20 Things to do for Girls Night In + 10 Questions for the Fellas

Do you have the Valentine’s Day Blues? Fret no longer! Here are some fun things you can choose from within your budget to do for a girl’s night in this weekend! This post was inspired by an event I attended last fall just for the sake of having one.

GIrls Night In

  1. Book a hotel suite for your single “Besties”, preferably one with a Jacuzzi so you can take advantage of the relaxation
  2. Schedule a Massage therapist
  3. Have a make up artist teach you some tricks or do a makeover
  4. Have an intimate specialist fit you for a bra
  5. Invite an adult toy consultant (Slumber Parties/Pure Romance)
  6. Play ice breaker games, especially if some of the ladies don’t know each other
  7. Bring the Wii and play dance games
  8. Bring a karaoke machine (they’re cheap, I have one)
  9. Have a manicure/pedicure creativity contest
  10. Schedule a Pole seduction session or have a stripper come show you her tricks
  11. Have an Esthetician come and try out some waxing services, any takers from Monday?
  12. If you make it a slumber party, plan to cook breakfast and schedule a fun workout for the next morning like Zumba
  13. Make some prank calls 
  14. Create a signature drink for the event & of course have other drinks on hand as well
  15. Plan a Social Network Scavenger Hunt to pick on all the goofy couples that are making you want to purge. Yes, this is EXTREME HATING & be careful not to step on any toes of your mutual friends. Yeah, maybe just skip this one!
  16. Hire a caterer or put your delicacy talents to the test and cook together, competition style
  17. Have a paparazzi session (after you’re all glammed up, just take lots of pictures)

    Just 1 of over 400 photos from lil Sis's Paparazzi party last year


  18. Watch a classic movie
  19. Make some jewelry or other crafts that interest the group (For all you PINTEREST addicts)
  20. GET SOME ANSWERS FROM MEN!!! This last one will surely get some reactions & spark some conversations. It requires some minor planning. The party I went to required that you send in any questions beforehand and men of all walks of life answered them.

Some questions from the party to get your wheels turning

Updated: 6/14/16 to prevent spam comments (some questions deleted)

  1. Is a confident woman too much for most men?
  2. What does a man think if a woman stays in a relationship after he cheats and she is aware? Does it depend on the man or the relationship?
  3. How do you tell a man he’s not pleasing in the bedroom?
  4. What pushes a man away the fastest?
  5. What grasps men’s attention…Elaborate please?
  6. What are the best winners moves in the bedroom?
  7. Can a woman’s independence be a turnoff or scare the man away?

CLEARLY, I want you to get started with this Girls Night like right when you get off work Friday if you are going to take advantage of lots of these ideas right! Alternatively, you can plan for Saturday and really maximize the day! I know I’m leaving off some fabulous ideas to add to the list. Please leave a comment below and help this post be as creative and informative for all the SINGLE LADIES looking to have some fun!



The Girls Night In I attended was very random and had nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. I thought it would be most appropriate for that somebody who might be battling loneliness, newly single, or just looking to have a good time while everyone else is booed up. If you do play any cool games, make sure you tweet me here so I can call you up and join the fun. I will be celebrating at Club you know where. My Valentine this year is my J.O.B.! If you already have plans for the weekend, ENJOY!  I’m sure you can find it useful for another time. Everyone loves some girl time!

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know….

  • What other activities can you add to the list?
  • What other questions do you often ponder over about men? Oh, my fellas, if you’re out there, what questions do you have for us?
  • Are you as stoked as I am about the release of the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour dates?
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33 thoughts on “20 Things to do for Girls Night In + 10 Questions for the Fellas

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes, to a girls night in. I lvoe the idea of getting away from home and just having a relaxing but fun weekend with a few of your besties at one of your favorite hotels. All of your ideas for games and ladies night activities are perfect. I definitely want to plan one of those soon and use many of your ideas. Thanks for sharing.
    Monica J recently posted…Celebrate Black History Month with Macy’s and your FamilyMy Profile

    • You’re welcome Monica! I tell you, it was one of the best experiences I’ve attended and there were so many ladies I didn’t even know.

  2. So why you crossed out prank calls….I remember making prank calls like it was yesterday…..actually it was about a month ago. Love that not all single ladies are down in the dumps especially around Valentines get out and enjoy life and enjoy being single.
    Kita recently posted…Pinterest Linky WednesdayMy Profile

    • LOL, Kita! I was trying to practice a little maturity but I so giggle at them. I could never make them though, I’d start laughing right out the gate. Yes, I know some single ladies that totally embrace being single or at least that is the image they display. If they are feeling down on the inside, GIRL’S NIGHT IN will surely make them forget about it…for a few hours anyway!

    • You are so right Kalley! The one I went to was mixed with married, single (not married), and single (no man at all). We all enjoyed the fellowship to the up most. I plan on hosting one myself this year.

  3. Um I want to do all of these things and I am SO not single lol! These are SO AWESOME! You ladies are fierce with a SNAP!

    Valentines Day is so overrated to me, I think its a holiday meant for couples with something to prove. 🙂

    I seriously want to do it ALL we should have a PJ party at Fitbloggin!!
    Nellie recently posted…It’s My SITS Day!My Profile

    • YES, that would be so much fun! I will get to planning…great idea Nellie! It’s overrated to you bc you are 15 years in the game GANGSTA with that HS sweety, lol! I still like to celebrate some kind of way but I don’t make a big of deal as I used to.

    • Movie nights are the best. I go to the movies every week I’m off with any girlfriend that will join me. Have fun! Oh and the girl’s night is for any time, I was just posting in the spirit of the special day that is upon us today.

  4. Hi Special,
    I had the opportunity of attending a Girl’s Nite and it was awesome. The planner put a lot into it from custom invitations down to a gift bag for all the participants. It was a good way for hard working women to let loose and just have fun! Food,Fun, and Fellowship! We did the questions to guys and forgot about any other games because the questions opened up all types of dialogue! It’s good to be with your boo but sometimes you just need your girls!

    • HELLO my special!!! I love when you come visit. Thanks for commenting about this. The girls are food for the soul for sure and much needed. We should never neglect our sisterhood but if you do find yourself neglecting your circle of friends, this is the perfect fix! Oh & the questions….., lol!

    • DO IT! She’ll be there July 21! I promise you won’t be disappointed. She is so awesome. I go every time. In 2007, I saw her at Essence and in ATL. I’m a HUGE fan! As for #17…but of course you do..hand on hip cock head to the side, signature pose. I loved that post, lol!

  5. Hey Joi! After reading this list, no woman can say anymore, “there’s nothing to do”, lol! Who doesn’t love a good “Ladies Night Out”. Thanks for sharing with us lady! Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

    Michell @Prowess and Pearls
    Michell recently posted…"Doing YOU WELL Wednesday" #4My Profile

  6. How did I miss this post? Not single, but love the ideas. Actually, we don’t have to be single to take advantage of these awesome suggestions. I see most of the comments are so vibing the prank calls. Me too. Guilty!
    Hope recently posted…Favorite February!My Profile

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