PPP: You Think You Know SQUAT

PHIT PHOTO PHRIDAY is here! I see so many people doing SQUATS incorrectly and no matter how many times I cue it, sometimes people are just on autopilot; about to tip over, hands in the wrong place, half sinking down etc.  By nature we like what we like.  Some people like instruction and others like visual.  Honestly, some people are just trying to make it through the squat track without passing out, lol.  Either way, enjoy the visuals.  I hope they serve as reminders to some and enlightenment for others to execute the move correctly and get the most benefit out of your time in your class or on the floor.

Thanks to Andrea’s blog for the heads up! I’m dressed appropriately in the pictures for National Wear Red Day and the fight against heart disease.

Squat Position


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