave decent comments w/your link, one of three things go down: you’re ignored, they reply back via their blog (which is normal but then you have to subscribe to the comments to know this), or they go to your blog and say “whats up?”.

    oh yeah, ppl also grumble about feeling “pressured” into a comment on my blog-Ill comment on yours thing.
    Honestly, I reply on my blog and on your blog.

    I took a super long break from blogging just got back into blogging so I feel like a newborn baby blogger-again.

    Im happy I found this post. Im bookmarking it..
    bellas shelf recently posted…Fatty Sundays, Beauty Products, and Birchbox Fun!My Profile

  134. I read all and now I comment too :))) . I learned a lot from you. Thank you! Just made my new blog, is in Greek but I think people can translate it! Anyway, people don’t comment even on my give away article!!! Crazy…ughh!

  135. You should totally start a series on how to be a successful blogger! I have learned stuff from on here that i dont pay attention to. I am still learning by also reading through all the comments. Lol i even did my gravatar after reading this. I guess i am not so creative in titles too so sometimes that is hard, and i especially like your suggestion on engaging people with the questions at the bottom. This is my 4th official month of blogging so hopefully i am not too late in learning from your blog. One other thing is sometimes i conclude that maybe i am not publicizing my blog enough? not sure lol, but i am hoping by implementing some of these i should make some progress. Thanks again!!!!
    lola recently posted…How to beat Thanksgiving bloatMy Profile

    • Hi Lola! Congrats on 4 months of blogging. I’m glad you’ve found this posts so helpful. Keeping up with publicizing is tough. I am still trying to conquer that beast. Just not enough time in the day. One suggestion I will make is to choose 2 social mediums to master and stick with those 2. There are way too many things out there for busy people like you and me to try to conquer them all!

      Hope you had a good holiday!

  136. I found the post very detailed. It was loooooong but good! I like your wit that’s what kept me reading. I’m just starting out so I’m still learning. I try to read the how to posts so I can cut out some of the beginner mistakes. Thanks for sharing and I think my Gravatars pretty cute so I hope I make the grade! Haha

  137. Hi Joi! As a new blogger I need all the help I can get! This post has been a great resource for me and it will defiantly help me meet my next goals. You listed so many great points you don’t think about when being a new blogger. Keep up the great work! Thank you!

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  139. I’m not sure if I like it or not. I’m one that don’t get a lot of comments — but I comment back on everyone who comments. I’m not an ol pro with blogging — but as far as I can tell — whoever leaves a comment on my blog — they won’t know I’ve commented unless they come back to my blog and check for themselves. I don’t know if there’s a way to fix that– I see how some have a box indicating if they want to be notified of followup comments via-email — on blogger you don’t get this option (that I know of). I would like this option. Anyway — I kind of gave up on comments because of all the spam — I still have it turned on for people to comment — but I pretty much talk to people and try to encourage them to live a fit and healthy lifestyle — if they want to comment I would love to hear from them.
    Renee Barry recently posted…#75 Wanna Save A Little/Lot of Money???My Profile

  140. Hey there! I loved this blog post! I’m fairly new to blogging and this provided great information for me! I try to always leave comments on blogs because, as a blogger, I know how fun it is to receive them. Also, because I just love to get involved in conversations and see where other people are coming from. I have participated in Blog Hops and have never once considered that another blogger might look at my comments and find that annoying… It’s really nice to hear others perspectives! I’m glad you took the time to write this post, it gave me a lot of insight!
    Leah Sannar recently posted…CCFA: Research News & “Take Steps” WalkMy Profile

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  142. I enjoyed reading this, am new at blogging and its kind of saddening when i see my post and still see 0 comments but views are going up, i like to know that someone is at least appreciating my posts. I actually do leave long detailed comments, but when someone dont visit my blog i jst stop commenting but i still visit the blogs once a while.
    chidinma Obinnakwelu recently posted…WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UPMy Profile

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  144. This is such a great post, it’s all the reasons I don’t comment or stop returning to a blog. I don’t even know how you remembered all of these! One day it’s because you don’t reply, the next it’s because your post is confusing, and the next I realize you posted 4x in a day. 24 reasons I couldn’t even keep track of but am so glad you can share this with all the offenders! (sometimes I offend too) lol
    Rebecca recently posted…A List: How Parenthood Has Changed MeMy Profile

  145. I don’t get comments on my blog…at all. I don’t use captcha, but I do moderate my comments (shame on me). I’ve been meaning to turn off the moderation but since I’m not getting comments it hasn’t been forefront on my mind.
    I do comment on other blogs. Usually mid-day during the babies’ nap or late at night. I generally leave comments on posts that have questions (I’m working on adding questions to my posts) or I feel I have something to add to the conversation.
    Amanda recently posted…My “Quick” VBAC BirthMy Profile

  146. Great tips. I wish I would have found this page sooner! It’s frustrating when it seems like nobody is listening or cares enough to comment on your articles.

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